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The State of the Union. Economically speaking and tested.

Christine Lagarde
Picture. The IMF.

Managing Director Christine Lagarde’s (Picture) Opening Remarks for the United States 2016 Article IV Press Conference.

June 22, 2016

Welcome to all of you for this briefing on the 2016 United States Article IV Consultation. By now, you will have seen our concluding statement which covers the range of fiscal policies, monetary policy, and the financial sector.

At the outset, I would like to emphasize we think that the U.S. economy is in good shape, despite some setbacks in very recent months. Unemployment is well below 5 percent, in the past year an average of 200,000 new jobs were created every month, and household incomes are rising at a healthy clip.

Having said this, today we will look beyond the important recent achievements and look forward to what will be needed to ensure strong, sustained and balanced growth in the years ahead. I would highlight in particular “four forces” that pose a challenge to future growth.

What are those four forces? Declining labor force participation, falling productivity growth, polarization in the distribution of income and wealth, and high levels of poverty in the U.S. Let me elaborate.

First, labor force participation is declining.

  • The U.S. population is aging and, as a result, a smaller share of the population will be active in the labor force in the coming years.
  • The workforce makes up the backbone of the U.S. economy. Mitigating the effects of population aging on labor supply and demand should therefore be a priority – both here in the U.S. but also in many of the advanced economies.

Second, productivity growth has also declined.

  • It has fallen from 1.7 percent in the decade prior to 2007 to 0.4 percent in the past five years.
  • Much of the gains in average per capita incomes in the 20 years before the financial crisis were from gains in productivity, innovation, and efficiency.
  • The fall in productivity growth seems, at least in part, to be linked to falling dynamism both in the U.S. labor markets and in the formation of new and productive enterprises.

Third, the distribution of income and wealth has steadily become more and more polarized. This is a double edged sword.

  • On the one hand, since 2000 around one quarter of a percent of the population has moved from earning close to the median income to earning 1.5 or more times the median. This is a good thing and has raised living standards for those families.
  • On the other hand, though, more than 3 percent of the population has moved into the group that earns less than half of the median income. For that group, economic insecurity and flat real incomes have resulted in either a stagnation or decline in living standards.
  • Our calculations suggest that since 1999, this polarization of the income distribution has knocked around 3½ percent off of badly needed consumer demand. That is around one year’s consumption over a period of 15 years.

Fourth, the share of the population living in poverty is at very high levels.

  • The latest data shows almost 15 percent of Americans—or 46.7 million people—living in poverty.1 Poverty is even higher for certain minority groups; for single parent (and particularly female-headed) households; for children; and for those with disabilities.
  • With such a large share of the population living below the poverty line, this undoubtedly is an important macroeconomic issue.
  • Not only does poverty create significant social strains, it also eats into labor force participation, and undermines the ability to invest in education and improve health outcomes. By holding back economic and social mobility, it creates an inter-generational persistence of poverty.

All in all, our assessment is that, if left unchecked, these four forces—participation, productivity, polarization, and poverty—will corrode the underpinnings of growth (both potential and actual) and hold back gains in U.S. living standards.

What are the policies needed to counter these “forces”? We have outlined a range of possible options. Let me highlight a few:

  • Policies need to help lower income households – including through a higher federal minimum wage, more generous earned income tax credit, and upgraded social programs for the nonworking poor.
  • There is a need to deepen and improve the provision of reasonable benefits to households to give incentives for work, raise the labor supply, and to support families. This should include paid family leave to care for a child or a parent, childcare assistance, and a better disability insurance program. I would just note that the U.S. is the only country among advanced economies without paid maternity leave at the national level and U.S. female labor force participation is 12 percent lower than that for men. Sensible skills-based immigration reform could also raise the labor supply and boost productivity.
  • Boosting productivity growth is another policy imperative. Productivity gains must inherently be based in the private sector. But public policies can help. A better tax system, efforts toward more trade integration, better infrastructure, a stronger and more vocationally oriented education system would all support higher productivity growth.

None of this is easy. However, there are many good ideas out there as to how best to address these issues. And that provides a strong foundation for progress.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that the near-term U.S. growth prospects are good despite the recent temporary setbacks. We think that growth should be 2.2 percent this year and higher still in 2017. And by countering the “four forces” I have just described, I am confident that the U.S. can remain on the frontier of innovation and opportunity.

So with that, I am happy to take your questions. Thank you.

1 The poverty rate is measured via income thresholds adjusted for household size and composition. Thresholds vary from $15.379 for a 2-person household to $24.230 for a 4-person household. Source: Income and Poverty in the United States: 2014, U.S. Census, September 2015.

Source. The IMF.

California, Bernie Sanders and Mr. Trump. And Somalia + Mexiiiiico!

On Febuary 24th, 2016, we wrote : IF NOT SANDERS THEN MR. TRUMP. HERE WE ARE.

Bingo !

« Game on. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary » (Bernie Sanders).

« It was Bernie Sanders’ turn to go on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday one night after Donald Trump sat down with the late-night talk show host. Passing along a question from Sanders, Kimmel had asked the Republican presidential candidate if he would debate Sanders. Trump said yes. “Game on,” Sanders tweeted.

Game on. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary.

Sanders had hoped to debate Hillary Clinton in California, but she backed out of her agreement to a debate before the Golden State’s June 7 primary election. Sanders called that “kind of an insult to the people of the largest state.”

During his stop at the Los Angeles studio, Sanders also talked about Clinton’s lead among so-called superdelegates — elected officials and party leaders. More than 400 superdelegates endorsed Clinton even before the White House campaign began. Sanders called that “pretty absurd and undemocratic.”

Listen Bernie Sanders on debating Trump.

Bernie Sanders for President

California, here we come. A shocking new poll just came out that shows us just TWO POINTS back from Secretary Clinton in California’s June 7 primary.

California Poll (May 13-22)
Public Policy Institute of California

Hillary Clinton: 46%
Bernie Sanders: 44%

The first poll of this primary in California had us losing the state by 53 percent. Now we’re within striking distance of winning the most delegates in a single state of this entire election.

Winning California would send an unmistakable message to the political establishment and the Democratic convention, and that’s why we have to ask for your help in two ways:



Make no mistake: every vote we earn, delegate we secure, and state we win is an affirmation of the progressive values shared by our political revolution. That’s why we’re going to have thousands of volunteers knocking on doors and making calls this weekend, and why we’re going to work hard towards the final FEC deadline of our primary next week.

Bernie wants to see California in our win column. I do too.

Do you?

Yes, I can volunteer to call California voters for Bernie this weekend.

Yes, I can contribute $3 to Bernie’s campaign to help win California.

