Regional Elections. France. Going to War in Syria is not profitable to the socialist party and didn’t distract the french people.

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Labour’s Dilemma: What Should Be Done With 66 MPs Who Voted With Tories To Approve Airstrikes In Syria?

French people have voted this Sunday. And here is the NEWS, the Far-Right of Marine Le Pen is doing well. The socialist party in power is down and they are asking to President Sarkozy to help them to get their heads out of hot waters, for the next Sunday.

President Sarkozy has made it clear : no more stepbacks for the Republic. People are getting exasperated and they have expressed it. Some are done working hard and being unable to join the ends ; others are trying to settle, but they can’t find a way through, and many are dispossessed and are afraid to lose their jobs, afraid of everything, indeed ; including the dispossession of their identity and way of life.

Apparently, the November 13th Paris’ attacks didn’t help the socialist party to regain a lost momentum.

Despite declaring War to Daesch and going to war in Syria, the Socialist Party didn’t capitalize on the Terror gambling.

Read the entire declaration of President Nicolas Sarkozy here.