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US Midterm senatorial elections. A Two-State Solution is not a choice, but a fact.

Obama is not a choiceOn the verge of the vote for a Democrats or Republican majority in the Senate, the pollsters are telling you Republicans are going to win this as easily as a fighter could, facing off an already disqualified opponent.

According to those pollsters, the figures of Obama’s approbation are low. Why are them ? If the reason is the state of the economy, then the perception does not match the reality. We all know the figures. Apart from the economy, what is it that costs disapprobation to the president and gives credit to the Republicans on the issue ? Foreign affairs ? Republicans will be doing worst. Obamacare to repeal ? Is it that urgent ? Gay marriage to repeal ? We hear nothing about it from the Conservatives-Catholic or Evangelists ?

Apart from the tradition of mid-term elections, there is little ground for Obama’s low figures. Pollsters insist Republicans are poised to win and democrats to lose. If any, the numerous efforts deployed by them to distance themselves from president Obama are a confirmation, they explain.

An impossible task in fact. What does a Senator stand for if not to support, adjust or bring contradiction to the Administration? It comes down that the mission consisting in sidelining a candidacy far remote from the Administration’s agenda, even though the Senate is an independent body, is mission impossible.

The recurrence of themes like the minimum wage, the Obamacare to repeal or not, the shutdown next round looming, asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share in tax, tracking loopholes and tax evasion, welfare and the 47% accused of State over assistance by the Republicans, guns control, Justice for the minorities especially towards black people still under aggressive racism and over-jailing, immigration, the economy, equality between men and women, empowering families, the affordable education, renewable energy, clean power, rebuilding infrastructures and bringing back jobs at home, all these are on the table to sort out.

Democrats’ House or Republican.


♠ Avoid Ingratitude.

♠ Check the facts and the truthfulness of the polls. I’ve tried to look at some and I hardly found one convincing and clear over the whole picture leading to the confirmation that the GOP is winning this. The only clear number was given by Becky (CNN) over the so-called impopularity of president Obama set at 54% for 54% disapproval. I thought it worse.

It gives me the opportunity to stop a minute to say a word on some stretched comments in the news outlets. I know that the system is one of inflation, but the appropriate information is missing. As you will see below with Skynews figures over immigration in Europe, the figures of Obama approval or disapproval tell nothing specific apart from the traditional trend of midterm fate. If the informative job were done adequately, the right way to show how president Obama is doing bad or well was to show how other presidents of the Northern hemisphere are doing.

I mean, it is  insignificant – if you don’t want to feed domestic political games – knowing the global context, to highlight the rating of a president putting aside the global base of comparison. The context has dramatically changed. So must the analysts follow intelligence to avoid misinformation, misleading information, disinformation or poor polls comments. In the end, the Citizen rights for an appropriate information are rigged at the expense of democracy.

For instance, when you compare the 13% french president approval rate to the 45% of Obama, you’ll see that president Obama is on the upper strata. In a global context of political crisis, a president with 45% approval figure is a survivor and really strong. Elsewhere in Europe and in the West in general, presidents are facing hard times.

At midterm of his mandate, 97% of the French people considered the french president has failed to succeed in jobs creation. Emploi: à mi-mandat, 97% des Français estiment que Hollande a « plutôt échoué ». Those specifics are missing in Obama’s polls.

We are waiting  for a journal to bring this figures up concerning presidential or premiership rating.

45% approval rate is a good number for a president, at this precise moment. Obama or not.

Related to president Obama, don’t forget the systematic Obstructionism by the GOP and Senator Mitch McConnell on top of the game, which cost delays, time waistes through gov shutdown or showdown, setbacks for the Obamacare for instance brought to the Supreme Court by the GOP for repeal. The GOP has spent a huge amount of time and efforts to derail democrats agenda and they are claiming to do better. Such as what for instance ? The State of the Union (Candy Crowley) sat with senator Rand Paul to discuss the matter. He said, the right policy for jobs creation and economy improvement is to bring the hiden money and outsourced jobs back to America instead of increasing tax. I wonder what Mitt Romney is thinking about this and how Senator Rand Paul is going to proceed to enforce this law if not by even more tax deterrence ? Before retreating back. This is an empty promise, because the faisability of it is missing.

When you don’t have emptiness, you got readiness. Throughout the discussion with Candy, it clearly appeared that Senator Rand Paul, speaking in the name of Liberals – following the footsteps of his father, Ron Paul, a dynasty in the making – and standing also as a GOP’s associate, the senator didn’t take position over Ferguson’s blatant injustice, because of the Grand Jure, he said. So didn’t he come clear over the case of quarantining a nurse at N.J. relying on the British ruling known as the Habeas Corpus. He also stressed this could discourage volunteers to fly to help treating Ebola. But he conceded, a judge should take the decision, from the hands of the gov. I wander where the medical body comes in. I thought they were the first to consult with.

Nevertheless, he recognized the glowing injustice consisting in jailing more black people with drugs problems than white people dealing with the same problems. This double standard in Court doesn’t fit the spirit neither the letter of the Law. Who is to blame? The Judge? the grand jure? or the police officers? or may be the governor ? Eric Holder, the former Federal Prosecutor has left Justice Department, in the aftermath of that Ferguson’s crime, still unpunished and non proceeded since then.

Citizens are equal in Rights, the Constitution says.

The awful police execution of Milton Hall: a homeless, mentally ill, African-American man

Is Senator Rand Paul going to race for 2016 ? He has  not yet decided. Senator Rand Paul is a respectful man and naturally, he will run. He has got to set a new Dynasty. Ultimately, dynasty or not, every candidate will have to fight hard. Is there a bonus for a dynasty ? It used to be the case. In 2016, it won’t be.

The general feeling out of this discussion with Senator Rand Paul and Candy Crowley was readiness, emptiness and uncertainties particularly over the GOP’s brand soul-searching to attract non-Whites American people. Attractiveness completes the picture. Black and hispanic communities are not interested, the senator admitted. The party has not succeeded to connect with them and does not reflect the real picture of America as a melting-pot and multicultural society.

When you put this disconnection with the real American people and the obstructionist game from the GOP, since president Obama is leading, together, the choice is pretty simple : either a double-dose (term of CNN) of obstructionism, meaning more setbacks and waiste of times  or an acceleration of reforms. America has the choice between losing 2 years or capitalize on it.