Five more states also vote with California, and we’re going to fight to win there too. Let’s keep our political revolution going all the way to the convention.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



IMF Managing Director Approves Staff-Monitored Program for Somalia

Press Release No. 16/248
May 27, 2016

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved on May 16, 2016 a Staff-Monitored Program (SMP) for the Federal Republic of Somalia, covering the period of May 2016–April 2017.1

Somalia is recovering slowly from nearly 25 years of civil war. Weak institutional capacity, complex clan politics, and a challenging security situation have complicated the country’s economic reconstruction. As a result, social and economic conditions remain dire. With continued support from the international community and key donors, the Federal Government of Somalia has initiated important reforms to lay the foundation for the country’s economic reconstruction. To help Somalia’s economic reconstruction efforts and establish a track record on policy and reform implementation, the authorities have requested an IMF SMP.

Go ahead with the reading at the IMF website.




IMF Executive Board Approves New Two-Year US$88 Billion Flexible Credit Line Arrangement with Mexico

Press Release No. 16/250
May 27, 2016

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a successor two-year arrangement for Mexico under the Flexible Credit Line (FCL) in an amount equivalent to SDR 62.389 billion (about US$88 billion) and canceled the previous arrangement (SDR 47.292, about US$67 billion). The Mexican authorities stated their intention to treat the arrangement as precautionary.

The FCL was established on March 24, 2009 as part of a major reform of the Fund’s lending framework (see Press Release No. 09/85). The FCL is designed for crisis prevention purposes as it provides the flexibility to draw on the credit line at any time. Disbursements are not phased nor conditioned on compliance with policy targets as in traditional IMF-supported programs. This flexible access is justified by the very strong track records of countries that qualify for the FCL, which gives confidence that their economic policies will remain strong.

Mexico’s first FCL arrangement was approved on April 17, 2009 (see Press Release No. 09/130), and successor arrangements were approved on March 25, 2010 (see Press Release No. 10/114), January 10, 2011 (see Press Release No. 11/4), November 30, 2012 (see Press Release No. 12/465), and November 26, 2014 (seePress Release No. 14/543).

Following the Executive Board’s discussion on Mexico, Mr. David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair, issued the following statement:

“Mexico’s macroeconomic policies and policy frameworks remain very strong. Monetary policy is guided by an inflation-targeting framework in the context of a flexible exchange rate. Fiscal policy is underpinned by the fiscal responsibility law, and the authorities are committed to a consolidation path that would put the public debt-to-GDP ratio on a downward trajectory over the medium term. The financial regulatory and supervisory framework is strong. Medium-term growth should benefit from a range of ongoing structural reforms.

“The Mexican economy has shown impressive resilience to a slowdown in world growth in recent years. Economic activity is growing at a steady pace, inflation is low and stable, and the financial system is sound. Nevertheless, Mexico’s economy remains exposed to external risks, give its close ties with the global economy. Downside risks to global growth have risen, and volatility in global financial markets has increased. The new arrangement under the Flexible Credit Line (FCL), with a higher level of access, will continue to play an important role in supporting the authorities’ macroeconomic strategy by providing insurance against greater external risks and bolstering market confidence.

“The authorities remain committed to enhancing Mexico’s resilience to external shocks further through steady implementation of the fiscal consolidation plans, continued anchoring of inflation expectations, gradual rebuilding of reserve buffers, and strong oversight of the domestic financial system. The authorities do not intend to make permanent use of the FCL. As global risks facing emerging markets recede, they intend to reduce access under the FCL in the future, with a view to phasing out Mexico’s use of the instrument.”

Source. The IMF.

Blacks’ Retreat. American stained blood and the bathroom’s parody. Oraculous Speech.


Black people unilaterally surrendered their history of fighting for justice since Barack Obama won Iowa caucuses in 2008.

From the moment it became clear that he could become president there was no amount of contempt or indifference from him that would dissuade millions of people from giving him unquestioned support.

The federal agency which is so useless in getting justice for black people directed public schools to allow use of restrooms which match students’ gender identity. Meanwhile black people are still killed with impunity if vigilantes like Zimmerman want them dead. There is no attempt to break new ground or even to use precedent in prosecuting killers of black people while other issues are pushed to the forefront of presidential action and media attention.

Zimmerman woul be in jail if Barack Obama wanted him to be.

Black people, so easily hoowinked if they fear any risk to Obama’s political fortunes, demanded nothing when Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Martin. It was enough for the gullible to hear Obama say that if he has a son he would look like Trayvon. Neither Zimmerman nor the murderers of Michael Brown, or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice had anything to fear from federal prosecution. The excuse that the bar for prosecution must be high is just that, an excuse.

There is nothing new about people being transgender or using the restrooms they choose. They have been doing so for years. In contrast, black peple risk death constantly just because they exist in this society. Driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance can get them killed. Yet Obama’s FBI doesn’t even maintain a record of killings committed by the police.

While other groups can count on media attention and public policy to address their needs and rights, black people languish at the bottom of American society, victimized physically, politically and economically and without any redress.

White supremacy is the constant in the United States. Groups ranging from LGBT community to the obese to the disabled can count on sympathy and official action to address their needs. Black people find themselves in the opposite position. There is no amount of injustice which triggers official action on their behalf.

Anyone who ever used a public bathroom has done so with transgendered people. Let others fight over foolishness. The demand for justice and the battle for self-determination must continue. No one else would do so on our behalf.

Excerpts of Transgender Rights But No Rights For Black People – OpEd – Margaret Kimberley.

This text is essential to understand why black people are still voting for Hillary. They have abdicated the fight and their rights.


Black is so beautiful. Every flatitude would like to buy a butt. Desperates nakedness is spoiling and tarnishing Cannes red carpet right now. Art and Cinema are being captured by sons of bitches and desperates bitches.

Black is beautiful. Bare foot have been popularized by Cesaria Evoria and Yannick Noah. Then you got the pasticher broom in Cannes. Ah ah ah. White supremacy is about taking black morphology and way of living on their account. When you don’t have rats behind you to copy the color of the outfits you are buying in the market place or insider cameras to spy and steal the color of your robes to pastiche, you have laughable butts pushed behind as if the « model » was about to go to the WC. Uglyness is beautiful. Lol.  Ridiculous and Pathetic to see small balls and suckers obsession. Cannes is the big prostitute which is going to kill this festival, once noble and respected. Sequence of laugh.

Degradation, vandalism, drugs, prostitution and tax evasions are big money drivers.


IMF Mission Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Financial Assistance under Three-Year Stand-By Arrangement with Iraq

Press Release No. 16/231
May 19, 2016

End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, staff will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, will be presented to the IMF’s Executive Board for discussion and decision.

The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have reached a staff-level agreement on a request for a 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). Under the arrangement, and subject to the approval of the IMF executive board, Iraq could have access to IMF credit amounting to SDR 3.894 billion (about US$5.4 billion) subject to the finalization of the macroeconomic framework and financing assurances. Iraq’s previous US$3.7 billion (200 percent of quota) SBA approved in February 2010 expired on February 23, 2013. Iraq received a $1.2 billion disbursement under the Rapid Financing Instrument in July 2015.

Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement today in Amman:

“Iraq has been hit hard by the conflict with ISIS and the precipitous fall in oil prices. The ongoing armed conflict with ISIS continues to strain the country’s resources and is resulting in new waves of internally displaced people, now reaching over 4 million. The steep fall in oil prices is causing a large external shock to the balance of payments and budget revenue, which depend predominantly on oil export receipts.

“To address the urgent balance of payments need, the Iraqi authorities and IMF staff have agreed on a three-year program of economic and financial policies that will bring spending in line with the lower level of oil prices and ensure debt sustainability. The program also includes measures to protect the poor, strengthen public financial management, enhance financial sector stability, and curb corruption. The Iraqi authorities deserve the support of the international community in the implementation of these policies.

“The IMF Board could consider the three-year SBA once agreed prior actions have been implemented, in June or July.

“During the mission the team met with the Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari, Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Ali Allaq, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministries of finance, oil, planning, electricity, the CBI, and representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Board of Supreme Audit, and pension commission. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”


Press Release: IMF Staff Completes 2016 Article IV Mission to Barbados

Plus –  Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil (there is a new gov, following Temer Putsch to destitute Dilma R.), Spain, Ukraine, Greece, London, Suriname, Eurogroup meeting, G7 Finance Minister to come in Japan.

Transcript of a Press Briefing with Gerry Rice, Director, Communications Department

Washington, D.C.
Thursday, May 19, 2016


EGYPTIAN CRASH –  EgyptAir Confirms Wreckage Found in Mediterranean Is from Missing Flight MS804 – 

« The reason for the crash which occurred in perfect weather conditions and soon after the plane entered Egyptian airspace, remained unclear as of Thursday night ».


The White Black House response to the Black presidence illusion

First, the president is dancing – as usual – with a grandma – that is me dying to meet with Him, the Lord I saved from a planned burial in 2012. Romney and the helpless medias know about this story they are repeating in chorus this time in 2016.

The too-big-to-fail Clinton is going to fail. New times require new leadership :people assuming what they are in private.

After Kim text – read above – I

New York, another rigged election after Arizona. The fight is only beginning.


The Urban Street guerilla and ambushes defining New York may have well hit a new low: U.S. Errors, voter purging raise questions about integrity of NY primary.

For Clinton to win, something has to go wrong. Definitely. And you call her a Winner. A Big Shame. Those are people calling the Congolese president, Sassou Nguesso, or the Burundese, dictators. Indeed, we need glasses to fix our selfies.


To begin with. I’m deeply honored to be part of Bernie Sanders Political Revolution. This happens once in a lifetime. This is History in the making.

Following the previous post, let’s wrap it up for precision, for History and for a better comprehension.


His figures show it. When he loses, it is by a small margin. When he wins, the margin is explosive. A closer look shows that Bernie Sanders has lost less than he has WON. On the other side, Hillary has lost more than she has won. This applies not only on the figures, but also on the mood, the dynamic and the format of the campaign.

Election results go by portions.

From 1 to 5%.

then from 5% to 10.

Then, 10+ to 25%. You start being eligible.

Then 25 to 40 %. You become electable. This is the WALL. See the graph below.

Then 40% to 55%. You are strong enough to win everywhere, under any circumstances, including into sandy territories.

60% to 80 and so forth. You are Great !



First, black voters  electorate are pro-Clinton. Mainly the undergraduated, discriminated, poor or politicians. You can not fight against it. We know why for the politicians, they will vote like their whites counterparts : IN FEAR TO LOOSE THEIR POLITICAL CASH AND JACKPOT.

⇒Stand with Al Franken: Add your name in support of his bill to permanently ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists >>

For the others, there is a communication principle stating that people of less knowledge or lower categories are encline to resist changing their mind than the high educated ones. It is about exercising their critical mind. May be when you have misunderstood the Hegel principle balancing thesis, antithesis to reach synthesis, a dot will go on missing in your comprehension.

Black people vote as Africans. By habit, by reflexes. It is simple for them not to engage further. Their vote reflects their position in the World : static. Their vote is a reconduction of their fear to make history or to write another one. Yes, I may surprise you, the punctum – the uncontrolled part or the unconscious part of a picture – inside Gap’s late ad, picturing a white girl posing with her hand on the shoulder of a static black girl bearing the mention « love » on her sweat is a correct description of the lines of strenght. I’m giving them the point here easily. They nailed it, but, they should have written a subtitle to explain that, if this was their first intention, in order to avoid confusion.

Black voters pack is about « loving Hillary ».

Black voters going Sanders are this part I’m interesting in, for sending a message of hope to the Black men and women in the World. I have to say to them : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING TO FIGHT FOR A NEW ERA IN POLITICS AND NEW CLASS OF POLITICIANS. THANK YOU SPIKE LEE.


Some simple minds could react equalizing Hillary’s voters to static people. Whereas this is true for the black people the Worldwide – including immigrants in Europe – lacking the same courage and spirit of adventure, for the others voters, there is one word frequently used to characterize Hillary’s voters : Pragmatics.

Pragmatism is status quo. Pragmatism is conservatism. That is why GOP’s voters, including the KKK voted for Hillary in the South. If America is a nation of Pragmatics only, then everything is lost.

But what is this pragmatism about ? Note that those are the same people who are jailed in masses, killed massively, excluded, unemployed, discriminated against… they are the scapegoats of the rotten System they support. Crazy in love ? For sure.

Yesterday I asked to myself and to you : « Did we come short because of the lack of pragmatism in NY ? What would have been that pragmatism knowing that we are at odds with the Philosophy of the Temple of New York reflects on the former Secretary running with Wall-Street billionaires money.

There is no way you can keep taking billionaire money, and pretending doing something against their impitoyable philosophy ».

If pragmatism is adjusting to the ill-forces or strenghts in presence on the ground, I’m asking to myself and to you, how do we heal the people and the planet ? How do we bring about peace and solidarity among the people ? How do we topple King Money ?

At this stage, I’m recalling Prince’s legacy in this presidential debate :



If pragmatism is adjusting to this INVISIBLE GUNS VIOLENCE, no thank you. Wall Street 2008 crisis and code of misconducts have led to millions homeless and indebted Americans and to millions of bankruptcies around the World. Not the mention suicides. The Financial Industry is a Criminal Industry and black voters are coping with that silent killer.

American diplomacy going full wary hand by hand with NATO has come closer to being the first promotor of the armament industry. Arms of mass destruction.

⇒ Tell Congress: Audit the Pentagon.

That is where the equality created by the New York Mayor between his credentials and Hillarys’, between the State and the Federal records, have obliterated the former US chief of diplomacy files abroad. He came out promoting the former Senator of the State records.

In doing so, New York guerilla system like recaptured the scene and the scenario. Bill de Blasio and Elisabeth Warren – I was discussing about them yesterday on my kitchen table, hence her actuality today where you know – at the keyholes and nanotech spies – have taken position in favor of Hillary, at the last minute. I was the first to be surprise. Clearly. Politics is a strange World. Having campaigned for Bill de Blasio for NY Mayoral and expressed my support to the Mayor during its crisis with the NYDP, how could I condemn his support for Hillary ? I’m giving him the point here as the best specialist of streets ambush. This is New York pragmatism. Far remote from the Political Revolution in which Transparency is a value, freedom also.

