Syria. « Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do » : Luke Coffey, Former UK defense adviser.

What is going on today concerning Syrian crisis ?

Yesterday, the White House (Jay Carney) made it clear « it was not about regime change » and we are grateful for that precision. So is the case for that other mention : « president Obama hasn’t ruled yet over a military action » meaning we need much time to sort things out.

What is disturbing are the assesments and certainties « Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people », France as usual, UK as classical and the U.S. choir voiced  so loud that in the end of the auctionning day, president Hollande declared arrogantly, as it is the habit in France « Assad must be punished ». Punished ? Like a child ? By who ? France/UK/Germany/U.S. backed by the eternal corrupt and traitor’s Arab League ?

Punish me

If I were bad tongue, I would recall french president the treacherous conditions that have led to his cheated elections in 2012. But I’m not.  If I were, I should have been asking who is going to punish him ? Has he ever been punished for that crime of democracy inside a presupposed developed democracy ? No.

Here is it : since his election, the french president is trailing into the abyss of polls for political paralysis, nepotism and a non-married woman sitting at the Elysee Palace in total contempt of the protocol and the tradition. I’m not going to tell you how poor politics have come to be in France with two presidents following each other and sharing the particularity of « wedding » or being in couple with « mannequin » and a « journalist ». The accointances of politicians looking for election with press in particular or the « society of entertainment » in general go without saying.

Like President Sarkozy, president Hollande is trying to gain some credibility on the international field to compensate the poor performances at home. In other places, we call it opportunism. In France, correctness in politics call that cheating « being wise ». General  wisdom considers it is wise to cheat and circumvene some cardinals principles of democracy to win an election. No matter how you get there, only the winning outcome counts. With such a mean and thin moral benchmarks, you can rush out in arrogance shouting after Assad « killer, thief« , just to hide yourself behind the outcry.

Punishments ?

Who is going to punish the killing blood sold around the Arabic and African nations under the then French PM, the actual Foreign Minister  that has decimated millions of Africans with HIV ? Nowhere on Earth, even in totalitarian nations, would such a Premier be scrolling in politics again at high level ? Except in France.

When it comes to democracy, France is dismissed. Totally.

Now, what about Britain ?

Tuesday, when the debate was ragging, Skynews granted us with an interview of Luke Coffey, a former UK defense adviser. Responding to the « contingency plans » made by UK in order to plan a military « punishment », Luke Coffey stated it clearly « not because you can do something implies it is the right thing to do ». Of course, the NATO alliance can strike Damascus. But will those strikes solve the problem ? That was first.

Second, he delicately questioned the Obama’s administration talking about drawing a « red line » = use of chemical weapons. Once this red line is drawn, the president has given a stick to beat him back or has exposed himself to all sort of devilish and perversive manipulations. Luke Coffey used a clear picture to describe the situation : the president is « back on the wall ».

Third, as a conclusion, bombing Syria is not going to resolve anything.

As we have put it previously, it is just a matter of flexing muscle or mastering the game just like in a jungle. Ironically, Russia figured it out in a colourfull way :  « America was playing geopolitics in the region like Monkeys with Grenade ». Inside the  Jungle.

 « We have to move deliberately and cautiously » : David Owen.

Another interesting analysis was given at Al JAzeera by David Owen, a former British Secretary who advised the UK to go with it steadily and deliberately, endorsing the procedures of the UN, which means trough the security council and under the UN Charter. « We have to move deliberately and cautiously », he said.

Asked to react to the announcement of the UK governement saying « acting on humanitarian ground » will be legitimate, David Owen answered of course, the use of chemical weapons is considered a crime against humanity.  But we all know so far the responsibility of Assad is not proven yet.

David Owen regretted that the UK will bring a resolution at the UN. He said, he would have liked Russia to draw a resolution asking for an immediate cease-fire in Syria and for talks. This is a window open for Russia to clear its own position which is not that clear.

In fact, time after David Owen or before, Al Jazeera aired a debate between a US representatuve at Washington, DC, an International Lawyer in London and a Defenser of Human Rights in Syria who happened to be a woman. Understandably, passionate and angry. She also questioned the Russian position along with Iranian. Russia has always expressed its rejection for a military intervention without articulating to which extent the nation would go to support Assad. Indeed, Russian position is fuzzy.

