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Where are the $500 billion invested by Kadhafi in the Western societies throught a Lybian found ?

Yesterday, France 3, a french channel reported over an argumented story concerning the funding of former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign in 2007. Camping in the air since another french outlet outed a first document presented as a proof of the transaction between Presidents Kadhafi and SarKozy – the document went dismissed later one as a manufacturing -, the subject is now a walled « Wanted » movie.

So far, the documentary at France 3 is the far-reaching compelling narrative here : arguments are confirmed by many actors belonging to Qaddafi’s inner circle and by those who took part in the scheme at one time or another. Ziad Takkiedine is certainly a pivotal figure, for the whole scenario.

According to a former french parliamentary reconverted into that North/South presidents connection’s businesses – a Lybian Professor in charge of translation inside Gaddafi’s administration will confirm the sayings of the french parliamentary – Gaddafi used to record all the eye-on-eye conversations he has with some elites in what looks like a diary on the table of conversations. Those records were systematically written down and the two materials – the paper and the disk – were stored.

Later, after the Lybian murderer Western croisade, the former parliamentary reconverted into the business was contacted and asked if he wanted to buy some of them.

He then put the contact with the French secret agencies that took over the negociations. The investigation stops here. With the French State espionnage buying some tapes to some crooked Lybians new terrorists squandering the Lybian State memory for their only enrichment.

How to you maintain a state functionning and the continuation of State’s cooperations and the tracking of your money working outside of the country, if your first business is to get rid of this basic capital the colonel has set off. It’s just crazy.

At a certain point of the reportage, we learnt that a journalist from the Figaro got the last interview with the colonel and he was asserting they are the ones who brought Sarkozy into power. And now, the man is just turning his coat. Why ? And why did President Obama gave a helpfull hand to this killing machine ? Against and without the Congress consultation, alledging his Constitutional rights ? Why Hillary fired herself up with this Tripoli-Benghazi horrible trip ? And what about NATO as an entity acting under the UN ? This is something history will tell.

What has emerged from the documentary is :

First. French espionnage agencies may be in possession of the Lybian tapes incriminated in this Ubu like story. The hijacking of a Tiakeddine flight coming from Tripoli to Italy by french air force authorities and forced to land in France before going in Italy and searched throught in a bid to find compromising material  is tellingly here. The importance of those memoirs is capital for the french state’s espionnage and to Lybian and French cooperation. Holding them on is not only to protect French Heads of States’ deals with Colonel Gaddaffi, it also helps to take the whole nation in hostage. If I know your secrets, then I hold you up. In a sense, you are mine. Willingly or not.

At this stage, President Sarkozy’s deal with Gaddafi is no longer about Sarkozy but a french state problem.

Second, the story is insinuating those incontrovertible proof may have been destroyed. At least for their compromising parts.

Third. Many actors with knowledge of the problem have clear-voiced : President Sarkozy asked for $25 million to colonel Gaddafi to fund his 2007 presidential campaign and was given 20. That is for sure, according to many witnesses close to president Gaddaffi.

Previously, before the strikings, Saif, the son of colonel said it loud and clear, prompting the reportage of a journalist aired by France 3. Yesterday night.

Four, and the issue was brought up by the former parliamentary : where are the $500 billion colonel Gaddaffi invested abroad for Lybia in big Western corporations – plus $50 billions in Africa – ? We know that those assets were initially frozen by the EU and the US during the so called « no fly zone » ? Gaddafi has invested nearly in every country in the West. Where is that money ?

So far, only $34 billion have been given back to the National Council of Transition which is still transitioning. For how long ?

Five. When the people is going to elect their leaders, it will be time to put that money on the table and back to Lybian economy. Doing this today will be a great loss ; the size of Iraq with planes bringing back Iraqi’s money, in total disorder, without any accountability and responsible authorities from both side of the transportation : on the departure (USA military base) – inside the flight and on the landing in Iraq.

The last image of that money in Iraq was displayed by a reportage showing a big shorage somewhere on the undergrounds of a state building with nobody around to watch. That money was piled like sand of the beach. You could just have to step by and have a pitch of it. These are the results of Wars sold as War for Democracy. Kleptocracy is end of the road. Crazz.

News from Africa today

The AU is holding a summit today : Centrafrica and South Sudan are center on the agenda.

The problem of African States money stocked in some tax havens places or in multiple banks’ accounts by former African Heads of States and African elites is just lying ahead. Sooner or later, this stolen money  non questionable issue from Africans’ people will hit back. It is no secret for anyone with knowledge of the problem that many top African officials have bought many  luxuruous properties on the West side and are owners of secrets funds of investments outside Africa. Sneak business as usual earning them the protection of Western powers on the detriment of African development.

Ultimately, the global philosophy is this : the more African leaders piled up hijacked money form their countries to West side and hand them off-shore drilling or forage licenses , the more support the West gives them back in holding African into poverty, and the better this will play out in setting off  « the market of poverty » permanently driven by two actors :

– the NGO’s agencies funded by Western powers at the origin of the market of poverty

– Western economies compensating tax havens money taken out of the economy by African uncontrolled funds.

– Western  cooperation agencies.

In exchange for the fundings, those NGO (Non Governmental organisations) are part of the Western Espionage System. 

Africa may dance for the presence of Action contre la Faim to feed its children dying from starvation or malnutrition while their own money is feeding those NGOs, other families elsewhere and boosting economies abroad. The continent shouldn’t : all this global entertainment has got a huge cost. You’re being spied on my dear and kept into poverty with your consent for a long long time.

Otherwise, how do you sense that a country housing a  wonder such as The Taj Mahal is the same place where a child dies every 30  minutes for hunger ?

How do you stand with  the ex so-called first french lady invited by Action contre la Faim in India, lately, after she was fired from the Elysee Palace from gross misconduct ?

Apparently, the trip was planned long time ago and the outcried NGO justified the invitation, advocating the woman invited – ex first girlfriend – was an activist of a long date. Verification : the first girl friend confessed, she got involved in humanitarian businesses only three years ago. In reality  two, coinciding with the moment she entered the Elyseeum Palace with the new french presidente lected .

Action contre la Faim added the trip was paid off by private donors. Clearly, if this is how money for poverty is spent, for propaganda and white parades to impress poor people in India, it is a pity. Those private donors are the same first to queue to complain about high tax rates for their corporations.

And there is even more. How do you cope with those NGOs’s staff hardly hiring local colored place where they are operating. The personel of those NGOs tells everything about the mission and the philosophy behind it, if any. Here is my take, Africa should be more regarding at that particular aspect of the problem, before signing some agreements with the NGOs : the profile of the workers. At least, those NGOs should present 40% of their workers with local attaches dispatched evenly through the chain of commands and execution. This should also be a condition for Western fundings.

Add to that global System the nightmare of zero healthcare in Africa and you have got the explainer of the Eternal Africans’ depossession… inside Africa. Crazz.

The Neger factor

I’ve promised something on the topic, following the last session of music awards when you could see a black drunken singer going rogue along with her husband’s consent to bring more money into the already well packed bank’s account. For the sake of money, a black man is ready to sell his wife and to offense children and ordinary families looking the show at this prime time.

No respect for familial life and for the children thrown agressively with the sex anal performance – something inimaginable inside black families every where in the planet.

No respect for women exposed as meat neither.

No respect for little girls either. By the way, a french parliamentary is asking to forbid the use of tools like photoshop  in the future, to avoid false publicity. He is also asking to look inside the fashion industry over the possibility of extra thin model appearance on stage, not fitting the reality and even dangerous. It is about taking responsibility for health and for the peace of mind of young girls who are starving themselves to sickness, to ressemble those caricatures of women carrying on extreme regime to lose weight. In short, you don’t cure obesity with anorexia.

Respect children eventhough you have never given birth.

The fact is why are black women singers on top of this trend now and, to some extend some Arabs in France ? I will not speak for the Arabic, but for black people. Black people have grown up with the White complex. But, contrary to the Asiatic, when they are imitating the Whites, they will always do it the ugliest poorest way. In the 80’s China, Korea and some African nations were economically tied as weak economies. 40 years later, China is landing on the Moon, the economy is second in the World by power. And China is now an industrial actor in Africa. Chinese was a ancient civilisation with strong benchmarks.

South korea is high tech performing and displaying high standards for its education System.

The problem with black people and Africans is the lack of discipline first and the disappearance of authentic values. Black people are kind of empty pot any wise man can fill with nearly anything ; the good and the bad for, black culture has thrown away all the barriers and have replaced them by money.

Mothers and families in Africa have got no problem prostituting their girls, no matter their age. They even find it normal placing a huge burden on the shoulders of those girls and women who are now in charge of the boys and men of the family. The next stage was men prostitution standing today as gay civil rights asking marriage with proud.

Each black man can  kill a member of his family, get sorcerer and will not stop at anything to get money and recognition. There is a huge problem of identity inside  black people’s communities in the World. Some African living abroad are now poisoned by their own members of  families during their vacancies in Africa and no inquiry or autopsy are conducted.

Doing it all white and only that is the upper consecration. That’s why you still got no EMI Black owner for instance. That is why black people seem to be born to fit a second-class pattern : they tend to be followers than leaders, slaves than initiators adjusting themselves to cliches than changing paradigma actors.

Doing what Madonna did in the 80-90’s like a Virgin is out of reach. Copy and copy and copy. Worst, tasteless pastiches.

One you can draw down this generic pattern, you catch 80% of black people diaspora’s weaknesses or soumission out of Africa and, inside Africa, poverty, underdevelopment are rooted in the same pot : the White African Malediction. Chains have disppeared physically but still remain elsewhere. How many generations of black people worldwide would be lost until black people are there ? At last.

Here is a revolutionary proposal for African nation.

What about puting in place a salary for mothers. Kind of family salary indexed on  80% of the minimum wage, to begin with. This could be a prelude for a revolutionary wellfare State granting social benefits to each family with children in the World, initiated and experimented in Africa. By the way, international aid could be profitable in supporting this kind of agenda. At the time when we are talking about eradicating poverty (and polio) by 2020, sustainable development, principle of prevention, this is an interesting point cutting down hunger for instance and poverty on which gay marriage couples looking for children are counting for their future adoptions. All this to the dismay of the Right of Children.

Another problem Africa could and should stand across.

Child prostitution and HIV contamination may also be impacted down. A salary for mothers, while not being the panacea, could be a strong remedy. For the better and not for the worst as it is usually the case in Africa.

Africa make these dreams yours. Take Action to make them true.