NY Mayor is free to choose who he is going to support, but look at the entire panel of politicians today. They are frozen by fears of retaliation from the rotten system if they back anti-establishment candidates. This is a proof of our system of invisible guns. A senator or a House politician backing either Trump or Sanders will be fired by the party.

Our policitians are dogs and puppets. How can they think bold or be creative? Everything there is secretive and chains and compromissions. This is devastating.

My son asked me yesterday, why it took Bernie Sanders so long to run for the White House? God is never late. America was not ready. Now it is.

I BELIEVE AMERICA IS READY FOR A NEW PATH TO THE FUTURE. I BELIEVE THIS VERY STRONGLY (Bernie Sanders) – Read below why Bernie Sanders is running.

That is why, personally, as an intellectual and as the initiator of this New Humanity Project we are entering in – and that is why dinosaurs are running fire to survive but there is no chance they will – I’m deeply honored to participate in the building of this New World besides Bernie Sanders Political Revolution.

Fighting the devil and evil out or getting them under control to stop their harmful job motivated by the quest of gold only is an inevitable step. It is even the first.


Bernie Sanders for President

When we started this campaign, I emailed my supporters and said, « This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders. It’s about a grassroots movement of Americans standing up and saying: ‘Enough is enough. This country and our government belong to all of us, not just a handful of billionaires.’ »

I believe that now more than ever.

We still have a path to the nomination, and our plan is to win the pledged delegates in this primary. Next week five states vote, and there are A LOT of delegates up for grabs. I am going to keep fighting for every vote, for every delegate, because each is a statement of support for the values we share. That’s why I have to ask:

Can I count on you to add a $2.70 contribution to our campaign – right now – to help us win this primary and as a way of saying you will never stop fighting for the ideas that have powered our political revolution?

The truth is that if we stand together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. We can bring hope to the political process. We can make real change. People should not underestimate us.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders



From: Bernie Sanders
Date: April 30, 2015
Subject: Are you with me?

I am writing to inform you that I will be a candidate for President of the United States. I ask for your support.

Add your $2.70 contribution in support of our campaign.

For many months I have been traveling from coast to coast across our country, and have had the opportunity to meet with thousands of good, hard-working, and remarkable people. Like you and me, they are deeply concerned about the future of our country.

They wonder why they are working longer hours for lower wages. They worry about whether their kids will be able to afford college or get decent jobs. They fear that they may not have the savings to retire with dignity and security.

The challenges facing our country are enormous.

It’s not just that, for forty years, the middle class has been disappearing. It’s that 99% of all new income is going to the top 1%, and the grotesque level of wealth and income inequality today is worse than at any time since the late 1920s. The people at the top are grabbing all the new wealth and income for themselves, and the rest of America is being squeezed and left behind.

The disastrous decisions of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case and in other related decisions are undermining the very foundations of American democracy, as billionaires rig the system by using their Super PACs to buy politicians and elections.

And the peril of global climate change, with catastrophic consequences, is the central challenge of our times and our planet.

The middle class in America is at a tipping point. It will not last another generation if we don’t boldly change course now.

After a year of travel, discussion and dialogue, I have decided to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. But let’s be clear. This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders. It’s about a grassroots movement of Americans standing up and saying: « Enough is enough. This country and our government belong to all of us, not just a handful of billionaires. »

Our movement needs people like you involved to help it succeed. Add your $2.70 contribution in support of our campaign.

I run not to oppose any man or woman, but to propose new and far-reaching policies to deal with the crises of our times. And I run because I know we must change course now, or risk losing the future for so many to the interests of so few.

A successful national campaign is a massive undertaking, especially when we will be heavily outspent. It will require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community in our country. In fact, it will require nothing less than a political revolution which combats the demoralization and alienation of so many of our people from the political process.

Let me be very honest. It may be too late to stop the billionaire class from trying to buy the Presidency and Congress. The forces of greed already may be too powerful.

But we owe it to our children and grandchildren to try. We owe it to them to make the fight and, through the power of our numbers, turn back this assault on the foundation of our democracy and our future.

We are at a moment of truth. We need to face up to the reality of where we are as a nation, and we need a mass movement of people to fight for change.

I believe America is ready for a new path to the future.

On May 26th I will formally launch our campaign at the City Hall in Burlington, Vermont, where I served as Mayor.

I ask you to join with me in our campaign for President of the United States.


Senator Bernie Sanders



You may have noticed this on the air. It comes out also from my kitchen table discussions with my son and from this website : the new golden river for all, especially for my detractors. They come here to pick gold and thereafter, they try to defame me. Meanwhile they have settled themselves into my flat. Poor them. The next day, their smelling activity will inspire some articles or pictures to go on with the smell.

Queen, the singer and The Great Pretender. A reference used here time and time again. A pity after a reference is stated here, he became THE reference for all and forever. This is inculture and laziness in process resting on one strenght : institution. It goes far beyond « repeat after me » or « follow me ». It is parasitage turned into (stolen) Heritage.

The Queen family. A reference to The George County (Maryland) – Prince George, Charlotte. Atlanta…Positive co-productivity. Those familiar to this website have it all.

Elisabeth Warren and De Blasio. Read above.

What about Harriet Tubman $20 if I was not posting my pictures here consistently angering the entire « self imposed groundless elected or selected people ».

Hitler last picture – apparently – is on the air. Those two or three latest days, I have been watching the « Dictator » by Chaplin, a real Big Man and Actor.  All of the sudden, Hitler is first on the media’s choice. Cheaters got no limits.

Winning by cheating is the path to nowhere. Taking it and running away with is below evertyhing.

People of influence ? Di Caprio. Guess Who advocated for him to be honored ? But those people are enchained, imprisoned and ingrats. Take it and don’t say thank you. I’ve praised Hollywood for following my advise and I’m still doing it. I know about elegance. This is a french positive forgotten trend.

One way or another, those people are automats and impostors. Forceably, their best mode of expression is violence. How do you get rid of violence in this World, if you play games without JUSTICE FOR ALL ?

End of the day. If Pragmatism is adjusting to the Status quo and the global system of fear, led by invisible guns, small tactics of frauds, plagiarism, thefts, gangsterism, streets guerilla – the entire mediatic class is against me and concentrating their fire on me and Bernie Sanders. Guess why ? Those are the ill strenghts pragmatism demands to adhere in. No thank you.

I’m attacking nobody, but if you attack, you may be a thousand as today’s web platforms or one, I will answer. Fear is not my bread. Smallness is not my horizon. Thieves or watching the neighbor behind keyholes or looking at his belongings with envy, is  not my philosophy of LIFE.

If this is the pragmatism to embrace in order to win election, it is precisely what the story of this campaign is about. Concentrating fire is not a problem, what is laughable is all the medias, the financial industry, and others industries, the political class, all of them are against a Political Revolution and who ever is writing on this. Ask yourself why and how this can be, unless there is a hidden pact, factor or Master to submit to (1).

