Shutdown. Speaker Boehner, the illegal President of the United States. Manipulating the Constitution.

So the shutdown is all about GOP’s clandestine fight against Obamacare. Their mission is all about killing the provisioning of the « Affordable Care Act ». To reach that objective, America can default, face another downgrade by Fitch, go back into recession and increase its deficit and losses -nothing would stop the Machiavelic GOP’s game of business as usual.

Times ago, at  the pick of contestation from the GOP recalling liberties in the debate, the Supreme Court ruled the Obamacare in accordance with the Constitution. During the extension of backgrounds checks over arms’ owners, GOP came out with the same pathetic argumentation : liberties are a safeguard.

Zimmerman was empowered in his criminal instincts and racialisation. « The stand your ground’s act » revealed its hidden purpose : rejection of the Other. Detestation of the Otherness. If necessary, GOP’s partisans would not hesitate to kill ; even a youngster like Travon. We should never forget this coldly murder, as it is symbolic of a frightening derivation : seeds of division are the way to nowhere.

What do Travon’s murder and the GOP’s shutdown have in common ? Procedure embodies the power of breaking Justice, Democracy and accountability down. Zimmerman can go mad killing Travon, self-defense brought him a convenient shelter and justification. The jury failed to notice Travon was not murdered inside a home he has forced his way into ; but on a street, in an open place, where private property ends.

Nevertheless, the code of procedure ruled the murder legal.

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The shutdown is on the same ilk. Lacking traction, since they won the House in the mid-term elections of Obama 1, Republicans have lost every battle, on the exception of one of them : arms control, won with the help of some democrat’s leaders and under a gross misinterpretation of the second amendment. They didn’t hesitate to lie about that amendment.

Today, it is about the 14th amendment (correct me if I’m wrong) stretched to the breaking point authorizing GOP’s House majority to shut the governement down. It becomes extremely simple to wait the budget vote moment to dismiss any programme GOP opposes, under the tense of reducing the deficit and the endebtness.  That is how the GOP’s opposition can use its power to settle scores. Eventually, it could be tempted to self establish themselves as  a clandestine President of the United States. Leading without being elected. Manipulating the Constitution to implement a political agenda nobody gave them the legitimacy and the power to.

The Supreme Court has said Obamacare does not contradict the constitution. The GOP wants to substitute themselves to the Supreme Court. Illegally.

On November 2012, Americans elected their President, it was  President Obama, not the GOP’s candidate, Romney. 2 years before, in 2010, Americans changed the House democrat’s majority, at the height of the economic  crisis. Today, America is back on track ; the economy is recovering. What is GOP’s seeking in halting that momentum ? To fail the president ?

About the state of the American economy. Have the accurate data in « End the doomed shutdown. The main focus is not debt, but the state of the economy ».

Failing the President of the United States equates to failing America.

When the Constitution was written, leaders were responsible far sighting politicians and were not expected to go either wield or extremists. The Constitution was written in a gentleman spirit. We may not agree, but still respect each other and act for the common good. In short, the key word is COMPROMISE and RESPECT FOR THE PRESIDENT AND THE CHOICE OF THE PEOPLE FIRST AND ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT WHEN AND WHY.

Shoot the House Republicans’ illegal Supreme Court  and rigging of constitutionnal prerogatives down.

The first step of it is not to elect any GOP’s representant or Senate that sooner.

That is why I urge people of New Jersey  to vote for Cory Booker today and, tomorrow, for other Dems representants and senators to keep the government functioning. Always and all the times.






In so doing, you are not voting only for you but for the Best of America. The Best not the Beast.

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