San Bernadino. « While thoughts and prayers are important, they are insufficient and it is long past time for action »: Bernie Sanders.

Dear Sisters and Brothers –

Here is the very sad truth: it is very difficult for the American people to keep up with the mass shootings we seem to see every day in the news. Yesterday, San Bernardino. Last week, Colorado Springs. Last month, Colorado Springs again. Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, Isla Vista, Virginia Tech, Navy Yard, Roseburg, and far too many others.

The crisis of gun violence has reached epidemic levels in this country to the point that we are averaging more than one mass shooting per day. Now, I am going to tell you something that most candidates wouldn’t say: I am not sure there is a magical answer to how we end gun violence in America. But I do know that while thoughts and prayers are important, they are insufficient and it is long past time for action.

That’s why I want to talk to you today about a few concrete actions we should take as a country that will save lives.

Add your name in support of the following commonsense measures Congress can take to make our communities safer from gun violence.

1. We can expand background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. This is an idea that over 80% of Americans agree with, even a majority of gun owners.

2. & 3. We can renew the assault weapons ban and end the sale of high capacity magazines — military-style tools created for the purpose of killing people as efficiently as possible.

4. Since 2004, over 2,000 people on the FBI’s terrorist watch list have legally purchased guns in the United States. Let’s close the “terror gap” and make sure known foreign and domestic terrorists are included on prohibited purchaser lists.

5. We can close loopholes in our laws that allow perpetrators of stalking and dating violence to buy guns. In the United States, the intended targets of a majority of our mass shootings are intimate partners or family members, and over 60% of victims are women and children. Indeed, a woman is five times more likely to die in a domestic violence incident when a gun is present.

6. We should close the loophole that allows prohibited purchasers to buy a gun without a completed background check after a three-day waiting period expires. Earlier this year, Dylann Roof shot and killed nine of our fellow Americans while they prayed in a historic church, simply because of the color of their skin. This act of terror was possible because of loopholes in our background check laws. Congress should act to ensure the standard for ALL gun purchases is a completed background check. No check — no sale.

7. It’s time to pass federal gun trafficking laws. I support Kirsten Gillibrand’s Hadiya Pendleton and Nyasia Pryear-Yard Gun Trafficking & Crime Prevention Act of 2015, which would “make gun trafficking a federal crime and provide tools to law enforcement to get illegal guns off the streets and away from criminal networks and street gangs.”

8. It’s time to strengthen penalties for straw purchasers who buy guns from licensed dealers on behalf of a prohibited purchaser.

9. We must authorize resources for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study and research the causes and effects of gun violence in the United States of America.

10. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 21,000 firearm suicides every year in the United States. It’s time we expand and improve our mental health capabilities in this country so that people who need care can get care when they need it, regardless of their level of income.

Add your name in support of these commonsense measures Congress can take to make our communities safer from gun violence.

Earlier today, the U.S. Senate voted against non-binding legislation to expand background checks, close the “terror gap,” and improve our mental health systems. I voted for all three, although each of them came up short.

They failed for the same reason the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey legislation failed in 2013, just months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School: because of the financial political power of a gun lobby that has bought candidates and elections for the better part of the last several decades.

In 2014 alone, the gun lobby spent over $30 million on political advertising and lobbying to influence legislators in Congress and state capitals across the country. And just last month, it was reported that the Koch brothers made a $5 million contribution to the NRA.

Americans of all political stripes agree. It’s time to address the all too common scene of our neighbors being killed. It’s time to pass a common sense package of gun safety legislation.

With your help, that’s what we’ll do when I’m president.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Previously, we wrote this about the credo petition mentioned below.

When a debt collector will meet with an indebted man with his gun at home or office, what happens next ? Tell me more about this story next time we are on the air Tweeting badly to send prayers and all sort of rubbish to the people who lost their loved ones.

In another words, expect the worst while asking for the best.

1 – Tell the Senate: Keep debt collectors out of tax collection.

Petition to the United States Senate:
« Block the use of private debt collectors to collect delinquent taxes, which would put Americans at risk and cost more than continuing to use Internal Revenue Service employees. »

2 – Another Interesting Petition, Sign the petition: Stop the plan to flood Winnemem Wintu sacred lands. By Caleen Sisk.

Dear Elise,

My name is Caleen Sisk and I’m the Chief of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe in the Shasta Cascade region of California. The sacred lands of my people are threatened by legislation in the U.S. Senate – the California Emergency Drought Relief Act – that could raise the height of Shasta Dam and flood our land to benefit Big Agriculture and Big Oil.

Raising Shasta Dam would cause irreparable ecological damage to the state-designated Wild and Scenic McCloud River and further threaten needed spawning grounds for the already-endangered Chinook Salmon. Worse, it would flood our most sacred pools and ceremonial places, including the last remaining homelands critical to the continuation of our distinctive Winnemem way of life.

If Shasta Dam is enlarged, as advocated by Senator Dianne Feinstein and the Westlands Water District, it would also flood hundreds of miles of reservoir shoreline and imperil species like the Shasta Salamander, which can’t be found anywhere else.

We have to speak out now to stop it. That’s why I started my own campaign on, which allows activists to start their own petitions. My petition, which is to the U.S. Senate, says the following:

Raising the height of Shasta Dam would drown most of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe’s last remaining sacred sites and traditional homelands, decimate endangered salmon and violate the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act by flooding the McCloud River. It is a criminal waste of taxpayer money, especially since cheaper, faster, state-of-the-art alternatives exist to ensure the state’s long-term water supply. Reject the California Emergency Drought Relief Act and any other legislation that could authorize raising Shasta Dam.

Tell the U.S. Senate: Stop the disastrous plan to raise the Shasta Dam. Click here to sign the petition.

When construction of Shasta Dam was completed in 1945, it flooded my people’s ancestral homelands and devastated the healthy McCloud River salmon runs on which we depended. The engineers always envisioned a bigger dam and now the Bureau of Reclamation and California’s corporate water empire want to add 18.5 feet of concrete. Raising the dam further would double down on an 80-year-old mistake that never should have been made in the first place.

Priceless places of initiation, ceremony and prayer on what is left of the McCloud River are endangered—places like Puberty Rock, Blessing Hands Pool and Sucker Pool. These are places I have known since I was a child, where I was initiated, as was my daughter. Adding insult to injury, the federal government has not consulted the Winnemem Wintu about the proposed flooding of our sacred sites—as required by law.

Senator Feinstein’s plan to raise Shasta Dam and increase the size of the Shasta Lake reservoir could be achieved with passage of this broad, vague bill intended to alleviate California’s seemingly endless drought. But Congress needs to find sustainable, long-term solutions to the drought that don’t destroy sacred Native American lands and salmon habitat and threaten the existence of the Winnemem Wintu people. Rather than a massive, misguided construction project, taxpayer money is better and more efficiently spent on faster, cheaper, surer alternatives like groundwater recharge, improved efficiency, replacing old leaking pipes and conservation measures that actually save water for future use.

Tell the U.S. Senate: Don’t flood Winnemem Wintu sacred lands. Click here to sign the petition.

While some of this water would be used by new housing developments and Southern California residents, most of the water that would be held back by the higher dam will be channeled to giant agricultural users who can resell the subsidized water. California’s oil industry will also benefit, as it ramps up water-intensive hydraulic fracking in the southern Central Valley, raising fears of chemical contamination of groundwater and increased earthquake activity.

Senator Feinstein’s determination to raise Shasta Dam continues even after the Bureau of Reclamation conducted an environmental impact study to better understand the implications. After reviewing a draft of the study, biologists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declined to support the proposal due to the threats it poses to salmon populations.

Will you join me and add your name to my petition to the U.S. Senate to demand it reject legislation that could provide funding to raise Shasta Dam?

Thank you for your support.

Caleen Sisk


I can’t leave you without recommending you this excellent reading by the Iranian Supreme Guide along with three other questionings :

⇒ The first one is – Who initiated this sudden rush within major NATO governments to get parliamentary blank checks for waging a long war on Syria? Not only in the UK but also in France and Germany?

“Who initiated this sudden rush within major NATO governments to get parliamentary blank checks for waging a long war on Syria? Not only in the UK but also in France and Germany?

The German government turned on a dime from “no military intervention in Syria ever” to “lets wage a war of terror on Syria” without any backing from the UN or international law. .. Who initiated this? A simple, medium size terror attack in Paris by some Belgians and French can not be the sole reason for this stampede.

Did Obama call and demand support for his plans? What are these?

I smell that a trap is being laid, likely via a treacherous Turkey, to somehow threaten Russia with, or involve it in, a wider war. This would include military attacks in east-Ukraine or Crimea as well as in Syria. Obama demanded European backing in case the issue gets out of hand. No other reason I have found explains the current panic. The terrorists the “west” supports in Syria are in trouble. The real terrorist sympathizers need to rush to their help. It is a start of all-out war on Syria and its Russian protectors.” (“Terrorist Sympathizers” Want To Wage War On Syria … And Russia“, Moon of Alabama)

German Parliament Approves Deployment of Military Mission Against IS

« Prior to the vote in parliament, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas assured that the mission was breaching neither international law nor the German constitution ».



This echoes with Total Collapse’s post. Putin Orders Military To Cross Turkey “Red Line”, Prepare To Sink NATO Warships… to fight back lest Russia too becomes a wasteland too. You owe to read this to get a better understanding of why Syria is at the center of the geopolotical oil and gas today ? Appalling.

⇒And this second concerning How America’s Choice To Ignore Plight Of Syrians Has Fueled Support For Islamic State Inside US – OpEd – You’ll be impressed there and moved by the refugees camp in Jordan for Syrian. This add to sickness.

3 – Ayatollah Khameini: ‘Westerners Mourning French Tragedy Should Pause For A Moment’ – OpEd


⇒The supreme leader explained that Muslims have suffered far more than anyone else due to colonial occupation and the trauma that Israel inflicts daily on Palestinians. Westerners mourning the French tragedy should pause for a moment. “If the people of Europe have now taken refuge in their homes for a few days and refrain from being present in busy places — it is decades that a Palestinian family is not secure even in its own home from the Zionist regime’s death and destruction machinery. What kind of atrocious violence today is comparable to that of the settlement constructions of the Zionist regime?

“This regime … every day demolishes the homes of Palestinians and destroys their orchards and farms. This is done without even giving them time to gather their belongings or agricultural products and usually it is done in front of the terrified and tear-filled eyes of women and children who witness the brutal beatings of their family members. Shooting down a woman in the middle of the street for the crime of protesting against a soldier who is armed to the teeth — if this is not terrorism, what is? This barbarism, just because it is being done by the armed forces of an occupying government, is it not extremism? Or maybe only because these scenes have been seen repeatedly on television screens for sixty years, they no longer stir our consciences.”

⇒The Iranian leader optimistically assumes that people in the West mostly understand of the true nature of modern politics. That westerners understand the role of the US in “creating, nurturing and arming al-Qaeda, the Taliban and their inauspicious successors, [that] these forces behind terrorism are allies of the West, while the most pioneering, brightest and most dynamic democrats in the region are suppressed mercilessly.”

This shows that western culture is in fact nonculture, and promotes apathy, decadence, or nihilism, which oppresses us all today.