“Speaker Boehner should be more concerned about the country and his job”. Harry Reid.

On day four of the US gov shutdown, the tune is starting changing. At first, each side went forward blaming the other replaying the chicken game they have been into it since the House won the majority in the midst of Obama first term. Here we are again. The situation is not new. But what makes this time different is the global context inside which this GOP’s farcical shutdown is taking place : Syrian crisis.

Knowing the tradition of Republicans warmongering, if the president of the US was not Barack Obama, it is highly probable the Republicans would have supported US Syrian bombings.  They opposed it to weaken the president. Fortunately for them, the people was against that extra War.

With Netanyahu deception, AIPAC the lobbyist force funding some Republicans along with the NRA are retaliating, behind the Republicans. The shutdown is a consequence of the failure of the Syrian campaign aiming at « punishing » the president by Israel’s allies behind the call for military action to start ousting Assad.

Then you may ask, aren’t those GOP Republicans the naysayers over Syrian campaign ? The answer is Yes.  Contrary to Syrian campaign, the gov shutdown could well end up sanctionning the GOP’s bad faith : Unless faced with immediate bankruptcy, the US gov should not face a shutdown. It sends a very bad message to the World ; the kind of signal extremely damageable for American State standing.

“Speaker Bohner should be more concerned about the country and his job » and less about GOP’s lobbying and money coming out from that lobbying business.

Now, there is a trick. Those AIPAC’s lobbyists are banksters and economic players. Whereas a shutdown seems not to disturb them, they are afraid of a No GOP’s answer over raising the debt ceiling. That is why Speaker Boehner is out today to say in advance they will allow the debt to raise, to keep the economy moving.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF Chief, has already warned this could be worse than the global crisis we are undergoing. The US would not default, in the name of Wall Street fundraising. Thanks God.

Harry Reid spoke with CNN and told them that a great compromise had taken place ahead of this shutdown between the Speaker with democrats making an additional significant effort of reducing spending. According to Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Boehner agreed with this, sometimes ago. And now he is acting differently from that pre-deal.

Question by CNN, are you suggesting the Speaker misled you or is cheating on you ?

Answer of the Senate Majority : “Speaker Boehner should be more concerned about the country and his job”.

America should look twice at their dysfunctioning institutional building so as to bring some adjustements about.  In particular, giving the PRESIDENT a House FROM the same political side  is now a pre-condition to build a more efficient government. Not held back because of politics.

It is no secret Republicans would stop at nothing to repeal or invalidated the Obama care, One way or another. This has been their solely objective since day one.

On their part, Democrats are to blame for the miscommunication over explaining the Obamacare. Adults are still confused. Asked by CNN on the streets “which system do you prefer ? The Affordable care or the Obama care”. Three of them, white, educated, adults, strong and healthy responded with full self confidence “the Affordable care”. And they went on explaining until the interviewer had to tell them “did you know the Obamacare is the Affordable care” ? Boom ! Lol.

Seriously, if the people are not of knowledge the Obama care is an affordable care plan, then there is a problem for the White House and the government to go out and explain it avoiding technical language that brings more doubts and hesitations around.

Second, Speaker Boehner is right to insist that, for more than 50 years from now, the debt ceiling has been raising again and again and the move seems unstoppable. He blamed the president for that underlying this government has raised up much more revenues to avoid asking a debt ceiling. It looks quite a truism. But it is not.

There are many investments to make to improve and to adjust the economy, public infrastructures and equipments and the education system to the 21st century. More, the GOP have refused to pay their fair share in taxes to alleviate the burden of debt. They are the last persons to lecture the government.

Once the Republicans are OK to raise their tax rates, then we are ready to listen at their doleances.  This sends us back to the unfinished debate over the federal budget the Republicans have forfeited.

Conclusion. “Speaker Boehner should be more concerned about the country and his job”.

Time is playing in favor of Democrats.

Republicans would soon find themselves in the same locked position president Obama went in recently over Syrian crisis : in the glass ceiling unable to get down.

Should it be the case, America, make sure in 2014 to shift the House Majority from Republican to Democrat. For the sake of the nation.

Meanwhile Ohio and Kentucky are ranking worst states to be for Health problems.

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 The World today

Italian Senate has asked for the expulsion of former PM Berlusconi from the Senate, following his condemnation over tax fraud.

UK. Cheating benefit. Mr. Brennen has been spot  in Spain (Mijas) by Skynews. He is accused of 120,000 pounds benefit fraud in UK. He has been hiding for years. He is 67. UK is the first country to launch a Wanted listed for tax fraudesters that have escaped the country to live abroad. Impunished.

Gambia has moved from the commonwealth as a member distancing the nation from a “colonialist institution”.

Pope Francis is in Italy.

Vietnam. The Vietnamese General who masterminded the defeat of France and US has died. Read on the NYT.

Since Gaddafi’s death, more migrants are boarding at Tripoli to Lampedusa. Over 61,000 migrants that flee African continent, about 1,500 die before reaching the shores of promised lands. Schengen.

Latest. On Total Collapse. The August chemical weapons attack in the Syrian capital’s suburbs was done by a Saudi Arabian black operations team, Russian diplomatic sources have told a Russian news agency.