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Janus Press. The fucking Hydra. And a Flash of the World.

Words are the siege of the History of the Humanity.

Somebody is Trumpeting out there that « he used zero speechwriter » at the crowning of his Father during Cleveland Republican convention. See who I mean ? OK.

First of all, the sentence is already a confirmation that he is lying, precisely because he is using a branded word or expression « zero something« . A brand of mine, the speechwriter they – he and the zero degree press echoing the blowhard – are referring to and can’t help referring.

The reason why – another tainted formula of this website – is We as the New Humanity Project have earned something unique in a lifetime or in a generation of thinkers and forward-movers : being A Reference if not a Unique Reference. It surpasses everything including public statutes.

A reference is something without boundaries. Frontiers can’t stop the reference. It is like clouds in the sky. You can’t help to see them.

We revisited some words – and the writing and discourse – and we brought them to another dimension. Those words like unique, post-something, epic, pioneering, championing, approaches, to  name some, are now shaping our thinking immensely. The platform  being one of the best.

People are learning the power of words, which are not there to spell only, but to open our minds to something else transcendent.

In other words, words are the siege of creativity and productivity. Words are acts. When you can project a vision with words, then you got it.

To get there, you need some training. Not expertise, but specialisation. That is why speechwriting is about: it is a field for men of culture who specialised in epistemology and phenomenology, meaning how things became institutionalized or institutions.

As Umberto Eco staged it, « words are kind of sleeping scenarios ». Deploying them is not a gameboy, it is a speciality and a narrative art. Some will reduce it to the storytelling.  At another level, words are also the domain of talentuous people, a given heritage seizable in politics.

Times ago, the rhetoric was a sign of greatness in politics. Churchill and De Gaulle have magnified that greatness with their poeltry. A great politician is a poet and shall be reminded by its poeltry. We have lost that dimension and it is a real pity. I want my money back is undissociable from Iron Maggy’s memory I’m oblige to recall, while looking at Theresa May.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read someone,  reflecting over Nice’s events, but concerned to tackle the reference on the Apocalypse call (I mentionned earlier), saying that he is feeling pity for the (desperate reference).

The Apocalypse is not the end of the Humanity or of the History. It is the end of a season, the end of the History we are in. It is a renewal.

Most of the time, people writing to counter a reference are actually trying to cover their plagiarism up. You write to bring an enlightment.

In a normal world, you should, come out with the same objective. Whether for a single lady performance – repeated after me – or a single lady with a gay husband remix. In theory, this kind of marriage is impossible. In practical, it is common to the biz. I told you, whenever a person is desperate enough to confound privacy and public matters, know he or she is helpless and respect nothing – meaning nobody, meaning the institutions, meaning the values, meaning the feelings.

In  fact those are sign of emptiness and hologrammic standing. See why I’m the reference ? Everybody is trying to measure up. After watching Pastor Moise excellent preach in « the atmosphere of success » on Youtube, the day after, the word ‘atmosphere’ starts to flood some articles. Coincidence ? It is a repetitive pattern going on day after day.

My kitchen conversations served as argumentation to some organisations. A chance EurasiaReview is sending some of those  to me. How do they know or detect the plagiarists ? I don’t know, but they are welcome.

My phone conversations are treated equality.  Grabbed.

When they listen, they are looking for intelligence and to spy on my project for robbery. That is how, a TV host recently resigned to make documentaries films. I’m curious to see where those documentaries will be staged. I have a precise idea on the land to occupy for the White Master pictures. Oh my God !

Pur Sang (WCP)
When a gay man – acting on behalf of his community – is using black people as puppets to advance their own whity agenda, you have the perfect example of Northern left-wing Slavers playing black women as punching balls. The best black enemy is a black person. A chance, Michael Moore is predicting Trump’s Victory. It is mathematical and logical. Triumph of ‘slavery anti-establishment feelings’ will prevail.

Now, I’ll  always feel proud when great politicians or men are surfing with me, as I’m standing for the people as a leading voice and strenght. They are my soldiers, my army.

Second, you have seen the buck about Melanie’s plagiarism. Laughable. When you see the water press talking about plagiarism, just laugh at it. The so-called press of our times is all about plagiarism and nothing else. Alternatively, it is about syping the reference to steal the content of so-called articles. The press people, the dustbin of the press, lives on garbages, bathroom, kitchen and thefts, including homes’ violations, phone hackings, … guess why ? For ill purposes.

Times ago, the press was staging with Melanie about the bathroom episod and times after, they are denouncing her plagiarism.

Each time you witness zealous white people – not to mention the press -coming out massively to support a black man or woman- it is a trick, a gross manipulation. Nothing surpasses left-wingers in racism, distortions, manipulations and race-hate. Nothing surpasses left-wingers in presenting dual-face : one face publicly (Dr. Jeckyll) and the other hidden one you already know.

In fact, left-wingers represent the higher stage of hypocrisy and dualism. They are two-headed snakes. The instrmentalisation of « black faces » in their agenda should not impress you. It accounts for zero, if not corruption, prostitution and manipulation of thinking and debating.

