Strategic Game-Changer. The Chabahar agreement.

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Strategic game-changer. The sound is so captivating that it awakes your curiosity.  At this precise moment of campaign, we need strategic game-changer opinions, options and personnalities.

A partnership between India and Iran is certainly a game-changer, following the BRICS’ coup in Brazil. As we prayed for that earlier, it was already on track.

« Following the Indo-Iran bilateral summit in Tehran in May 2016, the two countries signed 12 pacts, including two agreements on India’s participation in the expansion and operation of the Chabahar port. The Chabahar agreement since then has been debated as a ‘strategic game changer.’

Some of the analysis and comments have framed Chabahar in the correct strategic context; not just as a gateway to Afghanistan bypassing Pakistan but as India’s first truly strategic connectivity endeavour. To that end, while Chabahar is a symbol of Indo-Iranian cooperation, it is also India’s gateway to Eurasia. This article examines the Indo-Iranian agreement on the port of Chabahar, in a strategic context ».

India-Iran Agreement On Chabahar Is A Strategic Opportunity – Analysis