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Blacks’ Retreat. American stained blood and the bathroom’s parody. Oraculous Speech.


Black people unilaterally surrendered their history of fighting for justice since Barack Obama won Iowa caucuses in 2008.

From the moment it became clear that he could become president there was no amount of contempt or indifference from him that would dissuade millions of people from giving him unquestioned support.

The federal agency which is so useless in getting justice for black people directed public schools to allow use of restrooms which match students’ gender identity. Meanwhile black people are still killed with impunity if vigilantes like Zimmerman want them dead. There is no attempt to break new ground or even to use precedent in prosecuting killers of black people while other issues are pushed to the forefront of presidential action and media attention.

Zimmerman woul be in jail if Barack Obama wanted him to be.

Black people, so easily hoowinked if they fear any risk to Obama’s political fortunes, demanded nothing when Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Martin. It was enough for the gullible to hear Obama say that if he has a son he would look like Trayvon. Neither Zimmerman nor the murderers of Michael Brown, or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice had anything to fear from federal prosecution. The excuse that the bar for prosecution must be high is just that, an excuse.

There is nothing new about people being transgender or using the restrooms they choose. They have been doing so for years. In contrast, black peple risk death constantly just because they exist in this society. Driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance can get them killed. Yet Obama’s FBI doesn’t even maintain a record of killings committed by the police.

While other groups can count on media attention and public policy to address their needs and rights, black people languish at the bottom of American society, victimized physically, politically and economically and without any redress.

White supremacy is the constant in the United States. Groups ranging from LGBT community to the obese to the disabled can count on sympathy and official action to address their needs. Black people find themselves in the opposite position. There is no amount of injustice which triggers official action on their behalf.

Anyone who ever used a public bathroom has done so with transgendered people. Let others fight over foolishness. The demand for justice and the battle for self-determination must continue. No one else would do so on our behalf.

Excerpts of Transgender Rights But No Rights For Black People – OpEd – Margaret Kimberley.

This text is essential to understand why black people are still voting for Hillary. They have abdicated the fight and their rights.


Black is so beautiful. Every flatitude would like to buy a butt. Desperates nakedness is spoiling and tarnishing Cannes red carpet right now. Art and Cinema are being captured by sons of bitches and desperates bitches.

Black is beautiful. Bare foot have been popularized by Cesaria Evoria and Yannick Noah. Then you got the pasticher broom in Cannes. Ah ah ah. White supremacy is about taking black morphology and way of living on their account. When you don’t have rats behind you to copy the color of the outfits you are buying in the market place or insider cameras to spy and steal the color of your robes to pastiche, you have laughable butts pushed behind as if the « model » was about to go to the WC. Uglyness is beautiful. Lol.  Ridiculous and Pathetic to see small balls and suckers obsession. Cannes is the big prostitute which is going to kill this festival, once noble and respected. Sequence of laugh.

Degradation, vandalism, drugs, prostitution and tax evasions are big money drivers.


IMF Mission Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Financial Assistance under Three-Year Stand-By Arrangement with Iraq

Press Release No. 16/231
May 19, 2016

End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, staff will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, will be presented to the IMF’s Executive Board for discussion and decision.

The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have reached a staff-level agreement on a request for a 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). Under the arrangement, and subject to the approval of the IMF executive board, Iraq could have access to IMF credit amounting to SDR 3.894 billion (about US$5.4 billion) subject to the finalization of the macroeconomic framework and financing assurances. Iraq’s previous US$3.7 billion (200 percent of quota) SBA approved in February 2010 expired on February 23, 2013. Iraq received a $1.2 billion disbursement under the Rapid Financing Instrument in July 2015.

Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement today in Amman:

“Iraq has been hit hard by the conflict with ISIS and the precipitous fall in oil prices. The ongoing armed conflict with ISIS continues to strain the country’s resources and is resulting in new waves of internally displaced people, now reaching over 4 million. The steep fall in oil prices is causing a large external shock to the balance of payments and budget revenue, which depend predominantly on oil export receipts.

“To address the urgent balance of payments need, the Iraqi authorities and IMF staff have agreed on a three-year program of economic and financial policies that will bring spending in line with the lower level of oil prices and ensure debt sustainability. The program also includes measures to protect the poor, strengthen public financial management, enhance financial sector stability, and curb corruption. The Iraqi authorities deserve the support of the international community in the implementation of these policies.

“The IMF Board could consider the three-year SBA once agreed prior actions have been implemented, in June or July.

