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« The Earth is flat »: Senator Barbara Boxer.

I hate vulgarity was the starting point yesterday. Vulgarity reflects morbidity and mediocrity. In the end, you enter THE WORLD OF criminality. Lampedusa EU first call for a militarization solution was a kind of this. What a wonderful news to hear the following from CNN :

“Indonesia and Malaysia agree to take in migrants arriving by ships, as long as the international community helps to resettle them within one year, Malaysian state media says.

The offer was announced in a joint statement by the Malaysian and Indonesian Foreign Ministers in Malaysia, according to Malaysian state news agency, Bernama.

In recent weeks, hundreds of migrants crammed onto ships have been arriving in the waters of both countries. They’re believed to be economic migrants from Bangladesh and Rohingya fleeing persecution in Myanmar, which is also known as Burma”.

This is first class action and looks like the Earth is flat.

Sticking with the migration problematic, here is another important stand by the NYC.


On migrants settlement and immigration, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs is communicating this:

Fellow New Yorkers —

Last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an aggressive advocacy and educational initiative to immediately address labor and health issues faced by many low-wage immigrant workers at our city’s nail salons.

Our first step is to educate salon workers on their rights, so they know they can reach out for help if their labor rights are being violated or if their safety or health is being compromised. We also want to empower consumers to know what to look for and how to report violations. That’s why, this Thursday, we’re leading a Nail Salon Day of Action to distribute educational materials to salon workers, owners, and consumers all across the five boroughs.

The more volunteers we have, the more people we can reach, and the faster we can improve conditions for some of our City’s most vulnerable workers.

Thanks for protecting the health and worker rights of our fellow New Yorkers.

I hope to see you on Thursday.


Julie Menin
Commissioner, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs


When you think that France is joking with the issue, vowing to stay away from any policy of quotas in order to take its part of responsibility in sharing the collective burden of Schengen, it is absolutely frightening. Yes Schengen is a failure. Nevertheless, France can not get the nerve to quit its responsibility as the First Responsible for the Mess created in Lybia. We all know that France and the UK were the first to mobilize the international community to go after colonel Gaddafi with an ultimatum for the Lybian Leader to quit immediately.
The rest of the story is all about oil-race armament.

For those two nations to come out, now, arrogantly and contemptuously just as if they did nothing is unspeakable.

So is the maxima traitor, Italy. After eating into the palm of hands of the colonel, they joined the killing machine in the air to destroy Lybia. They will pay for it for a long long time and carry on the hardship. Deservely. Colonel Gaddafi has been helping Italian economy and how did they say thank you ? By a murder. Total folly. Italian people deserve better.

REMEMBER OUR KEY WORDS HERE – positive co-productivity – non-automatic rationale resting on aggravating factors of inculture such as false equivalences or Pavlov primary reflexes…

Police, justice and the medias paso-doble

In the face of institutional racism and the two-standard gambling deployed by the police and the media reporting and focus, depending on who they are dealing with, the Daily Kos has a first hand testimony that depicts more than racism. That thing going beyond racism is animality of some policemen like the one laughing at Baltimore (view the picture at the Daily Kos). This should not be tolerated. It’s a clear declaration of war. Unacceptable.

Why race is the main reason the murderous bloodbath in Waco was handled with velvet gloves

Nine people shot to death at a family restaurant.

« Dozens of others stabbed, beaten, and seriously injured.

Over 100 guns recovered.

Sounds like one of the worst crimes in modern American history, right?

Then why do the men above look like they are tailgating? Smoking cigarettes, others using their cell phones, nobody in the world could guess that these men were even associated with such a horrible crime.

Instead, you’d think the man below was involved.

Nah. He refused to get on the sidewalk during a curfew in Baltimore. Sprayed in the face with pepper spray, the officers even seemed to enjoy brutalizing him. See the smile?

It’s not a harsh comparison at all.

In Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, and around the country, protestors were actually protesting against violence and were often treated as if they were murderers.

