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Mafia-ruling and running style: « the clintonian corruption » and Ted Cruz nullity.

DSC_0510Hardly have the caucuses begun that some candidates are unveiling the dark side of their personnality.  For senator Ted Cruz to lie openly and to run away with a stolen Victory and the day after he just apologizes to Ben Carson just like that, we are entitled to say loud and clear that Ted Cruz is a perfect figure of the New parasites and mediocres on top of the world since WWII, the beginning of our so-called Modern Times.

This is their philosophy: every mean is worth resorting at to win. Ted Cruz supposedly victory is a scam. Republicans should declare Iowas results as void and Mr Cruz should be called to order and to fair running and dismissal next time.

As for Democrats, transparency is not out there. Suspicions of manipulations are serious. Not surprising when  you read the chapter on « Clintonian corruption » in « A HISTORY of the American people » by Paul Johnson.



After the WH election in 1992, Clinton was the first minority  president since 1976 and the youngest since Kennedy was chosen in 1960.

Clinton and his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton, rapidly ran into trouble in the White House. One reason was inexperience.

I have a better understanding of bill Clinton’s subliminative assertion stating « nobody is ready for the fonction ».

Lets move forward.

Clinton had great difficulty in completing his administration and getting Senates approval for some of his nominees, especially for the post of Attorney-general. When he finally succeeded, his choice, Janet Reno,  soon involved the administration in a disastrous episode near Waco, Texas, where federal agents conducted an ill-planned assault on the headquarters of the Branch Davidian religious sect, run by a messianic figure called David Koresh.  The raid, by nearly 100 agents from the Bureau of alcohol, Tobaco,and Firearms, was a failure and led to five deaths, four of them agents. Reno then took over personnally and, tiring of negociations, she ordered a Military-style attack During which heavy equipment and gas, during which the entire compound went up in flames, in which seventy-eight of Koresh’s followers were burned Alive. Along the deadly were seventeen children.

On the more positive side, Clinton entrusted the presentation of his Health-care bill on Capitol Hill to his wife, an outspoken and Venturesome lady who impressed the legislators, one of whom, Democrat Dan Rostenkowski, of the House Ways and Means Committee, told her, ‘in the very near future, the President will be known as your Husband’. This turned into an accurate,  if embarrassing, prophecy since the First Lady was soon involved in a complex financial investigation into an Arkansas firm with which she was connected,  the Whitewater Development Corporation, and a number of other awkward matters. Indeed she became the first president’s wife to be subpoenaed in a criminal investigation. In the meantime, the health-care Bill was blocked.

Clinton’s budget-package attempt to reduce the deficit, as amended by Congress, cut it from 4 per cent to 2.4 percent of the GDP (from $ 255 billion in 1993  to $ 167 billion in 1994), but there was little general coherence to his domestic programme and still less to his foreign policy.

Can’t you see disturbing similarities with the Blumenthal episode and the BENGHAZI mutilations. America take care at your choices and open your eyes on your enchainments.  Keep yourself sane and far remote from crooked editorials like these by the NYT entitled: « Stay sane America, Please » by David Brooks. The treacherous subtitle is quoting this « there are many good reasons to thinking that Trump, Cruz and Sanders won’t make it past the primaries. » Iowa has knocked down the fraud. The article itself is a masterpiece of corrupt journalism, insane and toxic. Full of wrong statements. Johnson has named it « media democracy » and look what he is saying about the WP and the NYT the embodiment of the press in  our modern Times.

Since Watergate, the media had developped an irritating habit of adding « gate  » to the name of any episode with a whiff of political scandal. So, in addition to Irangate in the 1980s, the 1990s now was piling up Travelgate andTroopergate, Whitewatergate,  Fostergate and Haircutgate. This wearied the Public, and, granted the unwillingness of newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times to investigate President Clinton’s wrongdoings with the same zeal they had once displayed in  Nixon’s case, or event to report the investigations of others,  it is not surprising that the climat of scandal, in the end, did not prevent Clinton getting reelected in 1996.