“During the mission the team met with the Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari, Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Ali Allaq, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministries of finance, oil, planning, electricity, the CBI, and representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Board of Supreme Audit, and pension commission. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”


Press Release: IMF Staff Completes 2016 Article IV Mission to Barbados

Plus –  Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil (there is a new gov, following Temer Putsch to destitute Dilma R.), Spain, Ukraine, Greece, London, Suriname, Eurogroup meeting, G7 Finance Minister to come in Japan.

Transcript of a Press Briefing with Gerry Rice, Director, Communications Department

Washington, D.C.
Thursday, May 19, 2016


EGYPTIAN CRASH –  EgyptAir Confirms Wreckage Found in Mediterranean Is from Missing Flight MS804 – 

« The reason for the crash which occurred in perfect weather conditions and soon after the plane entered Egyptian airspace, remained unclear as of Thursday night ».


The White Black House response to the Black presidence illusion

First, the president is dancing – as usual – with a grandma – that is me dying to meet with Him, the Lord I saved from a planned burial in 2012. Romney and the helpless medias know about this story they are repeating in chorus this time in 2016.

The too-big-to-fail Clinton is going to fail. New times require new leadership :people assuming what they are in private.

After Kim text – read above – I

New York vote is climate-changer.

You know, there is a philosophy, when you can’t win, cheat.

Trump ‘The Fascist’: Backdoor Backing Of Political Psychopath Named Hilary Clinton – OpEd

Excerpt. To justify backing a serial war monger, a US Secretary of State who has served Israel’s interests, and a politician who has carnalized her ‘feminist principles’ with Wall Street billionaires, Hillary Clinton’s smarmy supporters have had to invent an opponent who is even worse: Creating and then denouncing “Trump the Fascist” serves as a backdoor justification for supporting a proven political psychopath!

No serious observer minimally aware of Clinton’s carnal embrace of multiple simultaneous disastrous and destructive wars in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya, could possibly support her – unless if they are convinced that a greater danger looms on the horizon and “we have to defeat fascist Trump at all cost”? No serious democrat or wage and salaried employee can ignore Madame Clinton’s role as Wall Street’s most shameless pimp unless they ‘believe’ that a loud-mouth New York ‘fascist is worse than Wall Street’.  (James Petras – EurasiaReview).

World Class Pictures
This picture is from last year, the 24th August. My birthdate. By a friend of mine. Her name is Divine. (WCP)

Polls after Polls, if you believe in polls, Trump was beating Hillary Clinton, the inevitable candidate. But, the magical polls cut into Trump’s numbers as an equalizer first. Then polls knackers completed the job of lowering Trump’s number fatally ! What a perfidy!  This is precisely the kind of foreign affairs scandals the US used to export abroad, in the name of… DEMOCRACY.

If we are talking about a distorted democracy, of course, the exporting project can hold a chance and indeed, it did, judging by the destruction of Lybia, Iraq, Syria, Cuba 50 years + injustified embargo, Ukraine coup – where, at last, the PM, co-author of the coup have resigned over Panama Papers outcome involving his president, Poroshenko – Russian/EU embargo, and the 2008 financial crisis, another fatality related to the lack of democratic surveillance precisely. Not to mention the widespread level of cheatings, false book-keepings and ratings.

And those are people funding what they called the most experimented candidate in America, actually.  The question is WHICH KIND OF EXPERIENCE ? 

After Bernie Sanders disparagement, those Clinton’s Boys, have found their new scarecrow : Donald Trump. Why Trump and no more Sanders?

Easy to answer: Bernie 8 victories in the 9 latest contests, by a lightning margin each victory, has set the clock on time. Polls after polls, Bernie Sanders is defeating not only Mr. Trump, but the two remaining GOP’s establishment runners. 

Concerning D. Trump, he is being betrayed and exposed by the Republicans. Those are the same GOPs who didn’t opposed his presence among them, as a runner. At the time, they were sure Mr. Trump, as an outsider, would go nowhere. They predicted his days were numbered. Just like those of Bernie Sanders.

This is a real curiosity and disappointment to see that electoral competitions were rigged, for such a long time. Some candidates were running, with the guarantee to win the race. If not, they would not. Before the race starts, the two political partis already knew who were going to win. While people were thinking the game fair, they were duped, in fact. It was a farcical « game of Thrones » with many loosers playing their best second roles to bring the chosen man to what will look like a resounding victory for the people.

This campaign has already set a precedent : frauds in electoral campaigns were normalcy. Fair play was and is unknown. Politics was lawless areas. Bernie Sanders’ team has to fight to get a debate before New York votes on April, 19.

I’m confident everything is going to be allright.

Proof of this with this latest from Bernie Sanders about the disaster of Political Corruption.

Bernie Sanders for President

When we talk about a political revolution, Elise, we also need to have people in Congress who aren’t beholden to special interests.

