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Hologramic press = Void content. Samples + Hillary, the shadow of (Bill) Sanders.

DOMESTIC TERRORISMThis is part two of the hologramic journalism.

I couldn’t resist the stupidity and the pet’s press. So, I find it of an imperative necessity to pick up some examples for you. And guess what, I didn’t have either to plan it or to wait long until I was forced into the exercice with one appalling example strickingly low.

This first one I called licking the dishes journalism is epitomized by the Washington Post, the Dog keeping my step door and doing the housework in my home. You can view the whole scene in their picture. Cowardice people and abyssmal voyeurism are twins. So, to cover their real activity which is looking into other people’s  life,  real people having sex, while the self-invited viewers are leaving their sexuality by procuration or transfert – tell me about sex tape adoration by more of the same desperate people -, they will come up with void articles. And, Google, their acolyte picks it first to figure on top of the alert they will send you to.

It is easy to see the conjonction between Google’s alerts including Yahoo posts and other Dogs covering the WH and the Jewish press acting in combination like Hawks. I told you, blood sucking is an endless thirst. A cursing.

Colluche, an humorist of talent, the man’s sketches could be compared to surgery acts, got famous with one affirmation among many. He said, Technocrats – that other race of thirstless hawks – are people you’ll give all the Sand of the Sahara desert for use and for free. But, don’t be surprised if only two years later, they are asking you for sand, having eaten the entire desert within two years at an accelarated speed of destructive consumption. Today, He would have add, the Sand is stocked in some tax Havens, before they demanded for another desert to eat as the previous one. Fundamentally, this is the process behind the End of the World. It is a self-destructive hawkish management which is going to bring the Humanity to extinction, after sucking everything around. The horizon of extreme greedy and selfishness along with nullity and predation  is utterly devastating.


That is how, after occupying the WH illegitimately like bastards, you find them into my bedroom, in my kitchen, in my dressing (RT can’t help) ; they like the geography of my house, they can’t stop watching all day and night long. My conversations and life is a free telereality show to them and they pick ideas out of my conversations and style of living, including the dressing, my family life is tracked from France to Cameroon and to America… They have no courage to tell you, but they know I know they picked it into my place and I would be in a difficult position to prove my assertions.

DSC_0079_-_Copie[1]I will give you more details some times ahead to see the snakes and the vermin operating. Immediately after I got a conversation over the geography of Tunisia, as we were talking about the Arab Spring, following the events of Paris, I had this conversation at the Kitchen table… Immediately after, I came to consult the email-box and to watch the latest news. Bingo, RT’s new alert was « geographycally speaking »… A pretense without any link with the rest of the article.

Earlier in the morning, as I was looking for a dress to go to church, I did the same exercice of consulting my email box and the alert and bingo again, the latest alert of RT was telling this « this is a perfect dressing »… I have said loud and clear and publicly my feelings towards this hidden Jewish outlet presenting itself as Russian-based, kind of double-faced intruder : pro russian from outside and jewish from inside. They can argue to prove me wrong or not to.. going public like I did. But, as cowards they are, they knew I was looking at their alerts and they choose to use subliminative message, after spyingon my house. This is not acceptable and will not go untracked or without a proper answer. How are those people educated ? Sons of bitches all of them… You can’t match the competition, then use the mean way…

Those are the elected people. Shitt ! White supremacists ! Impostors and thieves. Balls zero.

Introducing yourself illegaly into another home to steal the passwords. Yahoo would then come out with an article « how to chose a good password ». In french, you’ll said « merde alors ».



When you can’t argue face-to-face and publicly with your opponent, use the rabbit hole way and try to persecute your contradictor, while claiming out shouting you are a journalist, a freedom of speech and liberties advocacy. In reality, you are a bunch of hidden and unassumed terrorists. You know what ? I have more respect for real terrorists – they are men and they have balls – than for any crooked journalism or journalist. Unfortunately for the Citizens of the West, you are framed with Terrorists acting under the false flag of Journalism.

That is why it is crucial for the next election not to consider their advice and polls are fake. You may agree with me that so far, the moderators are poor and nullissime and the debates are void ; they fit the image of the soaps’ organisers nothingness.

Here is the first example of this degenerative Halooween Press :

The Paris attacks and the remarkable smallness of our politics. Pick of google.

Look at the picture and the co-hunters WP = CNN, the worst press ever. Don’t take their opinion or doggy analysts into account. Nothing good or of interest can come out of carpetkeepers.

I’ve unsubscribed to CNN alerts but they are keeping on sending me those. I can assure them I’m not opening them. I have opt to spam them, but Yahoo email box, their friend is not respecting my instruction. I told you we are jailed by the jewish : they own Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, a chance Firefox exists. The phone and the net providers are Jews, it is the big Hijack of History. Press are the icy tip of this bloody rock. How to breathe healthy ? I’m asking you. We need a fresh air and start.

