Rex Tillerson out. Boomerang ! Texas the new horizon. And news of the Wall and Pennsylvania !

Is it part of the French-Germany connection in keeping people « out of America » ? Some people can’t go without looking at others toys and spreading harm and terrorism.

Surprise surprise…

We are two by now to ask for the exit door.

God is a living God.

The plot of keeping me out of Africa – pardon, of America –  came from the WH in connection with the German relics and the Nazi EU alike.

Mrs Le pen started its lattest self-satisfying speech with the commencement of the World. The story of Abel – my son is Abel Williams Jefferson -. She then entered an explanation opposing nomadism (Abel) to sedentarism (Cain) to conclude that Abel has lost everything and found itself obliged to join with Cain.

She stopped there. She wanted to say nomadism is the way to nowhere.

Was she talking to Jews ? or to Me ? or to Immigrants ? Rubbish.

The « speech » itself was a collection of plagiarism. Examples : there is nothing without values, she said. Indeed.

There is nothing without principles. Really, what a discovery.

We have always said that our fight was one of « Civilisation ».  Repeat after me, my students. That one is more than laughable. Lies from a military organisation as le Front. Name changing brings nothing to the pot.

She then recalled Steve Banon was in there. Banon ? The former Trump’s supporter ?

Look, her niece was invited by Trump recently – following on my footsteps – to talk about « French First ».  Another plagiarism. Lol. France is an occupied land. Jews are the ones in command. This is not a question, but a fact.

I’m so joyful, those are people who did nothing to elect Trump, instead, they were barking with French dogs,

[including the fake news and the president elect who turned his coat to invite president Trump the 14 July.. birds of the same…]

…to disparage and mocked Trump on a daily basis, calling him a Fool.

Neverthless, they wormed out to suck Him.

During the speech, I listened the 25 first mn and stop it… for boriness, she sent her congratulations to Renzi, the Italian PM who have just lost the elections.

During the presidential campaign, she campaigned for the euro exit. The party campaigning on it in Italy, the 5 stars party has won the Italian referendum on the issue, should the matter be called into question.

Less than a year ago, she was for the exit of euro. Today, after being caught cheatings inside the european parliament with fake employees working indeed not inside her european staff, but for her political party : paid by the EU money instead of the party’s : I confess this is a common trend and she did nothing bad new –

…to have an immunity, she is oblige to make that U-turn. Actually she is a pro-euro militant. Debatting against Macron, she wasn’t but couldn’t explain how and why. The very moment she lost that poor debate.

Those are our political careerists … A misery.

After the fake story over Abel and Cain, a misleading interpretation, Abel and Cain was not about Nomadism and Sedentarism, but about Goodness and Evil. Abel was a pure heart man and Cain a killer. Asked where is your brother, Cain kept on staying to God, don’t ask me, I’m not the one in charge of my brother.

Meanwhile the blood of Abel was crying beneath the soil.

Did anybody know the name of the heiress children of Le front ? How many children ? Nobody cares. But people worming themselves into your life will always open their mouths of nullity to throw dirtiness wherever whenever.

Not everybody, specially, those fake christians can stand as a biblical exegese.  You can not be a Christian and at the same time vote for Homosexuality. It is contrary to the creed.

Knowledge over the Bible is something you share publicly with people of knowledge not zombies. You can’t buy it or grab it, for your personal interests.

Looking at other people as and bedrooms is a pity. And they call themselves …

But there is more, she then tried to mock my latest aborted travel with BA. The pilot was instructed from inside the WH and from Germany to shut the gate earlier and not to do His job which consists, as a captain of a ship, to take care of all His passengers, including asking where they are.

So, for the Pilot, it was a terrific mistake, only some hidden pressures can explain.

All the more so, the police officer who refused to stamp my passport and let me in, advocating « the pilot told him the plane was shut : I looked at my watch, it was 15 mn before the taking off » – at the same time, they were searching my suitcase to get it out … this police officer should have called the pilot to tell him about my presence.

They are co-responsible. Nevertheless, in this present World, nobody is accountable. They eat your money, suck it and you shut up.

To say it in simple terms, they knew I was on that terrifying duty free shop, that I was coming immediately.

Confirmation of the laughing came the day after with the Daily signal sending me two pictures :

One of them, topping their headlines was a Trump female adviser Kellyane, wearing a clothe – always the clothe and what I buy is of interest and subjected to value – designed like the Gucci perfume bought at that airport duty free, where BA hostess didn’t and couldn’t see me of course, while the White House and the Daily signal was following everything I was doing, live.

