Syria. Russian solution. It’s a joke or a coup !

For the Huffpost, it is a Kerry’s gaffe.  Mehdi’s Morning Memo: Has Kerry’s Gaffe Saved Syria From Air Strikes?

Following this, CNN is reporting that « French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed today to work together to explore seriously a Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile under international control, according to a White House official.

The talks will begin in earnest at the United Nations and will include a discussion on a potential U.N. Security Council resolution ».

Call it how to stage another comedy show. Translated into Global Research Words providing the timeline. “Funny Things” Keep Happening on the Way to the War On Syria. The Whole World is on a Dangerously Slippery Slope.

Once you are ready, here we go.

Really, if we have made that way only to land with the kind of false good Russian discovery of putting « CW under the UN’s watch », then we are kidding peoples of the World and misguiding them. That the international community is thrilled over the kind of idea Sherlock would have dumbed « elementary » or « basic » is pathetic. Really, the WH’s advisors are discovering that way out today ?

This is a disgrace for the advisers not to be able to think that basic thing, we have already put forward here in the 4 points proposal in favor of a peace keeping force inside Syria . A force enough to stop any possible use of CW under their watch. If the president had not been able to envision this solution, it is tellingly of the degree to which he has Sherlocked himself into a glass ceiling. Considering war as first option, where as it must be at last resort.

If this is the possible breakthrough the president was awaiting, then Speaker Gingrich is right saying Putin has come to rescue the president running out of solutions of retreat from a red line warning. But, as usual, the trio quoted  by CNN is not ashame to hold on the idea as if they were the author of it. Honesty should have gave way to a Russian resolution. But those are kind of politeness ignored by the axis of evil of the trio. By the way, wasn’t Britain dismissed times ago by its MPs not to meddle in this Syrian business.

You throw Britain out the door, it is back using the window. Clandestine as French dismissed by the EU still waiting for the evidence promised by the « axis of evil » of the trio and, until now, nothing on hands. Gingrich even added « leading from behind ». Crossfire (CNN, Monday).

Putin rescuing Obama on Syrian impasse. Isn’t it a G20’s fomentation ?

Assad’s regime agrees. Why wouldn’t you agree with the kind of real false good idea on auction since yesterday which will be complicated to implement, if you « want to buy time », the rebels are quoted telling ? Needly to say where do all this ends ? What about the sovereignty ? Are they heading to put Syrian under guardianship ? Recolonisation bis repetitas. Syria should not jump into it  that simple. It’s a trap.

How long will the UN stay inside Syria, spying on the nation, for the sake of the trio Israel-backed ? Only to think about a resolution, a coup- like presented by the axis of evil built up by France, UK and USA, if I were Syrians, I would be fearing the worst. Back to colonialism. Pure, simple.

Lazy solutions can even be worst than military trikes. Among everything, Independence has no price.

Lessons so far of Syrian crisis

Putin. It took Russia so long to imagine this or were the scheme conceived inside the G20, behind doors and planned to be aired the very day congressmen were due to reconvene ? Putin is playing Russian Roulette, just as he is supporting Assad but not to the point of fighting a war or helping Syria to. In the meantime, Russia is diverting the World with its ships cruising in the region in crisis.

Rasmussen Nato’s SG is asking for strike whatsoever. They are dying for that. But they will not be part of this, like in Lybia where there was a clear UN mandate. Another fake and unlawfully implemented resolution.

UK. The UK vote was a misopportunity for president Obama to put an end on auctioning on strikes. This was the right signal the president was getting it wrong. It is not a shame to retreat from an untenable position. What is humiliating is to retreat behind a lazy solution and a real wrong good idea. A pretext instead of a reason to reconsider.

End of the road, nationally, the president has come weak. Republicans have gained momentum. The debate was theirs, while democrats were either inaudible, guided by ideology with their past rhetoric and overdramatisation. 2014 will tell only that. We are heading towards a House dominated by Republicans again and, frankly, looking the quality of House Republicans’ arguments and listening Senator Rand Paul, this will be highly merited.