That’s why I want you to meet Zephyr Teachout, who’s running for Congress in New York as a Democrat.

Zephyr literally wrote the book on political corruption. She understands better than anybody how special interests try to buy off politicians, and she’s dedicated her life to fixing our broken political system.

Zephyr is exactly the kind of person I’d want in Congress when I’m president. That’s why I’m asking you directly:

Split a $2.70 contribution to Bernie 2016 and to Zephyr Teachout to make sure we have people in Congress who can stand up to special interests and do what’s right for working people.

Zephyr’s not just against fracking – she worked hand-in-hand with anti-fracking activists to help stop it in New York State.

She’s not just against political corruption – she’s led organizations to fight the influence of money in politics and to break up the banks too.

And now that she’s running for Congress, she’s doing it with a grassroots movement, with more than 10,000 donors to her campaign in just a few months.

Zephyr is the real deal. Can you help her with a contribution?

Contribute $2.70 to help win the White House and elect Zephyr Teachout to Congress. Let’s put a whole political revolution in power.

Thanks for being a part of our movement.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


This is an all-hands-on-deck moment

Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Bernie Supporter,

We’re just five days out from the New York primary. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, so we’re setting a huge and ambitious goal that could be the difference between victory and defeat: calling two million voters over the weekend.

To reach our goal, we need 15,000 of you to sign up to call New York votersfor at least an hour this Saturday or Sunday.

48 hours. 15,000 volunteers. Two million calls. Are you in?


Take New York by phone!

If we reach 15,000 callers between Saturday and Sunday, we estimate we’ll make more than a million calls a day, which is yuuuuge. In fact, as far as we can tell, this could be the biggest virtual phonebank ever!

We’ll be honest: this is such an ambitious goal that we might not reach it. But this campaign is, after all, about doing big things. And if enough of us get on the phones this weekend, Tuesday could deliver yet another historic upset victory for Bernie.

Sign up to call New York.

If you’ve never made phone calls to voters before, don’t worry. It’s easy. All you need is a computer or a tablet and a phone. There’s a simple script for you to follow, and there are volunteers standing by on livechat to help if you get stuck.

Right now, in lower Manhattan, the Wall Street bankers, corporate media types, and Democratic party establishment figures are hoping you’ll sit this fight out. They know that a win in New York would put us in a strong position to win the nomination – and threaten the entire rigged system that benefits them personally.

Let’s show them that we too know how high the stakes are – by setting a historic record right before Tuesday’s vote. Sign up to call New York.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie

Arizona primary vote takeaway and run fast : A national disgrace.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

What happened yesterday in Arizona should be considered a national disgrace. I got an email last night from a woman who waited five hours to vote in Arizona. Five hours.

We don’t know how many thousands of people didn’t get to cast their ballotsyesterday in Arizona because they couldn’t afford to wait that long. Scenes on cable news last night showed hundreds of people in line at 11:30pm in Phoenix – more than four hours after polls closed. Voting should not be this difficult.

One reason it is so hard to vote in Arizona is because the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act. There were 70 percent fewer polling places this year than in 2012 in Phoenix’s county. They wouldn’t have been allowed to cut those polling places if the Voting Rights Act was still in tact.

These cuts meant that, in a county with more than 4 million residents, there were just 60 polling places. This is unacceptable, but it’s also not an isolated incident.

We need to make it easier to vote, not more difficult. One way we can do that is by reaffirming our support for the Voting Rights Act, which, when I am president, I will fight to reinstate.

Add your name to say you support reinstating the Voting Rights Act so we can make voting easier for everybody, not more difficult.


We cannot continue to see democracy undermined in the United States of America. Enough is enough.

Make no mistake: the billionaire class does not want Americans to vote. Billions of dollars are being funneled into our elections in a form of legalized bribery, even as American voters — especially minority voters — are being discouraged from voting. It is no wonder that government no longer works for ordinary Americans.

Above all, we need to remember the price that was paid for the right to vote. The Voting Rights Act was one of the great victories of the civil rights movement. Now, as then, change comes when the people demand it — in the voting booth, and on the streets in peaceful demonstrations. We must remind ourselves of what’s been achieved in the past, and resolve to do equally great things in the future. Democracy is not a spectator sport.

It is my sincere hope that the states that vote in the coming weeks and months do better than what we saw yesterday in Arizona. Too much is at stake for our future.

Right now, what we can do is show your support by adding your name to say you want to reinstate the Voting Rights Act. Click here to add your name.

No one said a political revolution would be easy. The billionaire class doesn’t want to see our movement win, and so we must do everything we can to show them that we have the power.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


« We cannot continue to see democracy undermined in the United States of America. Enough is enough.

