Syria. « Evidence should preceed decision, not the opposite » : Ed. Miliband.

Today was marked by the publication of a dossier from the Intelligence Joint Committee to sustain evidence PM and his coalition tried to put forward during those two latest days. The dossier coincided with the date of discussion of the MPs reconvened earlier. The document was targetting a total adhesion of MPs. Unfortunately, that objective failed short. Few MPs Labour were convinced by the argument brought forward in support of the evidence.

The Shadow of Iraqi’s terrible error is haunting the MPs and discrediting the Intelligence report. If Cameron was able to convince the MPs of something, that something is to wait at the conclusion of the UN team who are awaited on Saturday, Ban Ki-Moon announced.

Lack of compelling evidence 

Throughout the day, Skynews was a theater of MPs delivering over the issue, ahead of the Parliamentary session. So many interesting opinions along with those of some experts that were not convincing with the evidence either.  Inside the streaming, Ed Miliband asked to act with calm  and avoid knee-jerk reaction. He is wary about a « superficial timetable » looking like a « political timetable set elsewhere ». He also insists on non compelling evidence and upon the respect of the UN Law and protocols.

Ed Miliband refused to deliver a blank check at the coalition and is asking for more – specifically considering the consequences of the intervention –  before considering any military option. The Labour expressed reluctance to enter a round of condemning the use of chemical weapons before even proven irrefutably by the UN investigation’s team. This vote could be interpretated as a preacceptance of the second vote to come authorizing a military intervention.

Skepticism was the dominant sentiment of the MPs.

View the debate at the House of Commons.

From the Vatican, we have got the information Pope Francis is against any military intervention and thinks any solution should be political. Former Deputy UN SG, Marc Malloch Brown, has been saying that since the beginning of the conflict.