SC teen’s throwing – The School provides a sanctuary and immunity to the students.

DSC_0370« Everything gonna be allright one day » (Mahalia Jackson).

The We is for WE THE PEOPLE. It goes beyond the Black Lives to reach Citizenship and Human respect and dignity.

Ending absurdity and hate.

>SC sheriff fires deputy who slammed black student in classroom.

Police has nothing to do inside a school. And students are not responsible at school unless they harm another person. The School provides a sanctuary and immunity to the students. This is enough to exempt the young girl. Frankly, even if the young girl have kicked the police officer ; this is a pinprick.

Charges such as « disturbing a school » are signs of ineffective disciplinary – in part due to racism inside the school and around some teachers.

The numbers on Cnn speak by themselves : among students coming under disciplinary disruptions, 1/3 are Whites and 2/3 are Blacks.

Racism is operative at School. We all know the reality. So what about the Teacher ?

On the same topic ,  (CNN) « South Carolina school resource officer Ben Fields has been fired, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced Wednesday. Fields was relieved of his duties following an incident in which he forcibly removed a high school student from her desk ».