Make no mistake: the billionaire class does not want Americans to vote. Billions of dollars are being funneled into our elections in a form of legalized bribery, even as American voters — especially minority voters — are being discouraged from voting. It is no wonder that government no longer works for ordinary Americans.

Above all, we need to remember the price that was paid for the right to vote. The Voting Rights Act was one of the great victories of the civil rights movement. Now, as then, change comes when the people demand it — in the voting booth, and on the streets in peaceful demonstrations. We must remind ourselves of what’s been achieved in the past, and resolve to do equally great things in the future. Democracy is not a spectator sport ».

Yesterday, we alerted on those third risks to tackle fiercely :

  • the first one was the necessity – absolute necessity – to render it impossible for someone to try to hold on or impeach the writings or freedom of speech  of another person. This is the way back to dictatorship. Tech sabotaging is hidden along with and coward censorship. Hidden and overprotected by the gov complicit silence. When you don’t object, it is a sign of your acceptance of the fait établi.
  • But make no mistake, this is the clue. Cowardice is the leading force of the world today. Whilst this may sound as an oxymoron, it is the point. Unless you are a coward afraid  to loose, you can’t hold the voting rights act behind. Unless you are expert on voting robberies, you can’t render the votation hard and discouraging. Unless you are a coward, you can’t use institutions – already perverted in the course of history – to cover your damned electoral cheatings. Remember how Tocqueville warned us of the possibility to being led by a crew of  people looking as Goliath only to hide their Lilluputian characters and features. Check EurasiaReview or their quotations here.
    • Third, another quotes from the same EurasiaReview have call our attention into a combination of risks concerning the former colonised nations (such as India) and other nations who underwent predatory partitions – under the divide and conquer western pattern – Not only they lost their huge patrimoine to paste the colonialist one, but in so doing they entered a continuous pattern of enslavement with no sight of either relief or freedom (end of it). Nowhere to escape and to have a sane breathing. Authenticity is thereby lost forever. Authenticity and Identity.
    • Bastardisation and prostitution everywhere emerge as the only issues and with this, lost of benchmarks and soul fragility. In the end, people are sheeps and empty receptacles to fill at guise with whatsoever shines and looks like gold. Frankly, when you see those visitors going nake and all flatitude out first, as a way of diverting or derailing the debates, in the mildst of what used to be the upper stage of politics and a Great moment in the nation, you can draw either the smallness of those people or their intentions : trying to substitute their nakedness, flatness and emptiness on top of the nation’s concerns. In the name of money. But, it is not their  fault, you can’t change a mediocre into something else ; you can’t free a slave or somebody who got enrolled in it to become a perfect servant in devotion ; you can’t help a thief – born to be a liar -and a bit something to pursue its fathom. Arabs people used to cut the hand of thieves to stop them. Beyond radicality, it was a sign there is no cure for a pirate. You born what you are and, apparently, unless you got that absolutely necessity culture and good education, you die what you were born to be. AMERICA RECLAIM YOURSELF ! I’M AFRAID EVEN THE KKK IS ALREADY ENSLAVED WITHOUT KNOWING.
  • Enslavement is looming in America and is already a reality. This time it is not only black lives which are the targets. NO, the entire people is at risk [by adopting another murderous colonialist master mercilessly and immorale code of conducts] of loosing what makes them free and the envy of the World. That adulation of dollarisation is a mask. When you have seen « MAD MAX » with Tina Turner as the Queen of this desertic and Ironic land [that  big picture of the law of Jungle], you can guess either the challenges and the issue of the fight.