♠  Value the distance from the takeover of leadership in 2008 to now :

  • There were two wars to end : Afghanistan and Iraq and still there is that Guantanamo to close.
  • The economy was agonizing each passing month.

♠ Reclaim American spirit and soul. If you just vote for domestic affairs, without considering American standing on the international stage, you are failing your Grandeur and history. America is the country which had given the final push to free the World from Nazism. From that moment, America earned its place on Top of the World.

Things started to derail with the fight against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under the right motive of the search for Bin Laden, Iraq was unjustly dragged into war – just because former president G. Bush junior was seeking revenge to conjure up the humiliation inflicted to his fater by Saddam Hussein.  A family affair became a State business. Fatally, the move was doomed and so it went. Unfortunately, for the Iraqi’s people, since then, their nation has been sent back to the stoned age.

Bin Laden’s capture and drowning into deep horizon waters was supposed to end the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan.  Only that simple ? Error. 10 years of war have forged a local resistance. It is in the nature of wars waged by foreigners to encounter local resistance. It was the case in France during Nazism occupation. It was the case in Africa during the Apartheid and wars of decolonization and in Asia (Dien Bien Phu) for instance and in Vietnam.

In the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, religion brought another complication into the puzzle. The virus of the clash of civilizations inflamed the scenes of wars waged in the name of the search for Bin Laden, supposedly the mastermind of the 9/11 ground zero disaster.

Above this clash of civilizations, or beneath it, the unresolved Palestinian problem still under the cruel yoke of Israel.

Israel itself didn’t refrain its regional power dominance ambitions. All the strong regimes – on the exception of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates and Jordan collaborating with America since Golf War One – were designed as targets to down. Iran, Syria, Lybia in particular. The Egyptian case is more ambiguous. They have already traded the Palestinian case for dollars in arms and military equipment and device paid by America through a complex system of Aid for development and security.

During the Arab Spring, friendship for Israel forced America to let down their Egyptian ally, Hosni Mubarak, complicit of the quarantining of the Palestinians and siding with Israel on the issue. As a consequence, each session of talks between the Palestinians and Israel in Cairo is a farce. Egypt is an ultra-corrupt state, ally in the darkness of the American-Israelite axis. This nation should be dismissed from hosting any so-called dialogue between the belligerents. Palestinians will not find peace in Cairo.

That said, it is never too late to change course for America and reclaim oneself.

First sign of it is Ebola’s leading mission in Africa.

Second, intervention against ISIS.

Third. Burkina Faso. Without the vigilance of America, Blaise Campaore will still be president. Worst, president Hollande was begging the criminal dictator to quit in exchange of him lobbying to find an international job to the dictator. From criminality, fooling people during 27 years to the Hollande’s premium*, there is something absolutely intolerable. This is one example of how dictators used to be treated in Africa : western states showed no empathy with the people, but with their wolves leaders selling them those people and their blood, on demand.

(*)  This Tuesday, France is proud to say to the World he has helped former president Compaoré to escape his country and has organised his asylum in Ivory Coast. In Ivory Coast, the president’s wife is a white french woman (*), indeed. The Neger factor at work, as and advanced post for endless colonialism. There also, the president was installed by France via a coup after electoral results frauds and claims. President Ouattara, a Burkina-Faso born was settle at the expense of the truly winner, president Laurent Gbagbo who has been transferred by Blaise Ouattara on trial at the ICC (International Criminal Court) for crimes both parties – Ouattara’s and Gbagbo’s – committed during the fight for power.

(Burkina Faso : la France reconnaît avoir aidé à la fuite du président Compaoré) – France is kind of African cancer and it is long past time for the AU (African Union) to reclaim Africa’s destiny and order. First sign of it is the ultimatum issued by the AU to the military post-order in Burkina-Faso to relinquish power to civilians within two weeks.

The exfiltration of this president by France is a way to escape Justice for this bloodthirsty president.

(*) Naturally, for those who never get a sense of nothing, I’m talking about African presidents, not of Joe six pack, who should have a upper conscious and respect of History.

The same westerners rulers will rule in Europe against “invasive immigration” – some telling “France can not house the entire misery of the World”. The missing information is they are the ones behind this “entire misery of the World” coming back to hit them in a laughing boomerang. Kind of « piano piano please ; face the consequences of your bloody politics in Africa harvesting extraordinary wealth for the French white people ». For instance, the murder of Gaddafi has increased the number of immigrants who used to find jobs in Libya. Those jobs have disappeared with Gaddafi.


ITALY : 7 %

FRANCE : 10%


GERMANY : 13 %

SWEDEN : 16 %


What about America ?

But British people think immigration represents a quarter of them. They estimate the proportion of immigrants as up to 26%. The perception not the reality. That day, Ed Miliband blamed David Cameron for “callousness and incompetence over immigration” at Westminster. Naturally, David Cameron jumped up on to his feet to reestablish the truth : his gov inherited this mess from the Labour’s party, he replicated.

British Parliament has recognized a Palestinian State in principle.

Judging by the article by Uri Avnery – Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom, The Palestinian State is at reach. Read here.

Sweden has already recognized a Palestinian State in full and openly.

Excerpt. The American public is now deeply divided between two camps, which hate each other from the bottom of their hearts (if they have any). This hatred is abysmal. One is the party of the ultra-rich, who defend their privileges, the other belongs to the moderately wealthy and serves their interests.

The ideologies of the two camps are diametrically opposed. Therefore, they cannot agree practically on anything. Anything the Democrats do is considered almost treason by the Republicans, anything the Republicans advocate is considered by the Democrats as stupid, if not crazy

The Republicans, who control Congress (and may do so even more firmly in a few days time) are out to immobilize the administration. Once they even stopped all federal payments, making the running of the state impossible. A consistent joint foreign policy is out of the question. I am not sure that the situation on the eve of the great Civil War was much worse.

INTO THIS crazy situation Netanyahu has plunged. He has placed all his chips (us) on the Republicans.

During the last presidential elections, he almost openly supported Mitt Romney, the opponent of Obama, thus practically declaring war on the present administration. The radical anti-Obama statements made now by Israeli leaders are used – and designed to be used – by Republican candidates against their Democratic opponents.

The Democrats make strenuous efforts to woo Jewish voters and donors by flattering Israel in the most outrageous terms, promising to support each and every action of the Israeli government, now and for all eternity, be it what it may. Inadvertently, they stick knives into the back of the Israeli peace forces, making the fight for peace even more Herculean.

But even if the mid-term elections make the House and the Senate even more subservient to the Israeli right-wing, Obama will be around for two more years. In a way, having no more elections to fear, he will be freer than before to obstruct Netanyahu.

I wish he would. But I do not entertain too much hope. Even as a lame duck, he will still have to consider the interests of the next Democratic candidate for the White House.

OBAMA COULD still do a lot for peace between Israel and Palestine, a peace supported by the entire pro-American Arab bloc – something clearly in the US national interest, not to mention ours.

For that, courage is needed. And – yes – a little more Obsessive Messianism. (Uri Avnery)


Help president Obama to free the Palestinian People.

In doing so, you help Security at home. See what happened recently in Canada. (1)

You help to free the World

You come truth to your credo : “There is non second-class citizens” in America. There should be none in the World.





GET MORE SPECIFICS HERE. America. Why this midterm election is so important for a « more perfect union ».

(1) Recommended for you on the topic over interlinkages in home security and abroad.

Ottawa Lockdown (22 Oct 2014 - TD Photo)

The tragic shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo on October 22, 2014 at the War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada followed by a shoot-out at the House of Commons, and the death of the shooter, Michael Zebaf-Bibeau, serves as a catalyst to advance several hidden government agendas. Get more at Global Research.



By Palestine Chronicle

By Jim Miles

Once upon a time, Canada was able to create the illusion that it was the “peaceable kingdom”, an illusion accepted domestically and arguably by most of the rest of the world. This history has been well discredited with newer historical research outlining how Canada’s position as a “peacekeeper,” generally under UN auspices, remained effectively within the realm of U.S. foreign policy, just with a kinder gentler face.

Over the past decade, Canada has made a clear and distinct turn towards its inner ‘heart of darkness’, becoming much more overt about its right wing militarized alignment with the U.S. empire and its demands. It has done so to the extent of front-running – or trying to out do – the hubris and arrogance of the U.S. in its declamations of its self-righteousness concerning international affairs (with similar impacts on domestic affairs).

Final picture, of Justice Minister MacKay wearing a t-shirt printed with a high powered automatic rifle at a Conservative fundraiser supported by the National Firearms Association. Ironically, that same association does not want the surveillance bill,C-13, to pass, “We think that this is probably the most draconian step towards police interference in people’s lives since George Orwell revealed the potential for it when he wrote 1984.”

It comes full circle to the vanished illusion of the “peaceable kingdom.” Canada’s democracy and civility is a tarnished and cracked veneer disguising an underlying racial prejudice and fear of the ‘other’, a legacy of colonial-settler violence inherited from the British empire. Stephen Harper and his (neo) Conservative government have exposed these flaws in our supposedly democratic civilizational superiority with his violence towards the people of the world and the violence towards the land and people domestically. Our inner heart of darkness has been revealed.

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator and a regular contributor/columnist of opinion pieces and book reviews for The Palestine Chronicle. Miles’ work is also presented globally through other alternative websites and news publications. He contributed this article to

3. Canada: Decoding Harpers Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions

Global Research, October 28, 2014
Stephen Harper is the most deeply reviled Prime Minister in Canadas history. On the world stage, he is the servant of Big Oil boiling oil out of tar-sands to destroy major river systems and pollute the planet with dirty oil, while his attack dog John Baird leads the warmongering and bullying of nations like Iran and Syria targeted by the US-Israeli axis.

He is the most despotic and toxic first minister in the life of our country. His administration defunds every social program and life protective system it can. It strips the country of its public information infrastructures at every level – including now the gagging of non-profit NGOs by eliminating their charitable status if they question any policy of his regime.

Just as his friend George Bush Jr., Harper holds government by big-money backing, continual lies, attack ads, and life-blind policies to enrich the already rich. Canadas neo-con political class may have its head on backwards, but Harper is very cunning in skirting, subverting and perverting the law to abuse power at every level. He is the poster boy of the global corporate agenda of wrecking society and its common life support systems.

Read the whole story at Global Research.

Ebola, an african allegory. Fucking China business in Africa !

Image. NHS. uk

Ebola. The strange case of a British who died in Macedonia. Can a Brit die from Ebola ?

A British man died on Thursday afternoon shortly after he was admitted to the Skopje Clinic for Infectious Diseases with severe stomach ache, internal bleeding and increased temperature – symptoms compatible with Ebola. Staff and guests at Skopje hotel Super 8, where the British man had stayed before he was taken to hospital as well as anyone who came into contact with him, have been put in quarantine.

Ebola has killed nearly 4,000 people in West Africa since March in the largest outbreak on record.

There is no other suspected case of Ebola in Macedonia at the moment but country’s healthcare system is prepared to cope with the worst-case scenario, Kostovska added.

Source. Ebola Increasingly Unlikely Cause of British Man’s Death in Skopje 

Westminster response to Ebola.

UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has updated the uk response to the disease today. Screening and monitoring. Heathrow’s terminal one will start screenings very shortly. People at risk – coming from the infected areas – will be checked. Their temperature will be taken. They would be asked questions about their recent travels’  history, their contacts and, if there is a risk, they would be invited to contact the NHS.

The uk Health secretary acknowledges that openness and confidence were required in the process and, more importantly, it was crucial to deal with Ebola at source. The uk’s contribution to the fight against Ebola is estimated to £125 million. The uk Secretary stressed the necessity for coordination in  the international response and said he had a conversation earlier with the American Health Secretary on that issue.

On the front of the UK General Election to come.

Debates are morphing around TVs channels that have come up with a panel of proposals to the candidates. Some would like to  see a harsh confrontation between Mr. Cameron and Mr. Miliband, assuming the coalition speaks with one voice. An assessment denied by Lib dems who want to express their difference, their voice as a separate entity able to take the lead of a coalition.

That is why a debate between Cameron, Miliband and Mr. Clegg is another proposal.

ITV is proposing a four-leaders debate, adding Nigel Farage on the list of debators. The green party is waiting for a proposal…

Universal Health coverage, raised up today by Jeremy Hunt’s shadow cabinet alter ego will certainly stand on the road of all those candidates.


Behind the liberation of Chinese hostages, Beijing and Cameroonian regimes’ propaganda.

There is a common trend between Beijing and Cameroon : the absolute interdiction of doing politics to every citizen, without an official authorisation. Hong-Kong is this and, in Yaoundé, the interdiction of « double nationalities » for Cameroonians born, is also that. As long as you don’t want to do politics, you are welcome. If not, you are denied citizenship – the case of Cameroon – or bared from its rights and dividends – the case of the youth actually under barricades in Hong-Kong.

To look legal, those regimes heavily rely on propaganda. The liberation of the Chinese hostages, abducted by Boko Haram could only happen during this Hong-Kong crisis, as a distraction. Where was Cameroon during that times to free those hostages, especially when they communicated earlier of killing one hundred militants of Boko Haram at the Nigerian/Cameroonian frontier ?

Marvelous for the naives. Where are the girls ? How to explain that Cameroonian government can fight and bring down Boko Haram while Nigerian Gov looks so helpless and captive of the militant’s group ?

Who can believe that having killed one hundred of Boko Haram’s fighters, they will just access the Cameroonian demand of freeing the Chinese hostages ?

What a coincidence, at the very moment Cameroon is under fire for resuming slavery methods exiling Cameroonians, along with the permanent trend of its president in changing the Constitution to keep power for life. Robert Mugabe, an authentic African Liberator has been banned  by the international community unjustly. L’évangile, the distance between those two presidents is incommensurable : one, Robert Mugabe is a giant African liberator and the other is just ordinary african post-colonialist dictator.

Chinese hostages were freed by a ransom, first and, second, Beijing was the actor and Cameroon the figurant and the scene in the movie.

Democracy is not a favor neither is it a restrictive ticket for Africans inside Africa. This is first. Second, if this comes while Beijing is hijacking and extracting everything they could along with other caritative foundations, clearly labelled Westerner, or private corporations that have bought nearly every big business including Energy, Water supplies in Africa, then those African leaders restoring slavery and exile towards African people are guilty of High Treason. Needly to speak about their so-called lawmakers.

Liberia has postponed its senatorial elections. When you  have witnessed the kind of Hell, dirtiness and mud Liberian people dying from Ebola are leaving in, just like pigs wrapped in those white bags supplied by western ships or planes at the epicenter of the outbreak, how a State like that can dare bear a Senate ? The indignation works also with Cameroon. Time will come for Africans to send those inefficient and cynical leaders home and to just wash out those useless, costly and insulting Senates in the face of Africans crumbling under extreme poverty, zero health care coverage and leaving inside sordid slums.

I don’t care about the Chinese hostages being freed, I care about the girls first. Chinese presence in Liberia for instance has led to extreme fishing ; extreme and uncontrolled, while Liberians can not get those shipping licences and concessions nor can they be granted a loan to acquire those fishing ships. They are just good at working for those Chinese ships, under and ill-nurtured during their labor on those slavery ships. They are paid nearly nothing compared to the huge benefits generated by this business.

The crown of this Sirleaf slavery regime is Liberians unable to eat their own fishes because of poverty and meaningless salaries on one hand, and on the other, Chinese businessmen getting richer and richer and the African fish feeding Chinese and starving Africans. With the agreement and complicity of African Leaders, nearly all over the continent.

In exchange, Chinese propaganda is telling they are building roads, bridges, railways, hospitals and sport complex and buildings, etc. What is missing in this propaganda is this question : « at which costs for Africans ? ». Fucking China business in Africa ! I apologize, but this is sickening.

Ebola is an allegory of Africa.

We welcome America in those places and in Africa to reset some kind of equitable order. Eventhough, noone is perfect. The current status quo is unsustainable. By the way, it is unacceptable to give any shelter to those Ghost and inhumane African presidents. Those are murderers. That is why I said earlier that Ebola is an allegory of Africa. It is a disease, this is for sure. It kills, but it is not the only killer. African presidents are the other faces of Ebola, their are contagious and toxic to their people and treators to African hard long History and fights for colonialist Liberation.

At a time when we have the chance Obama is the president of the USA, America should free Africa from this nightmare along with Africans and people loving Africa, whatever their colors. You can be a black man and hates Africans just like a foreigner can bring more to Africa than Africans themselves. The fight for poverty requires to empower Africans on their soil. This is a minimum. So is the fight against immigration.

That is where Nigel Farage (UK) and Marine le Pen (France) far-right racist’s  stances concerning Immigration are blind and deaf. Unless you tackle what is going wrong inside North and South business and now East (Chinese) and Africa’s dominium, you can not bring immigration to normalcy. The floods of it will go on, again and again and the amount of sea deaths won’t stop the influx and the pressure.

Actually, immigration is a lose-lose relationship. Nobody wins. Immigration is an impasse. African urbanity is a calamity. Poverty and hunger in Africa is an impasse. Health care is a joke…

The lack of democracy is a highway leading to impasses. End of the road. Beijing is always on the side of democracy restrictors : in Africa, in China and actually in Hong-Kong. Their favorite game is using proxies. Young people of Hong-Kong have seen some today on the barricades : kind of zombies.

We recommend : Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America(Global Research).

Global Research, October 12, 2014
On Monday, Americas government offices, businesses, and banks all grind to a halt in order to commemorate Columbus Day. In schools up and down the country, little children are taught that a heroic Italian explorer discovered America, and various events and parades are held to celebrate the occasion.

It has now become common knowledge amongst academics that Christopher Columbus clearly did not discover America, not least because is it impossible to discover a people and a continent that was already there and thriving with culture. One can only wonder how Columbus could have discovered America when people were watching him from America’s shores?

Contrary to popular belief, African American history did not start with slavery in the New World. An overwhelming body of new evidence is emerging which proves that Africans had frequently sailed across the Atlantic to the Americas, thousands of years before Columbus and indeed before Christ. The great ancient civilizations of Egypt and West Africa traveled to the Americas, contributing immensely to early American civilization by importing the art of pyramid building, political systems and religious practices as well as mathematics, writing and a sophisticated calendar.

The strongest evidence of African presence in America before Columbus comes from the pen of Columbus himself. In 1920, a renowned American historian and linguist, Leo Weiner of Harvard University, in his book, Africa and the discovery of America, explained how Columbus noted in his journal that Native Americans had confirmed that “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.”

Go ahead at Global Research.


Ebola : la danse macabre.