Daily signal is presenting themselves as an alternative media…

In the same Signal of despair, there was a second picture of a flat as woman wearing a swimsuit, designed after the foulard on my Head that same day. The model was front and back, all flat.

See what I called rats and worms. If not monkeys.

As I related the story in French,  saying that times after the refusal, I was wandering around looking for the exit door. There was none, the BA hostess came lately to inform me – it is the moment I knew the suitcase was unloaded – she told me to get out from from here, I have to follow the exit bagages signal.

So I did. And I may say the signal leads to nowhere unless somebody inside the airport come to help you.

In fact you have to walk from the Departure board to the Arrival. The entire airport. While the gang of rats was laughing.

They didn’t laugh that long. Exit. And it is not finish. Whoever have participated in that Machiavelic scenario should and would pay for it.

I wrote it and immediately, the sucker- in-chief speaking took it : you’re thinking you are going to travel, in the end, you found yourself wandering.

OK. Mrs Le pen is joking. I suppose. Her party has been wandering for years, until we took it down to the bush, to oppose Macron and now she is talking. The woman is wicked, ingrat, ugly and unfaithful. We have sent her a lot of voters, which in France translates in cash and here is the militia, the nazi talking.

OK. See how things developped next. This so-called party will be sent to the Middle Ages. This one the People will carry the job on. The people used to tell me : don’t  support that snake and that nazi organization. Now I know.

She is a thief this woman. A thief and a liar. We have helped the thief to become a lawmaker. Something scandalous. You know those rats when they want to be elected, they are kind. Afterwards, you see the snake and wolves.

The first time I reacted to the speech – that was 3 days ago –  she sent to me, I didn’t ask, no dustbin, guess what happened nearby : the entrance of the building I’m living in was broken. Secondly, the flat nearby, belonging to the Municipality is dressed with the British flag. Laughable.

All this hooliganism under the cams of the Municipality watch.

The political field is full of bandits, frauds and money makers. They have no clues, no limits, no principles, no morality, no class… they are cheap people prospering where they have only slaves and servile people in front of them.

The main things they are up too are sucking and obstruction. When it is not enough, the next stage is death threats and hooliganism. If they are men enough, they can try it with real men and openly.

To be acceptable to the fake news platforms, the heiress needed to bow down to them. That is how she became connected to the hidden connections.

Whirpool and so on.


US Commander: ‘US Troops Prepared to Die for Israel’ in War against Syria, Hezbollah



Bernie Sanders

Elise –

I want to tell you about a very exciting trip that I took last weekend to Texas and Arizona. That follows the trip we took several weeks ago to Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. Of these six states, Trump won five. And, in Illinois, where Trump lost, progressives are taking on the old and moribund Democratic machine.

The very good news is: the political revolution is on the move, not only in progressive states but in conservative areas as well. You have heard me say it a million times. This country will not change if the Democratic Party continues to ignore half the states in this country, including some of the poorest.

We’re not going to transform the politics of the United States by just doing fundraisers with wealthy people in New York and California or starting Super PACs funded by special interests. We have got to take the fight for economic, social, racial and environmental justice to every county in every state in this country.

And the good news is that is exactly what is beginning to happen. This year, there are more candidates than ever on the ballot – in progressive and conservative areas – who support Medicare for all, free tuition at public colleges and universities, a $15 minimum wage, gun safety legislation and our entire progressive agenda.

In many instances, these candidates are fighting against a political establishment that tells them they cannot win running on a progressive agenda, and they are fighting against a financial elite who will spend anything to stop them. We should work as hard as we can to elect those candidates, and I intend to – just as I did this past weekend. But I cannot do it alone. So I have to ask:

Can I count on you to make a $3 donation to support my work traveling the country and rallying people to support progressive causes and candidates who need our help? I would not ask if it were not so important. I cannot do it without your help. We’re in this together.

That’s what the political revolution is about and that’s what, with your support, we’re doing. And, trust me, it’s not me alone. Hundreds of volunteers helped on this trip and I spoke alongside of great progressives like Jim Hightower of Texas and Nina Turner, the national president of Our Revolution.

Do you want to hear about success? In Texas earlier last week, progressive candidates have either won or advanced to runoffs in 19 out of 27 races that were contested, and voter turnout shot way up statewide.