In Waco, Texas, when one of the deadliest, bloodiest, most violent rampages in modern America happened, the National Guard wasn’t called in, the perpetrators weren’t beaten or pepper-sprayed, nobody was hogtied or humiliated, the dogs weren’t brought out to intimidate anyone. Hell, they didn’t even handcuff them or take their phones away. Instead, they just sat them down on the sidewalk peacefully ». 

Excerpt from the Daily Kos.


Tomorrow is another day where I will be facing SFR company Internet rationing ticket. The moment I responded to a friend of mine texting him : I’m writing. Instantly, I was out of connection. This is what the criminal law authorizing snooping is about : legalizing criminality and datas thefts including sabotage.  It is a damned law which is going to inspire the already big brainless thieves. They have all the keys to enter your houses, rooms, laptops to pick up datas and inspiration before sabotaging actions. Once they see something on you or in your place, the other day, you see it in the news. Shamelessly. Thefts seem to be a genetical affair. BORN TO BE A BIG THIEF.

SFR is unable to face its duty since one month of promise of connection. When, at last, this week, three weeks later, they can deliver a little something, it is limited in time and absolutely unstable. But, they are asking for paiement – which is the least nuisance – their consumer service is empty  : nobody to take the calls for assistance ; the email box doesn’t accept mails through the account they settled themselves. No dialog possible. France is down and what the government is doing with this ? Nothing. The kingdom of King Petaud  is back. Thieves are free to promise anything and do whatever they want or not.

Instead of assessing those dysfunctioning services, the gov will make you twice a victim by associating itself to the Big gangs of Internet rats.

One month and the society is unable to deliver Internet and TV services. In France ? Even in Africa, this doesn’t exist. Such lies and a mockery are just unbelievable. France doesn’t deserve a double A. Its economy and performance are beyond anything imaginable. Every powerful body has got a green light to steal on the consumers « à volonté ».  Guess what, you have no alternative. The sector is supposed to be competitive. But it is not. What you see is a connivence. Just look at the prices and the services : more of the same. Welcome to the other African Jungle, named France.

In France, you will say “bordel de merde”. It translates « Shit ».

And they called me the dog ? Who are the dogs ? It is not about racism only here, but a conjonction of racism and sabotage. You know the chant of White Supremacy, the elected God people, the only intelligent people. This fabulous fairy tale must stand up, by all means, including laws fabrication to ensure the fake story remains true.

Monopolies are too big to exist. Mr Sanders is absolutely RIGHT.


President Obama will drill the Arctic unless we stop him.

Statement lead-in:
“Allowing oil drilling in the Arctic is a catastrophic mistake. Don’t give Shell final approval to drill the Arctic.”

« The Earth is Flat ». A call by Senator Barbara Boxer on the same topic of climate change.

Stand with us and call on Congress to take action on climate!


As we are moving forward together, it can be interesting to lay down my foundations. Call them my origins. Everything is inside this ebook (picture) « Ca faisait partie du programme » translates « It has to be ». It covers a period of time going from age 8, attending a military primary School to age 21, when I got my first job as Executive Secretary in Cameroon inside a multinational company, “Brasseries du Cameroun”. Among many drinks the company was bottling, Coca-Cola and Fanta in Cameroon under the Licence of Coca Cola Company.

From my desk, I could see the bottling plant, below.

I entered the company with the Highest diploma for Secretary assisting Directors. In French, we call it BTS Secretariat (Bilingue). It equates to two years after a Technician Bachelor. Brasseries du Cameroun was,  – with Total/ELF – the biggest companies in Cameroon, at the time. Brasseries had the highest workers of the Nation : about 5,000 around the nation to run the regional entities and plants along with a wide network of drinks distribution. At the time  I was in there, the company was in a quasi-monopolistic situation sharing this position with Guiness. After my departure, the company was bought by Castel Group.

I spent 4 years in Office before deciding to come in France to do what I wanted much. The Technician certificate was not my choice. It was a consequence of brutal an nonsense gov policies on Education… Since then, as far as I can recall, I have been fighting stupid gov policies and there are so many of them.