La tenue de la CAN est chancelante, car le Maroc est soucieux d’appliquer le principe de précaution et de prévention de l’Ebola. El Watan fait le tour sur la fièvre contagieuse Ebola. « Guinée-Ghana aura lieu à Casablanca (Maroc) et Sierra Leone-Cameroun » se jouera à Yaoundé. On se partage les risques, dira-t-on.  Apparemment ou pour faire style, après que le Cameroun se soit montré d’une sévérité inouïe contre le business de la commercialisation de la viande de brousse qui a laissé plusieurs vendeuses, chefs de famille sur le carreau, au nom d’un principe de précaution qui prend des allures d’alibi, car cela empêche de faire une véritable recherche scientifique : une chose au-dessus de la force physique et intellectuelle africaine qui attend tout de l’Ouest. Pitoyable.

S’agissant des origines de l’Ebola, on patauge encore entre le déterminisme afro et la fatalité Négro. Même que la science y perd son latin. Un temps, on a pensé le sérum Américain efficace et voilà, il n’a pas pu sauver le Noir Américain originaire du Libéria, Duncan, mort récemment, de retour d’une visite familiale au pays. Il est rentré « normalement » aux Etats-Unis à moins que les services de contrôle aient failli, par un contrôle bâclé, basé sur la confiance en leur compatriote qui ne pouvait pas avoir contacté la maladie. C’était un Américain et, d’après la science négrière, cette maladie génétiquement programmée pour les Noirs ne pouvait que frapper les hommes, femmes et enfants de leur race. Au même moment, la présidente du Libéria, Sirleaf criait au scandale de ce retour qui n’aurait pas dû avoir lieu : l’intéressé aurait dû être placé en quarantaine au Libéria et être interdit de voyager. On attend la lumière sur cette affaire louche, si jamais celle-ci aura lieu.

Pour que l’homme meurt ainsi, c’est qu’il a caché des choses y compris retardé sa présentation aux services médicaux en Amérique à moins que ceux-ci aient aussi failli à leur mission, le renvoyant à la maison, en se disant, « c’est un américain, il ne peut pas.. etc ».

Un autre temps, la France et l’Espagne on guéri deux cas mais on ne comprend pas pourquoi l’Espagne ne le peut plus et pourquoi la France ne donne pas son sérum magique pour sauver des vies en Afrique.

Pendant ce temps-là, Borloo est devenu plus Africain que les Africains et navigue entre les deux rives toutes les semaines pour un nouvel affairisme revisité à la sauce de l’actualité : l’énergie en Afrique, que nous avons défendue avec les dents ici et qui, vraisemblablement se fait en douce au Mali. C’est le nouveau filon pour avocat affairiste passé en politique, un temps, après avoir fait et conseillé Tapie, l’expert affairiste façon pilleur et délit d’initiés et compagnies. Lu sur Yahoo, « la nouvelle vie de Borloo ». On le croyait affaibli par la mort et bien non, il est bien vivant, en tous les cas ressuscité et voilà, que fait-il ? Non il ne revient pas en politique, il fait du business. Et vous croyez encore aux politiques pareils ? Au Royaume-Uni, on parle de désenchantement, de désillusion – voire des illusions perdues, de colère et de désespoir suscités par les politiques. Alors le peuple a voté son premier Député UKIP (l’équivalent du FN France) hier.

Six mois après son retrait de la politique, la nouvelle vie de Jean-Louis Borloo (AFP)

Le cas J.L. Borloo est malheureusement un confirmateur de ce qu’est devenue la politique et les hommes qui la font. La Chiraquie, y compris Fillon ont ouvert le chemin avec la Françafrique. Pour la vertu et la grande morale du « nous on est meilleurs que l’autre » ; « on n’est pas pareil », les faits parlent d’eux-mêmes. Les sondages mensongers qui intoxiquent l’espace ces derniers temps ne sont qu’un leurre. Un sondage est dit mensonger lorsqu’il corrompt les chiffres et les questions pour régler des comptes personnels ou manipuler le jeu électoral. Exemple : quel est l’intérêt de sonder qui sera président en 2017 aujourd’hui, alors même que les choses peuvent s’accélérer à tout moment, dans un sens inattendu ?

Quel est l’intérêt de mesurer la différentiel entre Juppé et Sarkozy, alors même que l’un était présent tout le long et l’autre absent sur deux ans et demi ? On compare des choses non comparables et on fait dire aux chiffres n’importe quoi.

Quel est l’intérêt de faire croire que le mieux placé est d’emblée celui qui fera l’impasse sur sa base électorale. Jospin a écouté cela et a fait une campagne de second tour. Jimmy Carter, pour sa réélection, avait de bons sondages – soi-disant – et on lui a conseillé de  ne pas se précipiter dans la campagne, un peu sur le modèle Nicolas Sarkozy. Mais revenons à l’UDI.

Jean-Louis Borloo exprime sa fierté que les « chefs d’africains lui ont tous ouvert leurs bras » ensanglantés – à force de danser avec les loups – et corrompus certainement par l’oseille facile, tombé comme la manne du ciel, après le sommet Américain sur le Développement en Afrique qui consacrait l’énergie et la santé publique ? Et puis, non, Borloo est déjà avancé dans son projet, quand a-t-il commencé ? Lorsqu’il était Super ministre de l’Environnement Sakorzyste ? Ministère transformé en poule aux œufs d’or ? Au fait, se voient-ils fréquemment avec Hollande et ses envoyés là-bas ?

Bon, si c’est pour rendre un service à l’Afrique, la méthode se discute. Affaire à suivre.

L’Ebola est une maladie, mais elle représente l’état du pourrissement et de délabrement de l’Afrique et de ses dirigeants pourris et indignes de représenter l’Afrique. Au même moment la Bolivie de Morales fête le succès de ses nationalisations qui ont coupé l’herbe sous le pied de tous ces affairistes venus de partout, au nom d’une philanthropie vicieuse et viciée. 

La nationalisation et la coopération ne sont pas contradictoires. Mais les équilibres changent et ça change tout.

J’ai prévu de parler de l’Ebola en long et en large et en travers (voir couverture annoncée ci-dessus qui implique « la « rénovation urbaine »), mais le nombre des malades retient la plume ou le clavier, c’est pareil. Tirer sur une ambulance, est un problème. Pourtant, il faudra bien s’y coller. A un moment ou à un autre. Si on traite l’Ebola maladie sans traiter l’autre Ebola pilleuse, alors, on aura peut-être sauvé des vies et paré au plus urgent, mais le fond du mal-être et du mal(aise) sera toujours là et ça les scientifiques adeptes du primitivisme et de la sauvagerie – façon la maladie viendrait des animaux un point c’est tout – ne peuvent pas le comprendre.

Avant de contaminer les hommes, en suivant cette thèse de la contamination de l’animal à l’homme – avant cette contamination, comment les animaux ont-ils été contaminés en amont ? Là, il n’y a plus de scientifiques qui y répondent. C’est comme le téléphone de Gaston qui sonne et il n’y a personne qui y répond.

Pour l’heure voici le point sur la Maladie, Ebola. La danse de la mort.

 Ebola : Le bilan s’alourdit 

Pas moins de 3400 personnes décédées dans la pire épidémie de l’histoire. Le virus Ebola sévit actuellement surtout en Afrique de l’Ouest. Sa progression dangereuse menace désormais l’Europe et les Etats-Unis.

Les élections sénatoriales prévues le 14 octobre au Liberia, pays le plus touché par le virus Ebola, ont été reportées en raison de l’épidémie. «Les mesures prises par le gouvernement en vertu de l’état d’urgence pour endiguer la propagation et éradiquer le virus, la persistance de l’épidémie et de mesures de survie adoptées par la population qui réduit ses déplacements et ses contacts, nécessaires à une atmosphère libre, ouverte et transparente», a souligné la présidente Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Par ailleurs, suite à l’inquiétude grandissante face aux risques de propagation d’Ebola, les Européens vont discuter, le 17 octobre, d’un éventuel renforcement du contrôle  des voyageurs en provenance des pays africains touchés par l’épidémie. Cette mesure a été prise dans le sillage de l’inquiétude provoquée en Europe par la première contamination par Ebola enregistrée sur le continent.

En effet, en Espagne, une aide-soignante ayant pris en charge des missionnaires malades rapatriés à Madrid vient d’être diagnostiquée positive au virus. «Sa situation clinique s’est dégradée, mais je ne peux pas livrer davantage d’informations. La patiente ne souhaite pas que l’on communique sur ce sujet», a annoncé à la presse une responsable de l’hôpital au sujet de Teresa Romero, première personne infectée hors d’Afrique. Selon un nouveau bilan de l’hôpital Carlos III de Madrid, six personnes ont été hospitalisées dans le service traitant les malades atteints d’Ebola. Il s’agit de deux médecins et un infirmier admis mercredi soir, selon un communiqué de l’hôpital. Parmi eux figurent le médecin urgentiste Juan Manuel Parra (qui a soigné Teresa Romero lundi à l’hôpital d’Alcorcon, près de Madrid)et une femme qu’il a auscultée le 29 septembre dans un centre de santé près de chez elle.

Une cinquantaine de personnes qui ont pu être en contact avec la malade et les religieux, issues notamment du milieu hospitalier, sont déjà surveillées. Une enquête est en cours afin d’identifier tous les habitants de la région qui auraient pu être exposés, d’autant que l’aide-soignante a présenté des symptômes dès le 29 septembre mais n’a été hospitalisée que le 6 octobre. Ce cas a suscité une vive polémique en Espagne sur les failles de la prise en charge du virus. Des failles que l’urgentiste Juan Manuel Parra fait ressortir dans un rapport dénonçant les conditions de sa prise en charge : «Les manches étaient trop courtes pour moi tout le temps et une partie des poignets est restée à découvert»

Un autre sida

Alors que l’OMS ne recommandait pas de contrôle à l’arrivée mais prescrivait une prise de température des voyageurs au départ des pays touchés, les Etats-Unis vont renforcer le contrôle des voyageurs en provenance d’Afrique de l’Ouest dans cinq grands aéroports du pays, suite au décès d’un patient atteint d’Ebola dans un hôpital de Dallas (Texas). «Cela va être un long combat (…). Depuis trente ans que je travaille dans la santé publique, la seule chose comparable a été le sida», a déclaré le docteur Tom Frieden, directeur des centres américains de contrôle et de prévention des maladies, lors d’une table ronde à Washington. «Nous devons travailler pour que cette maladie ne soit pas un autre sida», a insisté M. Frieden, estimant que «la vitesse est le levier le plus important» pour lutter.

En effet, «la grande majorité des personnes venant des trois pays les plus touchés par Ebola (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinée, ndlr) seront concernées par ces contrôles complémentaires», a précisé Josh Earnest, porte-parole de la Maison Blanche. Rona Ambrose, la ministre canadienne de la Santé, a également annoncé que ces passagers allaient faire l’objet de contrôles renforcés. Pour la Sierra Leone, «la réponse internationale a été, pour le moment, plus lente que le rythme de transmission de la maladie», a déclaré, en audioconférence depuis Freetown, M. Koroma, lors d’une réunion sur Ebola organisée à Washington par la Banque mondiale. Cela «doit changer», a-t-il ajouté.

Alpha Condé, le président de Guinée, a également appelé à une aide internationale plus importante : «Les efforts doivent être amplifiés, rapides et coordonnés.» Le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Ban Ki-moon, a estimé qu’il fallait «multiplier par 20» l’aide actuelle pour espérer enrayer la maladie. De son côté, la directrice du FMI, Christine Lagarde, a admis qu’il faut «augmenter les déficits pour soigner les gens», soulignant le lourd impact économique de la maladie sur les trois pays les plus touchés (Liberia, Guinée, Sierra Leone) qui étaient jusqu’ici sur de bons rails. Ebola prend aussi le dessus sur le ballon rond.

En effet, en Espagne, des craintes au sein du Rayo Vallecano ont poussé Lass Bangoura, attaquant guinéen de ce club de Liga, à abandonner sa sélection pour regagner Madrid en catastrophe. Et pas que ! Ebola sème aussi la terreur au sein des éliminatoires de la CAN-2015 dont deux matchs  ont été délocalisés à cause des craintes liées au virus : Guinée-Ghana aura lieu à Casablanca (Maroc) et Sierra Leone-Cameroun se jouera à Yaoundé.

Sofia Ouahib et Ryma Maria Benyakoub

Source. El Watan. 

Le plus :  les brèves du Moyen-Orient.

PS. Londres impose des contrôles à tous ses aéroports et dans les terminaux de l’Eurostar.

Hello Brazil and Kong-Kong. Indirect universal suffrage is a fraudulent scheme. C.Y. Leung has lost legitimacy.

