Striking Syria. Lots of « Ifs » over reliability.

As we are heading towards an impasse, resetting the agenda and the clock becomes an urgent task. First of all, we should always be mindful at the horrible situation the Palestinians are facing for more than half a century now, in their long lasting unbalanced confrontation with the powerful and still immune from any sort of punishment, whatever the horrors committed by permanent land’s stolen, barricades raising, wall of separation building, settlements continuation, Gaza bombings and searchings, high dose spying over Palestinians and its allies, …Israel.

Previously we were told that Israel was the state behind the evidence of Assad forces chemical weapons’ assault, on August the 21st. This was the first version. Lately, we have heard less of that storytelling in the British Joint Committee Intelligence’s report preceeding the US intelligence report. Instead, the U.S. communicated on its own satellite’s reliability showing with « clarity », the source of the shots : governemental forces. The proof here may concern the kind of special weaponery needed to fire those WMD. This part is for the military experts to tell, should the U.S. satellite images that would be provided by the Intelligence be reliable. That is the first « If » on a long list of those we would like to deal with here, President Obama and Vice President Biden permit, before they decide to go extemists in Syria, matching the Republican’s Congress willing of planes belly full of tomahawks ready to fly straight to Syria for a Mass destructing  punitive mission.

The World can’t stand aside waiting for the Apocalypse in Syria as they awaited for Nuclear Hiroshima and Nagasaki or depleted uranium inside bombs in Iraq: all things being equal. Until today, in Sarejevo, the horrendous stigmates of those dreadfull American strikes are still there to see. The vision is one of Hell. The lesson of that past is you may take one or two days to throw your bombs and run away with the murders. The reality is, those two days are cause for at least half a century of people sufferings from wounds, diseases, bleeding and crying.

2 days of bombs = half a century of suffer. Every human being should think about that.

With these laminary remarks, let’s move farther in our questioning the « ifs ».

When Britain governmental coalition backtracked on the military strike’s option, Nick Clegg, the deputy PM retreated on another stand : « bad humanitarian conditions » ; the Kosovo exception. If someone was looking for a shortage of evidence in the use of chemical weapons, that person could not have been more thankful with the poor show of the deputy PM. Indeed, if humanitarian conditions were so preoccupying, why did the UK waited so long to draft a resolution  to the UN asking for an intervention on humanitarian grounds. Civil war has been going on for nearly two years by now. That is since the eruption of the Arab Spring.

If the coalition was asking to punish Assad for the WMD’s use, 14 times after, it seems too late and it lacks sense. Were it for humanitarian reasons, the first step was drafting a resolution to ask for the implementation of humanitarian corridors Assad can not oppose. The coalition failed to provide a convincing agenda. So is America.

If the president has waited for the conclusions of the UN’s investigation team in Syria before calling for strikes, we should have been less suspiscious. Calling such a strike when UN inspectors are on the field was not that wise. Of course, the president of the U.S. has to raise the tone and speak up loudly. Having said that, the president may recall History in Afghanistan, in Iran, in Irak, in Lybia, in Egypt to name only those countries inside the region.

Afghanistan. « We created al qaeda » (Hillary). The U.S. created al Qaeda to oust the Soviet Union from Afghan’s soil. At the time, the US were militarising al Qaeda and were good friends of Ossama they will kill in Pakistan, years later. The Golf War brought dissensions between the two friends. Ossama flushed red with the Saudi Arabia giving a base for the departure of the US and NATO’s planes to bomb Iraq. This was a nightmare from authentic arabic people : how can Saudi Arabia, the temple of the Mecca be the place where military planes take off to kill other arabic people ? If you think about it, you get close to madness.

This is the starting point to Saudi Arabia dismissal.

The Arab League is plagued within by those standing with Saudi Arabia (Bahrein and the Emirates), those remote from that western orientated clan and Gaddafi who was alone inside all this : he was the only one demanding one body comprising the AU and the Arab League. He underestimates Arabic racism towards Black people. Not surprisingly, nearly all the nations opposing Saudi Arabia’s rule inside the Arab League encountered a fight against some insider rebels’ formation coming into light overnight.

That is the explanation of the Arab Spring ; on the exception of Tunisia. Elsewhere, in Sudan, in Yemen, in Lybia and now Syria, the rebels are a Western vampire creation, nurtured as such with the people’s blood.

This adds to Assad’s defense : it is easy to condemn Damas regime when you have built up a coalition of rebels to topple the regime on total impunity. All this in clandestinity. Once you have crossed the rubicon in so doing, you are not the best person or body to lecture the people of the World about Democracy. On the same vain, you can not cope with terrorists either in Lybia or in Afghanistan and claim democratic rule or the rule of law. You cannot claim democracy being the author of the Huge lie that ignited War in Iraq, just for personal and family’s Bush reasons. You can not fight a 10 year’s war with Iran using Irak as a tool and years later hang Saddam Hussein on, after utilising him like a pawn.

The same goes to France inviting president Assad to help convincing Iran to stop its nuclear program, if any, on one side, and on the other, hosting president Gaddafi to sell him tanks and other military equipment and then foment a rebellion inside their countries to bring them down. May we add France was the first nation to throw bombs in Lybia and they destroyed the new tanks sold to Lybia little time ago.

Lybia « the no-fly zone » distorted implementation by the NATO’s allies

Remember Lybia : a no-fly zone supposedly enacted to intercept Gaddafi’s planes becoming a total war machine, in gross violation of the UN’s resolutions. Those resolutions gave a limited mandate. In the end, the UN was outpassed and put aside voiceless and helpless in pulling NATO’s forces back.

What happened in Lybia was so awful that Russia and China will never hesitate to veto any military strike by Western allies inside the Security Council. History, morality, humanity, international laws and war conventions’ disrespect are there to prove them right.

Distorsions of Red Cross rule of war

Gaddafi has been killed in the field of war in total disregard of Red Cross conventions forbidding this. Gaddafi should have been captured and judged.

Ifs – here is a tellingly list.

– The sherif’s way the US has come to deal with killing Arabic Head of States is subject to « if » ?

– The propension of the same US and its allies in using those Arabic leaders as pawns is subject to « if ».  Mubarak and Saudi Arabia have been cautioning Israeli’s politics and were pawns in the chess game of Israel occupying Palestinian’s land and colonisation. Once Mubarak was in danger with an eruptive Tahrir Square, the US let him down – Immediately – and turn their back without saying « thank you for your 30 years of obedience and abdication of support to the people of Palestine ».

– Flucking with terrorists has become a trend of the US cooperation inside the region : Afghanistan and the Arab Spring (Lybia, Yémen). A subject to if.

– The partition of nations : Sudan, a matter of if. In a sense Gaddafi’s death serves Lybia beyond the grave, as it has protected Lybia from partition. The no fly zone’s  aim was a Sudan bis.

That is why evidence – if any – will never convince anybody. Too many « Ifs ».

UN’s investigation mission in Syria won’t change anything. The same suspiscion remains upon that mission. For the UN to come clean and credible, the mission has got to stay longer in Syria with a clear roadmap of duties agreed upon inside the Security Council.


At the Height of the debate, the day the UK parliament was convene earlier, amid the variety of rich provisions, I will left you with one reflection.

A military expert, invited by Skynews stated that if Assad’s responsibility is proven, the law provides us with tools to deal with such a case. The president would be brought to the international court and face a fair trial. In itself, the idea is seductive, but there is an if.

International court and a fair trial, another if.

International court is apparently the court for non Westerner Head of States and leaders. So far only Serbians, Africans and Arabic leaders are threatened for appearance or are pursued by the International court. Western leaders are immuned from any pursuit. By the way how was president Gaddafi murdered ? Is there any international inquiry going on ? Where are the conclusions ?

That is why international court and fair trial sound like oxymoron. The last leader trapped in is former president of Cote d’Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo. America and France went to finish the dirty job of installing a non convincing winner to power in Ivory Coast. Some insider witnesses are starting opening their mouths and rumors that Mr. Ouattara lost the election are circulating. But he is in charge installed by strenght by the US and France axis. The same ready to go to Syria and standing behind the rebels.

At the time, we were among those asking to replay the election and monitor it properly. President Sarkozy ruled this possibility out. Today we are presented with the consequences of those cheating ruling of World Affairs and clandestine businesses… in Syria.

Bombing Syria is taking side.

President Assad has got as much reasons to be angry against the West-backed and built rebellion inside Syria to destabilize the country and destroy it as President Obama should be in condemning the use of chemical weapons. The fact is the killing of people is a shared responsibility, at least. This is where any option considering Assad as a « justiciable » lacks solid ground. Protection of sovereignty and integrity of people and the nation suffice to dismiss or at least to disqualify any accountability request.


As far as democracy is concerned, it is worth noticing that French government is an Israeli puppet : nearly a quarter of ministers – correction : three quarter – are either Jude from origin or affiliated through free mason. The government spokeswoman is from Morocco still a French protectorate. If this is the great ally America is dreaming at, it is meanless. Don’t forget that this is the French president who came in deciding the retreat of French soldiers from Afghanistan, leaving the NATO’s alliance.

When president Hollande came into power, a year ago, he opposed and denied every single decision made by his predecessor, president Sarkozy, having been elected over the rejection of Sarkozy. A year after, the same president Hollande is walking on Sarkozy’s footsteps and rehabilitating his policies.  Bear in mind President Hollande was elected upon a  promise of  Change. Now.

French Lawmakers are convened this Wednesday to be briefed upon Syria. Unlike the UK, the votation is not on the agenda. Only information. This is France : the King, the President decides ; the Parliament executes. It is not their fault ; it is the System. Any French-American co-intervention like the one witnessed in Cote d’Ivoire will be met with laughs. That is for sure.

Now, Australia is ready to jump in to help an Ally in distress. America is not in distress. The nation is waiting its Parliament to decide, eventhough the American president can decide it alone. The fact is America is not attacked by Syria and not even threatened to justify an emergency procedure. Another If, again.

Rudyard Kipling should be our best guidance. If only…