On our visit to Texas we had thousands of people come out in San Antonio and Lubbock. Yes. In Lubbock, one of the most conservative areas in Texas, where Trump won 2-1, we had a standing room only crowd of 1,300. This is a place where the Democratic Party is incredibly weak and where the local newspaper claimed no progressive rally like ours had taken place in a « long time, if ever. »

(The massive crowd at the rally in San Antonio, Texas)
In Lubbock, 46 percent of the population is Latino or African American and the overwhelming majority of the community is poor or working class. Yet like in many other rural parts of the country, the Democratic Party has conceded the area and right-wing Republicans keep winning. That’s pathetic, and we’re in the process of changing that.

And what was our message in Trump country? It was that the political pundits are wrong when they say there are « blue states » like Vermont, « red states » like Texas, and « purple states » like Arizona, and that we need to be « realistic » in our goals because there are big differences between them all.

(Bernie takes a moment to thank some volunteers in Lubbock, Texas)
Well, I don’t believe that for a second and neither should you. I believe that in every state in this country, working people are struggling. There must be – and there will be – a progressive government that fights for all of us, not just the 1 percent.

Because no matter where you live, the vast majority of people don’t believe in a Republican agenda that provides huge tax breaks to billionaires while cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

No matter where you live, the vast majority of the people understand that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world people should not be forced to work two or three jobs to pay the bills because we have a national minimum wage of $7.25 an hour – a starvation wage. They also understand that women should not be earning 80 percent or less of what men make for doing the same work.

No matter where you live, we all get sick, we all have accidents and we all need health care. And we now see a growing majority in this country who understand that health care is a right, not a privilege. We also see more and more people who want a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system.

No matter where you live, the majority of people understand that is is insane and counterproductive to the best interests of our country that hundreds of thousands of bright people cannot afford to go to college and that millions of others leave school with a mountain of debt that burdens them for decades.

No matter where you live, more and more Americans, including gun owners, understand that we need to do everything possible to end the unspeakable level of gun violence that is currently taking place. They know that, no matter what the NRA thinks, we need to pass commonsense gun safety legislation which keeps guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

(A huge turnout for Bernie at the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix, Arizona)
The final stop of our trip was Phoenix, Arizona. When I arrived on Saturday evening a young women working at the hotel I was staying at told me something that should shock and disgust you. In 2016, she waited in line for seven hours to vote in Arizona. Imagine that – seven hours in line to participate in our democracy. That she waited seven hours in line to vote for me was extremely humbling. But what about all those who couldn’t wait, because of their families or their jobs? Every one of us should work to end voter suppression in Arizona and many other states across the country. We need a vigorous democracy in which every single person can participate in our electoral process.

At our rally the next day thousands of people came out to talk about the importance of comprehensive immigration reform that is based on justice, not racism; the urgent need to ensure health care is a right for every man, woman and child in this country; and the importance of energizing and electing progressives in Arizona and all across the country in 2018.

(And the overflow crowd outside the event in Phoenix, Arizona)
We can elect progressives in Arizona in 2018. We can elect them in Texas as well. We can elect them in New York and North Dakota, Mississippi, Kansas, South Carolina and Idaho.

And we must. Because the continued decline of the middle class, grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality, disastrous trade policies and an inadequate educational system affect all of us.

This year, I am going to campaign hard to elect progressives in communities Democrats have long written off. But I cannot do it alone. I need your help to make it happen:

Make a $3 donation to support my work traveling the country and rallying people to support progressive causes and candidates? I would not ask if it were not so important.

We are at a critical moment for the future of the Democratic Party, and for our country. As progressives we are making progress, but much more needs to be done. Trump is trying to divide our country up through racism, bigotry and xenophobia. We are bringing people together in the fight for justice and dignity for all.

Thank you for your support in realizing that goal.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders



1989, a Wall was broken somewhere. No wall can stand the test of History.

It is a fact.


Trump Pence Make America Great Again



I just finished touring the prototypes of the wall.

I wanted all the major media networks to be forced to show the country that we are serious about delivering on our PROMISE to BUILD THE WALL.

The prototypes are done. Our great American workers are ready to start building. The House has passed our bill to build the wall. Now it’s time to get the liberal obstructionists in the Senate to do their job and PASS OUR BILL.

Never forget how powerful your voice is. It’s only because of the millions of petitions we sent the Democrats that they finally opened back up the government after shutting it down to protect illegal immigrants.

You were the reason we won in 2016. You will be the reason why one of today’s prototypes will become the wall that STOPS illegal immigration.

If we lose our borders, we lose our country.

So please, add your name to tell liberal obstructionists in the Senate to BUILD THE WALL.


President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States





What just happened in Pennsylvania ?


