Syria. For uncountable reasons, the West is responsible of the failure of the Arab Spring.

Is Obama a McCain’s puppet when it comes to military intervention abroad ? Whether yes or no,  President Obama and David Cameron are said to be about to launch an attack on Syria, having made up their minds over Syrian official army’s use of chemical weapons, before the U.N. investigation team has come up with some conclusions we all know in advance will be biaised. Everybody can be struck by the dog’s attitude of President Obama in following McCain footsteps abroad. This has been the case on multiple occasions : either to topple leaders like in Egypt and Yemen or to kill them like in Lybia and now in Syria.

How is it GOP’s representants and senators are the most contemptuous towards president Obama they miss no occasion to treat like a « Negro » not deserving the presidency and this is what is lying behind the Obstructionnist art of the GOP in Washington ; how is it the same president is ready and has kept being doggy each time McCain has asked for a military intervention abroad ?

Is the president feeling and conceeding weaknesses over military action handling to the veteran senator McCain ? Vietnam was 60 years ago even more and McCain is still the barometer for the US military actions. How is it ? I mean this is total nonsense. From every side of foreigner politics and military actions abroad, senator McCain is definitely off the modern tracks. His solutions are outdated. They lack any relevancy. Here is why.

First of all, Western powers’ accusations of lack of democracy inside Arabic countries or African relies upon underground motivations and untold stories. Western powers don’t care about democracy inside those countries ; they don’t care about the people over there. What they care about is for their interests and only that. What they care about is for the preservation and the reinforcement of their power on the World’s affairs. What they care about is being the Masters of the Game.

On the way to accomplish this and only that, they don’t accept to share power with strong leaders from other parts of the World. Gaddafi was a strong leader. So was Moubarak and Saddam Hussein. So is Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Assad from Syria, Putin of Russia. If one proof, here is it :  Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad was permanently accused of all the sins. Did you notice that since he departed the Presidency, having served twice, according to the Constitution, nobody among Western leaders is talking about nuclear weapon and the possibility of Iran to have one is less and less a heat topic and a matter of dispute  inside the Atomic Agency. This tells us that, the problem was not the acquisition of the nuclear weapon from Iran, but President Ahmadinejad himself. So was Chavez and Castro.

Historians may object this is nothing new. A flash back in History provides  us with plenty of examples of strong leaders toppled and killed in Africa, in South America and in the Middle East during the process of decolonisation or the fight for that. The Herculeen liberation of India, led by the Mahatma Gandhi came accross at a terrible human toll. Neverthless, Gandhi didn’t give up. Instead, he kept on encouraging people to marching on.

On those days of Martin Luther King remembrances, we have a deep thought for the Standing Man asking to keep marching on. He learnt from Gandhi that « sometimes, some fights may look unwinnable because of the Gigantic dimension of your adversaries. But don’t bow down, sooner or later, those Giants would fall down. Allways ». This is another variation of the Religious advice saying « don’t be afraid ». Dr King would add, keep on marching on.

This is a message for Syrians. Don’t believe in big oil interested superpowers will free you from a so called tyrannic president. If you do, be sure  you’ll be returning into slavery. If any, better be enslaved by a Syrian than by a foreigner. Look at Irak, Lybia and Egypt how the so-called transition and liberation of those nations from their presidents has turned into a triple nightmare : no more democracy but a mockery of it  – no sign of reconciliation anywhere ; instead those states had reached a breaking point of a durable deadlock fueled by hate and divisions – and above all a tremendous chaos and relegation back to years of colonisation if not even before those dark ages.

Huge past Mistakes of the U.S. – U.N. – Western powers alike

In Irak, we have had those same claims of WMD (Weapons of mass destruction). America attacked Irak for that. Years after, it appears clearly that the whole operation was a pretense to punish Saddam Hussein. President Bush, the son, wanted to avenge his father crossing the frontier between family life and American standing around the World. The operation was presented to the American people as one for democracy export. It ended in a big flop.

The worst part of that unjustified war is NATO’s bombs were made of depleted uranium that is still killing people in Irak. Al Jazeera has got a report to show this hidden and silenced reality. So, who has used chemical weapons over Iraqi people ? Western NATO superpowers. They did it on total impunity. They left the country without looking back to heal the people contaminated by those depleted uranium that is causing cancers and many other terrible diseases the Iraqi Health Secretary is helpless before the gigantic size of the consequences.

Who is going to compensate Irak and the people affected by depleted uranium as victims of bombs ? Who is going to bring the NATO’s alliance to the UN or any court for condemnations ? And these are the sames who want us to believe they have got a high moral standard and any consideration of any human being apart from the Westerners.

Snaked tongue and double standard as allways as the developments on the ground  in Syria show again. A gang of commandos comprising troups from the CIA, Turkish, Jordanian … is said to be moving to Amman to kill Assad. The gang has been operating long time before the chemical weapons’ investigation was launched. So what is the use of that UN team on Syrian soil ? To confirm the commandos operation to come ?

Apparently, things were planned long time ago to this purpose. First, you mount a rebellion supplying them with all the tools and ammunitions they need to set a civil war. You bring them your international support along with the dominant western press worldwide as a tom-tom. You organise a massacre alledging this was done with chemical weapons. In the meantime, a gang is ready to accomplish the dirty criminal job of a president of a State. By the time the UN team is out there testifying « yes, chemical weapons were used by the governement », the commando will be back at Amman.

Read in the Huffpost. Bob Corker, GOP Senator, Says Syria Action ‘Is Going To Occur’ In ‘Today’ Show Interview.

The same scenario in Irak and Lybia is being applied in Syria. In Egypt, the transition was cut short by the same West calling for Moubarak to go. They even added « Now ». How many times have we heard this  song « Moubarak must go » – « Gaddafi must go » – « Saleh must go » from the West, in total indifference and irresponsibility.

« Now » was the ultimately fatal mistake. Nowhere did the West allow those nations to enter a peaceful and strong transition of power ; little time or none was left for the election and for the political partis to organise. In the end, all that precipitation brought most troubles than the previous ones.

Yes, for uncountable facts, the West is responsible of the failure of the Arab Spring.

America took side earlier in the process ; they failed to help any dialog fueling the revolt by irresponsible calls of leaders to defect without delay. Eventually, the door was open to any opportunistic political formation like the Muslims Brotherhood.

Either in Lybia or in Yemen, America and its allies put their hands together with those of terrorists and al-qaeda-backed rebels. Not only this was the kind of unacceptable business America must never get caught into for it breaks down the moral compass, Al Qaeda has strenghtened its positions and has grown with ammunitions taken from arms smuggling senator McCain advised to land into rebels territories inside Lybia and elsewhere. It is a real shame for America.

Saudi Arabia eyes opening – at last -promising to compensate American aid for Egypt looks like a light out of the tunnel. America was not aiding the military in Egypt : they were selling arms. This may inform those in America debatting whether the situation in Egypt is consistent with American Aid. By the way, Saudi Arabia has dismissed US Aid to oil nations which are not in need of money. Not at all.

All this put together speaks for Russia and China’s positions not to allow the repetition of the past mistakes made by the U.S. in the Region ; especially for the wrong interpretation of the events and the bad decisions taken at the time.

Watch CNN. Russia issues warnings to US over Syria. 

From Press TV.  According to president Assad, Saudi Arabia is arming the rebels. The president has made the following statements :

“The comments [accusing the government of using chemical weapons] made by politicians in the West and other countries are an insult to common sense… It is nonsense,” Assad stated.

The Syrian president also said his country is dealing with both individual terrorist groups and entire terrorist armies that are similar in terms of ideology and are backed by the same sponsors. 

Assad said Saudi Arabia is both the ideological and financial sponsor of terrorists, propagating Wahhabi ideology and supplying money to insurgents

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Hysteria around chemical attack suits those who want military intervention in Syria – Lavrov.