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Building a More Affordable City. By: Bill de Blasio. + The White Noise against the call for « Law and Order ».

Bill de Blasio for Mayor

Elise –

As I talk to people throughout our city, the first issue I hear from almost everyone I meet is how difficult it can be to afford to live here.

That’s why we launched the most ambitious affordable housing plan in the history of New York City—more than $40 billion to build and protect 200,000 affordable apartments by 2024. That effort will help more than 500,000 New Yorkers afford to stay here.

I wrote an op-ed in the New York Daily News last week about the work we’re doing to tackle the affordability crisis in our city. I hope that you’ll read it and forward it to your friends. When you’re done, please chip in $5 to our re-election campaign so that we can make sure that people who grew up and live in New York City can afford to stay.

Building a More Affordable City
By: Bill de Blasio

In a lot of ways, New York isn’t the city I moved to back in 1979.

I’m old enough to separate my nostalgia for those days from the reality of how dangerous and uncertain they could be. Today, our streets are safer than ever. Schools are improving. Unemployment is at record lows.

But in one fundamental way, we risk becoming victims of our own success. As more parents stay here to raise their kids, more seniors retire in their neighborhoods instead of the Sun Belt, and more young people and immigrants come here because this is where the good jobs can be found, the pressure on our city’s housing stock has led to a full-blown affordability crisis.

When we took office in 2014, half of renters were spending more on housing than they could afford. Rents had risen sharply through the recession, even as incomes were tumbling. The rising anxiety built up over decades hit a fever pitch as hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers asked themselves: Can I still afford to live here?

We heard and felt the pleas, and responded with the biggest affordable housing boom in the country’s history — a $41 billion plan to build and protect 200,000 affordable apartments by 2024, enough to help half a million New Yorkers afford to stay here.

And to the surprise of the skeptics and naysayers, we’ve actually delivered on our promise. On Thursday, we’re announcing that the city government has financed nearly 78,000 newly constructed or protected affordable homes since 2014. That’s the most affordable housing produced in any three years in New York City’s history — enough housing for the entire population of Salt Lake City, financed in just three years’ time.

We are ahead of schedule and on budget, and the pace is accelerating, with the fiscal year that just ended on June 30 our biggest yet: more than 24,000 homes. These apartments aren’t just expanding the housing supply; they directly address the affordability problem with tightly regulated rents governed by the city, tied to the incomes of their tenants. Households typically pay no more than 30% of their income in rent.

What we’ve gotten right here in New York is a lesson for the whole country as we face an attack on federal affordable housing programs from the Trump administration and congressional Republicans.

Here’s why our programs are working.

First, we build for everyone, because we want to remain a city for everyone.

For roughly 40 years, affordable housing programs backed by Washington have served a very narrow slice of the populace — that meant families making about $52,000 per year. Earn less than that or a little more, and you’d be out of luck. Most New Yorkers couldn’t qualify.

Today, our affordable apartments serve the full range of New Yorkers our white-hot housing market has left behind: veterans, pensioners, families facing homelessness, and also the nurses, teachers and first responders that make up the backbone of our workforce.

Mixed-income buildings are one secret to our success. Not only do they preserve our neighborhoods’ diversity, they’re also more financially resilient.

In our latest fiscal year, 43% of apartments served families making less than $43,000 per year, who pay no more than $950 a month in rent. That’s a record level of production for us. We also broke a record for the production of permanent housing for the formerly homeless. And we’ve financed thousands of homes for families making more than $50,000, because they feel this crisis, too.

Next, we put up our own money and demanded more from developers. Affordable housing is a public-private partnership. We’ve primed that engine with billions in public investment — more than the next 10 cities combined.

So far, we’re leveraging nearly $5 from other sources for every city dollar we spend. We negotiate tough deals that maximize the affordable housing we get from every taxpayer dollar — in some cases securing twice as many apartments for the same investment as our predecessors.

We’ve passed tough new rules that require — not just incentivize — affordable housing in new development unlocked by rezonings. There’s no law in the nation more stringent than ours. Finally, we’ve drawn a line in the sand to protect the affordable homes we have. When Stuyvesant Town went on the auction block a decade ago, its new owners flipped thousands of rent-regulated apartments into luxury ones. When it came up for sale again in 2015, we stepped in and protected every last affordable apartment for decades to come.

When aging Mitchell-Lama building near the end of their affordability, we fight to keep their programs running.

To keep even more tenants in their homes, New York City just became the first city in the nation to provide universal access to legal services for low-income residents facing eviction or harassment.