Ask yourself, why some are resorting to untold languages, subliminal or hidden persuasion and propaganda.

The conspiracy of silence is the new Omerta. If you are not with them, you are contemtiple.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers,

The CEO of Verizon makes almost $20 million a year in compensation. He leads one of the most profitable companies in the country.

Yet Verizon wants to take away employees’ health benefits. Verizon wants to outsource decent-paying jobs. Verizon wants to avoid paying federal income tax. And right now, Verizon is refusing to sit down and negotiate a fair contract with its employees.

In other words, Verizon is just another major American corporation trying to destroy the lives of working Americans. But this time, Verizon’s employees are fighting back.

Thousands of very brave employees of Verizon and Verizon Wireless are on strike until they can get a fair contract. They made a very difficult decision that puts their families at risk — but it’s a choice they made to stand up for justice against corporate greed.

I’m asking you today to stand up and tell the CEO of Verizon that you think Verizon employees deserve a fair contract that protects health benefits, guarantees fair pay, and stops outsourcing. Click here to add your name in support of Verizon employees.


Twice last week in New York City I stood with Verizon workers in the streets. I did so because they’re doing something very brave: they’re standing up not just for themselves, but for the millions of Americans who don’t have a union.

The working class of this country deserves to earn decent wages, decent benefits, and not see their jobs go to low-wage countries.

Verizon’s CEO doesn’t think that. He called me « contemptible » for saying that his employees need a fair contract, and that Verizon should pay its fair share in federal income taxes.

What I think is contemptible is CEOs with multi-million dollar compensation packages, presiding over extremely profitable companies, and still refusing to give their employees fair contracts.

Corporate greed is a scourge on this country, and it will take all of us standing up for justice in order to rein it in. One significant way you can stand up to corporate greed is by standing with Verizon employees who are out on strike.

Add your name and say you support Verizon employees who are standing up to the CEO in order to get a fair contract with health benefits, fair pay, and job protections.

Corporate America is slowly beginning to realize that they cannot have it all. Thanks for helping them know it.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


Oh my God, New York used to be the vanguard of Culture and Innovation. What had happened to this Far-sighting city is heartbreaking.

Anyway, people deserve their leadership. Oh Yes ! Where are Polanski and Woody Allen. They have failed NY and got its spirit distorted.

Finally, here is the truth : the people of New York didn’t simply vote for the so-called winner. In fact the Thief-in-chief.  We are in the 21st century and America is cheating with the citizens vote’s rights. America ? The first democracy on Earth to export in Iraq? in Lybia? in Syria? in Afghanistan ? in Cuba ? and worldwide ? Can’t believe the next president of the US could be elected using  frauds and frauds and frauds. Shame, shame, shame.



(1) – The Freemason website have been hacked and the files are revealing that a shadow government is leading the so-called New World order. Read the French outlet L’Obs – via Yahoo. I told you, God is never late. The Panama Papers are still hiding US tax evaders. This story is not finished yet. Just at the New York and Arizona.

You understand the conspiracy of silence and the Omerta.

This is the moment of Truth. Technologies of Information and Communications need a regulation, the size of Wall Street, before it is too late.

Cybercriminality is the next biggest field of Terrorism.


Bernie Sanders for President

Since our campaign started fifty-one weeks ago, we’ve been through a lot together, Elise – to say the least. As we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the political establishment, Wall Street, super PACs, and the billionaire class, I want to remind you of something.

The media likes to portray this as a fair fight on even footing. They seem to forget that when we started our campaign on April 30, we barely registered in the polls. We didn’t have a political organization, we didn’t have millionaires waiting in the wings. Quite frankly, we didn’t have a whole lot. And then millions of people came together in a political revolution.

The latest national poll average shows us just 1.4 percent behind Secretary Clinton. We’ve erased a 55-point advantage she once held over our campaign. That is really quite something.

Can Bernie count on you to make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today to help us win, and as a way of saying YOU WILL NEVER STOP FIGHTING for the values we share?


RealClearPolitics graph: Bernie Sanders closes the gap with Hillary Clinton
A closer look shows that Bernie Sanders has lost less than he has WON. On the other side, Hillary has lost more than she has won. In plain language, Hillary is losing as much as Bernie is winning.


The graph you see above of our national polling average is something nobody ever thought possible. More and more Americans hear about Bernie Sanders, and they like what they hear. Let’s keep working hard for our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



This is big: Senators Al Franken and Michael Bennet have introduced a bill to BAN the corrupting practice of former members of Congress becoming big money lobbyists.

A rapidly rising number of ex-members of Congress are cashing in by becoming well-paid lobbyists – 45% of those who left the 2014 Congress and took another job, according to a recent study by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Public service should be for the public good – not an audition for a lavish lifestyle as a corporate lobbyist. Click here to tell Congress to pass the Close the Revolving Door Act immediately.

Members of Congress can get more than a 10 times pay raise as lobbyists. With their insider connections, they’re a key part of the armies of lobbyists corporations use to rig the game in their favor.

A Senator or Representative thinking about starting a well-paid lobbying career after retirement isn’t likely to take tough votes benefiting the public but opposed by special interests that might hire them later.

Tell Congress to pass Sen. Franken’s bill to stop members of Congress getting rich off their “public service” careers by becoming lobbyists.

The Close the Revolving Door Act has even more good features than banning members of Congress becoming lobbyists. It also:

  • Increases penalties for breaking the Lobbying Disclosure Act
  • Extends the ban on congressional staff becoming lobbyists, from only one year to six
  • Gives the public better online access to information about who lobbies Congress

It’s not complicated: Serving in Congress shouldn’t be a tryout for a career as a lobbyist.

Sign here if you agree:


Kurt Walters
Campaign Director
The Rootstrikers project at Demand Progress


Cory Booker for Senate

Mbock – Read Cory’s email and then take action to demand Congress restore the Voting Rights Act. Click here to sign the petition!

On April 21, 2016 Cory Booker wrote:


Since the Supreme Court overturned critical sections of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, for the first time in more than half a century, our country will now hold a presidential election with a weakened Voting Rights Act that won’t be able to protect the rights of many citizens. We MUST restore the Voting Rights Act to protect this precious right.

Will you join me and call on Congress to do the right thing and restore the Voting Rights Act?

As voters across the country head to the polls to select their nominee for President, we need to ensure every vote is counted. The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy and must not be infringed upon.

Join me in calling on Congress to work together to restore the Voting Rights Act. We can’t let another election pass without restoring everyone’s constitutional right to vote.

Click here to add your name and demand Congress restore the Voting Rights Act!

Thank you,



New York on its road for Damascus. Saint Paul.

2017There was a parrot named I don’t know. Each morning, you say Hello to the parrot I don’t know, it answer invariably was « it’s okay ». And it will repeat it three times. OK, OK, OK. And it was so funny. Until this day, when the two sisters of the family went home, back from school. They really were hungry. So they felt disappointed to find their mother was out.

