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Texas, Houston and the storms. God Exists, depending on which side you view the jewish community : Lee or Harvey. From the Keyhole or from the Kitchen.

However, there is no evidence thus far that any of the storm’s victims were neo-Nazis. Houston, which has a large Jewish community, is the fourth-largest city in the country and tends to lean toward the liberal side of the political spectrum. Though Texas went to Donald Trump during the 2016 election, Harris County voted for Hillary Clinton—54 percent to 41.6 percent.

At last, we are starting getting a proper journalism, people willing to reconnect themselves to a deontology. The press, the real one, used to get one. Unfortunately, Charlie Hebdo got none of this. I found it out, while taking a stop at Google News France. Incredible, Google may have lost their compass to make this counter Charlie Hebdo false narrative public.

Charlie Hebdo’s Latest Cover Shouts: ‘God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas’

Charlie Hebdo stance is in line with the fake media strategy, standing not as medias, but as sentinels of the invisible empire. Distorting the Truth and the facts is one from them. When you distort, you resort to lies and false analysis, hopefully noone will dare stand up to oppose your iron rule, without being punched down on to their knees [1].

If you can afford French, read also this one, by Jean Luc Melenchon, a french lawmaker. VENEZUELA VENEZUELA.

When it comes to critical journalism, Charlie Hebdo is not the only disaster in France.

⇒ Making Stuff up on Twitter is the New ‘Journalism’ — and We Deserve it

What if Harvey could have been generated by the evil ? Generating local natural catastrophes is a military strategy. Can be used as a strategy of communication. In that regards, the timing is not that hasardous. It could serve to distract or divert the public opinion and attention.

Coincidences ?


Harvey’s landfall – IT SOUNDS LIKE MY EBOOK « HERVE ». So coincidental. But at Hollywood will put it « any coincidence with real facts is pure hasard ».

Note also another coincidence with the title of a book. Namely « the hasard and the necessity » mentioned inside our flash of the World – listen – .

In this Jewish-led World, coincidences are not. There are tellingly of the holes from where the World is cooked.

« The fake news does far more to help elect Democrats than the DNC ever could — and they don’t even have to register as a political party ». That is why the French lawmaker, J. L. Mélenchon has dubbed them « the mediatic parti ». Consider now that you are facing not a press pretending, but a DNC hidden twin.



The greatest threat to the Fake News Media isn’t President Trump…

…It’s you.

On November 8, 2016, the media watched in horror as millions of American citizens rose up from the shadows and courageously banded together to take our country back.

We refused to bow down to the establishment, we defied the media’s predictions, and we rallied together under one simple, but fundamental pledge: put AMERICA FIRST.

But now that we’ve won, the media has waged an all-out war on our grassroots movement. This is our moment to fight back and defend what we voted for.

America First Action PAC challenges the fake news head-on, reports the truth about President Trump’s accomplishments, and fights for the agenda you voted for.

I hope I can count on you to make a contribution of $15, $25, $50, $65, $100, or even $250 to America First Action PAC — the official PAC in support of President Donald J. Trump.

No matter the amount you choose to give, your contribution to protecting the American people’s mandate will be enormous.

When I was working on the campaign, I saw donations of $1, $5, $7, $15 come in every minute.

Those donations might be considered small, but the contributions those patriots made toward saving America are priceless.

I hope you can help.

What I care about now is getting every American patriot on board. We need to fight back against the media who viciously attack President Trump and spread fake news 24/7 all while trying to convince innocent Americans that they’re “objective” and “nonpartisan.”

The fake news does far more to help elect Democrats than the DNC ever could — and they don’t even have to register as a political party.

But I have faith in our movement to stop them and get the truth out to the American people.


So please make a contribution of $15, $25, $50, $65, $100, or even $250 to America First Action PAC — the official PAC in support of President Donald J. Trump.

Thank you,

Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson


[1]Will Congress and Trump Declare War on WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks critics claim that the organization’s leaks harm US national security. However, these critics are unable to provide a single specific example of WikiLeaks’ actions harming the American people. WikiLeaks does harm the reputations of government agencies and politicians, however. For example, earlier this year WikiLeaks released information on the CIA’s hacking program. The leaks did not reveal any details on operations against foreign targets, but they did let the American people know how easy it is for the government to hack into their electronic devices.

If President Trump supports the war on WikiLeaks, after candidate Trump proclaimed his love for WikiLeaks, it will be further proof that he has outsourced his presidency to the deep state.


Follow up with our next Flash of the World  – – centered on Venezuela. A reflection on how sanctions and wars have been systematically justified by a false – and therefore abusive – characterization of foreign govs targetted as dictatorships. Yesterday, it was Iraq and Lybia. Today it is Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela or North Korea. Who is next ?

What does it take to become a Dictatorship for the Western Press (a parti), the Administrations and the Parliaments ? It is quite simple ! The stronger a leader and the richer a nation becomes, the more this leader and His nation are likely to join the group of Dictators and dictatorships to destroy through wars and sanctions.

It has become a pattern, a model, a canvas in global diplomacy. Protecting and Preserving your sovereignty, your integrity and cultural identity is a sign of cultural, political and economical independance. Unacceptable. There is ONLY ONE KING AND ONE PEOPLE ELECTED. YOU THINK This is a really beasty way of conceiving Power ? You still are not there.


America is blessed: the country could have been facing the same situation Venezuela is dealing with, following the Russian accusations and the numerous assaults and attempts to halt Trump’s Presidency, including resorting to [extreme and unjustified] violence. Charlottesville outburst is kind of a twirlwind fall down.

… More than an ideology, there is a philosophy of life and destiny behind the Deep State Outrageous Confidence and Cool Heart.

Don’t take it easy.

… NY didn’t.

Bill de Blasio for Mayor

Elise –

Tonight we are launching the first television ad of my re-election. It’s about Pre-K for All and the difference it’s making in the lives of families across New York City. I wanted you to be one of the first to see it. You can do that here:

Check out our campaign's first TV ad
Watch on FacebookWatch on Twitter
On the day we launched my first campaign for Mayor right outside of my home in Brooklyn, I promised that I would fight to provide universal early education for our children – no matter their families’ means or the borough they call home.