It will take many more years of dogged effort to fully turn the tide. But we will not let the greatest city in the world slip away from the New Yorkers who built it.

Thank you so much for reading. This is an issue that touches every family in this city one way or another. Please consider forwarding this email to a number of your friends so they can get a sense of the work we’re doing.

In solidarity,

Bill de Blasio
Mayor, New York City


Our Revolution


We all have a vision for what we want this country to become. We can make it a place that guarantees health care, education, and voting rights to all of its people. Our energy system can lead the world in clean, renewable energy production, and people can earn a living wage that does not force them to take on multiple jobs working themselves to the bone. The private prisons, restrictions on women’s health care, and illegal behavior on Wall Street can be curtailed and undone, clearing a path for a more just and inclusive society for all.

This is not wishful thinking. It can be done, and so much more.

I got involved in this fight because like you, I saw that the conditions around me, which had persisted over generations of status quo politics, did not have to define the way we lived our lives. Right now, we have an opportunity to change the system for the better, but we need your help if we are going to bring about the radical change we so desperately need. Can you contribute $3 to Our Revolution? No matter the size of each individual donation, when we put our resources together we form the most powerful grassroots force this country has ever seen.

Whether you are fighting because you’re buried in student loan debt, are struggling to afford your health care, or are one of the millions of Americans who have not bounced back from the Recession quite like Wall Street and the top one percent have, it is important that we stick together.

We have proven time and again that when we are determined, engaged, and supporting one another we can overcome whatever challenge is thrown our way. When the establishment told us that campaigning on Medicare for All, free college tuition, and closing the corporate tax loopholes without a Super PAC to help us was pie in the sky, we went out and won 22 states and over 13 million votes in the Democratic primary. That is exactly what we fought for.

We’ve also fought against some truly awful policies, from efforts to strip our health care and women’s reproductive rights, to racist and xenophobic policies that would discriminate against Latino and Muslim immigrants from living in the land of the free. When things got tough, we stayed the course and prevailed.

Our Revolution is still working to advance the bold, progressive policies that brought us together by lobbying Democrats in the U.S. House to support the #PeoplesPlatform, but we need the resources to compete against the big money interests who are standing in our way. Can you chip in just $3 to help us continue the fight for a country that works for all?

As long as a single person is denied their right to health care, an education, a living wage, or reproductive rights, we will be there fighting. Until the fossil fuel industry, Wall Street, and the prison-industrial complex are called to account for the harm they’ve done to the American people, we will stand with you in this fight.

We are not just in this movement for ourselves, we are in this movement for generations yet unborn. Thank you for being a part of the political revolution.

In solidarity,

Nina Turner
Our Revolution



Politicians have spent too much time bickering and not enough time listening. Enough!

I want to hear from YOU.

I want to hear from the American heartland — the REAL America that lives outside of the DC-media fantasy bubble.

Now that we’ve passed the six-month mark of our presidency, I want you to take the Listening to America Survey to tell me the true sentiments, concerns, and interests of REAL America.

The mainstream media and Hollywood love to tell you “how America is feeling.” But they know nothing. They live in a world where you get to your keep job even if you fail to get anything done.

It’s time to tune them out. It’s time to shut off the noise and just LISTEN.

Just like on the campaign, I always like to go directly to the people. I asked our supporters to help prepare for our three big debates against Hillary. I asked what issues we should address. I asked for help creating our platform.

So please take this moment to turn off the very loud noise of Washington and take the Listening to America Survey.

Thank you,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump


Alert : Israel Anti-Boycott Act – An Attack On Free Speech?

July 25 – A widely-supported bill in the House and Senate would make it a felony to support or endorse efforts to boycott the state of Israel over its policies toward the Palestinians. Conviction could result in a maximum $250,000 civil fine plus a $1,000,000 criminal fine and 20 years in prison. Regardless of one’s views of the Israel/Palestine conflict, the right to boycott anything, anywhere for political reasons is political speech protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution. Will Congress succeed in overthrowing this fundamental principle upon which our republic was founded? We take a good look at the issue in today’s Liberty Report:


Trump Pence

“A Better Deal…”

That’s what the Democrats are labeling their new “agenda.”

However, you and I both know that the only thing on the Democrats’ agenda is RESISTANCE.

Left-wing elites like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and even more radical progressives such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, have done nothing but encourage protests, fuel active and angry resistance, and spread the notion that this is not a legitimate presidency.

Our movement is real, ELISE. And this presidency is real.

Our strategy is more than just blind hatred and unrelenting resistance to getting things done.

Our strategy is putting AMERICA FIRST, strengthening our economy, and making this country safer and stronger for future generations.

If you’re with us and against the Left’s ideals of resistance and hatred, help us advance the agenda YOU voted for and continue winning elections with a contribution of $250, $100, $50, $25, or even just $5 today

Anti-Trump energy isn’t enough to win in 2018, ELISE, but the Democrats just can’t seem to figure that out.

Let’s keep fighting.

Let’s keep winning.

Please, show your support with a contribution of $100 today.

Thank you,


P.S. – TONIGHT: Be sure to tune in at 7PM EST as President Trump holds a rally to celebrate our veterans, the great state of Ohio, and MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


President Trump is either uninterested in pursuing the policies he outlined on the campaign trail when it comes to Russia or he is so cornered on the new Russia sanctions bill that he knows he can’t win and is afraid to take the political risk of a veto. Whatever the case, on foreign policy his campaign of an end to US regime change and nation-building overseas is now dead and buried. His own party, which controls both houses of Congress, is an accessory to the crime, as the new Russia sanctions bill ties the hands of their own president and forces him to beg Congress for permission to lift sanctions in the future. I am interviewed on RT on the implications of the new sanctions bill passed overwhelmingly today in the US House:


Plus Rep. Walter Jones to President Trump: ‘Get Us Out of Afghanistan!’





They have organized not to be prosecuted for their endless criminality and hidden terrorism. Instead, young and black people or Black presidents, injustly accused of dictatorship, whenever they refuse to sell their country out, are sent in private jewish prisons or in the ICC, the jewish empire tool of torture.

The Hell this Jewish Hidden Empire, the US and the EU are serving like pets. It is such a Pity and a Treason for those nations to go so petty and prostitute to the Jewish people and stinking money.

In fact the West should be ashamed to have sold out their people to this Satanic People, named Jewish, the Plea of the World, the original Sin, the Hell on Earth.

Until this Jewish Empire is down by Fire, nothing good such as peace is possible. Jewish people are so weak and wicked, the only way for them to get something is to sit on a long standing system of frauds. No law but international gangsterism.

War, Repression and International Gangsterism: U.S. State Policy from Benghazi to Baltimore

Crimes against property ? What about the Jewish big and systematic robberies ?

« A mere two months after clashes between black youth and police in Baltimore following the murder of Freddie Gray while in police custody, President Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the indictment of twenty-four year old Raymon Carter for his alleged involvement in the torching of a CVS pharmacy. The national government’s intervention into the case had an unmistakable message – if you engage in “unauthorized” forms of resistance – in this case, crimes against property – expect to confront the full power of the national government.

U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein made it even clearer: “Anyone in the future who participates in a ‘riot’ should know that police, prosecutors and citizens will track them down and send them to prison.”

This aggressive and speedy move on the part of the DOJ to criminalize poor, black kids in Baltimore differed sharply from the DOJ approach to high government officials, armed servants of the state at the local level and the big banks and investment firms. For the officials involved in torture under the Bush Administration, the financial gangsters who engineered the 2008 economic crisis, and the killer cops across the country who have yet to experience one indictment from Obama’s DOJ after months of “investigations,” DOJ-granted impunity has been the operative principle in practice.

But Obama’s DOJ has not been the only state institution involved in providing cover and impunity for repression and criminality in the service of the capitalist oligarchy.

Impunity for State Terrorism: The Real Story of Benghazi »

State terrorism in the West today is Jewish-led terrorism. Period. Hiding behind the curtails = the neocons or the deep state, are the Jews. Always, anywhere, anytime.


« Benghazi is only a symptom of a pattern of criminal activity on the part of U.S. officials from both parties. From the illegal attacks on Iraq and Libya, subversion in Syria and Venezuela, surveillance, police state repression and mass incarceration domestically, coups in Honduras and Haiti, support for genocide in Yemen, and the continued occupation of Palestine, it is clear that what unites the elites of both parties is their unshakable commitment to maintaining the power of the U.S./EU/NATO axis of domination as the institutional expressions of concentrated white power (*) for as long as possible.

In the meantime, Raymon Carter is facing years in prison because the state claims it has a right to hunt down and prosecute who it defines as criminals.

But the social world is not static and the balance of forces is shifting. One day using that same logic but informed by an alternative ethical framework that centers real justice, the people will be in a position to hunt down and bring to justice the international colonial gangsters who destroy our earth, torture, exploit and bring death to countless millions ». (Black Alliance for Peace)

First to call, the satanic jewish neo cons.