Her feeling is she is suspecting Russia and Iran to be holding Syria as a field of confrontation between them and the U.S. Should this come true, Syria is also manipulated in the game. In the end, Rebels could well wake up one day just to find themselves embarked in the same manipulated military geopolitical games floating above their heads.

As for the International lawyer, after seemingly agreeing with the US representative of surgical strikes within a short period of times, he concluded « a long term state building system » is needed in Syria with all the players involved.

Meanwhile the US representative kept on insisting over the necessity of a punishment because of some violations of international norms which he dated the last use from WW1.

Read also the position of « Chuck Hagel: No U.N. approval needed for Syrian strikes ».

Press conference of Brahimi, the UN-Arab League Envoy. Highlight of the Day.

Concerning Geneva II.

It was worthy hearing at Brahimi. First, he recalled that, either Russia or the US, the two leading forces of Syrian crisis, have confirmed  their interest and commitment to Geneva II. Geneva II is framed by a principle :

All parties come in without preconditions.

This was a response to a question asking whether Assad will be associated  to peace talks leading to a « Government Body with full executive powers » for a transitional period, until elections are held, as Geneva II is targetting it.

Brahimi insisted that the last event of August, 21st makes it urgent to hold talks.

Concerning the use of chemical weapons, if the US/UK/France detain some evidence, Brahimi is interested to see them : « Evidence has not been share with us ». In any case, international law states that any military intervention be conducted under the security council. A response to those questioning the ability of the trio UK/France/US to bomb Syria, without any UN’s mandate. So far and without a miracle, this is an impossible mission. China and Russia, veto’s nations inside the security council, will never shift their positions.

Parliamentary or presidential regime.

Brahimi, the special envoy in Syria has raised an important point concerning the real change demanded in Syria : shifting from a presidential regime to a parliamentary’s one. « A large consensus among Syrians exists whether or not to give up this presidential regime ».

If this can help Mr. Brahimi, here is a comment : France, a country I well know the political system is said to be a Republic, meaning with a strong parliament. Nonetheless, French institutions are still ones of a Monarchy. The President being the first Monarch. Among democratic nations, French is all under Public  sector domination. The private sector is tiny. Unions are politicized (leftists) and every thing is under political control. You can’t escape the Gigantic Spider State. Nowhere. Once you are spot, you are dead. Democratically and in a civilised manner. Discriminations, poverty, injustices, nowhere to escape.

It is easy to say parliamentary system. In the end, achieving it is a permanent challenge and needs a long term vision and many ambushes are lying down the road.

There are many undead in France, parked in peripherical areas. Next time you are in France, ask where is the departement 93 – Seine-Saint-Denis that has become smybolic of that nightmare immigrants in France are trapped in. Name Africans and Arabic.

Killing people can take many patterns. Discriminations and exclusions are some of them.

The Fight for Human Dignity everywhere remains number one priority. Syria is a sample of a global challenge concerning people in the two Hemispheres. We need to think boldly and deeply.

Conclusions so far :

1. A symbolic  attack in Syria would be a sign of despair. By the way,  a military attack is a military attack ; short or long. The Syrian Human rights defenser we previously mentionned here in the debate, argued that « Unlike Lybia, Syria is a society where military plants are not isolated. Bombings them would inevitably hurt civilians ». So think twice. She added people are demanding what America or Russia or any other countries think. What about asking what the Syrians need ?

2. Humanitarian grounds ? Use of chemical weapons ? We are still waiting irrefutable evidence. The UN investigation mission still have 14* days to go. (* correction : 4 days)

3. The remedy will be worst than the disease, if Syria is attacked, whatever the motives.

4. French president has called back the MP’s.  France voice in the region counts for zero. That is first.

Second, only French governement (the coalition socialist party and the Greens) is supporting the war in Syria. The entire forces of opposition are against any involvement of France in Syria. So it is false to mention France is supporting war in Syria. It’s the coalition with polls quoting 28 % of French approval rate : the highest score since one year of governance. 

Third. Can France act differently from UK and the US since they let France invade Mali ? This is a give and take deal. Business as usual.

Tomorrow is another day.

At this stage, we have got a terrific problem concerning democracy as a whole : Destituting a President. How to send home a deceiving sitting  president ? This is the headache Egypt has dealt with lately. It may well be the problem of tomorrow challenging our Civilisation.

Let Freedom ring.

 About Humanitarian pretext, « NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention — bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. (From Global research)

A massive rocket carrying a new U.S. spy satellite has lifted off from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. (CNN)