I’ve been living in France since 1985, when I entered Lyon 2 University named after the Brothers Lumières, the inventors of Modern Cinema. I left Lyon 2 University with a Doctorate, 10 years later, in Sciences of Information and Communication. The Word Sciences is the keyword. It relates to Civilisation, litterature and language Studies.

So, when I landed at Atlanta, I was sent back 33 years ago, in Cameroon when I was drinking 4 to 6 small size bottle of Coca Cola each day. I could have drunk as many as I wanted. I just had to send a note to the plant or the commercial department for the Direction Office supply.

This was the time I lacked nothing. As you could read in the ebook – if you manage to read French or get a translator, I wish you do so – my father was a politician. Before that, he was a teacher. As General De Gaulle was building the elites in France – read our previous post here -, so was he doing in Africa, following the same pattern and ambitions of professionalism and excellency. My father is from that generation of people taking the lead of the nation after White masters had “left” the stage to hide behind the curtail of « African Independence ».

Interesting to notice is the Book is about Education inside a Politician family in Africa, at the very beginning of the State-Building there. My father’s  political career was ended by the actual president of Cameroon, who did the same to all those working for President Ahmadou Ahidjo, when Cameroon was in the starting blocks.

After Ahidjo, the momentum was lost and we failed back to those uncertain territories of anarchic development. Apparently, things are getting better. See below, a summary of the prospects for African Development.

As for my father, politically punished and unprepared to a prematured retirement, life has dramatically shifted, not only for him, but for us also. Us, the children. The time this happened, I was already officing at Brasseries du Cameroun. I can tell I’m the only survivor of my family of 13 children. Two sisters of mine are missing. Sickness bring them down. So was my mother, in 2010, gone the 13th July – not the 13th but the 28th. She was burried the 13th August. The mother day comes with dark souvenirs for me, each year. But this is life. I started curing only this year, precisely during Easter resurrection prayers. I followed a preach on the TV, « Day of the Lord » – « In France, le Jour du Seigneur » and it was the first time I found some answers to start curing my heavy heart.

The Bible says, I you have gotten ears, you could understand the voice of the Savior, when you are in pain. And if you have eyes, you can see. Right ? See Intuitively. Knowledge is guided by ratio, for sure, but there is also that other Intuitive part. You just feel it.

I came in Europe having everything I needed. In Africa I was superb, successful and triomphant. I encountered poverty in France. Isn’t it amazing ? The Western Eldorado ?


Some are asking why I’m not returning in Africa ?

This is an excellent question. First part of the answer.

The second part of the answer is, those who are asking that are the same who have organised the depossession of Africans in Africa. Put plain and clear : is Africa belonging to Africans or to the West ? Look at the money laundering, tax evasion, the organisation of the WTO, the ongoing underground colonisation of France in Central Africa trailing behind the others African regional territories, look at those untold savage commercial deals including soil exploitation. Mali and central African French presence is part of the deal.

Now, I also have a question to the people asking African diasporas people to go back to Africa (Home). Can we ask the same question to the Western foreigners living in Africa or -are they authorising us to advise them to come back in their western countries, or even worse, can we organized a systematic frame of funds-cuttings and opportunities-erasure to keep them out of the race?

NeveLe défi Institutionnel  Les 7 clés du développement en Afrique: Reprendre possession de soi.r mind. This time I would say the Earth is round.

I’ve served Africa from outside the way I couldn’t, had I been back inside Africa and the leaders over there know that.

Keep Positive and only Time will tell what Tomorrow will be. You know the chant : que sera sera. Link 

US Midterm senatorial elections. A Two-State Solution is not a choice, but a fact.

Obama is not a choiceOn the verge of the vote for a Democrats or Republican majority in the Senate, the pollsters are telling you Republicans are going to win this as easily as a fighter could, facing off an already disqualified opponent.

According to those pollsters, the figures of Obama’s approbation are low. Why are them ? If the reason is the state of the economy, then the perception does not match the reality. We all know the figures. Apart from the economy, what is it that costs disapprobation to the president and gives credit to the Republicans on the issue ? Foreign affairs ? Republicans will be doing worst. Obamacare to repeal ? Is it that urgent ? Gay marriage to repeal ? We hear nothing about it from the Conservatives-Catholic or Evangelists ?