They waited, but the mother was not coming back soon. They then decided to look at the kitchen for something to eat. Their mother has cooked something nice and they couldn’t help to taste it many times, until it shows.

When the mother came back, the two sisters remain silent. They have decided to keep this secret. Then the moment of dinner came. Surprise, the mother asked « who got a part of the meal » ? Each of them answered « mummy it wasn’t me ». Shaggy! Their mother shouted to them.

That Shaggy resonated as Shoking and, I don’t know, the parrot, shouted the name of the two sisters, Doris, Damaris, adding Eat, Eat, Eat ! And repeated it as usual « Doris, Damaris, eat, eat, eat ». Insisting on Eat.

Ok, ok,ok, the mother said and the two sisters got punished.

The morning after, neither Doris nor Damaris greeted I don’t know. I don’t know revealing its other face became stranger to them : it was a spy.

Technology and TV chains of slavery are dual-face, just like I don’t know the parrot. While you are watching them, they are spying on you. Thereafter, they send the report and the images to their entire establishment underground community and vice versa.

That is why the fight for Encryption is a false debate, at the end of the day. It is another farce staged to distract the people.

But the Panama papers and Haiti gov. will bring us some interesting and unexpected news. At that moment, many of us will go through the lightning experience of Saint Paul going to Damascus.


In the meantime, You will like the sound of this :

Bernie Sanders for President

Does this sound familiar to you, sisters and brothers?

« The corporations and special interests have their voice in Congress, and they have too many members scared of their power. What Congress needs is a progressive voice who is unafraid to take on these powerful interests – who is willing to fight for all Americans, not just the wealthiest 1 percent. »

That’s how Pramila Jayapal announced she was running for Congress. Pramila is exactly the kind of person I’m going to need in Congress when I am president. Let’s help make sure she gets there.

Split a $2.70 contribution to Bernie 2016 and Pramila Jayapal so we can put our whole political revolution in power this November.

When you think about our political revolution, sisters and brothers, I want you to think of Pramila Jayapal.

Pramila helped lead the fight for paid sick leave and a $15 minimum wage in Seattle. She’s not afraid to take on powerful special interests. She’s fought for immigrant rights, opposed the war in Iraq, and worked to protect Social Security.

She’s also running her campaign with our political revolution. It’s a people-powered movement that will change how campaigns are run — one the political establishment doesn’t really like to see.

I’m asking you to add a contribution to Pramila Jayapal because she’s a progressive leader and Congress needs more voices like hers. Will you join me?

Split a $2.70 contribution to our campaign and to Pramila Jayapal and take our political revolution to the White House and to Congress.

Thanks for being a part of our movement.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders



Former Greek Minister of Finances, Yanis Varoufakis has jumped into the World Bus Tour yesterday in Paris, in support to the « All Nights Standing » civic movement, initiated by the Youth and climate change supporters. The majority of this lattest group are Environementalists and defensors of a Green and Humanist Economy.

Yanis said to the mass « he came to show and express solidarity from Athenians ». Greece knows this hard way named guardianship disguised into « structural reforms ». Shaggy !

When you ask each of those hawkish multinationals who is behind this gross robberies and new exploitation in chain, bringing nations and their sovereignity down Hill, each of them will hurry up to answer « It wasn’t me ».

It wasn’t you ? ….

Yesterday and today, the IMF reacted with a massive fire of many communiques and transcripts shelling my email box. I like the fact that they are hearing. At least, this is a good sign. We appreciate their attention. Here are some of them  – I’m happy to see that those shelling is shaping our World Tour ahead of New York storm to come. Call it a Lightning Flash, in reference to Saint Paul Damas Way of Cross.

Transcript of African Department Press Briefing

Development Committee Communiqué – World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings 2016

Transcript of European Department Press Briefing

Communiqué of the Thirty-Third Meeting of the IMFC, Chaired by Mr. Agustín Carstens, Governor of the Bank of Mexico

Transcript of G-24 Press Briefing

Transcript of the Press Conference on the Release of the April 2016 Global Financial Stability Report

Transcript of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) Press Conference – Thirty-Third Meeting of the IMFC

Transcript of Western Hemisphere Department Press Briefing

Transcript of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) Press Conference – Thirty-Third Meeting of the IMFC

Choose topics of your interest. Indeed I’ve been given some homework to do by the IMF, before coming back to talk to them ABOUT GUARDIANSHIP, the red flag. Its Okay, Okay, Okay.




From Iraq to Damas through Lybia, the red cross.

Deadly Myths: Iraq ‘Surge’ General Calls For ‘Surge 2.0’ – OpEd


Thank YOU, George Clooney

Bernie Sanders for President

Elise –

Remember that Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Friday where a couple could contribute $353,000 to sit at a table with George Clooney? Well, George Clooney himself was asked on NBC whether that was an obscene amount of money, and here’s what he said:

« It is an obscene amount of money, the Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we have this kind of money in politics. » – George Clooney

Here’s the truth: you cannot change a corrupt campaign finance system by taking its money. That’s what this election is about: tearing down a system where big money props up the institutions that rig the economy against ordinary Americans. And the central question of our campaign is can 99% of Americans defeat the 1% trying to maintain the status quo? That’s why we have to ask:

Contribute $2.70 to Bernie’s campaign today to help us win New York and as a way of saying you have had ENOUGH of millionaires and billionaires buying our campaigns and elections.

This is without question that most important week of our campaign. New York votes Tuesday and five states follow one week later. How we step up and respond in this moment could very well mean the difference between victory and defeat for our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Press Release: African Consultative Group Meeting: Statement by the Chairman of the African Caucus and the Managing Director of the IMF


Transcript of Middle East and Central Asia (MCD) Press Briefing on MCD Economic Outlook Update

Bernie Sanders for President. This moment is an Amazing Grace for America.

DSC_0248[1]Ladies and gentlemen,

As the likes of things, some candidates think they are better qualified than others to become president of the United States. This is not for one candidate to decide for YOU.

You are adults enough to differentiate the candidates.

For this matter, the issue of THINKING consisting in putting into perspective the things that matter MUCH for the nation is key.

Then you owe to look at personal accounts of sheets, before they candidated. This one is about the character of a candidate. Is he or she trustworthy ? Is he or she respectful of the law, justice and other nations and leaders around the World ? Is he or she reliable ?

There are two ways of driving a campaign :

  • using personal disqualifications to divert the people’s attention or to distract them with games and spectacles. For those people, Politics is a Spectacle. It is a Big Show and movie starring billionnaires and wealthy actors queueing behind the candidate.
  • or coming forth with ideas and a programme to stop the slippery slope we are in right now.

But, you know all this as well.

Let’s go into this ideas vs ideas – programme against programme. Record vs record.

Don’t be distracted. You know it as well. But is is worth insisting.

This moment is an Amazing Grace.