So, Brazil is voting for presidential elections. We wish the turnout to be high, as high as the lastest Scottish referendum, because democracy must be a Celebration and Greatly Honored. This is where we come together and resolve peacefully and fairly the matters opposing us. For that reason, each vote, each voice is absolutely essential.

Good luck to all the Brazilian candidates.

One man, one vote, the driving force of  HK’s protesters would never divide the nation, should the basic law in application in functioning democracies came to enforcement.


DSC_0554[1]First, he denied the people of Hong-Kong any right to protest which is a constitutional law Worldwide.

Second, he bowed down on his knees, after Beijing’s orders, to send the police in force with tear gas attacking the young people.

In the meantime, fortunately, fmr Secretary, Anson Chan explained us the ground of the problem. The basic law testifies Beijing is breaching the law. Clearly. She said.

Asked to resign, C.Y. Leung then conceded  to open a path for negotiation. Which kind of negotiation or talks ? Why didn’t he start there ? By the way, universal suffrage is not on  auction or a step by step process. Behind stances like « step by step process », you may find this strangeness going this way : some people of the World are considered inapt or non  adult for the vote.

Now, we are hearing the issuance of an ultimatum from C.Y. Leung directed to the young people on the streets who have untill Tuesday to leave the streets. Business must go on first.

Anson Chan was at the BBC today and she retiterated her points.

Is China breaking the contract ? She was asked. She said without a shadow of the doubt, « YES ». There is more and more Beijing interference and less and less autonomous rights for Hong-Kong. She stressed « Beijing can not give and take away at their pleasure ». « The basic law states black in white that elections must be an open process ».

DSC_0557[1]This is my favorite from Mr Chan (screen captures)  » Election is not a 100% guarantee, except a ripped election.

In France, 2012 presidential election was ripped. And guess what ? The scenario is about to repeat itself in the wake of 2017 next round. You’ll never guess who are behind that past and announced scam. The medias ; particularly the press newspapers. Which brings us back to an assertion underlined times ago « institutions are supposed to protect freedoms of the people and their rights to have a voice in chosing their leaders. What happens when they rigged the game ? » – What  happens when they got corrupt and subjugated to a non-elected obedience or panel : Hong-Kong gov allegiance to Beijing first at your detriment or here in France the collectif of journalists obeying their masters, the press newspapers’ holders who happen to be at random from zionists sphere of influence with its countless ramifications  (1)?

What happens when all the American Congress is under the same superstructure obedience, Israeli held, to the point that the Administration, since G. Bush is lending all the intelligence data to Israel concerning the Middle East so that Israel is  always edging the espionnage and war with American enabling ?

Who is governing in America ? Their congressmen or the zionism superstructure which bends  behaviors, thoughts and minds ? While president Obama is calling to end the unsustainable status quo in Gaza, Netanyahu is responding today in America, inside CNN studios facing Fareed Zakaria, « Israel will not negotiate with Hamas ». Previously, he said « Hamas and Isis were more of the same, including Hezbollah » and probably Iran.

The basic law’s interpretation goes like this for Israel :  you are under our zionism obedience, slavery and dictatorship or you are hunt and fired down.

Yet you may retaliate, those American congressmen are voted by universal suffrage, including their senators, contrary to France, where the indirect universal suffrage applies.

Here you get the point : if universal suffrage is not protecting you from other electoral cheatings, guess the scale of frauds without that minimum guarantee ?

Look, actually, the French press is pushing for the right-wing (not  » right-left » ; sorry) anti-immigration unique presidential programme to win the elections. It has been the game during the european session. Her president is less experienced than the sitting president the press had helped to reach power, lying to the french people, in the morning, in the midday and at noon, each day of the campaign. Even the polls went distorted to accomodate the scam. To give you an idea, it is as if British journalists, all of them, were backing the UKIP (Nigel Farage who even refused to sit with the french far right in the EU parliament) beyond reason to win the next May round.  Just to oppose a possible winning of former president Sarkozy, injustly treated by the medias in 2012 – during the rigged election – It gives you an idea of the  scope of cheatings on the basic law. Yet, right now, France is down in the grave, agonising each day more than the previous one.

Yet again, president Sarkozy’s experience, alike some high french profile politicians leaders, is in no way comparable to the lack of skills from the far-right wing. So what ?

Are French people masochists ? Beijing style like ?

Meanwhile french people are facing Hell in their everyday life. The cost of living is prohibitive, high pricing, low wages, no future in sight, hope has gone, huge unemployment, no banks to lend instead fees, high taxation rates, zero growth along with zero reform. Recently, a British entrepreneur noted this french despair visible bright clear for anyone honnest to see, and was met with criticism. He said « Gare du Nord », the loading point of the Shuttle guidance to UK is a dirty miserable pot never seen elsewhere in the western world ». It gives you an idea of the inquisition within a society ruled by universal suffrage. Imagine places living without universal suffrage or its hijacked  declination. A Great misery indeed.

But the journalists’ pact don’t mind. What matters to them is the show of power in chosing the Prince. As Prince makers, they hold the whole french society in hostages and most of the time backwards, due to their prophylactic measurement stand on the road of excellency. It works like a pestilential scheme. I’m reading the Plague by Albert Camus. Hence, the term « prophylactic measures » to fight the outbreak in Oran (Algeria) were the story took place. Naturally, any resemblance with today’s Ebola reality is a mere coincidence.

Less democracy is the best caution for mediocrity. For instance, the former financial and economic french minister who lamentably failed to deliver is now running as a potential EU fiscal supervisor. The bonus of failure is something you’ll witness only where the basic law is down ruthlessly. Democracy is the only thing that makes people and rulers accountable.

Let’s break away this scam : universal suffrage can’t be indirect. This is contradictory.

It is either one man, one vote or a confiscation of power by a panel acting with strenght and thefts.

With this kind of non democratically elected panel – under indirect universal suffrage solely- how can its president or Secretary, elect, under this sect, be legitime ? I invite you to throw a glance at the new  french Senate President elect, under « indirect universal suffage », the sect.  It is a joke ! I’m talking about the ideology behind the election. The background of the story is even more hilarious.

We have seen the adults joining their voice  with the gov in calling for the returning into normalcy. Which means, business as usual and economy first. The generational gap is an aggravating circumstance. it doesn’t help.

Delaying this Democracy fight to another time, as C.Y. Leung is pressing you to is not a solution. If you miss the opportunity today, then tomorrow or years ahead, it will become more and more difficult.