We’ve done that with Pre-K for All. And in doing so, we’ve dramatically improved our children’s chances for success in life and taken a key step toward reducing inequality. That’s what we’re here to do.

Watch our campaign’s first television ad of the re-election and chip in $3 to help us keep it on the air.

This ad would not have happened without the support of more than 10,000 donations made by New York City residents who have chipped in small amounts of money to help get us on the air. I am very proud of that fact, and I hope that you enjoy the spot.

In solidarity,

Bill de Blasio




Over the last 7 months, President Trump has accomplished so much.

→ Ensured the confirmation of Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
→ Secured our country with a 50% decrease in illegal border crossings at the southern border
→ Eliminated hundreds of regulations that will result in millions of dollars in savings
→ Taken aggressive and substantial steps in the fight against ISIS
→ Added over one million new jobs to the U.S. economy

And he’s just getting started.

Now, the President has asked for your input on what you care about most and what you want to see more of in the future. To share your thoughts, please take our Official Accomplishment Poll today.


We’re looking to send a report on first responses by 11:59 PM TONIGHT, so please be sure to pass this email along and take the survey to be one of the first names in front of the President.Thank you,



Not that easy ?


Friends of Bernie Sanders

Elise –

Change never happens from inside of Washington, D.C. Certainly not with this president and not with this Congress.

No, real change always comes from our communities and the grassroots. That’s what the history of America is all about. It’s the story of the trade union movement, the women’s movement, the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement and it’s why we have $15 minimum wage happening all over the country.

Because when people get organized and fight for real change, the people win. But when we are silent, the powerful almost always prevail.

So in two weeks, I am going to introduce our Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care legislation. We’re going to put together a grassroots movement that organizes people in all parts of this country much like we did during the presidential race.

There will be rallies, buttons, bumper stickers, shirts and most importantly people organizing in their communities across the country. This is not going to be a quick or easy fight. We’ll be taking on the insurance companies, the drug companies, Wall Street and all those who make billions in profit from the current dysfunctional system. I cannot do this alone, and I need your help to fund this work:

Can I count on you to donate $3 toward our campaign to advance legislation that will do what every other major country on earth has done?

Yes. We must join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all as a right, not a privilege.

Today in America, despite the important advances made because of the Affordable Care Act, 29 million Americans still have no health insurance and even more are insured with outrageously high copayments and deductibles. Further, with Americans paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, many cannot afford to fill the prescriptions their doctors write.

Enough is enough! I am here to tell you that a nation cannot survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many are struggling to get by. A great and decent nation is not one in which “survival of the fittest” reigns. It is not one in which greed is rampant. We must fight to create a nation where we care for each other, and protect the most vulnerable among us. We cannot give tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations while people are dying because they can’t afford to get to to a doctor or buy the medicine they need. We cannot allow insurance and drug companies to make obscene profits when families go broke because of outrageously high medical bills.

Our Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care legislation will change that. Not only will it guarantee health care for all people, it will save middle class families and small businesses significant sums of money. It will create a health care system designed to provide quality health care for all in a cost-effective way, not one designed to make billions for powerful special interests.

The campaign to pass Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care is going to be powered by people like you. People who believe that Americans who cannot afford health care don’t deserve to die. So that’s why I have to ask:

Can I count on you to donate $3 toward our campaign to advance and pass a Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care system in this country?

If we are still serious about transforming our country, if we are serious about rebuilding the middle class, we need to develop a political movement which is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation.

Through this campaign to pass Medicare for all, we are going to do something people remember decades from today. I am sure of it. But I am just as sure that it will only happen if we are all in this fight together.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders





Do we believe President Gore would have been able to resist The Regime’s push for war with Iraq, post 9-11? Or that President Dole would have worked out better for ordinary Americans than President Bill Clinton?

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Carl Bernstein revealed in 1977 that over 400 American journalists had « secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency. » « Within the CIA, journalist-operatives were accorded elite status, a consequence of the common experience journalists shared with high-level CIA officials. Many had gone to the same schools as their CIA handlers, moved in the same circles, shared fashionably liberal, anti-Communist political values, and were part of the same ‘old boy’ network that constituted something of an establishment elite in the media, politics, and academia of postwar America, » Bernstein wrote.

Not only has Trump been brought into line on Russia, he’s also accepted a McCarthyite purging of White House staff/advisors who rejected or opposed the War Party’s hostile stance toward Moscow. One by one, these people have been replaced by those acceptable to The Regime.

Instead of focusing obsessively on Trump, we need to be turning our attention to where the power really lies in America. Today Americans are marching over historical statues, which suits the WallSt/CIA/Endless War Party just fine. The sort of protests which would really worry them would be marches demanding the president keeps good the pledges he made on foreign policy before his election, and calls for people to boycott the entire political system as it currently stands. That would really put the big cat among the hawks as it would show to The Regime and its operatives that they’ve been rumbled.

Everything is done to try and prevent us from noticing and reflecting on the killer fact that US policies remain the same regardless of who is in the White House. The WallSt/CIA/Endless War Party has engineered illegal « regime change » operations around the world. But for the good of the world, and the majority of ordinary American citizens, the most pressing need for a regime change is in the US itself.

Last Eight Months Prove United States a Bonafide ‘Regime’






Can anybody in DC show some compassion instead of pulling out the trigger.

Don’t shoot please. I’m already dead. I’m a Ghost walking back.



Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’ole – Ulili E

French-American connection is well-oiled : Inviting Trump in France, the independence day was cooked by DC Deep State  and Macron’s whereabouts. It was a conjoined operation aimed at sucking the fruits of OUR VICTORY AGAINST THOSE SITTING INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE WITHOUT ANY SHAME OR DECENCY.









Everything is done to try and prevent us from noticing and reflecting on the killer fact that US policies remain the same regardless of who is in the White House. The WallSt/CIA/Endless War Party has engineered illegal « regime change » operations around the world. But for the good of the world, and the majority of ordinary American citizens, the most pressing need for a regime change is in the US itself.

Last Eight Months Prove United States a Bonafide ‘Regime’





For the good of the world, and the majority of ordinary American citizens, the most pressing need for a regime change is in the US itself.