  • DON’T SUCCUMB UNDER THE HONEY CHARM OF THE INVISIBLE NEW SLAVERY SITTING INSIDE THE NEW TROYAN HORSE – NAMELY INSTITUTIONS. POPE JOHN PAUL II USED TO SAY « DON’T BE AFRAID ». (Just like a magic wand, right after this  message, we got some news concerning Pope Benedict XVI). Guess who authored the message and the platform needed to come along with the right  on time message of health. Positive co-productivity and inspiration is good for all of us. But, you can’t fight someone, on one hand, dismiss him morning, midday and in the evening just to come in the backyard to have some excellent picks of that same person you are willing to kill.
  • Building a pattern of risks prevention to contain electoral frauds requires to pass the voting rights act, which is now proven a perfect loophole, candidate(s) losing ground can exploit to capitalize on. In total disgrace. This New World OF LILLUPITIANS WALKING AROUND TO PROVIDE YAHOO AND GOOGLE NEWS WITH EVERYTHING THEY CAN TAKE FROM ME know no shame. IF I HAD TO PROVIDE A LIST OF ITEMS AND  ARTICLES OR BEHAVIOR – INCLUDING THE LAST OBAMA TANGO SOMEWHERE AND THE OUTFITS I AM WEARING – ACTUALLY I HAVE HEADSETS (DAVID LETTERMAN) AND HOW A DRESS OF MINE I BROUGHT FROM CAMEROON WAS TAKEN AWAY THROUGH CAMERAS INSIDE MY APARTMENT TO HELP A CARPETBAGER outlet TO SHOW UP with (DIANE LANE’S may be she is ignoring the use of her picture and name here)… THE LIST IS INFINITE EITHER FOR THE CARPETBAGERS YAHOO AND GOOGLE CHOICES. THEY PERFECTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. AH AH AHA I’M THE ONE  FEEDING GOOGLE AND YAHOO WITH  NEWS THEIR PARTNERS HAVE TO STEAL BY FOLLOWING ME AND WATCHING ME IN MY FLAT. WOO WOO! WHO IS THE WEALTHY ? SMALL PEOPLE WORTHING ZERO ? IMPOSTORS LIVING THROUGHT BLOODSUCKING, IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. PEOPLE AS presidents of this enslaved New world – ORDERED TO PERFORM A SPECTACLE – WITHOUT KNOWING THE INS AND OUTS TO HELP THE COVERAGE OF THE PEOPLE MAGAZINES with their family members – are the last resort culprits authorizing the system to mix worms and spaghettis. TRY TO IMAGINE CHURCHILL OR DE GAULE OR EISENHOWER DANSING WITH HALF NAKED WOMEN POSING AS P….BRRR. Yet, on his last year of a second merited term, a President can take anything easy and relax. Nevertheless, indelible scars remain in place, long time after he’ll leave the office in the form of confusion in the people mindset.
  • Watch the image of those two women at Brusells airport, after the bombings.
    Picture. World class. January 2015. D.C. The morning after (this 3/25/ I woke up and I found ostensibly displayed over my laptop a sheet of paper, an old one I was not even thinking about anymore. And guess what where the mentions on it : the phone number of my friend in Maryland I stayed with, the moment I took this picturee. His name was on it plus the name of Mr. Anthony Brown. The worms managed to get in during the night – fucking Securitas Security I’ve alerted on the multiple violations of my apartment and they keep telling me « it is impossible, we have the anti spoiling cams ». Ah Han, what they fail to understand is the invisible and undetectable cloak and the FBI and french intelligence secret services drones’ and furtive hands able to legally unlock any locker on sale. Just write some names and the hidden collective is out during the night, never in daylight. Always hiding. Frankly I couldn’t find that sheet anymore, as I have numerous papers around. The message is : try to call your friend, we have already gotten in contact with him to ask him to keep his home shut for you, in case, you are planning to come in Washington. We have already bribed the man for the sabotage mission of your personal life. Not only in Maryland, but also in France. Hold on. Here is my bottom line : if those are men enough, they should come and visit me daylight. This is first. Second, I’m an invisible dam. Marguerite Duras has written such a huge book. Its titled « a dam on the Pacific ».

    One is Indian, according to the press. Not only this is a total disrespect for the woman and India, but it tells  that the photographer is a small bit. That this picture can be the mascotte of those bombings tells you much more than every writing, about the nullity and the sexual misery of those people. Frankly, what can a female « journalist » be looking into my bathroom and my bedroom or kitchen, if she is not suffering from solitude and mental disorder. Do they want my ass, my body, the body of my boy friend or my children – may be my those of my friends or members of my family ? The same question for the men acting collectively. You find the gangs together when you open Yahoo or Google. You look a the picks –  commercials and « press » articles selected and you can draw how those three gangs networks are working together. May be Yahoo and Google are ordering some precise articles [concerning me and other people they dislike and are watching on illegally under the protection of  the Congress previously bribed legally to throw a blind eye on this Super Tech banditism] to put them on their page as NEWS OF THE WORLD endless practice. You know the master of the lesson and the devil of it : Murdoch. News of the world has died officially but, it hasn’t, underground. This is how the small bits are responding to my standing besides Bernie Sanders : trying to eat my soul to survive. I’m their licorne.

  • Is it possible those so-called wealthy have been making money on the back and with the blood and ideas of the poor and the silent or silenced majority ? The answer is YES YES AND YES. America must fight back and stop those rapists, sexual-maniacs, big thieves, … The task is huge, but that is precisely what makes it passionating. It is even a blessing.
  • What is corrosive is the quick lap given by the french press, after a communication by the Supreme Court saying the Court might prosecute the phones illegal surveillance by former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Each bad news concerning Mr. Sarkozy is amplified by the medias. Yes, their subsidies are in jeopardy, should Nicolas Sarkozy came back. That is the reason why they fought him out – with lies and everything imaginable – during the 2012 presidential race. May be president Hollande was not demanding that, but he was absolutely rejoiced to watch this happening under his blown eyes. Phones illegal hearings is what they have been doing with my phone, from day one. And, of course, with president Nicolas Sarkozy, they are discovering a huge secret. Right now. You can hear all of them swearing : Oh my God, could this be possible ?


  • Remember those axis of devil :
  1. When I torn the web apart, like a lion, the gangs responded  « you are too old ». OK.
  2. Guess who is older than me today and making the news ? Ah Ah Ah.
  3. Immediately after I started posting my selfies – WATCH they will be a lot of articles about selfie today? for this is the job of our so-called journalists, roaming and sneafing the web and listening behind-doors and the phones, to find something to write on, as they got no idea – alternatively, follow a person of interest and take everything you can and write a little something saying you are the author of it – Two days ago, I mentioned the name of a young man I know (Sasha) on a paper containing a list of what I have to do. I went out and back home, after opening the Yahoo, here is the news : « Sasha Obama in Cuba, etc… » something over fashion. A pretense to show me they have read  and they could read whatever I’m writing on a paper and keep it home. How do you call such people ? The next day, after I related the event to a friend of mine who went to visit me, the title double with Sasha and her daughter. This time the two Yahoo’s french and english alike partenered as acolytes to come frontward in strenght. Flex muscles. The next day, that is today, you got that Obama Tango which is another complexity, duplicity and flatitude denial. Born to be a liar. I can come out with tons of examples like this and let you imagine the  numerous activists or people who underwent the same fate of bats falling on their heads. When you denounce them, they double down to impress you. Meanwhile, the people can’t see their methods and soul-eating work, always hidden and unavowed and unassumed publicly. Take care of what you see has been the warning of Painters all along History. The Reality is not what you see ; always it is hidden. When you want to bring this reality to the People, you become the target of too many people living on the Beast. Don’t underestimate the Beast.

PROOF OF THE BEAST. World’s First Artificial Intelligence Bot Goes Racist in Less than 24 Hours  – UST LIKE THAT – Posted: 24 Mar 2016 09:56 AM PDT – Received through Awaresy not spreadsheets but facts caught in the real life,  not the seductive imaginary sold to you as the manna coming from the Heavens. This one is rock solid and shows you where the Beast is hiding and the Evil running free of  risks. Citizens must do the job the gov and corrupt institutions have failed to do. This picture is Awaresy copyright. The curious thing is  it always starts as a joke or an inoffensive game bot.. then the next day, the Beast reveals its real face. Now, how do you keep research to fall into disgrace ?

World's First Artificial Intelligence Twitter Bot Goes Racist in Less than 24 Hours
Copyright Awaresy.
  1. Each time I’ll post a photo, the next day, the style will be pastiched everywhere and on promotion everywhere. This is how they do business. Just stand everywhere and steal and get rich and organize some parades to celebrate the fruits of systematic thefts and harassments. The day after, come out chanting « while I’m getting rich –thanks to the others– they are getting fat ». Certainly, you are the thief and the juge.
  2. At the end of the day, when they can’t sustain the competition on Class issue, they are all out nake with young girls. Ah, the old woman is getting the young and the so-called rich press and fashion universe panicking. We all were young and all of us are going to get old. Right.
  3. Now, it is classy to by 55+. What is ironic is those calling for young girls for help never show up their 40-65 pure beauty looking as nice as the young models they use as a subtle substitutes. Etc…
  4. What they don’t or can’t have, they organize to steal it collectively. My experience is one in which I can assert here loud and clear that those people got nothing physically and intellectually.
  5. Ask yourself why the World is in such depravation ? Vote Bernie for President and send the impostors back stage: their real place and value, if mediocrity is of any value. Mainstream press is bankrupted. Their only way to survive is either to promote lazy basic instincts or to claim the too-big-too-fail jurisprudency– the like of French press subsidized by the gov. They are not free from collecting shits everywhere they can ; to copy class somewhere ; and to bootlicking politics who are promising them a continuation of their futile and toxic business for democracy and for the highness of Western civilisation. In exchange of that, the press will turn wild in defending this  candidate or politician. The citizen is just a pawn inside the game. Both (the candidate and the press) become enslaved and enchained to each other. How could they not be dansing a paso doble. Alternatively, they will organize a hunting party to chase the opponents of their colleague Politician. You just need eyes to see this right now.
  6. That is why it was imperative to hold and buy groups of press. Ultimately, owners of newspapers – either respectable or kleenex – , their boyscouts journalists and politicians are finding themselves in the same boats on the loose. Next stop : the falls. Niagara’s site and the Canadian election could well be a precursory sign of what comes next.