Apart from the tradition of mid-term elections, there is little ground for Obama’s low figures. Pollsters insist Republicans are poised to win and democrats to lose. If any, the numerous efforts deployed by them to distance themselves from president Obama are a confirmation, they explain.

An impossible task in fact. What does a Senator stand for if not to support, adjust or bring contradiction to the Administration? It comes down that the mission consisting in sidelining a candidacy far remote from the Administration’s agenda, even though the Senate is an independent body, is mission impossible.

The recurrence of themes like the minimum wage, the Obamacare to repeal or not, the shutdown next round looming, asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share in tax, tracking loopholes and tax evasion, welfare and the 47% accused of State over assistance by the Republicans, guns control, Justice for the minorities especially towards black people still under aggressive racism and over-jailing, immigration, the economy, equality between men and women, empowering families, the affordable education, renewable energy, clean power, rebuilding infrastructures and bringing back jobs at home, all these are on the table to sort out.

Democrats’ House or Republican.


♠ Avoid Ingratitude.

♠ Check the facts and the truthfulness of the polls. I’ve tried to look at some and I hardly found one convincing and clear over the whole picture leading to the confirmation that the GOP is winning this. The only clear number was given by Becky (CNN) over the so-called impopularity of president Obama set at 54% for 54% disapproval. I thought it worse.

It gives me the opportunity to stop a minute to say a word on some stretched comments in the news outlets. I know that the system is one of inflation, but the appropriate information is missing. As you will see below with Skynews figures over immigration in Europe, the figures of Obama approval or disapproval tell nothing specific apart from the traditional trend of midterm fate. If the informative job were done adequately, the right way to show how president Obama is doing bad or well was to show how other presidents of the Northern hemisphere are doing.

I mean, it is  insignificant – if you don’t want to feed domestic political games – knowing the global context, to highlight the rating of a president putting aside the global base of comparison. The context has dramatically changed. So must the analysts follow intelligence to avoid misinformation, misleading information, disinformation or poor polls comments. In the end, the Citizen rights for an appropriate information are rigged at the expense of democracy.

For instance, when you compare the 13% french president approval rate to the 45% of Obama, you’ll see that president Obama is on the upper strata. In a global context of political crisis, a president with 45% approval figure is a survivor and really strong. Elsewhere in Europe and in the West in general, presidents are facing hard times.

At midterm of his mandate, 97% of the French people considered the french president has failed to succeed in jobs creation. Emploi: à mi-mandat, 97% des Français estiment que Hollande a « plutôt échoué ». Those specifics are missing in Obama’s polls.

We are waiting  for a journal to bring this figures up concerning presidential or premiership rating.

45% approval rate is a good number for a president, at this precise moment. Obama or not.

Related to president Obama, don’t forget the systematic Obstructionism by the GOP and Senator Mitch McConnell on top of the game, which cost delays, time waistes through gov shutdown or showdown, setbacks for the Obamacare for instance brought to the Supreme Court by the GOP for repeal. The GOP has spent a huge amount of time and efforts to derail democrats agenda and they are claiming to do better. Such as what for instance ? The State of the Union (Candy Crowley) sat with senator Rand Paul to discuss the matter. He said, the right policy for jobs creation and economy improvement is to bring the hiden money and outsourced jobs back to America instead of increasing tax. I wonder what Mitt Romney is thinking about this and how Senator Rand Paul is going to proceed to enforce this law if not by even more tax deterrence ? Before retreating back. This is an empty promise, because the faisability of it is missing.

When you don’t have emptiness, you got readiness. Throughout the discussion with Candy, it clearly appeared that Senator Rand Paul, speaking in the name of Liberals – following the footsteps of his father, Ron Paul, a dynasty in the making – and standing also as a GOP’s associate, the senator didn’t take position over Ferguson’s blatant injustice, because of the Grand Jure, he said. So didn’t he come clear over the case of quarantining a nurse at N.J. relying on the British ruling known as the Habeas Corpus. He also stressed this could discourage volunteers to fly to help treating Ebola. But he conceded, a judge should take the decision, from the hands of the gov. I wander where the medical body comes in. I thought they were the first to consult with.

Nevertheless, he recognized the glowing injustice consisting in jailing more black people with drugs problems than white people dealing with the same problems. This double standard in Court doesn’t fit the spirit neither the letter of the Law. Who is to blame? The Judge? the grand jure? or the police officers? or may be the governor ? Eric Holder, the former Federal Prosecutor has left Justice Department, in the aftermath of that Ferguson’s crime, still unpunished and non proceeded since then.

Citizens are equal in Rights, the Constitution says.

The awful police execution of Milton Hall: a homeless, mentally ill, African-American man

Is Senator Rand Paul going to race for 2016 ? He has  not yet decided. Senator Rand Paul is a respectful man and naturally, he will run. He has got to set a new Dynasty. Ultimately, dynasty or not, every candidate will have to fight hard. Is there a bonus for a dynasty ? It used to be the case. In 2016, it won’t be.

The general feeling out of this discussion with Senator Rand Paul and Candy Crowley was readiness, emptiness and uncertainties particularly over the GOP’s brand soul-searching to attract non-Whites American people. Attractiveness completes the picture. Black and hispanic communities are not interested, the senator admitted. The party has not succeeded to connect with them and does not reflect the real picture of America as a melting-pot and multicultural society.

When you put this disconnection with the real American people and the obstructionist game from the GOP, since president Obama is leading, together, the choice is pretty simple : either a double-dose (term of CNN) of obstructionism, meaning more setbacks and waiste of times  or an acceleration of reforms. America has the choice between losing 2 years or capitalize on it.

♠  Value the distance from the takeover of leadership in 2008 to now :

  • There were two wars to end : Afghanistan and Iraq and still there is that Guantanamo to close.
  • The economy was agonizing each passing month.

♠ Reclaim American spirit and soul. If you just vote for domestic affairs, without considering American standing on the international stage, you are failing your Grandeur and history. America is the country which had given the final push to free the World from Nazism. From that moment, America earned its place on Top of the World.

Things started to derail with the fight against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the right motive of the search for Bin Laden, Iraq was unjustly dragged into war – just because former president G. Bush junior was seeking revenge to conjure up the humiliation inflicted to his fater by Saddam Hussein.  A family affair became a State business. Fatally, the move was doomed and so it went. Unfortunately, for the Iraqi’s people, since then, their nation has been sent back to the stoned age.

Bin Laden’s capture and drowning into deep horizon waters was supposed to end the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Only that simple ? Error. 10 years of war have forged a local resistance. It is in the nature of wars waged by foreigners to encounter local resistance. It was the case in France during Nazism occupation. It was the case in Africa during the Apartheid and wars of decolonization and in Asia (Dien Bien Phu) for instance and in Vietnam.

In the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, religion brought another complication into the puzzle. The virus of the clash of civilizations inflamed the scenes of wars waged in the name of the search for Bin Laden, supposedly the mastermind of the 9/11 ground zero disaster.

Above this clash of civilizations, or beneath it, the unresolved Palestinian problem still under the cruel yoke of Israel.

Israel itself didn’t refrain its regional power dominance ambitions. All the strong regimes – on the exception of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and Jordan collaborating with America since Golf War One – were designed as targets to down. Iran, Syria, Lybia in particular. The Egyptian case is more ambiguous. They have already traded the Palestinian case for dollars in arms and military equipment and device paid by America through a complex system of Aid for development and security.

During the Arab Spring, friendship for Israel forced America to let down their Egyptian ally, Hosni Mubarak, complicit of the quarantining of the Palestinians and siding with Israel on the issue. As a consequence, each session of talks between the Palestinians and Israel in Cairo is a farce. Egypt is an ultra-corrupt state, ally in the darkness of the American-Israelite axis. This nation should be dismissed from hosting any so-called dialogue between the belligerents. Palestinians will not find peace in Cairo.

That said, it is never too late to change course for America and reclaim oneself.

First sign of it is Ebola’s leading mission in Africa.

Second, intervention against ISIS.

Third. Burkina Faso. Without the vigilance of America, Blaise Campaore will still be president. Worst, president Hollande was begging the criminal dictator to quit in exchange of him lobbying to find an international job to the dictator. From criminality, fooling people during 27 years to the Hollande’s premium*, there is something absolutely intolerable. This is one example of how dictators used to be treated in Africa : western states showed no empathy with the people, but with their wolves leaders selling them those people and their blood, on demand.

(*)  This Tuesday, France is proud to say to the World he has helped former president Compaoré to escape his country and has organised his asylum in Ivory Coast. In Ivory Coast, the president’s wife is a white french woman (*), indeed. The Neger factor at work, as and advanced post for endless colonialism. There also, the president was installed by France via a coup after electoral results frauds and claims. President Ouattara, a Burkina-Faso born was settle at the expense of the truly winner, president Laurent Gbagbo who has been transferred by Blaise Ouattara on trial at the ICC (International Criminal Court) for crimes both parties – Ouattara’s and Gbagbo’s – committed during the fight for power.

(Burkina Faso : la France reconnaît avoir aidé à la fuite du président Compaoré) – France is kind of African cancer and it is long past time for the AU (African Union) to reclaim Africa’s destiny and order. First sign of it is the ultimatum issued by the AU to the military post-order in Burkina-Faso to relinquish power to civilians within two weeks.

The exfiltration of this president by France is a way to escape Justice for this bloodthirsty president.

(*) Naturally, for those who never get a sense of nothing, I’m talking about African presidents, not of Joe six pack, who should have a upper conscious and respect of History.

The same westerners rulers will rule in Europe against “invasive immigration” – some telling “France can not house the entire misery of the World”. The missing information is they are the ones behind this “entire misery of the World” coming back to hit them in a laughing boomerang. Kind of « piano piano please ; face the consequences of your bloody politics in Africa harvesting extraordinary wealth for the French white people ». For instance, the murder of Gaddafi has increased the number of immigrants who used to find jobs in Libya. Those jobs have disappeared with Gaddafi.


ITALY : 7 %

FRANCE : 10%


GERMANY : 13 %

SWEDEN : 16 %


What about America ?

But British people think immigration represents a quarter of them. They estimate the proportion of immigrants as up to 26%. The perception not the reality. That day, Ed Miliband blamed David Cameron for “callousness and incompetence over immigration” at Westminster. Naturally, David Cameron jumped up on to his feet to reestablish the truth : his gov inherited this mess from the Labour’s party, he replicated.

British Parliament has recognized a Palestinian State in principle.

Judging by the article by Uri Avnery – Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom, The Palestinian State is at reach. Read here.

Sweden has already recognized a Palestinian State in full and openly.

Excerpt. The American public is now deeply divided between two camps, which hate each other from the bottom of their hearts (if they have any). This hatred is abysmal. One is the party of the ultra-rich, who defend their privileges, the other belongs to the moderately wealthy and serves their interests.

The ideologies of the two camps are diametrically opposed. Therefore, they cannot agree practically on anything. Anything the Democrats do is considered almost treason by the Republicans, anything the Republicans advocate is considered by the Democrats as stupid, if not crazy

The Republicans, who control Congress (and may do so even more firmly in a few days time) are out to immobilize the administration. Once they even stopped all federal payments, making the running of the state impossible. A consistent joint foreign policy is out of the question. I am not sure that the situation on the eve of the great Civil War was much worse.

INTO THIS crazy situation Netanyahu has plunged. He has placed all his chips (us) on the Republicans.

During the last presidential elections, he almost openly supported Mitt Romney, the opponent of Obama, thus practically declaring war on the present administration. The radical anti-Obama statements made now by Israeli leaders are used – and designed to be used – by Republican candidates against their Democratic opponents.

The Democrats make strenuous efforts to woo Jewish voters and donors by flattering Israel in the most outrageous terms, promising to support each and every action of the Israeli government, now and for all eternity, be it what it may. Inadvertently, they stick knives into the back of the Israeli peace forces, making the fight for peace even more Herculean.

But even if the mid-term elections make the House and the Senate even more subservient to the Israeli right-wing, Obama will be around for two more years. In a way, having no more elections to fear, he will be freer than before to obstruct Netanyahu.

I wish he would. But I do not entertain too much hope. Even as a lame duck, he will still have to consider the interests of the next Democratic candidate for the White House.

OBAMA COULD still do a lot for peace between Israel and Palestine, a peace supported by the entire pro-American Arab bloc – something clearly in the US national interest, not to mention ours.

For that, courage is needed. And – yes – a little more Obsessive Messianism. (Uri Avnery)


Help president Obama to free the Palestinian People.

In doing so, you help Security at home. See what happened recently in Canada. (1)

You help to free the World

You come truth to your credo : “There is non second-class citizens” in America. There should be none in the World.





GET MORE SPECIFICS HERE. America. Why this midterm election is so important for a « more perfect union ».

(1) Recommended for you on the topic over interlinkages in home security and abroad.

Ottawa Lockdown (22 Oct 2014 - TD Photo)

The tragic shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo on October 22, 2014 at the War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada followed by a shoot-out at the House of Commons, and the death of the shooter, Michael Zebaf-Bibeau, serves as a catalyst to advance several hidden government agendas. Get more at Global Research.



By Palestine Chronicle

By Jim Miles

Once upon a time, Canada was able to create the illusion that it was the “peaceable kingdom”, an illusion accepted domestically and arguably by most of the rest of the world. This history has been well discredited with newer historical research outlining how Canada’s position as a “peacekeeper,” generally under UN auspices, remained effectively within the realm of U.S. foreign policy, just with a kinder gentler face.

Over the past decade, Canada has made a clear and distinct turn towards its inner ‘heart of darkness’, becoming much more overt about its right wing militarized alignment with the U.S. empire and its demands. It has done so to the extent of front-running – or trying to out do – the hubris and arrogance of the U.S. in its declamations of its self-righteousness concerning international affairs (with similar impacts on domestic affairs).

Final picture, of Justice Minister MacKay wearing a t-shirt printed with a high powered automatic rifle at a Conservative fundraiser supported by the National Firearms Association. Ironically, that same association does not want the surveillance bill,C-13, to pass, “We think that this is probably the most draconian step towards police interference in people’s lives since George Orwell revealed the potential for it when he wrote 1984.”

It comes full circle to the vanished illusion of the “peaceable kingdom.” Canada’s democracy and civility is a tarnished and cracked veneer disguising an underlying racial prejudice and fear of the ‘other’, a legacy of colonial-settler violence inherited from the British empire. Stephen Harper and his (neo) Conservative government have exposed these flaws in our supposedly democratic civilizational superiority with his violence towards the people of the world and the violence towards the land and people domestically. Our inner heart of darkness has been revealed.

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews for The Palestine Chronicle. Miles’ work is also presented globally through other alternative websites and news publications. He contributed this article to

3. Canada: Decoding Harpers Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions

Global Research, October 28, 2014
Stephen Harper is the most deeply reviled Prime Minister in Canadas history. On the world stage, he is the servant of Big Oil boiling oil out of tar-sands to destroy major river systems and pollute the planet with dirty oil, while his attack dog John Baird leads the warmongering and bullying of nations like Iran and Syria targeted by the US-Israeli axis.

He is the most despotic and toxic first minister in the life of our country. His administration defunds every social program and life protective system it can. It strips the country of its public information infrastructures at every level – including now the gagging of non-profit NGOs by eliminating their charitable status if they question any policy of his regime.

Just as his friend George Bush Jr., Harper holds government by big-money backing, continual lies, attack ads, and life-blind policies to enrich the already rich. Canadas neo-con political class may have its head on backwards, but Harper is very cunning in skirting, subverting and perverting the law to abuse power at every level. He is the poster boy of the global corporate agenda of wrecking society and its common life support systems.

Read the whole story at Global Research.