Just hear the song again. Amazing Grace, coming from the Heavens. Coincidentally, tax Havens are revealing themselves like a miracle.  Can’t you see the harmony between those three words : The Heavens, the Havens and the Haves not. 

Please answer : I can see. Amazing Grace is the song of a Bird. A Birdie Song.

Now I’m sure you can see.

Amazing Grace, a wonderful masterpiece. Listen at this one :

« I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

Read more: Gospel – Amazing Grace Lyrics | MetroLyrics

This campaign is an Amazing Grace for America and may be for the World and the Humanity.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

Hillary Clinton herself just unleashed the first part of the new « disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later » strategy we told you about. Look at this new headline:

Washington Post: « Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president »

Polls in Wisconsin haven’t even been closed for 24 hours, and we’re already seeing the start of the Clinton campaign’s full-on attack before the New York primary. We knew they were getting nervous, but candidly, we didn’t think they would go this negative so quickly. We have to be ready for what comes next.

Contribute $3 to Bernie 2016 right now to help us get ready for the New York primary and be able to fend off whatever the billionaire class throws at us next.

New York is going to be an important state for the Democratic nomination. Bernie was born there, Hillary Clinton moved there, and 247 delegates are at stake on April 19.

We’ve won seven of the last eight contests, and voters clearly side with Bernie. So now the Clinton campaign is moving beyond a discussion of the issues to say Bernie isn’t even qualified to be president.

Meanwhile, Bernie’s going to keep talking about universal health care, fighting climate change, making our economy work for everyone, and taking on our corrupt campaign finance system. Voters seem to like it – and we’re not going to let up now.

Contribute $3 now to help Bernie continue talking to New York voters and defend against the Clinton campaign’s plans to disqualify and defeat our campaign.

The next two weeks until the New York primary are going to be difficult, but if we stand together, we can win. Thanks for standing with Bernie.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



You may also be interested in this reading. « If both Sanders and Trump do not get to the general election ballot, then the lesson learned should be that participation in the sham democracy is a waste of time and energy. The game is so rigged, especially the primary nomination system, that the establishment can and does control the system.

See presidential elections as mostly a distraction, keeping most Americans from understanding that they live in a money-controlled delusional democracy ».

Follow the link for the whole story. « Democracy we once thought we had » resonates matches with :

« I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now, I see.

This is one of the best of the Negro Spiritual.

Now, will Paul Ryan cash the monopoly ? Is the GOP’s plan serious ? Who the Hell told Senator Rubio do drop out of the race ? Florida lost was not the end, but a call for change. He has missed the message. Can he come back ?

Operation Paul Ryan – OpEd



FALLOUT OF THE PANAMA PAPERS IN AMERICA. « It is easy to think that the problem is limited to offshore tax havens in places like Panama. But what most don’t know is that the United States itself is one of the easiest and most popular places to set up anonymous companies.3

Legislation in Congress would crack down on tax evasion and criminal activity by forcing American corporations to disclose their true owners.4 The Panama Papers have put tax evasion in the center of the conversation and sparked an international controversy – so we are teaming up with our friends at Global Witness to seize this moment and demand an end to anonymous shell corporations in the United States.

Tell Congress: Crack down on tax evasion and criminal activity. End anonymous shell corporations in the U.S. Click here to sign the petition.


Lagarde Appoints Historians to Chronicle “Defining Moments” in Fund’s History

Press Release No.16/161
April 7, 2016

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), today announced the appointment of Professor Harold James of Princeton University and Atish (Rex) Ghosh, Assistant Director in the Research Department, as the new IMF historians. They will replace retired historian James Boughton, and both will start in their new roles on May 2, 2016.

“Professor James and Mr. Ghosh will write the Fund’s official history from James Bouthton, 2000 to 2015, a period characterized by the global financial crisis, the crisis in Europe, and the growing role of emerging and developing countries in the world economy — all defining moments in the Fund’s history,” Ms. Lagarde said.

“Few people are better placed than Professor James to take on this challenge. He completed his undergraduate education at Cambridge University, and received his Ph.D. in 1982. He began teaching at Princeton University in 1986, and has written numerous books and articles on economic history, focusing on modern German history in the earlier part of his career. More recently, he has written extensively on the economic implications of globalization, drawing comparisons with previous episodes of globalization, including the one that ended with the Great Depression,” she added.

Prior to joining the Fund in 1994, Mr. Ghosh worked as an assistant professor at Princeton University. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University and a M.Sc. in development economics from Oxford University, He has written widely on topics ranging from capital flows to exchange rate management and has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University since 1997.

For the duration of his appointment as Fund historian, Professor James will retain his chair at Princeton, working part time at the Fund. Mr. Ghosh will work full time in his new role. Both will be based in the Strategy and Policy Review Department.

The Palestinian ordeal. A remnant of the colonial era. + Lybia free fall into chaos. Wall Street’s perversion and the State of the Union Speech preview.

As a nice sounding echoing our previous post on « The perversion of the World », here is a case study over Palestine « On Wibisono’s Resignation As UN Special Rapporteur On Occupied Palestine ».

Previously, we wrote this :

You see how Gaza is run ? Through submission – a key word. This is a miniature of the World governance. While they are claiming to be too-big- to jail or to fail, because they are the elected people or somehow free to harm and kill and cheat on the entire World, they set themselves as World enslavers and jailers. And beleive me, they spare nothing to achieve their goals. Those people  are soulless. Their God is Money. All the contrary of the notion of being « blessed » by God.

« sooner or later, Justice or Nature (as a supra and invisible rule or law) always prevails ». Sooner or later.

Now, read the ECHO.

Makarim Wibisono announced his resignation as UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestine, to take effect on March 31, 2016. This is position I held for six years, completing my second term in June 2014.

The prominent Indonesian diplomat says that he could not fulfill his mandate because Israel has adamantly refused to give him access to the Palestinian people living under its military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

It is worth recalling that when Wibisono was selected as my successor, several more qualified candidates were passed over. Although the selection guidelines stress expert knowledge of the subject matter of the mandate, Wibisono apparently gained the upper hand along with the acquiescence of Israel and the United States precisely because of his lack of any relevant background.

I can only hope that now the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) will redeem its mistake by reviving the candidacies of Professor Christine Chinkin and Phyllis Bennis, both of whom possess the credentials, motivation and strength of character to become an effective special rapporteur.

The Palestinians deserve nothing less.

What I discovered during my six years as special rapporteur is that you can make a difference, but only if you are willing to put up with the heat.

What both shocked and surprised me was the willingness of both the UN Secretary General and US diplomatic representatives (Susan Rice, Samantha Power) at the UN to bend in Israel’s direction and join the chorus making these irresponsible denunciations focused on a demand for my resignation.

Although periodically tempted to resign, I am glad that I didn’t.

Get the whole story here.