How to recognize a hologramic journalist or press outlet? Usually the article is written without any reasonable motivation and without any information new. Needless to say any compass. You got the blah blah blah and a repetition of cliches, of what is trendy ; this is the press version of soaps or telereality. Not surprising Mr. Trump fits the WP=CNN cult of nullity pattern.  He could end miserably portrayed by those Hawks.

Note the new trend of the entire soap’s press : now, no Sanders can be portrayed or viewed without a ghost besides, a ghost named Hillary. Hillary, the shadows of Sanders is the nex movie to screen. In France, the process is called « Hillary marque Sanders à la culotte ». Marquage à la culotte is a trick used by journalists to keep Hillary on the Sanders back-track, like a clandestine passenger. It is so big not to see.

Now that you are perfectly aware of the press underground association of mediocres organising – like the WH’s – and operating as terrorists and birds of pray, read that other example in Yahoo about Rob Lowe. The title and the analysis are hooks. Hooks and Crooks, is another definition of the hologramic journalism. Very close to tabloïds. Interesting to read the comments of the readers, calling this journalism a FAKE.

Another example of the crooked press using hooks is staged by le Point which is losing its way and horizon, following WP+CNN hologramic press course. Read the commentary section which is the best part. Do you know why the two of them have merged in the petty article sent to me via Google? Easy, I was at Atlanta and at Washington. As Hillary would have put it, after Blumenthal ghost journalism in a terrorist WP press : I came, I saw, I won (Read Bernie Sanders credo below) . I’m the Amtrak.

The degree of inculture and under-education in America is simply appalling. Journalism is weak and poor. If you are willing to understand the World and to go further, forget about the press. As Billy Sanders put it, TURN OFF THE TV. Mine is Off for a long time now. Al Jazeera and RT are gross impostors. Al Jazeera was supposed to be a Muslim CNN – at the time, people were lied upon the real job of CNN – And effectively now, al Jazeera, the Qatari channel is the other CNN. Sure.

RT, as a web TV and press channel, was supposed to be different from the mainstream’s. The fact is, sooner or later, in this vampiric World of Ghosts, everything is shadowing the big hidden terrorist picture. The Shadows reflect themselves into a phantomatic ballet with the same choregrapher and choregraphy. A curse, I told You. A big umbrella to cover dirty businesses, misery and personal desperation.

Read. Terror and carnage in Paris. Background starting with Charlie gross manipulation. The Ghosts of Charlie and Saint-Quentin-Fallavier are behind the Bataclan and the Stade de France.

Bernie Sanders for President

I just walked off the debate stage and I am more certain than ever: we are going to win.

Our country is at a moment of truth. The middle class is disappearing and more than half of new income is going to the top 1%. The rich are getting richer and using their wealth to buy elections. And the American people are looking for an alternative to endless war that has destabilized the Middle East and given rise to new threats.

This moment requires us to think differently about our challenges. The same old establishment ideas won’t do. But charting a new course will require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community in our country.

So I need to ask you directly:

Make a contribution of $28.54 — the average donation made to our campaign — as a way of saying you have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our elections.

The billionaire class has never dealt with a threat like ours. And I am sure that if we stand together, we will win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

Make a contribution to our campaign today


What is Trump doing ? Fucking or micmicking stabbing threats ?
Look on the back of Mr. Trump how the heads of only women are shaking each time Trump is going upwards…


Capture autre espion
A chimpanze viewed through the lens of the same cameras they share collectively in the terrorist mediatic world of vilain prostitutes men and women alike. They share it with their politicians partners plus the Intelligence. It is how they are living in this World : nakedness is to be shared, willingly or not. Prostitution is an obligation and even more so, if you talk, you are threatened and persecuted by all means. The primary wayis the simpliest. Jews are crooks and as such, criminals. Now ask yourself, where is the relationship between this image and the subject ? Don’t even ask, when you click on the article selected by Google’s Jewish lens, the image has disappeared. You got it in the email but not inside the article.
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ? No way with pigs and thieves. By the way pigs and chimps can match.
Those people should be targetted the same way. But guess what ? Terrorists would do the Job for me.
 I’m showing this to bring you on the table the very essence of this rotten and strong smelling world of shits so that you’ll get to know who is who ?
When president Sarkozy is advocating for more security and severity against the responsible of Paris attack, what he is missing is He is one of the people helping to spread vermin around the World, praising the same methods.
What he forgot to see is how freedom of speech is threatened by those race of vipers acting under the guise of journalism.
How do you call a man obliged to look other people’s sexual life entering their homes illegally ? When a man is reduced to look at other people sexual life or every day life through the key hole, is it still a man ? How is it presidents of State and the Justice system are accepting this ? Sooner or later, somebody got to pay this laxism. Remember, I have already noted this before. We are reaching a time where people have got the obligation to retaliate by themselves because the State and the Justice system are failing them. To counter the gang of journalists and presstitutes, you need another gang to spread the same scale of fear and homes intrusions and violations.
Instead of cleaning this vermin, they can count on the States leadership to promote them with subsidies given in the name of freedom of press they are not protecting. Hooliganism and perversion is their ideals. You know what ? This is where I’m sure they are low and I’m High. They are contemptible and from my Highness, I feel pity for their fate. Reduced to crawling. Remember the Eden Garden. History repeats itself.