The WallSt/CIA/Endless War Party has engineered illegal « regime change » operations around the world.


Today Americans are marching over historical statues, which suits the WallSt/CIA/Endless War Party just fine. The sort of protests which would really worry them would be marches demanding the president keeps good the pledges he made on foreign policy before his election, and calls for people to boycott the entire political system as it currently stands. That would really put the big cat among the hawks as it would show to The Regime and its operatives that they’ve been rumbled.

This is common sense and good judgement. Exactly the kind of things that are going to earn you an « Exit Hand ». Before even entering.

I told you you still are not there. You’ll see wickedness displayed the kind of which nobody could even start conceiving, as a human being.


The ultimate form of smallness is to use private lives as an argument. A particular race is specialised on it. Small balls. If they were men, they will be talking about the debate and only that. But, as vermin, they need to follow your phone conversations and everything around to oppose it to you.

Carpetbagger mentality is contemptible. Unfortunately, it is a tatto. You spot carpetbaggers immediately through their propensity to bear tatoos (codified signs of affiliation) and their focus on the competitor or opponent private life which is their priority number one.

Doing so is profitable twice. First to attack them and second to suck them and make dirty money. How can you decently display such a deplorable conduct, without being a pure Evil ?

If they were men, the World should be in Peace. Unfortunately, they are not. The only way to feel like having balls is to kill people by jealousy also and a lot of envy.

A golden and smart Gaddafi was the quintessence of everything this race abhors. We belong to the same specie, but not to the same race.

Races exist as the branches of a tree. In the jungle, we see animals. But reptiles are not lions…


THE U.S.S. Liberty andThe power of the Israel Lobby in the United States

Mountains, stereotypes, cliches, icons, small balls – our new illusions – mirages like… and game changers.

When you watch a man considering a woman is a woman, by pregnancy and rolling around like pigs in the mud, it signifies the man has small ones, because this is his only way to imagine he is a man. Otherwise, it will be impossible. So, pregnant women of the world, send your pictures to the small balls and I can assure you of an immediate publication and retribution. Is there any sense to do so ? Don’t matter, just send your picture, especially if you need to make ends meet or if you are frustrated with your job or something else missing. I’m telling you, you can earn big easy money to appease small balls and presstitutes as a whole. A prodigious advice.

It works whether you are pregnant, on the verge to give birth, have given birth to a baby with handicaps, are a surrogate mum, all your asses are good for the so-called journalist of today. Journalism of asses – baby journalism for a failing press. Nullity. Asses followers are potential rapists. An advice for Mr. Trump. The rapists are not who you think they are.

I suppose you’ve noticed the echo of whole in hole. And, naturally wolf, the new trend along with elite. You can’t expect rats and small balls alike to avoid listening behind doors, and arrogantly, they thought – in fact with cowardice – retranscripting your conversations. 

That is why if Clinton wins, rats are going to multiply horrendously. America is going to declare war to the Iranian Republic. Slavery, threats, crimes, big thefts, plagiarism, the whole spectrum of horrors will come at display. It will be Apocalyptic. More racism – meaning more inequalities – and more wars, meaning end of the prospect of peace in the Middle East, including the 2 states Israelo/Palestinian question.

Signs of these are quite simple : dare say something against  the « predator-in-chief » and the entire collection of hidden racists and public copists and plagiarists are out there to conduct low businesses.

For instance, look how hilarious Christie’s contradictors are. Those newspapers are the most racists institutions ever, and they dare criticize Trump and Christie for accepting the KKK endorsement. That Speaker Paul Ryan is doing so is one thing, not the medias ; those corporatists white supremacists hiding behind the generic appellation « journalists », so-called.

Dustin Hoffman (AP) just nailed it for the Oscars : « it has always been racism ». What is going on for the Oscars has been and is the small one size-fits-all pattern going on everywhere else. Period. Corporations are racists and supremacists. They may insult the KKK’s leaders. Nevertheless, they are no model of diversity and, so far, they didn’t put the KKK’s practices and existence into question. So, end that hypocrisy.

Those are the same people willing to take the place of the people to fail Trump. Frankly, of the corporates or the people, I prefer the people’s judgment. We all know the value of corporates opinions. Close to zero.

Elisabeth Warren is noticeably absent…No balls ? I acknowledged Hillary gets some, compared to Elisabeth Warren zero risks taken.

In politics, it is hard not to make a choice. Even your silence is a choice. Of course we are talking about the World of Life not the valley of death which is home for the presstitude, including rushing into mortuary like wolves, to look at  other families corpses. Blood sucking never stop at any macabre dance. Just imagine catching such a beast  in act. May be you’ll ask for a sabre or bring one with you.

Hillary gets some balls when it comes to criminality and to bullying a young black girl, the age of her grandchildren, inviting her to « run for something ». Indeed. is Hillary running or cheating via DNC ? Had the DNC platform been honest and clean, Hillary’s faith will be like Jeb Bush. Those two families are hawks. Hillary has the courage to run, because she knows everything is arranged before hand and organised in the darkness – with her approval – for her to win.


Why The West Is Keen On Dividing The Arabs – OpEd

Excerpt. To ensure that Arabs are never to unite, the west invested in their further disunity. In 2006/07, former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, made it clear that the US would cease its support of the Palestinian Authority shall Fatah and Hamas unite. Earlier, when, resistance in Iraq reached a point that the American occupiers found unbearable, they invested in dividing the ranks of the Iraqis based on sectarian lines. Their intellectuals pondered the possibility of dividing Iraq into three autonomous states: Shia, Sunni and Kurdish.

Libya was too broken up after NATO’s intervention turned a regional uprising into a bloody war. Since then, France, Britain, the US and others have backed some parties against others. Whatever sense of nationhood that existed after the end of Italian colonization of that country has been decimated as Libyans reverted to their regions and tribes to survive the upheaval.

A rumored ‘Plan B’ to divide Libya to three separate protectorates of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan was recently rejected by the Libyan Ambassador to Rome. However, Libyans presently seem to be the least relevant party in determining the future of their own country.

No comment. Who is responsible for the ultimate disaster ?