The two selfies of Speaker Ryan and the answer are cliches.

Frankly, Mr. Ron Paul is a man of good and he is  not a left-winger or something connexe.

Unfortunately for the black people under perpetual slavery – the only thing that have changed is the nature of their masters. It used to be the South, the KKK and the NRA or the Republicans. Now the panel has been enlarged to left-wingers including politicians and the medias, tech industries and the banksters. The infiltrators are not enslaving them with whips  – as it used to be the case – but with honey speeches, disarming selfies displaying false feelings of brotherhood  and empathy. Alternatively, they will use pictures or hidden censorship.

Black Lives matter is accused of being a terrorist group. Obama is a hidden Muslim, they ad – what is the utility of this presently? Throwing dirtiness. But this one provides from the right-wing. And Michael Jackson’s memory is tarnished using another black nullity, Doctor something. Taking a black man as a weapon to destroy another black man or woman is a permanent focus from the left-wingers monsters. At least, right-wingers are direct and don’t hide behind pretentions.

Naturally, nobody is in charge of protecting Michael Jackson memory. Not the so-called impossible children.


During the bathroom episod, Trump came out to support the press illegal presence inside my bathroom to film me, without either my authorisation and me knowing, until they started publicising pictures in reference to my body or life they stole in. At the time, they got the  consent of Mr. Trump accrediting rapes – he condemned previously – and homes’ violations. All things stemming from bandistim and gangsterism. How can a leader side by lawless people ?

          Read. The lawless society : Harvard Lawless School and YOU.

President Obama also weighed in, in Trump’s direction. OK, when a president is the ultimate stage of gangsterism coverage, then fear for this nation greatness.

Today, it is another story. As I wrote previously that « If not Sanders, then Mr. Trump », to be coherent with me and with Sanders voters. Look, those guys were against the establishment and the majority of the people gave them credit for that unequivocal standing.

I may say that, at the time, I knew very little about Dr. Stein I would vote for, should she be qualified for the final debates. We will have something looking like – another reference – the 2009 UK debate staging Gordon Brown, the outgoing PM, David Cameron, the challenger number one and Nick Glegg, challenger number two.

Anyway, today, as the confrontation has narrowed to Hillary and Trump, knowing my position in favour of Mr. Trump, the anti-establishment guy – eventhough I’m a supporter of Mr. Sanders – a free man – Melanie is hunted as plagiarist. C’on. Those RAM (Repeat after me) would like us to cry a river for their opportunism.

Those people are reversible – not trustworthy – and they are bi-faced. Snakes.


Consider this latest scenario. After the Brexit, we have seen a snaked maneuver aiming at dismantling the Kingdom. The press, always them, came out with a precision. Scotland didn’t vote to secede from the EU, therefore, there was a possibility, according to them, for another Scottish referendum to secede from the UK.

Oh Oh, now you are getting it, I suppose. The hidden intention of the EU, since the beginning of the euro – and Iron Thatcher seized it clearly – was to downed the British Kingdom. On their way of bastardisation and cutting down identities, every frontier shall dispear and any strong and bid entity or union alike. The EU must be the only standing Union inside Europe. The Babbel Tower Tour project failure style.

When Scotland wanted to secede from the Union, the EU sided with the  trio composed by Cameron, Clegg and Ed Miliband who opposed the move. Today’s Brexit is staging the exact opposite : the same EU is now pushing Scotland on its back against the Black Jack Union.

And the zero degree press is at the forefront of the destructive project.

Telling that you have zero speechwriter is a confession, in fact, you have one : the reference. The reference writes directly in your soul and prints on it without you even being conscious of the printing, until you come out, proudly, spelling exactly the words set into your mouth by the reference. Unconsciously or out of conscience. Some will call it bad faith. I prefer the Freud lapsus reference and psychanalytic theory.

Words are the siege of the History of the Humanity. You must be invited at the table of discussing this History to get the very essence of words. That invitation is not available. It comes from an unknown place : the heritage. A mix of blessings, initiations, meditations, studies and apprenticeship. Money can’t buy it. Neither the social position, nomination or awards. I acknowledge this as being really disturbing for our rooted-to-the-ground society. A sign the World has reached another critical turning point and is in need OR SEARCH FOR ANOTHER ELEVATION.

You now understand why our Democracy is grounded and our civilisation in jeopardy. We are stocked at ground zero.

Today’s egaliatarianism, based on money and only that, reality shows exhibitionnism, tango dancers, void journalists…. and politicians is ending with all those people sharing the same bathroom with first ladies.

Tell me about mediocrity and clonage of the clowns.


⇒Turkey Tells US Stop Protecting Gulen; Kerry Calls For Evidence Cleric Behind Foiled Coup

Erdogan, who joined forces treacherously against Brother Gaddafi, ejected from His siege by his putative friends – NATO members – is learning the hard way of NATO’s friendship, while dealing with Muslims partners.

Cry me a river.

Brazilian Prosecutor Declares Dilma Rousseff Not Guilty Of Budgetary Maneuvers – OpEd