Foreign Affairs

Federalism Is A Pandora’s Box: If Syria Succumbs To It, Others Will Follow – OpEd

Excerpt. “‘Federalism’ in the context of this region is another word for division and partition,” Jensen elaborated. “It is a curse word and a curse concept for countries in this region where sectarian and ethnic communities have been planted for centuries in the bodies of states, like raisins in a Christmas fruitcake.”

Sudan has underwent the same surgery just to find the nation at a halt. This country used to be a oil superpower and an influent member of the OPEC. Watch the result of its dismembering. Terrible. And, of course, nobody is responsible. Everything is allright: vampires have collected too much blood in Sudan to keep them alive for years. After Sudan, it was Lybia and now Syria. And before Syria, Iraq. 

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To the cherished memory of all those on MH 17 — especially the 80 children who were on board.

Malaysian Airlines MH17: Who Stands to Gain?

Because of who he is, and where his loyalties lie, that individual may have also decided to target Malaysia. Was he giving vent to his anger over our principled stand on the question of justice for the Palestinians? Was he also attempting to divert public attention from Israels ground offensive against Gaza which time-wise coincided with the downing of the Malaysian airliner?

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, a prominent Malaysian scholar and author, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST).

The Russian military has released military monitoring data which challenge allegations circulating in the media pertaining to the MH 17 crash in the Donetsk Region of Eastern Ukraine on July 17 2014. Questions have been raised about Kiev military jets tracking MH 17, Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the deployment of Buk missile systems. Kiev should also release military data on the circumstances leading to the crash. So should the Pentagon which reportedly has relevant intelligence and satellite data.

Since military data is hardcore information, Kiev and Washington should be persuaded to be transparent and accountable. The UN Secretary-General can play a role in this since there is a specialized agency within the UN, the ICAO, dedicated to international civil aviation. Military data from Moscow, Kiev and Washington should be scrutinized by the independent international panel that is supposed to probe the MH 17 catastrophe.

Such data carries much more weight than videos purportedly revealing the role of the pro-Russian rebels and the Russian government in the crash. One such video showing a Buk system being moved from Ukraine to Russia is a fabrication. The billboard in the background establishes that it was shot in a town — Krasnoarmeisk — that has been under the control of the Ukrainian military since May 11. Similarly, a You Tube video showing a Russian General and Ukrainian rebels discussing their role in mistakenly downing a civilian aircraft was, from various tell-tale signs, produced before the event.

The public should be wary of fabricated evidence of this sort, after what we have witnessed in the last so many years. Have we forgotten the monstrous lies and massive distortions that accompanied the reckless allegation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which led eventually to the invasion of that country in 2003 and the death of more than a million people? Iraq continues to bleed to this day. What about the Gulf of Tonkin episode of 1964 which again was a fabrication that paved the way for wanton US aggression against Vietnam that resulted in the death of more than 3 million Vietnamese? The babies in incubators incident in Kuwait in 1990 was yet another manufactured lie that aroused the anger of the people and served to justify the US assault on Iraq. Just last year we saw how an attempt was made by some parties to pin the blame for a sarin gas attack in Ghouta, Syria upon the Assad government when subsequent investigations have revealed that it was the work of some militant rebel group.

From Tonkin to Ghouta there is a discernible pattern when it comes to the fabrication of evidence to justify some nefarious agenda or other. As soon as the event occurs before any proper investigation has begun, blame is apportioned upon the targeted party. This is done wilfully to divert attention from the real culprit whose act of evil remains concealed and camouflaged. The colluding media then begins to spin the correct version with the help of its reporters and columnists who concoct fact out of fiction. Any other explanation or interpretation of the event is discredited and dismissed derisively to ensure that the credibility of the dominant narrative remains intact. As the narrative unfolds, the target often embodied in a certain personality is demonized to such a degree that he arouses the ire of the public and becomes an object of venom.

The pattern described here is typical of what is known as a false flag operation in which blame for some dastardly deed is consciously transferred to ones adversary. It has happened right through history and many contemporary nation-states — and not just the United States — are guilty of flying false flags.

To protect ourselves from being deceived by such operations, the general public should always ask: who stands to gain from a particular episode? Cui Bono is in fact an important principle in the investigation of a crime. In the case of the MH 17 carnage, the pro-Russian rebels do not benefit in any way from downing a civilian airliner. Their goal is independence from the Kiev government which is why they are fighting Kiev through sometimes violent means including shooting down its military planes. Massacring 298 passengers in a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur does not serve their cause. Moscow which backs the rebels to an extent also gains nothing from involving itself in such a diabolical carnage.

