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Pistorius trial. Gross confusion between premeditation and intention.

Apparently, Pistorius is guilty of culpable homicide. Which means he killed her girlfriend « unintentionnally, under a negligent conduct ».

Pistorius admitted shooting the girl. But the judge is considering him non guilty of a murder. He killed the girl unintentionally, but illegally. If you understand something, just give me a call.

Lets summarise it differently : Pistorius killed his girlfriend. His intention was not to kill her, but he did, under extreme anger that overwhelmed him. He then lost control and kill the woman illegally. Each murder is an illegal act. So, how can he be non guilty of murder but guilty of homicide. The difference is in words : apparently murder comes with the intention to kill, where as the homicide is not intentional.

Frankly, this is about judiciary qualification. The only way to be sure a murder was not intentional is to bring premeditation in.

An homicide without any intention to kill occurs in the case of force majeure or self-defense. Was Pistorius placed in such a case ? Was his life threatened by the girlfriend at the moment he killed her ?

Pistorius is guilty of murdering his girlfriend. When you kill somebody it is a deliberate act. Intention can surface only if you have acted under a force majeure or self-defense situation.

That Pistorius killed the girlfriend without premeditation – non intentionally, is something pertaining to mitigating circumstances, if any. Those circumstances don’t annul the murder.

We feel compassion for Pistorius, specially knowing the kind of efforts he has been able to regroup in order to be the man he is. If this is a mitigating circumstance, then tell it, but don’t confuse us with the Justice system.

Zimmerman killed Trayvon unintentionally. Do you remember ? And he was acquitted. He even has the nerve to imply his life was in danger, in the face of the teenager. If this is the new game, then each of us can shot whoever we want – the case at Ferguson – where we expect the Policeman, author of the 6-9 shots in the body of Brown, pleading non guilty of murder, alleging he didn’t premeditated the shooting session and has no intention to kill anyone.

He may even call for a mitigation circumstance inducing acting in the name of a State that had turned the police « Military ».



What is wrong with Pennsylvania State Police ? Are they overmilitarised and terrorizing the citizens they are supposed to guard as in Ferguson and everywhere Police is shooting down black people, in total impunity ? By the way, is somebody informed of what the decision of the Grand Jury at Ferguson and what comes next ? Total blackout over there and President Obama has concluded his war speech by Justice and freedom. Hmm.

CNN is reporting the shooting of last night as such Two Pennsylvania State Police troopers shot late Friday night, one fatally, were ambushed just outside the police barracks in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania, Commissioner Frank Noonan told reporters. 

The shooter or shooters have not been found, he said. « I know a lot of people are wondering if the threat is resolved. It is not, » he said.

« This attack seems to be directed particularly at the Pennsylvania State Police, » Noonan said.