Syrian crisis. Many evidences point to the Rebels’ size.

At least, Russian has expelled the truth : It’s highly probable the rebels have launched the criminal attack of August, the 21st to force the dog-headed international community  of Nato’s alliances and its Arab league’s puppets into military strikes in a last minute effort to find their way towards power.

How do we get there ? Consistent clues were already available, even before the US/UK/French’s unsubstantiated accusations that are watering down, as the truth unfolds. What happened to our cogito ?

From the very beginning, we knew that Assad was winning the war.

Anteriorly to August, the 21st, we knew the habit of using Human beings as military shields.

We could also see the professionnal staging of the scene of crimes with  people helplessly displayed dying alone, without any assistance, either familial, military or medical. Everything was done for the dramatisation of the shotage in order to move people emotionnaly.

The rebels are opposing the US-Russian agreement. On purpose.

Russia is opposing France and US/UK, nations willing to add oil to the Syrian fire. It is no secret that while being in a trip inJordan, a year ago, French foreign minister called for murdering President Assad. As the veto right is a permission to kill, bomb, destroy and decide without the parliament’s voice, those 3 nations are still threatening to go on a rampage shooting.

The veto provides a comfortable democratic shelter for presidents acting without consulting with their parliaments. US, France, none of those countries has received a green light from their parliaments. Shamelessly, they are busy on the international to advocate military strikes, promising Assad the worst, should he failed to respect the ultimatums.

To move further with this syrian case which is turning into obsession for immoral  interests driven states,  here is an important report detailing the events of August, the 21st and what looks plausibly like the right chain of responsabilities.

Rebels are said to be 100,000. Half of them are Jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda or to radical and extremists Islamic movements. The other half is said to be moderated. Half of them are familiar with secular  backgrounds.

All what we know about them is we don’t know them.

The Chemical Attacks in East Ghouta Used to Justify a Military Intervention in Syria.  (Global Research)

Latest on CNN. According to Russia, UN’s report is « biaised » and « one-sided » and insufficiently substantiated. Syria has given evidence to the Russian deputy minister the rebels were being behind the 21st August’s attack.