Freedom can’t wait. It is like the air you breathe. It is like the life you enjoy, a gift of God, not of C.Y. Leung or of Beijing. You are not half-alive, so why could you be half-freedom ?

By the way Money or business are not incompatible with democracy. Beijing can agree on that eventhough, this is not its way of doing business abroad, particularly in Africa, where their favorite game is opacity and cautioning the cheating Constitution of rigging elections in Africa.

This is also a wake-up call to Beijing to change its conception of doing business far away of democracy and transparency.

Allowing Hong-Kong to chose its leaders is common sense and the road of modernity for Beijing also.

Beijing has qualified your revolt as a domestical business for Hong Kong. So the  ball is on C.Y. Leung camp. The choice for him is quite simple : either he quits or agrees with you. Beijing will not kill him twice. He is already dead.

To end with, Democracy is a positive sum game : everybody wins.


Bulgaria was also voting today to renew its parliament

GERB Wins Most Votes in Bulgaria Snap Vote, Seven Parties to Enter Parliament – Exit Poll


(1) One of those ramifications is gay marriage. I didn’t have to mention it and I was not intending either. But, on Monday, see what happens : « Supreme Court Clears Way for Gay marriage in 5 States« . 2 days only after this article. Frankly, gays can get married ; life will continue on Earth, as long as they would be straight couples and babies. So Humanity is not at risk for homosexuality, but because of wars, Ebola’s outbreaks and poverty.  I don’t feel like gay marriage can give insomnia to anyone. Time for it is behind us. It is up to everybody to act inside or around his or her family to save the children. The rest belongs to God’s willing. There are two many divisive issues today that gay marriage, compared to the treacherous road towards bailing eurozone economy out, is a tiny issue.


Ebola, entre la peste et la rage. Nom d’un chien ou d’une antilope !

Ebola va-t-il nous rendre fous ? On n’en est pas encore là. Après le déploiement des hôpitaux mobiles ordonné par Obama et l’envoi de 3 000 militaires Américains dans les pays frappés, le FMI a annoncé 130 millions d’aides ou de prêts à ces mêmes pays. Cela suffira-t-il ? Peu importe, il faut bien commencer  quelque part et, chemin faisant, on trouvera le plan d’ensemble.

Il conviendra d’envisager le problème sous plusieurs angles. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai choisi de me concentrer sur : l’urbanité ou l’aménagement urbain qui m’a inspiré le titre du document que je vous ai annoncé et dont la couverture figure chez Amazon depuis l’annonce. Elle annonce la couleur. La voici.

Les scientifiques veulent remonter au patient zéro. Je leur souhaite bonne chance. Ce qui m’insupporte c’est la mise en cause des animaux et de la forêt africaine un peu comme si les Africains et tout leur territoire étaient bestiaux. Des pestiférés donc. Mon Dieu, depuis la nuit des temps, les hommes chassent les animaux de la forêt pour se nourrir.  Partout dans le monde. A-t-on assisté à leur mort ? Non. Pourquoi la chasse en Europe ne rendrait-elle pas malade ?

Et Astérix et ses sangliers ? Et les tables des Rois de France regorgeant de gibier.

On a incriminé les singes, puis une guérisseuse, puis une antilope et les chauves-souris. On voit bien que cette science-là se nourrit des clichés primitivistes et des thèses colonialistes insupportables. Lorsque le virus du Sida est arrivé, on a tout mis sur le dos des singes et chimpanzés africains. Quelque part en RDC (République Démocratique du Congo). Le contraire aurait été étonnant.

Le lobby gay était déjà influent dans l’underground des milieux politiques, culturels et scientifiques. Le sida est un virus créé avec l’homosexualité masculine. Par la suite, ce virus va exploser avec des rapports sexuels impliquant des déchirures et donc le contact avec le sang. Ce virus est devenu incontrôlable avec l’explosion de l’homosexualité. C’était quand même une coïncidence notoire. Le noter valait condamnation pour homophobie. La science devenait de la Politique. C’est bien après, qu’on a assisté à la contamination chez les hétéros. En Afrique cela s’est soldé par une hécatombe.

Ajourd’hui, avec Ebola, à force de trop se concentrer sur un foyer originel, le virus mute avec des pratiques à risques. On connaît le mode de transmission – par les fluides (sang évidemment, selles, urines, sueurs, salive sûrement) – si vous regardez tout cela, sachant que la Vie tourne autour des fluides et que l’Eau est certainement l’élément vital qui représente le mieux la Vie qui s’écoule, il y a de quoi retenir son souffle.


Une eau contaminée c’est l’horreur absolue. De la même façon que l’eau est propreté et guérison. Au moment où j’écris ces mots, mon esprit s’est envolé vers l’INDE avec la catastrophe de Bhopal – catastrophe industrielle déjà.

J’ai repensé à l’excellent livre  » Il était minuit cinq à Bhopal » – voir ici chez Amazon.

Dans la nuit du 2 au 3 décembre 1984, se produisait dans l’antique cité indienne de Bhopal la plus grande catastrophe industrielle de l’histoire: une fuite de gaz toxiques dans une usine de pesticides, qui fit entre seize et trente mille morts et cinq cent mille blessés…

 Le site est revenu sur cette catastropheCatastrophe de BHOPAL, 26 ans de laisser-aller criminel.

S’est-on penché vers l’eau en Afrique ? A-t-on regardé du côté des différents polluants industriels qui entrent en Afrique, sans contrôle ? Et ceux qui polluent l’environnement, en déversant tout et rien dans les eaux déjà souillées et parfois stagnantes.

La leçon de la catastrophe de Bhopal arrive à la fin du livre comme un boulet : l‘antidote à la mort était l’eau. Tout simplement. Mais de l’eau propre et potable. Au même moment, les scientifiques étaient lancés dans des hypothèses de recherche de vaccins compliqués, alors que la solution était gratuite, simple et à portée de la main.

Pendant que la communauté scientifique cherchait la potion magique, les gens mourraient à la pelle, d’excès de chaleur corporelle, de diarrhées, de déshydration et d’épuisement. La source du virus peut être extraite du virus lui-même. Je ne suis pas scientifique en médécine, mais si la logique nous a appris une chose, c’est que la déduction et l’induction sont des protocoles scientifiques efficaces, quelle que soit la Science d’ailleurs. Derrière la diversité des Sciences, il y a des protocoles en miroir.

Livre sur Ebola – prochainement.