Syria. Beating the drums of wars before the US Congress votes. Heil Democracy !

CNN has received the evidence from the WH and, unfortunately, there is nothing new brought by those videos handed to CNN as classified documents bringing elements of proof. Instead, the US Secretary of State is touring European countries and the Arab League for help. Remember, a right cause stands on its own. No need to ask for a pityful help to anyone looking for its own profitable agenda in the process.

While France has stepped back from his previous go ahead in Syria, decided by the president alone, Germany has shifted from no to yes. The EU stops them brutally asking to wait for the UN’s inspectors team elements of clarification. At this stage, it is clear that all the toxic job done before those conclusions by the UK, the US and its opportunistic allies was aiming at impacting the UN’s team outcome.

In between, note that French parliament is not going to vote.

At the end of the day, those distorted conditions full of toxicity and gas poison, are going to be counterproductive. Instead of a free inquiry, the UN’s team is caught up. Starting from now any approval of the US/UK and other allies assertions will be interpretated as an accomplicit corroboration.

The consequence of it is enhanced skepticism over the UN’s team conclusions. Look at the immediate consequence below :

Mehdi’s Morning Memo: ‘No Attack On Syria, No Matter What’


That’s the splash headline on the front of the Sunday Telegraph, which reports on the hardening of anti-war opinion here in the UK:

« British voters oppose any military attack on Syria, even if it is proved beyond doubt that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, an opinion poll reveals today.

« The ICM survey for The Sunday Telegraph shows that the biggest proportion of voters would not want MPs to stage a second Commons vote on intervention if United Nations weapons inspectors confirmed that the August 24 attack on civilians involved chemicals.

« The poll also reveals that fewer than one in five voters believes Britain should join the United States in strikes on Syria, with almost half supporting action being restricted to providing humanitarian aid to refugees. »

Foreign secretary William Hague told the Andrew Marr show this morning that the British government wasn’t « gung ho » about military action and had learned the lessons of Iraq. Hmm. 

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday splashes on the news – first broken by the Huffington Post UK – that:

« British companies sold chemicals to Syria that could have been used to produce the deadly nerve agent that killed 1,400 people… Between July 2004 and May 2010 the Government issued five export licences to two companies, allowing them to sell Syria sodium fluoride, which is used to make sarin. The Government last night admitted for the first time that the chemical was delivered to Syria – a clear breach of international protocol on the trade of dangerous substances that has been condemned as ‘grossly irresponsible’. »

Now there’s the understatement of the week…

Kerry’s tour :  Going worldwide to convince the US Congress to back the strike ?


French Parliamentaries will not vote. Heil Democracy !

Up to 64 % of French people are opposing war in Syria. But France is on Board. Heil Democracy !

Those circumstances are enough to say France is on board like a clandestine passenger.


Turkish people are already on the streets to oppose the war in Syria.

In 2002, the Turkish parliament rejected the war in Irak.

They are asking a vote on Syria.

UK. See Mehdi’s Mehmo.

« British voters oppose any military attack on Syria, even if it is proved beyond doubt that President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, an opinion poll reveals today.

This resonates with Luke Coffey, Former UK defense adviser.


Germany is absolutely demoralising. The slipping position of Chancelor Merkel – the no becoming Yes, under Obama charming operation – is the occasion to ask about the presence of women in politics. What do they bring new and different from men if they are unable to bring peace and love first ?

War in Syria. Who is supporting and who is not ?

Supporting : France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Arab League, Turkey. Look also « the Axis of Evil » below.

Conditionning its support ? Russia, the EU. 

Against. India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, China.

There are a lot to be said, but never mind.

Chemical weapons’ use are no longer decisive. The red line is kaput.

Why ? It is not the first time they are used in the civil war, by the two sides (apparently).

How many deaths were necessary to halt this ? 100 000 were not enough ?

Strikes over Chemical weapons’s accusations or helping the refugees to come back home, another inversion of priorities in those times when we are hearing about multiples cases of rape in the refugee’s camps.


Striking Syria would increase the number of refugees from 2 million to 3.

Rape is ragging. Another burden

Pope Francis.

The Vatican is against.


People are already demonstrating before the WH.

Obama’s contradictions.

When the president came to power, the philosophy was « putting an end to a decennie of wars ». Then there was Lybia. Today, there is Syria with a greater risk of escalation.

The president is said to be reacting in the name of Civilisation. Civilisation began at Athens with Democracy.

If the rule of Democracy is standing for Civilisation, then a No-Vote in Congress should stop the president. Immediately.

If not, the remaining time of his presidency would be seen as a simulacrum of democracy. Heil democracy !

Who is the dictator ?

To conclude with, we shall call on Oprah’s note, during the commemoration of Rev. Martin Luther King. She recalled that part of Dr King’s legacy  promising us « we’ll never walk alone ».

Syria will not walk alone. Strikes or not.  

(Venezuelan lawmaker vows to fight for Syria’s al-Assad (CNN).

Fool me twice. After the Congress vote, it will be interesting to analyse the body language of Secretary Kerry during the House  Foreign Affairs Committee’s hearings. 

From Global Research. The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars.

The West Dethroned: Washington is “The Axis of Evil” : « How long before Washington shoots down its own homeless, hungry, and protesting citizens in the streets? »

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