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Another final solution is looming, bis repetitas. Washington in chaos.



Meanwhile, Black Men are killed to cover the State Dept email resurgence connection, as it has been the case during this primary session. Minnesota is the place where a dentist became fame killing Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe. Just to quench his hate towards black people.

Washington in chaos ? Blackmail, corruption, sex, crimes and politics… shake all this, then you have Orlando historical bloodbath, cynically targetting gay people to blur tracks.

They Are Going To Come For You…Why Are You Helping Them?

READ Washington in chaos.

So far, those are suspicions, but there is no smoke without fire. To which extent the FBI’s investigators were under threats of blackmail ? Was their judgement clean and honest, knowing what President Poutine knows – should he be in possession of the black boxes…


SVR intelligence analysts contributing to this report note that by the Obama regime’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton they not only nullified 6 US Federal criminal laws, but, also, disgraced the FBI and its once stellar reputation.

Also to be destroyed by Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, this report continues, is the United States reputation as being a nation of laws that apply to everyone equally—made especially damning in the light of China sending one its top politicians to jail for life for excepting bribes this past week, and Russia itself, also this past week, firing two of its top military commanders for the mere suspicion that they were negligent in their duties.

To why the Clintons have been allowed to continue their 25-year-saga of existing outside of the laws every other American has to live by, this report concludes, is solely due to the massive blackmail files former President Bill Clinton has compiled on numerous top politicians, bankers and elites (and has threatened to release if Hillary Clinton is ever charged) containing videos and photos of them having sex with child sex slaves kept by Jeffery Epstein—and that EVERY SINGLE American news media outlet knows about, but are too terrified to report on ».


This resonates with our Flash over the World about the relationship between Occupation and recolonisation. Occupation and enslavement. Enslavment and sex abuses… Listen.

Each time, Hillary’s campaign was on the brink to loose a primary, they resorted to either a shooting or gay propaganda. The relationship between child sex slaves and gay promoters is not fortuitous, it is in the nature of the same process to abuse straight, gays and children alike. Prostitution, drugs, human trafficking, wars and corruption are the ingredients of the new progressive pack designed for and to YOU, sheeps.

Look, how football has been contaminated. We hope that Ronaldo or another Portuguese star was not approached for bribes, as the Germany Captain was paid for to cause this incomprehensible and totally useless penalty.

Either Ronaldo can be approached or blackmailed, if he is a tax evader, hiding something offshore or something worse : SEX ABUSES UNDER DRUGS.

Messi has been betrayed offshore.


Django and Malcom X have depicted the Saloon Neger, a bastard one as the worst slave ever. Seven (Django) represents the prototype of the endless submission of black slaves, who have sacrified their own lives to follow their white masters, like dogs.

A big shame. That is why ‘Black Lives Matter’ are no longer speaking. Briberies and corruption have flattened them…

Not at all, they say, but, they  have changed their strategy and opted for a Martin Luther King style. The convenient excuse of their elders in politics along with their President and lawmakers. Let’s keep it this way, as it is culturally American. But I’m afraid the strategy doesn’t fit the duty. Never mind.

They are asking Justice for Philando and Alton.

Sign the petition demanding accountability for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling’s murders.

Here is the bottom line : Martin Luther King’s successors have sold themselves out to the establishment. In doing so, they have left the field of fight void. The vaccuum didn’t bring significant change. Instead, it had sent a go-free message to the business or murdering black people at guise, without facing deterrent Justice. And sometimes, nothing at all.

That is why the Neger of Saloon is the worst thing ever. The fight is now for the younger generations to carry up ; black and whites alike.

Demand accountability for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling’s murders.

Justice for Alton and Philando


The pain is unbearable. Like so many of you, I woke up to yet another video of a Black man’s death autoplaying in my social media feed–and it feels like we’re in a never-ending nightmare.

Philando Castile’s murder comes less than 24 hours after the cops executed Alton Sterling.1 And it’s just as devastating, just as infuriating to wake up to this for the second day in a row. The officer shot him four times after pulling him, his girlfriend, and his daughter over for a broken taillight. Philando’s girlfriend, Diamond « Lavish » Reynolds, livestreamed the entire incident on Facebook–you can hear the officer screaming at her while she tries to hold it together and her four-year-old daughter says “It’s ok, Mommy. I’m right here with you.”2 Then Diamond was arrested while the police took her child away.

Sign the petition demanding accountability for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling’s murders.

Philando Castile complied with the officers’ orders. He had a concealed carry permit. The only thing he could’ve done to avoid being killed was to not be Black yesterday. 

There’s a lot we can’t make sense of, but one thing is clear after these two hard days: Law and order is not going to save us. Policing in our communities does NOT equal safety. It has been nearly two years since protestors in Ferguson inspired a national outcry for police accountability.3 But our leaders have only increased their investment in the very police departments that are killing us. They do this with body cameras, racially-biased policing software, and ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bills while Black communities deal with the same outcomes of police terror and over-incarceration.4

The Department of Justice still hasn’t agreed to launch a federal investigation into Philando’s murder–but we’re calling on them to bring accountability to the Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights police departments and bring charges in both Alton Sterling’s and Philando Castile’s cases. Will you sign the petition?

I don’t want to wake up to another police killing tomorrow or the day after that.


Alton Sterling did not deserve to die.Hv

Tell the Department of Justice: Don’t waste any time. Bring charges against the officers that killed Alton Sterling NOW.

Take Action

Dear Elise,

Alton Sterling was a 37-year-old Black father of five selling CDs outside of a local store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.5 He did not deserve to die.

Yet here we are again. Another Black man slain by police. Another hashtag carrying the fury and pain of his community. And another family deep in mourning – in the same state that passed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ bill to silence protests against police violence.6

News just broke that the FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division will be leading an independent investigation into his murder – and we have to keep up the pressure until they deliver accountability.7 Will you sign the petition demanding the Department of Justice bring charges against the two officers that killed Alton Sterling?

Tell the Department of Justice: Don’t waste any time. Bring charges against the officers that killed Alton Sterling NOW.

On Tuesday night, Alton Sterling was selling CDs outside a local store, like he always does, when police arrived on the scene. The police tased him, held him down on the ground, and shot him in the chest and back. In the witness-recorded video, you can hear the officer shouting « If you f—ing move, I swear to God! »8

The Baton Rouge police pulled a gun out of his pocket after they killed him. However, witness accounts say Sterling was not holding the gun, and his hands were never near his pockets. This is eerily akin to the killing of Eric Garner.9

When Alton Sterling’s aunt, Sandra Sterling, heard about the killing and tried to identify her nephew, the Baton Rouge police – showing no remorse for what they had just done – threatened to taser her too.10 These officers have no respect for Black life, and must be held accountable.

Tell the Department of Justice to hold the officers that killed Alton Sterling accountable.

It’s no coincidence that Alton Sterling’s murder took place in the same state that signed the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ law designed to feign protection of police instead of actually protecting Black lives – or that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate across the country.11

In so many ways, Black people are under attack in Louisiana. But an independent investigation by the Department of Justice could mean systemic changes in local policing as well as accountability for Alton Sterling’s killers. When the FBI and DOJ took over the Walter Scott investigation, it led to multiple indictments including a murder charge from the state.12 If thousands of us stand up now, we can make sure the Department of Justice brings charges against Alton Sterling’s murderers too.

Sign the petition. Demand the Department of Justice ensures accountability for Alton Sterling’s murder.

Until Justice is Real,

–Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Clarise, Enchanta and the rest of the ColorOfChange team.


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