I was out to buy some fresh milk. Just as I was coming back to my flat – right now at 19.23 France time – a red flash was pointed around me, following my steps as I was walking. Something looking like a gun flash.

This is the World of freedom, you know. The theft leaving besides my appartment and paid off by the gang of crooks is fully operative. He is certainly instructed to kill me before I could come back to America. It is too late. Citicizens of the World know perfectly what to do by now. And I recommend it to Black people, Indians, Latinos natives and truly Americans, in America.
As for France, the Mayor of this phantomatic big village I’m leaving in, so far, Villefontaine, is surrounded by three scams on public procurements :
 the first one concerns the « Village of Brands » I told you about before ; the second one is related to the Mosquee built using the same fundings roads of opacity to buy the Muslims votes and the third is over the renovation of a football  field: it is said that the renovation costs are surrealistic : they top 800,000 euros. A huge investment for a third-zone football field. And there is more…
Suspicious of swindles and investigations are underway.  Meanwhile the mayor’s anthem has always been : the city is hugely indebted and we can’t afford to waiste money. But, when you look at the overstaffing of the local administration, there is such a discrepancy between the talking and the reality. I’m sure the guy flashing me with his gun is the one who entered my house to install cameras and mics.  Who are the assassins and bandits, according to you ? Banditism, hooliganism and state-backed terrorism preceed retaliations or serve as exemples to follow.

        PS. The Mayor is a close friend of Mr. Sarkozy. The Mayor is a Portuguese Jewish. My flat starts being searched when I came back from America. It started like a joke and went on harsh and violent, many things have disappeared, mainly jewels and a USB device…Contesting the presence of this Mayor as the Sarkozy’s party at the department level, the two french parties : the left and the right along with TF1 Bouygues – another Jewish brother – channel support, coalised their strenghts to overcome the far-right candidate who came first. It was a big shame for this already 13 years of Mayorian to come behind the unknown far right candidate, here at Villefontaine… This Mayor and Mr. Sarkozy belongs to the camp of those resorting to fear, threats and combinaciones to rule the people…
But this is it : first the same people will not hesitate to cheat on you, snooping and stealing while exercising all this violence behind the scenes.
Second, if you talk about it, every rat runs away in the underground.
And the day after you wrote « panic and chaos is out there », you see the double-gambling email to you saying this : “GOP elites near panic” (Washington Post).

Tell the Securities and Exchange Commission: Investigate ExxonMobil. Click here to sign the petition.

Credo. « This week, we’re delivering the signatures of nearly 150,000 CREDO activists, who — along with scientists, members of Congress and every Democratic presidential candidate — are urging the Department of Justice to investigate Exxon’s climate denial under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), the same law that played a crucial role in taking down the tobacco companies’ misinformation campaign ».


This is really getting scary.

Donald Trump believes that the minimum wage is “too high.”
He didn’t leave it at that either.
He went on to say that, if elected president, he plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants within 2 years.
This is the same Donald Trump who is leading in the polls.
We need to make sure we have a Congress that can stand up to him – if he is elected.

His deportation plan of 11 million people is roughly the size of the state of Ohio.
Trump actually called these views “good management.” Management of what?

Democrats must take back the majority in the Senate, and that’s why we need your support today.
Our candidates – Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, Ted Strickland in Ohio, Kamala Harris in California, Tammy Duckworth in Illinois and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada – all need our support.

So please be as generous as you can today.
Together, we will win,
Jennifer Petty

DSC_0529As for an engaged and active citizenship, we have pionneered it on a high level scale level by making it central instead of marginalising it into communities services – Central and on top of the Political agenda. We started the journey in 2002, long time before nobody could come out with the audacity to stand on the way of dogs and pigs looking humans.

« La Voie Lactée est une association qui oeuvre pour une citoyenneté agissante dans le développement local et dans la coopération internationale« .

Tax Havens, Drugs, Prostitution, Terrorism and Authoritarianism, the new fundamentals in World Economy. When the marginal value becomes fundamentals and the fundamental marginals.