The clinton’s failures and moral inadequacies are awesome. Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are. Bandits and bandits fluck together.

Even more so, it is a fact that the lady was presiding over America with her husband. Something natural. To come today as a New figure on the business is incorrect. This is how some politicians are circumvening the Constitution impeaching 3 mandates from one man or woman. In that regard, Hillary should be impeached . Pure simple.

New Hampshire take note and don’t trade off your Constitution. America should and must lead the world by the power of example and not by the example of toxic power recycling itself continuily and impunily into a degenerative humanity.

Rand Paul, O’malley, Huckabee and  Santorium are ending their course. They never got the momentum. We are waiting for gov C. Christie to follow the move.

ps. As I was writing this this morning on my phone, everything went dark. I have to move to a public point to complete this, as actually, I’m in Yaounde (Cameroon) for my father’s burial. Some words – bandits of kind – are pure toxine. Orange, their stooge in France is one of the Worst. So mean, when you see their presence in Africa where they are stealing African States and People. One of their favorite occupation in Africa. One day, a Chavez will be elected in Cameroon. Those Clinton’s rats operating worldwide with their horrible web will have their answer, as you never go unpunish eternally.

The story of my father is ending. Mine is beginning with this New Age of the Humanity. Rats methods, sabotaging the competitors to win something, imposing its mediocrity and rule of strenght upon the others is too late. Spying, copying, big thefts, savage intrusions, plots the size of that crook French Securitas I will explain the scam on French people, selling void stuff and lying publicly on the fact that the installation of their material is free where as, on the backyard, they are big thefts – another one to add to the rats and parasites….

Guess what ? The moment I was writing this text, after everything went dark and the Orange master thief in France and Africa phone kaput, we went short of running water for hours. Fortunately, here is Cameroon and no corruption can harm me that much… So far.

The moment is coming when Africa will open its eyes on the rat’s system and retaliate, if there is no change in America. That is why electing anybody but Clinton in America is not only a chance for America. It is a new respiration for the entire World and Humanity suffocating under Big gangs. Securitas is the latest on the queue.


Bernie Sanders for President

Elise –

The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, said yesterday our campaign represents a dangerous moment, « not just for Wall Street, but for anyone who is a little bit out of line. »

I have to say, I find it a little beyond comprehension that Lloyd Blankfein would lecture our campaign about « dangerous moments » after Wall Street received huge bailouts from the working families of this country, when their greed and recklessness caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, livelihoods, and homes just a few years ago. His arrogance has no end.

Now Wall Street is pouring money into other campaigns. But I am here to tell you that we don’t want their money and we don’t want their super PACs. We are going to do it differently. We are going to win together on the strength of millions of small donations.

Make a $3 contribution today to say you have had ENOUGH of Lloyd Blankfein and the billionaire class buying up candidates and elections in this country.

Here’s the truth: Wall Street is terrified because we are running a campaign that does not support their agenda. They never expected us to battle to a virtual draw in Iowa, and they are starting to get a bit nervous about New Hampshire too.

The next primary is less than one week away, and we have a slight lead in the polls despite opposition from the economic and political establishment in the state. But if we stand together, I know that we have a good chance to win next week.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


« Indicted former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli invoked the 5th Amendment and declined to answer questions from members of a congressional panel probing drug prices.

Shkreli faces securities fraud charges involving Retrophin, a company he ran several years ago. Last September, Shkreli made headlines when, as the CEO of another biotech company, he jacked up the price of a drug used to treat AIDS patients by more than 5,000% ». (CNN).


The sexual assault case against Bill Cosby is going forward. A judge in Pennsylvania ruled that the criminal case stemming from alleged unwanted sexual contact Cosby had with Andrea Constand will not be thrown out.

The judge rejected an argument from Cosby’s lawyers that the case was barred by a « promise » made in 2005 by then-District Attorney Bruce Castor never to prosecute the comedian.


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