Slavery. Snoop to Kenye : It wasn’t YOU talking, but Sion. + News of D.C. swamp.

OK. Snoop have it by KO.

I like that. How can you talk about Slavery this nasty way ? Not because Black men don’t buy into Historical racketeering, should people minimize the fact that Slavery – 400 years, not only was a crime against Humanity, but a genocide.

How many black people were hunt in the African Bush, beaten and enchained for the strongest of them, – Goree Island in Senegal and some places are still bearing the stigmates of this Nightmare -.

How many slaves died in the ships’ basements ? For Heat, overpopulation, lack of oxygene and malnutrition or disease. Some from beatings or overwhelming labour.

It is said that a captain of a ship just sunk half of his shipment into the sea, after considering the quantity of food left would not make it throught America, the final destination.

America, as a nation sitting on two Original sins : the genocide of Native Americans and that other one stemming from slavery.

Today, there are more black people inside private jails –  owned by the same people who performed high scaled slavery : must of them Sionists –  than slaves.

Does this tell something to Mr. West ? What about their consent to be jailed men ?

Mr. West should apologize to the Black People around the World, not only in America.

But, lets admit with Snoop, it wasn’t him talking. He is a parrot or a stooge.

A manekin like.

The picture is perfect. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t Him.



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President Trump has given his full endorsement and support for CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS.

Too many career politicians have spent an eternity in office, governing for themselves rather than doing what the people voted for.

The President vows to lead a bipartisan fight for term limits. But he can only succeed with your support.

President Trump ran for the White House on a pledge to drain the swamp that has selfishly put its own interests above Americans’.

That cannot happen unless we impose TERM LIMITS on all members of Congress.

Please join the President as he fights to impose term limits on all members of Congress in a critical step to drain the swamp.