The hidden emails and transcripts of some conferences with zero susbtance other that revealing state’s secrets to the banksters to capitalize on fraudulently will bring clear proofs of that. Hillary has to run to escape Justice for criminality and to pose as a victim, when the moment of Justice will knock at her door. But, whatever it takes, this moment will come sooner than she may think.

Justice is for all. And nobody is above the rule or should take presidential election as a shelter to escape accountability.

There is zero balls for a grand ma to bully her grand children whose parents are and have idiotly voted for – the grand ma into question. When you consider the « racist factor », it is even vomitting. 

But the medias applauded that lowness. As soon as I’m back to Villefontaine, intrusions have lost not time to begin. Those are Hillary’s bands of small balls, thieves and dogs. They are my slaves and domestics. If they were men enough, they should be entering my home, while I’m in, not when I’m out. They are dying to touch me, my belongings or my writings. Impossible : I don’t cope with snakes or small balls. I like men not shits and dogs. Never would I partner with thieves and dust. I’m a princess, not something. Arabic people have a tradition of hands cutting for the thieves. That is to say what those shits are. I really feel high today ; high and happy. Something small balls and slaves will never know. Cursed are them. I’m telling you, Clinton’s camp worldwide is panicking. We are going to win the nomination.

Those slaves have tracked my suitcases in Bruxels airlines and broke up the locker of one of the suitcase to look into my personal belongings. I’m telling you those are shits and rapists. They unlock your suitcase for what reason ? Easy to imagine.

Talking about shits, after going out, for the second time, I went back home and this time, some rats has displayed shits of dogs they are inside my balcony and, next to those shits, he laid a clean kitchen towel he took from the kitchen garden. Yesterday, it was my bag of teabags who got stolen (*).

Previously, before travelling to Yaoundé, there were stealing my dresses, sunglasses, and many stuff. Those ar rich and successful people right. Helpless people in need. Shits I’m telling you. Rats. Where are them ? Zero balls, I’m repeating. I owe them nothing. Absolutely nothing. instead, they owe me everything, including my money they stole. But, they will pay it back, one way or another, here or in Africa or elsewhere.

(*) Those few pounds lost in Cameroon  so quickly are not due to the tea. It is my internal clock memorized in my body. The excellent quality of life with stress close to zero and lots of laughing and relaxations, deep breathing coming with this, a lot of walking, cold water, heat and the bio food and excellent fruits are the magic lasting formula of good weigh and zero belly. No need for abs. In France, I’ll retake this weight very quickly, due to the defectuous quality of living.

Now, tell me how an employed person, financially secured, with plenty of money can specialize in reading what is written by an unemployed person, poor and black as me ? Tell me how the employed man or woman can stay out there waiting for me to go out to come to visit my home ? Tell me why and how such important people are following my shopping and pictures. Post something in white and everybody will be dressed in white. Go shopping at Meaux, try and buy a white shirt, and there it is the entire presstitude is white.

Change, and the same scenario goes on : copying the style, the color of dress, the attitude, everything sometimes men will dressed with the same design for their shirts or cravats. One night I took a scarf out of my dressing and the morning after, a personnality was pictured with a cravats of the same design. The purpose of this is absolute perversion of superposing one image over another one to claim prevalence.

And you wander how I know they have violated my home with their cameras of thieves. Rats. Small balls. Shits. Animals. Snakes. Vampires. Wolf. Nullity. Good for nothing. If I told you the number of articles coming out each day through those mean methods, you will not believe. Now, guess, how many people like  me can be tracked and you could see what is journalism and tech labs.

Solely, they are less than nothing. That is why they need to organize in bands of bandits. I’m not a clone,  neither a clown. I’m not an adept of silencing people and censorship. Neither can I sue people to see what they are doing. This is none of my business. Recently I went to Jeanne d’Arc coffee (Meaux). Today, Yahoo french is taking a pretext in French-English history to recall Jeanne d’Arc. Ah Ah Ah. Followers will remain followers. And leaders lead.

I’m going to tell you everything as it unfold. Right. So that you’ll get to know who you are about to elect, should you get lost. A bunch of shits. I guess my balcony will be full of shits. Try to visualize the poor thing – animal  like carrying those shits to bring them to my place,  hiding behing the carpet and darkness. Unless you got zero balls, you can’t come that low.

By the way, you can’t buy balls, even with Viagra. You got them or not.

Friends, those are the same harmers – behind the scenes – expressing sorrow or criticizing franck speech portraying them as « animals » they are in fact, behind angelic masks of correctness. Remember how the devil dressed. As Dr Jeckyll or in Prada.

Right now, I’m back home. I went out for 1 hour an I have found one key of my door on the table. Set there on purpose to show me the thieft has visited my house. The guy is living in my neighborhood. My lodger, Opac 38, is covering the guys. Securitas home surveillance is watching nothing and signaling nothing. I’m going to resiliate the contract today for blattant complicity.

This morning, I found one of my wristband on my balcony, ostensibly lying down. Guess the color of my wristband : orange, as the article I previously wrote about. Slaves of mine are hiding themselves cowardly. I challenge them to show themselves in lights. Bands or rats. Boot those rats and plagiarists out of businesses.

Journalists my ass ? Repeat after me, parrots, rapists and secret services agents. Good for nothing. Justice is now trapped by a crooked scheme from Hillary and her bands of professional cheaters and thieves unfolding their rats’ cover up agenda.Namely mainstream medias.

If each time I’m going to publish, the dogs are going to enter my home in clandestinity to steal something – in order to threaten me or silence me – it is a sign of their incapacity to debate first, to act openly second and of panick  third. It is too late for the impostors and mediocrity ruling the world in secrecy.

To enter my home, they have set cameras to be sure nobody is inside the house. It tells you a lot about their criminality. Cameras are also there to see where you can hide something from their eyes. So, you are under surveillance at distance day and  night. Tell me why those something are not sleeping just to watch your life ?

I praise, the Speaker and GOP’s contender alike for their common-sense and high standing fair-play. Don’t fall into doggy Clintonesque or rats – which is not a Jewish feature, as you are now aware of – dirty conduits. Where and when those rats can’t  respond professionnaly, resort to personal attacks. Rats attitude. Just walk on them. Superbly.

It will be either Sanders or Mr. Trump, should Trump won the nomination. Something at reach. Trump is not worse than Clinton. It is even the opposite : he is better.

Now, is Mr. Trump stoppable ? Question for Mitt Romney, Sen. Rubio and Ted Cruz who shall blame one person for his shortcomings :his own conduct in Iowa. 

⇔ Ben Carson criticizes Romney for anti-Trump speech, calls for GOP unity

On the democrats side, read. Why The Critics Of Bernienomics Are Wrong – OpEd By Robert Reich.

This is a perfect opportunity to put the « Bill of Goods » into question. See our previous post.

« Sanders is careful to call his program « Democratic Socialism, » and doesn’t mention Cuba or North Korea, where the average person makes less than $2,000 per year — or Venezuela, where socialism has resulted in food shortages, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, where Sanders went on his honeymoon ».

Those are poor comparisons. Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and the SSR differ in nature and in degree with the USA. You can only compare things inside the same category : you don’t make comparisons between lightweight and heavyweight. It is total nonsense.

He talks instead about European social democracies. It’s true that European nations have a long history with socialism, and some of it isn’t pretty.

Focus on France

A really bad idea and ground field to focus on.

France is the land where some joke that communism succeeded. The French have the kind of welfare state Sanders wants and the French government is trying to escape from. It simply costs too much, and it’s killing economic growth.

Quick conclusions. 

France society has gotten a systemic problem of racism first. Proof if it : Me. Everything I’ve tried to settle in the past in France was cut down by the local gov in accordance with the national authorities. It is either they cut it down or steal the idea of your businesses and put it into practice with State fundings and the members of their families and friends as workers. Racism is counterproductive economically, politically and brings no social cohesion. Meanwhile, France is sucking diamonds, uranuim, oil, etc.. buying African states properties and making the essential of profitable businesses overthere. France is occupying central africa anew.

(Cameroon, Gabon, The two congos, Benin, central Africa, Mali and Ivory Coast ; not to forget Chad and Niger) are trapped into french predatory businesses in Africa. Africa is the French engine. Without Africa, french is a Third World nation. So, don’t talk about France, when you know nothing about french dependancy to Africa and their ingratitude towards africans immigrants.

Second, holy cows known as irremovable  public servants, hired for life and, as such, overprotected and covered. Besides them, you got the State subsidies leftist unions. On top of the sacred cows, you have the order of Privileges – namely the crew of elected people – Mayors, lawmakers, etc…- and the superstructure of French schools epitomizes by the National School of Administration, the matrix of the political elite in France. They also form the upper staff of the French government and administration.

French growth and welfare are suffering, not because of « socialism » itself, but from this systemic fracture Jacques Chirac campaigned on in 2002 – that is long time ago -. The holy cows combined are sucking more than half to three-quarter of the national wealth, regardless to their unquantifiable productivity which, by the force of abusive law, is built against the implementation of a culture of accountability. No results are asked or awaited from the holy cows and their cronies or member of families, also beneficiaries of the statute.

To complicate the matters, the tax program is not clear. It is even cause for many bankruptcies.

The causes of big costs are privileges of past times and ill-governance. Not socialism itself, but mismanagement.

When you miss this point, the rest is only hypothesis, as best, speculations, at worst.

All the more so, crony capitalism is underway. The actual Minister of Culture is the daughter of a special adviser of the King of Morocco. Those combinazziones are also observable in America. This is nothing new then.

Mrs Lagarde, the former french economy minister knows this precisely. Why not asking her  comments here ? It will be delicious to hear.

While Sanders has said he would like Americans to work less, France’s socialist President Francois Hollande is trying to get the French to work more by ending the 35-hour work week.

Not that exact. This attributed French president attempt is from Mr. Valls, the rightist lost in the leftist camp, french people used to tell. Furthermore, this last minute sortie is there as a first move for Hollande’s reelection wishful thinking. 

But the French don’t take kindly to having their welfare yanked by the government. They tend to protest and set things on fire.

On purpose, considering the systemic fracture  set above.

French leaders feel trapped. Having built a welfare state France can no longer afford, the government has to keep raising taxes, killing the businesses that it needs to fund the welfare state.

Overstaffed public offices and overpaid elected people are paid with businessses taxes. The poor also. But don’t forget the EU is helping to ease poverty with subsidiaries.

Do you know that ailing french mainstream newspapers – looking more of the same laziness to attract readers – are subsidied by the gov – may I say sponsored, or corrupt with this financial assistance, as too-big-to-fail institutions ? The likes of Wall Street ?

Rising taxes are a particularity of France. This is a permanent trend. Naturally, french socialists lazy governance tend to aggravate that basic trend.

French free market economist Emmanuel Martin says socialism has damaged the French work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, making people psychologically dependent on the state.

True. But again it is about morality in politics, equity and lack of exemplarity first. This vicious cycle is the reason why.

« Individuals cannot be responsible. They need daddy, the state, to do things for them. It’s terrible, » Martin said. « Because we’re not able to be grown-ups in a way. When you see those people demonstrating in the street they’re just asking for Santa Claus. »

By comparison, no cateory is fed like privileges groups. From birth to death.

While polls show most Democrats in the U.S now believe socialism has a ‘positive impact on society,’ half of all French young adults said in a poll they would flee France if they could because the future looks so bleak.

It is only Hollande’s fault and noboby else. French people consider Hollande’s term the « worst ever ».

Policy analyst Jacob Arfwedsen says the talented are « voting with their feet. The entrepreneurial young people, they’re going to London, they’re going to Asia, they’re going to the United States. »

May be. French is standing still and the president doesn’t want to engage the structural reforms so much needed to turn France around. There is no cape and no captain on board, Sarkozy noticed recently.

Capitalism causes growth ? Which capitalism ?

May I go on ? It is not even necessary. You nailed it. Many articles are superficial and  full of approximations. How to sort things out systematically ? 

Get the right information here for instance. Come back again and again and please spread the word. This is a winning strategy. Totally different from the cheating expertise of some couple to steal an election by a margin of 1%. 

⇒ Massachussets and whereever. Why nearly 100,000 people are calling for Bill Clinton’s arrest. Some people know no shame. And this is forever.

Massachussets again. Demographic Change and Economic Well-being: The Role of Fiscal Policy

Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, March 4, 2016

As prepared for delivery – Jump to the chapter over Game changers proposals, if you could  read only one chapter.

⇒ Voters want a  revolution. Here’s what that would take.(WP). There is more in Bernie Sanders shared revolution than institutional upside down necessary reforms. Bernie Sanders goes much more bottom up. Nevertheless, I do agree both are interdependent.

Bernie Sanders for President

« The great challenge that we face is whether the United States will become a vibrant democracy with a strong middle class or whether we slide into an oligarchy in which the economic and political life of the country is controlled by a handful of billionaire families. » – Bernie Sanders

Elise, we are extraordinarily proud of the way we’ve funded this campaign: more than 4.8 million individual contributions from working people giving small amounts of money. But we have 12 important primaries and caucuses in the next two weeks, and we’ve set an important goal that I have to ask you to help us meet:

Contribute $2.70 and help us reach 5 million individual contributions by Sunday night’s important debate in Michigan. If we get there, Bernie will tell the national audience from the debate stage.

In this country we have a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people use their obscene wealth to buy politicians and elections.

Many politicians in both parties are happy to take grotesque sums of money from billionaires who bankrupted the economy and who profit from the destruction of our environment, the outsourcing of jobs, and the high price of drugs that are killing Americans.

Not Bernie. He doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. Our campaign doesn’t have a super PAC. This campaign is powered by millions of people coming together to transform a nation.

Help us reach 5 million individual contributions by Sunday night’s debate. You can do that here:

Bernie doesn’t represent large corporations and he doesn’t want their money. Throughout American history, nothing significant happens in terms of social change unless a strong grassroots movement takes place. That’s what we’re building through our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Under the flashs.

Ben Carson is ending his bid, not his involvement– Ben Carson announces he is ‘leaving the campaign trail. A sequence of emotion worth watching. More importantly his is message of heavily involvement into faith communities which don’t consider their votes – each vote – count(s). The idea that God is in control is true if we – as sons and daugters of God – are aware of our active role in the God’s plan. We got this debate during the Charleston dramatic shootings. Evangelicals consider prayers as first action ; and sometimes alpha and omega. Right.

But, God also said he has given us the power to walk on snakes, scorpio and devils head. How do you reconcile the two words ? 25 millions belonging to faith communities didn’t vote recently. This is Huge and worth a fight. In the name of Jesus. Oh Dr Ben !! Woo woo. Nice to hear from you.

(CNN) Ben Carson has told the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he is ending his presidential bid.

« But even though I might be leaving the campaign trail, you know there’s a lot of people who love me, » He told the CPAC crowd. « They just won’t vote for me, but it’s OK. It’s not a problem. I will still continue to be heavily involved in trying to save our nation. » 

Earlier Friday, My Faith Votes announced that Carson would be its new national chairman. The group is focused on getting out the Christian vote in November.

Morgan Freeman is announcing London has fallen. It reminds me, the shooting I did over London 11 mn before landing at Heathrow, back from Atlanta. I managed to post it in Youtube just to find it totally corrupt and turn upside down. Two weeks later, somewhere in Asia, a female « journalist » tried to do the same thing – copist like me you know – aired by an international TV. At the end of their copy of my film, you could hear the good-bye message from the hotess on board. Exactly as I did in the London’s sky, 11 mn before landing. May be they new about the London has fallen project and the overrighting process – strange overrighting became everrighting, may be small balls were here – so the overrighting desperate hidden agents, I told you about  were quick to react with the same pattern : sabotaging and prevalence. Because of money and fake institutional standing.

Oh, Senator Rubio, you nailed it and just like a dog, the color of my Italian stylish jacket I landed at Charles de Gaulle with – that was the 24 February, looking like a formula one pilot, became the color of the dress of your famous uninspired, copyist like me, with zero originality anchor officing in the TV which took my London landing picture as a model to copy. Fast and furious with a con’s smile. Shamelessly. This is the number one International news TV. Right. Impostor first. This color of my Italian Jacket was Burgundy. Red as Granada. You couldn’t missed it, unless you are not a dog, watching behind glasses trying to find some inspirations to go on with the tale of « elected people », made up of a bunch of experts on robberies. Gangs are not where you think they are. Institutions are mired with gangs.

Oh, note that yesterday, the color of my dressing was grey and burnt orange, in case some experts have gotten no idea of how to dress. You may ask how do I know ? Simple. Yahoo or Google and the others who send me emails can not help selecting articles with compromises or provocative or arrogant pictures, to retaliate cowardly. If you denounce their process, they shy away complaining as hypocrits, or they keep silence. On due purpose, they can not assume publicly in daylight what they are, what their intentions are and what is their purposes, organisation and masters. You know acting in bands is so comfortable and self-reassuring. Even corruption in band ends up sane. Yahoo, Google and mainstream medias are acolytes. Thing about it and think about mainstream false analysis coming on top of your web quest. The institutional label value is suspect.

A chance, the overrighting process can not cover me. Too low. Too small. Ah han and this wasn’t expected. The entire profession can organise in bands to perform the gross cheatings they have been leaving on with, this time the overrighting game is over.  More to come on this overrighting process which is key to understand the uglyness and misery of the World, since WWI, the moment this toxicity became the New Normal order of mediocrity. A second skin. Read below,  the EU VAT fraudulent schemes organised on the Institutional scale.

But, here is my favorite from Morgan Freeman. Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and donations from the rich, while promising to protect each from the other. London has fallen. 

It tells us about the strenght of promises in politics and (dis)honesty to keep them.

It also tells us about the uglyness of the World actually where the majority of rich people are cheaters and predators of the entire society. In fact they are wolves. It comes down to this, Social Darwinism, Ethics and Max Weber. Economy and Politics are not only Maths, they are a Philosophy and a way of Life. (Read. Nicolas Sarkozy. Echec de l’éthique et Darwinisme social). Sorry for President Sarkozy who have amended himself in a lot of things since, and in his latest book and new positions. If french were to vote a president today, I’ll certainly vote for Him, in particular, because, the medias stole the election for Mr. Hollande in 2012. The dices of this election were rigged. And this is not acceptable. Not surprising, Mr. Hollande could’nt succeed or survive the cursing going with that High Treason of this Noble Ideal and Institution named Democracy.

Et si la crise économique était une préfiguration de la crise politique ? That was the question I asked the 7 May 2009. What if the economic crisis was a prefiguration of the political crisis to come ? was that question. Here we are, brothers and sisters.

That is why Obama was wellcomed to handle this complex renewal in thinking. And, frankly, Bernie Sanders is best equipped intellectually to take the « Obama’s doors and windows opening » to a New Level. May I say to the Mountain Top?

Michigan. Spike Lee feels the Bern. Bernie is on stage at 8 p.m. Sunday night for the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan. UNMISSABLE !

God bless you ! America.


As we have been talking about France, we recommend this file for Social Darwinism in France.

When an independent audit shows the hidden face of institutional gangsta rime, you got this for instance :

EU Auditors Slam Inaction On VAT Fraud

Now question : are Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders coming back strongly or catching up step by step ? Ah han. Can the overrighting process hit back ? Come on. Put it in order like this : writing over.

Apparently, if you write against the gov or the administration, you are building a career on it. Oh Yes. What about real writers who shaped the World ? What about thinkers ? Come on. Some speech writers in the gov are mere illetrates. Are you surprised how they got there ?

Look, todays Eurasianews selection I praise sometimes ago, looking much more as the corrupt Yahoo and Google. Laughable. Easy to spot the underdogs.

Eurasia Review

Link to Eurasia Review Newsletter

The New Age of Humanity. A post-Citizens United world.

Sisters and Brothers – There are two ways to run a campaign in a post-Citizens United world.

The first is one that many politicians know well: courting millionaires and billionaires for very big checks, constantly holding big fundraising events, and ending up beholden to your donors. This method now also means being OK with super PACs.

The other way is quite different, and honestly, much more difficult. But it’s the path we chose, and we believe it’s the right path.

No super PACs. No billionaire class waiting to step in and save us. What we have is millions of people willing to stand together and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Our movement has made more than 4 million individual contributions to this effort, at an average of about $27 apiece.

Tomorrow night’s FEC fundraising deadline might be the biggest yet of our campaign. If you can, we need you to stand with Bernie.

You are a part of something that is unprecedented. We’re so glad to have you at our side.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders for President


I’m Elise, the subliminal target of Trump’s prankers. For them to see me laughing and living is an insult to their ill being. Those are destroyers, not builders. And don’t forget, an election is not a blank-check given to the leaders. Your watch should and must stay in alert now and after. So, in any cases, we are going to win the transformation of politics in America. It is not a question but a certitude. Be positive. I can not count the number of unavowed  personal attacks in Yahoo’s selection of french bin outlets – teleguided from America’s Citizens United campaigners, of my labtop and the CD I’m listening since yesterday and right now with this post. Those people are insane. They can’t live without following you as vampires.  To perform their underground businesses, the entire humanity can be destroyed. And even then, they will not find peace of heart and joy. Needly to say Freedom. Be Happy : we’ve already WON THE SHOOTING. A chance, actually, I’m no longer in Cameroon where each post the hidden people would not like will be met by energy shortage for days, in my street. And they have the nerve to cite Mussolini, just as if they were different. Lol. Debate and campaigning is not threatening. It is an open exchange of ideas. Free.

Tuesday is a moment of truth. There are two options. It is either you take back our democracy into your hands or let it lying under the other foot.

Whatever your choice will be, what is for sure is America will no longer be the same, after this Political Revolution SPOTLIGHTS. View the Oscars Prize, as a premonition.

Don’t buy the hidden threats of crimes behind the trap into which Trump has fallen, due to his undeniable enthusiasm, I praise here. It tells a lot about the initiators ill-intentions, the incarnation of the past humanity. Low basic and criminal instincts. Criminals never change. They may change their methods – as those are alliens – but in the end, you can spot them through encrypted messages of death threats. This is the meaning lying into the Mussolini quote.

Guess who is the target ? I’m Elise. Remember. Their hope is to see me dying within a year as I’m a Lion – Cecil you remember. I wrote yesterday that they were sheeps and they try to do some morbid research and here it is. They have discovered Hitler and Mussolini were sheeps  hunters. What a discovery !! It is like discovering hot water exists. Being a writer is not on auction. You are a writer or you are not. You are a thinker or a researcher or you are not. You can not buy  it through corruption or book editors new perversion of litterature – ass litterature I call it or dollar edition – good for the prankers.

Those cowards and mean spirit is what should be erased from the surface of the Earth : a spirit conveying death and only that. Death, poverty and mediocrity. Remember, a criminal always hide itself behind all  sorts of macabre scenarios. And you wonder why the World is in a so bad shape and mired into such a huge burden.

Mediocres have hijacked leadership.

Laughs and criminal jokes are just a cover up for hiden threats, robberies and lies.

If you can Turn the clock and this ugly page of misery, you’ll help the entire Humanity to get its head out of dirty waters.

This is your mission : A post-citizens united world.



⇔ Big News. Congresswoman quits Democratic National Committee, endorses Bernie Sanders. The outcome of S.C’s big cheatings. Shamefull for Democrats. From the very beginning this was a rigged game organised by the DNC. After the election, we  are going to learn that some bold candidates were discouraged to compete. That is why vampires are searching personal lives and hunting people of interest in order to find something  useful to blackmail, threaten and at the end of the day discourage men and women to compete, under threats of denounciation. It looks like Inquisitorial or  Occupation times. Those are our prankers mocking Mussolini. Lol.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard resigned from her post on Sunday to endorse Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, following months of rising tensions within the group.

« I think it’s most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, is to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, » Gabbard, a U.S. representative for Hawaii, said on NBC’s « Meet the Press. » (Reuters)

« Congresswoman Gabbard is a role model who embodies the American ideal that anyone can dream big and make a difference, » Wasserman said in the statement. Comment here. See the difference in thinking with the Trump’s prankers. Dreaming big to make a difference is positive in Congresswoman Gabbard view, whereas for the prankers, it is a Lion attitude  which can shorten your life to one year.

Lol. Toxicity. Get it right. Brothers  and sisters. Manipulators are out there to bring confusion into your minds. Confusion brings abstention. And this is how they are going to win, demobilizing you by introducing doubt and confusion into your spirit. Science.

Remember Evils dress in Prada. Always, to hide their truly nature.

OSCARS. Di Caprio in the spotlights. At last. Perfect choice which can reconcile me with Hollywood Judgement.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.


We STRONGLY recommend the FOLLOWING  to you

The red lines.

Ambushing The Donald – OpEd

Lesson number one. When you can’t win, ambush and organise a scheme to cheat or rob the election. Past World. 

Plus. ENCRYPTION FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS. We should support Apple’s refusal to bow to the FBI’s dangerous demands, and we should join forces to defend of our precious liberties without compromise. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

Ron Paul: First They Came For the iPhones – OpEd

« Every year, the Department of State spends more than $ 1 billion for “public diplomacy” that’s a euphemism for outward propaganda. It’s aimed at journalists and civil society agencies, including some US human rights agencies so that they serve as conduits for the cause of the State Department ». J. Assange, actually jailed in U.K.

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According To US Empire – Review

Question over Transparency. « Hillary Clinton is not “levelling with the American people,” when she keeps the transcripts (which she requested at the time) of her secret speeches (at $5,000 a minute!) before large Wall Street and trade association conventions. Her speaking contracts mandated secrecy. Clinton still hasn’t told voters what she was telling big bankers and many other industries from automotive to drugs to real estate developers behind closed doors ». Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record – OpEd

Foreign Affairs. But it is in the area of foreign and military affairs that “Hillary the hawk” is most vulnerable. As Secretary of State her aggressiveness and poor judgement led her to the White House where, sweeping aside the strong objections of Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, she persuaded President Obama to bomb Libya and topple its dictatorial regime.

Gates had warned about the aftermath. He was right. Libya has descended into a ghastly state of chaotic violence that has spilled into neighboring African nations, such as Mali, and that opened the way for ISIS to establish an expanding base in central Libya. Her fellow hawks in Washington are now calling for U.S. special forces to go to Libya.

Ask for accountability.

The transformation of Hillary Clinton from a progressive young lawyer to a committed corporatist and militarist brings shame on the recent endorsement of her candidacy by the Congressional Black Caucus PAC.

Ignorance and Adult  infantilism are worse than sickness. Lack of political tracability and historical conscience are big handicaps. Political disabilities and readings of the Sublime Congressional Black Caucus PAC is digging the tomb for Black children, men and women alike and for the Youths in general, blacks or whites. In fact this hellish endorsement is an attempt to capture the future of America in hostage. We are looking for a society of adultity to bring young people up and high.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.

« Considering the importance of the cables, Hillary Clinton’s email traffic as Secretary of State via her private server should be considered a crime and is going to be investigated by the FBI ».



Cornel West Says Black Leaders Who Endorse Clinton Instead of Sanders Are Misguided. 

I wasn’t expecting less from Mr.  West. Dankeschön.

« After Hillary Clinton won the vast majority of the black vote in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, academic and social activist Cornel West said that black leaders endorsing her instead of her competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, were wrong to do so ».

Oh my God. At last. Read the echo in my previous post about loss of moral and intellectual compass due to extreme corruption in politics.

Should I beg humility for pleading for exactitude – loud and clear – to deserve the medal of honor ? Thank you so much Mr. West for your honesty. John Lewis ? I approve this message a 100%. You just need eyes to cry for Mr. Lewis transformation to the worst.

« There’s no doubt that the great John Lewis of 50 years ago is different than the John Lewis today, » West noted. « He’s my brother. I love him, I respect his personhood, but there’s no doubt he’s gone from a high moment of Martin Luther King-like struggle to now [a] neoliberal politician in a system that is characterized more and more by legalized bribery and normalized by corruption. »

« That’s what big money does to politics, » he added. « And the Clinton machine is an example of that. »

I dreamt to hear this for such a long time that I really feel good. Wow. What a wonderful world ! Love you Mr. West.

Love you Julien A. Love you Ralph N. Love you guys and Eurasianews digest staff. Love you Everybody. Wherever. Whoever. Including Mr. John Lewis, former Martin Luther King friend.


After Trump’s bumpy Virginia rally, sometimes shaky, but inoffensively juvenile, It is worth noticing that « black lives matter » is the confirmation of « all lives matter », not its opposite.

Take care of populism and propaganda in politics and of poor simplistic reporting or interpretations. Those are easy and lazy talks.

All the more so, security agents are now aware the beasts and the jungle were not who and where they initially (due to culture manipulation) thought they were. Just turn your eyes the other way and see behind the angelical masks.

DSC_0354Now, Rubio, the former senator is telling « Trump is not going to make America great again, but orange ». I really love orange as a color and as a fruit.

Let’s talk about symbolism. Consider this short folder.

When you look at the sky, you easily spot three dominant colors : blue, orange and the mix of them, grey. You just need eyes for the experience. Not the State’s department email underground experience, but a wide opened one. The State Dept is going to release some of those emails that have survived the erasement in the darkness. Remember « Men in Black » blinding laser flash function. Right.

Question. Which color is the Sun ? In fact, it is a spectrum going from yellow to orange and vice versa.

As a fruit, Orange is juicy and bright. Something difficult to hide. That’s why prisoners are dressed in orange to be easily spotted. This is a remarkable identity.

With this jailing exception, orange is Joy and peps. It brings you energy and vitality, for its Natural Vit C.

Orange is one of the colors of Greatness. Kind of passport to the Sky. Science.

Vote Bernie !!! GO. Do you know the song « Blue Sky » from the Cool Crooners of  Bulawayo ? Here it is. It sound like « King Lion » at the beginning (hot  like Orange color) ; thereafter it starts flowing soft in choir like the Blue color.

Orange is a hot color. It brings heat.

Blue is a cool color. It brings calm and peace.

In practical, we need the two colors in our lives. Life is Orange and Blue in fact.

Blue Sky. Enjoy and try to find a better sounding version or buy the DVD. Sometimes, it sounds like Louis Armstrong with the bum bum bum…

Hello, Sir Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of all times !