Regrouping people by their color of skin is so general that some people can miss the point. What is it like being white ? Is it the color of skin uniquely ? Certainly Not, if converted into the axis of world domination some white people, including those living in the west side, are not looking for.

Now, follow the threat, which part or layer of the white people is exclusively focused on this white supremacy ? How do you recognize them ? What are their tools and methods ? No doubt, neocons are. As their affiliates, the medias are. Monopolistic groups are. The militaro-industrial complex is. Intelligence agencies are neocons partners…

What is absolutely stricking is when you add all those people up, you got a permanent trend : their jewishness. You can’t miss the point. Why are we afraid to call  the cat or the dog or the thief or the rat by their names ? Why do they not assume their real face, goals and villainy ? Hypocrits all of us. Crooked and Weak.

Untill we are men or women enough to call a crook a crook, we are going to remain in the darkness, lying to ourselves, while those bandits will keep running, murdering, torturing, and spitting on the entire World.


Trump Pence Make America Great Again


It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you, but I could not allow these attacks to continue…

…What we’re witnessing is a concerted effort by the Fake News Media and bureaucrats to delegitimize a duly elected president and the millions of Americans who proudly cast their votes for my father.

But we’re NOT letting the witch hunters win.

While Democrats choose to spend 1OO% of their time screaming “RUSSIA” and refusing to face the real reasons they lost, my father pledges to focus on the issues that truly matter to the American people.

That’s exactly how my father won — and it’s how we’ll keep winning. But we’re going to need your help every step of the way.

Please contribute to show the witch hunters there is NOTHING they can do to stop this movement.

Thank you for everything you do,

Eric Trump Signature Headshot
Eric Trump


THE WHITE SUPREMACY IS THE SHELTER OF THE JEWISH SUPREMACY. The color of skin and the name changing have made the trick possible. There is not such a thing as the White Supremacy as black people, democrats, artists and other celibs are members of the Jewish Supremacist  Gang.

There is not such a thing as State Terrorism, but Jewish Terrorism.

REAL NEWS the media isn’t talking about


Remember Debbie Wasserman Schultz? The disgraced DNC chair who was forced to resign after colluding with the media to rig the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton?

Debbie’s staffer — Imran Awan — was arrested while trying to flee the United States to Pakistan after wiring $283,000 to the country beforehand. Just a fraction of the millions of dollars he’s received doing IT work for House Democrats.

ELISE, this is ANOTHER criminal investigation of a DNC-connected crony jeopardizing our national security and NO ONE is hearing about it because the mainstream media would rather focus on fake news to take down President Trump.


Awan and two of his brothers allegedly removed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sensitive IT equipment — and the FBI recently seized SMASHED hard drives from Awan’s home.

Sound familiar, ELISE?

Debbie even KNEW about this continued mishandling of sensitive congressional data, but Awan remained employed through this week.

Join us in demanding fair treatment from the media and a full explanation from Debbie Wasserman Schultz about her misconduct, mistruth, and mismanagement of a MASSIVE cybersecurity breach of the House IT network.

Thank you for your support,

Trump Headquarters.




Fellow conservative,

Can you believe it? I’ve been in office now for six months, fighting back against the liberals and their crony agenda for YOU — the Americans who have supported me through thick and thin.

DESPITE their endless lies and the flood of Fake News, we’ve accomplished so much already — all thanks to YOUR incredible support. Together we’ve brought back thousands of jobs, fought back against radical Islamic terrorists, and scrapped the CORRUPT globalist deals that drain our wallets and weaken America.

But the Washington status quo HATES what we’re doing. They’ve made a lot of money off of business as usual. And now they’re fighting back…

That’s why I’m turning to YOU as our end-of-month deadline approaches, fellow conservative. We must end the month STRONG.

You voted me into office to focus on the issues – unlike the FAKE NEWS media which only cares about peddling phony stories and lies that our movement is losing support.

We can’t let the opposition gain any ground. We MUST show them that their hateful bullying hasn’t weakened our resolve to work together for this beautiful country you and I love.

I’m reaching out to you personally to help us crush this goal and show the failing “journalists” at CNN and all the other liberals that they’re nothing but Fake News and white noise.

They’ll try to attack us no matter what, but when we PROVE YET AGAIN that you — my loyal supporters — are still behind our movement, we will beat the clueless Democrats and the failing liberal news networks at their own game.

Help us crush our End-of-Month goal to show the opposition that you, the American people, stand behind our America First Agenda by contributing $100, $50, $35, $15 or even $5 today.


President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump