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Checkpoint Charlie brand. TECH=NOLOGY.

The port of African-American slavery, Puerto Ricco, New Jersey, Montana,… New York and California, have  broken the Statute of Freedom into debris now floating on the sea like a dying freedom announcing mass demolitions and ruins.

It is so sad (1).

Suddenly, the hidden dark smoke and rain has broken the ground in California.

Since New-York, the lying poker card googled play in connection with the clan candidate have hijacked the elections. Superbely, gracefully, silly and mercilessly. Hello to the people elected band: KING KONG on top of the Golden Bridge and on the Golden State Empire and on the Hill. Penis Substitutes up 24h a day : a strange condition, very strange.


All of the sudden, a Californian professor, a former critics of the clan, started crying and chanting the laudatory message of Sanders endless agony ; the same Sanders he, the Emeritus professor, ex-aide of the unchecked hidden state emails scandal, a case of CANDIDATING IMPEACHMENT FOR GROSS GROSS FRAUDS. NEVER BEFORE, THE CONNECTION BETWEEN COLLECTING FUNDS FOR SELF-ENRICHMENT AND ARMS SALES OR DIPLOMCY INTERVENTIONNISM HAVE BEEN STAGED IN SUCH A DISGUISE AND CONTEMPT TO THE RULE OF LAW INSIDE A DEMOCRATIC NATION LED AS AN ESTATE PROPERTY.

Kafka le procès

WHEN A STATE MORPHES INTO AN ESTATE….. Picture. America votes. American voter in front of criminal activities. Dammit !

But, our professor, sold his soul out… Only God knows how much THE man was paid to those transfuge and fugitive  two teachers. The one in NYU lied to his students. And in California, the guy simply change the color of his coat, overnight.

Mary Poppins can open her Umbrella for a take of, wearing a dark dress and a pretty smile. Up she has gone, lifted by witchcraft. Snap your nails and there we go to DC for another trickery.

Charlie Checkpoint Golden Gate Bridge. Cry the beloved California, gone to the wind. So are the strange disappearance and silence of ‘black lives matter’, the symbols of ‘intermediary forces’ in the mainstream. All of the sudden, no group was speaking. Silenced or paid for ? Strange, strange backtrackings, changing side or becoming mute, overnight. Charlie Checkpoint visited them during the night.

 ‘I’m Charlie’ brand. Charlie, the checkpoint.

Bernie-rally-washington-square-park-160413 (1)

For God’s sake!

Next time you understand Charlie interventionism in the name of democracy, say ‘You can’t give what you don’t have or be what you are not’. You can’t manipulate elections throught hardcores you previously experimented inside African elections, to keep the elected people exceptionalism up, and claim to be a democrat.

A truly elected people will work to free the people. That means precisely to respect democracy and to abide by the rules. Abraham Lincoln was – among few statesmen – a High figure of the elected people. He never came that low and flaw to the point of cheating something so saint and annointed like a presidential election.

Time will tell about the « Charlie » brandy people.



(1) I would have liked students in Art to imagine the scene and to draw or paint it. This should be the new road for Education : multi-oriented. This is Education in conquest. Meaning global and local, bold and rich, here and there, out and in. Sane and recreative competition.


In the meantime, Visit or Revisit Rembrandt in the art exhibit, next to you.

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