10 days after the carnage, it is now clear who is trying to reap benefits from that terrible tragedy in the skies. The demonization of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, orchestrated from various Western capitals, including Kiev, after Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation, thus thwarting one of the primary strategic goals of NATOs eastward expansion, has now reached its pinnacle. After MH 17, it has become a lot easier to convince people— even without an iota of evidence — that Putin is a mass murderer. The tarnishing of Putins image is crucial for those in the West who want to curb Russias political re-assertion so that the US and its allies can perpetuate their global dominance without hindrance.

MH 17 has helped the elite in Washington in yet another sense. It has strengthened its push for tougher sanctions against Russia which began after the Crimea vote. Given their extensive economic ties with Russia, many European countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy have been somewhat lukewarm about widening and deepening sanctions. But will that change now? Will an outraged European public, incensed by the MH 17 massacre, demand that their governments punish Moscow?

It is obvious that those who seek to punish Russia and the pro-Russian rebels, namely, the elite in Washington and Kiev, are poised to gain the most from the MH 17 episode. Does it imply that they would have had a role in the episode itself? Only a truly independent and impartial international inquiry would be able to provide the answer.

In this regard, we must admit that while elites in Kiev and Washington may stand to gain from MH 17, those who actually pulled the trigger may be some other group or individual with links to the powerful in the two capitals. It is quite conceivable that a certain well-heeled individual equipped with the appropriate military apparatus and with access to air-control authorities in the region may have executed the act of evil itself.

Because of who he is, and where his loyalties lie, that individual may have also decided to target Malaysia. Was he giving vent to his anger over our principled stand on the question of justice for the Palestinians? Was he also attempting to divert public attention from Israels ground offensive against Gaza which time-wise coincided with the downing of the Malaysian airliner?

As we explore MH 17 from this angle, would we be able to connect the dots between MH 17 and MH 370, between July 17 and March 8, 2014?

We should not rest till the whole truth is known and the evil behind these two colossal catastrophes punished severely.

We owe this to every soul who perished on those fateful flights.

This article is dedicated to the cherished memory of all those on MH 17 — especially the 80 children who were on board.

Copyright © 2014 Global Research

Our take. Loukos’ Hague verdict condemning Russia is that other timely coincidence falling from the sky  through a finger snap. Vengeance is not Justice. Sorry. Meantime, the bombing of Air Algeria is hidden under a simple crash camouflage. Just like that, the plane exploded over Mali, precisely, the place where French troops are fighting against some local forces. There is a total blackout on that silent war. Some coincidences are none.

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The fly forward without proofs over the MH17 accusations now translates into more restrictive sanctions against Russia. This is counterproductive and will end up into a lose-lose game with the western bloc losing the symbolic war of morality and dignity – as it was the case with Ghandi’s lead in fighting for Indians freedom against the predatory UK empire.

The NYT. U.S. and Europe Agree to Escalate Sanctions on Russia.

French, UK, Germany, Italy and the US, those are the same members of Tripoli middle-age croisade that fomented a coup through a so-called « no fly zone » – that criminal UN-NATO cover – implemented in Lybia. After killing a head of state, Kadhafi – as they did symbolically with Ianoukovitch – Lybia is descending into chaos. The US and the french have evacuated their personal from Lybian soil, backing in retreat to Tunisia.

Chaos is the next stage in Ukraine. The same fate of Lybia and for Iraq. And while we are talking about this MH17 crash and Russian sanctions, Israel killing machine is at work, day and night, destroying everything it can on Gaza soil on total impunity. Who can ever sanction Israel ? Litteraly : Nobody. Pratically, the World Community and its people can. Note right now the difference between « the international community » representing Western alliance only, mainly UK, France, Germany, Italy and the US – and the « World community ».

May be Donald Sterling (NBA) is paying the price as a collateral damage of this US and its allies cowardice. Someone has to pay for this Israeli unacceptable and intolerable Hitlerian conduct.  Donald Sterling Loses Bid to Block Sale of Clippers (NYT).

State’s terrorism and duplicity are perfect seeds for worldwide terrorism. Tomorrow, don’t cry wolves. Remember you created them. YOU THE US AND CONSORTS.

Naturally, in those exceptional circumstances, no more War treaty of any sort can stand anymore, under a clear aggression standing for a breach to the treaty.

Read more here and watch the video stating irrefutable facts.  What You’re Not Being Told About Flight MH17 (The Total collapse).