Those guys came strong defending their positions. On the other side, chaos and lots of divagations and uncertainties. Related to leadership, president Obama has lost face and the more he is going to fluck with a dismissed UK and a non democratically authorised France, the faster he is going to sink deeper and deeper in weakness.

President Obama went all out to catch Assad. Boomerang !

Syrian political calculations.

Russian option brings nothing new except that every one is playing its own game: Putin, russian roulette and McCain/Obama : Poker. France is trying to exist as a first class nation on international stage, playing its single partition from the EU. Desperate.

The two good news are :

-Hillary scoring a good point for 2016.

– And Republicans on track again. They have the momentum on their side.

Civilisation again

An Inquiry before any decision, that is the rule of civilisation. Not the opposite. Inquiry preceed the evidence. The Russian solution is a translation of the American order and wish, before the evidence are brought up bright and clear for everybody to assess. It is a cheating and a treason as it implies Assad’s forces were behind the shootings. No proof of it is available nowhere except on the chat. This is a solution by default or a huge Russian’s G20 Coup.

Syria is accepting the 10 years occupation of the UN, without a clear mandate or roadmap. This is a choice between plague or cholera. It would have been preferable to all of us to go through this step by step, avoiding to cry louder in order to covert the truth. It’s incredible that neither the allies nor the UN have been able to come forward with « proof beyond doubts » announced by all of them shouting instead of showing the evidence with Zero credibility.

President Obama’s mistake

The mistake of president Obama was to treat Syrian president as a personal challenge, the Bush vs Saddam Hussein’s style. He, the president, drew a red line personally and, in the end, he exchanged it with a World’s rule dating from WWI. It wasn’t me, but the World. Unfortunately for the president, the World abundantly rejected War. Polls are clear on the point. And the Emergents’ nations representing the huge majority of the World’s people are opposing the strikes.

Was it a World line, then the World has its saying.

Is it an imminent threat to America, then the Congress is there to consult with.

The UN is absolutely overshadowed one more time.

Russia, a Syrian friend ?

Syrians end of tunnel is moving farther. This is the beginning of a coup. Period. Co-fomented by the Syrian Friend, Russia. When you have such friends, you don’t need enemies.

Leading by exemple. France again.

France is kind of nation playing the game with one foot inside the EU and the other out of the zone. The nation is used to capitalize on everything possible at its reach to regain the first class nation label lost long time ago. Rejoining the NATO was the first misstep towards this objective. France is a place to experience if you want to get in touch with Machievilism in its original shape. Mainstream People are friendly and generous. But the political elites and other leading figures are – appart from the exception – opportunistic or sort of creatures coming straight from a Steven Spielberg movie : ET.

French leaders are the perfect Prince : cruel, selfishness and unlimited greediness of public wealth. 20 % of french upper rich possess 80 % of the national wealth. The rest 80% of french people has to share the 20 % left. The society is irremediably fractured and profoundly injust. No merit but relationships first.

Do you know France ? If yes, good for you. If no, it is even better. You miss nothing. France looks so beautiful seen from far away. When approaches, things are less and less nice and you end up with no more appetite. Black people and arabic are nobody. When you look at France expressing commiseration vis a vis Syrians,  Arabic brothers, ill-treated in France, you are definitely disgusted.

Then your question, why are you still leaving there ? The 1 million question only God knows the answer. Too many reasons is the answer and  who knows about the near future ? Time has come for me to tell you about me. After Syrian crisis, we shall talk about me. In France. A nightmarish experience. Talking about me involves also to talk about Black people and Arabic in France to paint the global brown picture. Not that tasty.

Black people and minorities in France are orphans of a figure the size of Martin Luther.

They have been brainwashed the soviet union style, nurtured by a speech of a so called equality brought to them as the French Revolutionnary legacy. Meanwhile, the society is one of Big Thefts. Look, two jewelry have been cleaned up within a short period of time. Drugs traficking and big thefts are back again. Criminality is higher. Mesrine’s times are back with hold ups. The reason is simple : leaders are the first big thieves mass murdering immigrants and minorities. In a civilised way.