Big news: Democrats just flipped a House district in Pennsylvania…that Donald Trump won by 20 points!

This is a major defeat for the GOP — and a strong sign that Democrats have a shot to compete everywhere this fall.

Keep the momentum going right now. Pitch in $1 to give all our Democratic Senate candidates the resources to fight for EVERY single Senate seat in 2018 >>

This is a huge win for Democrats, but make no mistake: We still face a tough battle this fall — and we know that Republicans will stop at nothing to attack our candidates.

Last night’s victory, along with our December Senate win in Alabama, is proof we can compete in every state — but it’ll take a huge effort from grassroots supporters like you to give our candidates the resources they need to win.

Our Democratic Senate candidates are counting on you. Pitch in $1 right now to help Democrats keep winning throughout 2018:



Rex Tillerson: Neocon – 


Picture (copyright)



Apparently it is about the make-up imposed on to me. Maliciously. Stupid of me. Ah ? You are asking yourself what is she talking about ?


Saint-Exupery international airport is a tiny airport. It is not Heathrow. The traffic is so light… See Wikipedia ranking below.

All the more so, they never called « les passagers de Londres sont invités à la porte … pour embarquement » to send the signal, the boarding has begun. My ears were wide open. Until that last call, I heard that one.


The last call reminds me of a gate close at Brussels, in 2014 or may be 2010 or 2016…

The same scenario, same protocol, but at least, Brussels were correct enough to make some accomodations. I think it was to have our/my body picture, see what I’m talking about ?

The archives. This world is a tiny place.

Your case 580011: Payment request sent to the airline
Yahoo/Boîte récept.
Flightright <>
À :Mbock Elise Mirette
13 mars à 18:04

Dear Ms Elise Mirette,

Thank you for choosing Flightright to enforce your compensation claim for 600.00 EUR.

We have now sent the airline a request of payment, and set a deadline by which they must respond.

While we make every effort to complete the claim process with the airline as quickly as possible, this is a legal process and can sometimes take up to 2-3 months. We therefore appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter.

Please note that in some cases, the airline might contact you directly with an indication of payment. If this happens, please notify us immediately. This is the only way we can enforce your claim effectively.

Naturally, we will provide you with regular updates on your case. You can also use the My Flightright portal to check the status of your case at any time.

Please note, in the event that your claim is successfully enforced 421.50 € will be paid out to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards,

Your Flightright Team

Flightright – The #1 for Passenger Rights

Tel.: +44 (0)20 3514 6737

Managing Directors: Sebastian Legler, Dr. Philipp Kadelbach
Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Potsdam, HRB 25958 P

When you buy your ticket, you pay it immediately.
In case of a reimbursement or claim, 2-3 months. Or never.
We need new regulations on airlines transportations and duties.It is not fair for an airlines to suck a returning ticket right away, knowing perfectly that, in the meantime, somebody else will have the already seat. Once given boarding cards, it is unacceptable not to travel. How many calls should be expressively issued. As far as the security is concerned, how is it those people just took off like this, without even trying to know where is the missing passenger. Imagine I was a terrorist posing some bombs somewhere ? They knew where I was and that I was nearby that is why they didn't issue an alert signal. Think about it. BA have already swallowed a ticket of mine in 2016. 

 Wikipedia. for the big  picture.

Les chiffres de ce tableau correspondent à la période du au uniquement.

Rang Aéroport Emplacement Pays Code IATA ICAO Nombre depassagers RangÉvolution %Évolution Tendance
1. Drapeau des États-UnisAtlanta H.-Jackson AtlantaGéorgie États-Unis ATL KATL 104 171 935 en stagnation en augmentation2,6 %
2. Drapeau de la République populaire de ChinePékin (métropolitain) Chaoyang-ShunyiPékin Chine BJS ZBAA 94 393 454 en stagnation en augmentation5,0 %
3. Drapeau des Émirats arabes unisDubaï GarhoudDubai Émirats arabes unis DXB OMDB 83 654 250 en stagnation en augmentation7,2 %
4. Drapeau des États-UnisLos Angeles Los AngelesCalifornie États-Unis LAX KLAX 80 921 527 en augmentation3 en augmentation8,0 %
5. Drapeau du JaponTokyo-Haneda ŌtaTokyo Japon HND RJTT 79 699 762 en stagnation en augmentation5,8 %
6. Drapeau des États-UnisChicago O’Hare ChicagoIllinois États-Unis ORD KORD 78 327 479 en diminution1 en augmentation1,8 %