Wa also portrayed the horrific landscape of the World today as such :

Wall Street is ending its stifling road that has caused millions of people sent into poverty, the corruption of political power everywhere especially in America and in Europe and in Africa and in the Arabic World – nearly everywhere in the planet, the murdering of Gaddaffi, the invasion of Iraq, 9/11, the destruction of Lybia, Syria and Afghanistan and Yémen, the impoverishment of Africa, the crippling of South America’s economy, the splitting of Ukraine, the Maidan coup, and the descent of the nation into chaos, the Malaysian airlines downing and other flyings, the rising of terrorism around the World,  the Arab Spring nearly destroying Egypt and Tunisian economies… In short the perversion of the World.

Get more at El Watan with those two articles :

⇒ First. Expeditionary Justice. Quatre jeunes palestiniens liquidés en moins de deux heures – Israël poursuit sa politique d’exécution extrajudiciare. 

⇒ Second. Lybian free fall into Chaos. Because of Terrorism.

⇒ Third. No more parachutes for Wall Street bankers. It is long past time to crack down on the legalized bribery of golden parachutes. We need to raise our voices and demand that President Obama act. Tell President Obama: Ban golden parachutes for Wall Street executives for the rest of your term. Click here to sign the petition:

Four. « Those who cannot remember they were screwed by Wall Street are condemned to be screwed again ». By Robert Reich.

Excerpt. « The only way to contain the Street’s excesses is by taking on its economic and political power directly – with reforms so big, bold, and public they can’t be watered down. Starting with busting up the biggest banks, as Bernie Sanders proposes.

More than a century ago, Teddy Roosevelt broke up the Standard Oil Trust because it posed a danger to the U.S. economy. Today, Wall Street’s biggest banks pose an even greater danger. They’re far larger than they were before the crash of 2008.

Unless they’re broken up and Glass-Steagall resurrected, we face substantial risk of another near-meltdown – once again threatening the incomes, jobs, savings, and homes of millions of Americans.

To paraphrase philosopher George Santayana, those who cannot remember they were screwed by Wall Street are condemned to be screwed again ».

California and L.A are so trendy those days.  Non authentic people are there for some laughable parades. When you were born to be a copist, and have been living over a false and fake merit, you end up desperately floating like a feather in perdition. Depersonnalised and desindentified.

Besides, behind ex political women, there is or was a man. Always.  Men are women political career enablers. The rest are exceptions to the rule. And as all of us know, a rule stands only when there are exceptions.

So, if you know the man behind the polical woman, then you can start the profiling. It is as simple as that. Do you want a Bill Clinton bis ? That is the question for this election.

In France, we will not have a Hollande bis, neither himself nor his female characterized = non identified – version. A blessing.

We need real authenticity and authentic people, not the cheap panurgic and lazy leadership of the past, lacking courage and authority ; needly to talk about morale clues to lead the World and the Nation properly. This campaign is about overhauling the criminal and oppressing system that have caused so much woes and misery to the people around the World and in America.





I’m not going to try to guess the content of the speech, whether people are exausted by politicians greediness, corruption, selfishness, weakness, complicity and genuflection to big firms, corporations and banks.

When times come for campaigning, two types of candidates are out there : those looking to making up big money for themselves and their dynasties ; flucking together with big thieves known as Billionnaires. And those strong enough to stand with the strenght of fundamental values and cored principles of governing the people, with the people and for the people. Two different prototypes. The « State of the Union » speech will not underline and insist on the essential variable needed to clean politics : public fundings campaigns to get rid of the greedy fake candidates, looking for money in disguise of a candidacy for the presidency.

More importantly, will this State of the Union final show tell  the tale or the narrative – in the air – of the World ? Which one ? The relativist version or the absolute Truth ? The differences between the two versions are huge. Relativism is the place where everybody can stand and talk. Talk not write, contrary to what they beleive they are doing or performing. Reporting is not writing. Journalism is not scripture. Lots of confusions between those gestures.  Reality and the Truth are not equivalent.

You can build your own reality and argue that you are not imposing it on the others, because it is yours. If you are a little bit honest, you’ll add « this reality is there to make propositions ». If you are a manipulator, you’ll even argue for guns possession while condemning guns violence. Two opposite stands.  As long as you bring up realities, you are beneath the challenges and the Truth. Approximations and asymptotic analysis would be the outcome of what some expertises are hinting at.

The fact is: so many false prophets are out there to talk endlessly without shaping or influencing Progress, one way or another.

The new word I contributed to popularize: « Approach(es) » allows and opens the possibilities. Nevertheless plurality of opinions can work for the best or for the worse. Actually, it really goes to the worse. Objectivity can only be reached when you make abstraction of yourself and stick to the intelligibility of the facts.  In other words, Facts bear their own logic. Facts not your subjectivity, even though there is an universal or a collective subjectivity comprising easy talks, bargainings, racial biais, mediocrity, cliches, and so forth.

To get to the truth, you first need to desentangle personal subjectivities, or to distant yourself from them, as today, the Internet has mounted a chain of mountains of such individual subjectivities.

To cut it short, I can’t help to convene Shopenhauer, a German Philosopher as Germany used to be home to,  stating the « World as Will and Representation ».

Bernie Sanders is on the side of the World as Will . As such, he is a Builder, a Founder.

So far, we have gotten a lot of candidates talking about the World as Representation, meaning a place where you can suggest like anybody else a reality including a reality show, or a comedy one. Those are not founders or builders. They are much more clowns-like, lacking authenticity and depersonnalised.  Important to underline the word « suggest » here, as those are the people who are going to say about truly analysis that we are imposing our rationale upon them…

I agree with those actually writing the speech of the president, that this exercice – The State of the Union scripture –  is not there to tell the Narrative of the World. Frankly, I wish it were the case. Having said that : it is a despair to see that, this story, should it be told,  would come to this. The Truth of the World today is a Huge Hypocrisy leading to underground, thus invisible, censorship.

This story will be concealed as usual for a more presentable version, smooth, bright and light. Tonight, it will be about « the reality of the reality ». (Watzlawick).

While awaiting a Sanders to relaunch the Obama’s partly forgotten 2008 Will : « Yes, we can ».


⇒Oh, Congratulations to Leonard di Caprio, the best of the best. I advocated for that and there it is. At last, truly and authentic merit is awarded. « The Revenant », the title is so ambiguous and it tells the real story of the World, following « lector in fabula » by Umberto Eco narrative patterns. To some people trying to use the Word « narrative » like they are having a cup  tea, they should know this is a college studies. Words mean something, just like concepts. The correlation between concepts and ideas is tight, you permanently move to one another to be sure you are approaching objectivity.

⇒ And farewell to David Bowie.

⇒ Watch the State of the Union, before we are back for extra comments off or post-narrative.

⇔To end with « here is a perfect  quote by Ms. Lagarde, the IMF Managing Director », highlighting the progressive road and dream as one where the «  the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.” This is superb.

I would like to leave you with this thought from Milton Friedman:

Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.”8

Follow the link. The Case for a Global Policy Upgrade

By Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Farewell Symposium for Christian Noyer, Banque de France, Paris, January 12, 2016

As prepared for delivery

8 Milton Friedman, 1962. Capitalism and Freedom. University of Chicago Press.