When I see president Obama parading with France, in those times of Reverend King’s remembrance,  it makes me feel sick. When I see Secretary Kerry in France looking for a helpful hand speciliased in discriminating « its » « own » people, fabricating second zone class citizens and refusing any affirmative action, in the name of a false Republic of merit, equality and respect ; a society immensely corrupt starting from its educational system ; a society opposing any civil rights bill, I wonder what America is standing before the World.

If these are the allies America is willing to fluck together with, it is despicable.

Times for Human Rights is now. Not for bombings. Discriminations are WMD.

Nations engulfed in discriminating people are not fit to parole in the UN and in the face of the World to pretend playing any role in policing the World.  They are the first responsibles for push the World on a dangerous slope.

That is why this Syrian crisis is pathetic and a Big Lie. Parody of Usurpated Power .

If this is how president Obama is going to end his tenure, this will add to Black Men legendary stupidity. All me excuses here to the president, but it is no secret for anybody that He was elected to bring the World to another Height not to that lowest stage of recolonising Afica – murdering the only Man capable of changing the face of Africa, Mouammar Gaddafi – and now repeating the mistake of the past in the Middle East.

The World was supposed to be freer  with president Obama. Unfortunately, he is not Martin Luther King. Having benefited from Dr King legacy, what is His ? I know, some would answer President Obama is the president of Americans. Africa is none of his business. If so, Syria is not either. Let him be American and only that. Just like President Mandela was the president of South Africans and only that.

There is a huge difference between being a De Gaulle, or a Dr. King with a broader and universalist agenda and our presidents of the day, Israeli’s puppets, kind of Pavlov’s Dogs. Sorry, I don’t buy it and I commend the Citizens of the World to watch out. This is a scam. Clearly.

Read more.

From the Huffpost. Syria Vote: Mitch McConnell Opposes Strike, Slams Obama.

From the National Memo. Major Powers Clash At UN Over Syria’s Chemical Arms.

Latest developments. From CNN.

Step 1. « Russia will propose a U.N. draft declaration backing an initiative to put Syrian chemical weapons under international control, the Russian Foreign Ministry said today.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the French draft resolution holding the Syrian government responsible for the use of chemical weapons is « unacceptable. »

President Barack Obama, French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have agreed to work together to explore the Russian proposal seriously, a White House official said today ».

step 2. « Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States and its allies should « pledge to renounce the use of force » as world powers work to deal with the Syrian chemical weapons issue.

« It is difficult to make any country — Syria or any other country in the world — to unilaterally disarm if there is military action against it under consideration, » he told Russian TV today »

And from Assad.

Step 3. « Syria says it is ready to disclose the location of chemical weapons, halt production, and show its facilities to representatives of Russia, the United Nations, and other states, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports today, citing Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem.

The report did not identify the other states ». CNN.

.From the NYT

White House Agrees to Talks on U.N. Resolution on Syrian Chemical Arms

A bipartisan group of eight senators and the White House joined the international diplomatic momentum on Tuesday to avert an American military attack on Syria over its use of chemical munitions in that country’s civil war, responding positively to a Russian proposal aimed at securing and destroying those weapons.
The group of senators, including some of President Obama’s biggest supporters and critics, were drafting an alternative Congressional resolution that would give the United Nations time to take control of the Syrian government’s arsenal of the internationally banned weapons.
If the alternative resolution gained political traction, it could stave off a Congressional vote — and possibly a debilitating defeat for the Obama administration — in the coming days on a more immediate resolution authorizing the use of force, which a majority of Americans appear to oppose. That resolution, approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week, had been losing ground in both parties in recent days. Passage appeared increasingly difficult in the House and possibly the Senate as well.
At the same time, a senior White House official said Tuesday that administration officials had begun working with American allies at the United Nations to further explore the viability of the Russian plan, in which the international community would take control of the Syrian weapons stockpile. The official said the discussions, including possible elements of a Security Council resolution, followed discussions between President Obama, President François Hollande of France and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain.