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Governing with and for the people ; not against. The case for and against Bulgaria. + Encryption in UK = Home(s) Security.

« Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Announces Plans to Overhaul Institution Next Year ».  (Sofia news)

National Ombudsman Maya Manolova, who assumed office in the autumn, has said she is planning to carry out a thorough reform at her institution in the next year.

At a press conference where she summarized her two-month work on Monday, she said much effort will be put forth into making the Ombudsman closer to the everyday problems of Bulgarians.

Manolova promised « reception centers » would be set up all around the country as some people cannot afford to travel to Sofia or other cities and towns. Moreover, she added experts working with her office would begin visits to small municipalities, and not just regional centers, to learn more about specific problems in every administrative entity.

She also argued her institution had become more popular with Bulgarian citizens for the two months of her tenure, adding 1622 claims had been lodged with the Ombudsman‘s office between October and December, compared to 1006 over the same period of 2014.




+++ Mall of America seeks order blocking planned Black Lives Matter protest.

⇒ Bulgaria ‘Sold Millions Worth of Arms’ Used in Syria, Yemen Conflicts. (Sofia news) –

What about Lybian no-fly’zone outcome regarding the uncontrolled spreading of Gaddafi’s piles and stocks of armament he bought from european nations, such as France, Germany, UK and so forth ? I’m just recalling talking the issue yesterday afternoon in my apartment, while receiving a security advisor. We were talking about Home (s) security and protections. We reached the conclusion that the World today is an open field of illegality covered up by the authorities and some intrusive bodies whose businesses is snooping, at best, or destroying the others at worse through all sort of means.

Terrorism today and the rule of fear are weighed – not by ordinary people – but by official buildings and staffs working together in the process.

To stop this Rapist and Intrusive Culture, the World – meaning each nation of the World – needs a new Leadership and new leaders ready to erase this shit from the roots and to clean the World from this rampant disease carrying malfaisances and a lot of toxicity. When you got new parliamentaries, a new Justice and Police and Security for all will become a priority to keep our minds and body safe. Actually, the World is not a secured place. And it is a real pity we got there and set toxicity as the New Normal. In fact, as Christine Lagarde put it sometimes ago, the New Normal is the outcome of the New Mediocre.

The World is under a global panel of mediocrity order. The winds of negativity are dominant. The Las Vegas sortie is just that : an exhausted woman in a toxical World looking for breathe. Remember Eric Garnier « I can’t breathe ». Vampires are standing everywhere to suck you and harm you : in your phone (1), in your car, in your flat, in your friends’ homes, following you where ever whenever ; they know no limits ; nothing can stop them, they have no conscience, no morality, no values, no barriers and they are crowned by the authorities. Nobody can stop their illegal business and sometimes deadly business including the aggressive violation of privacy and work places’ harassment. Our societies are no longer ruled by the Law, but like Jungles. Technology is their ultimate strenght. The entire community of cowards are served. So is the entire community of thieves and mean people. When you don’t have technology, you got the Gangs. When you don’t have gangs, you got arms.


Spain Conservatives Win Most Votes but Lack MajorityPM Rajoy equation.

Next. Follow our « Flash over the World » to be aired today (recorded yesterday night). It focuses on Madrid Citizen’s awakening.


(1)- Apple blasts U.K. bill on ‘backdoor’ access to encrypted messages.

Excerpt. « In the wake of a renewed debate over the use of encrypted communications, Apple is urging the British Parliament to reconsider its new beefed-up surveillance proposals.

The company submitted a strongly worded objection to the U.K.’s Scrutiny Committee today in a response to a law drafted in November. If passed this spring, the legislation — dubbed the Investigatory Powers Bill —would legally require companies to bypass encryption at the request of the government, among many other provisions ».

Clearly, the wrong way. UK needs a new generation of Lawmakers able to understand the new challenging governance. Encryption is key for today and tomorrow.

⇒About homes security –

11 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure During the Holidays

Read this scary truth and lawmakers are on the Hill, at Westminster or at the national assembly (France) or  the Bundestag legiferating on everything except on what matters the most : housing and security.

The Scary Truth About Locks — From Expert Lockpickers.

Excerpt. First, let’s get something straight— for the most part, what’s inside your doorknob isn’t going to keep thieves at bay.

The reality is unchanged, unchecked and unpunished concerning our luggages when we travel on planes. Each suitcase is vulnerable and can be opened and closed after, without effraction and you knowing. They can take many things out of your luggages and you’ll have no legal recourse to get your stuff back ; placed in the impossible situation to bringing tangible proofs. Isn’t it a Wonderful World ? With full of big premiums for Big thieves and bandits breaking down personal properties. And some people are out there to defend guns calling for the second amendment.

To kill a person, you don’t only need guns. There are many others pervasive ways to do so. And the Police will just keep looking at you striving with this. Alternatively, french medias and other collaborationists will stand by smiling and saying the « man or the woman » has  turned mad or is getting depressive ; may be she has come to the point of imagining ghosts around. The fact is those are people behind this dirtiness and conducting the business.

Sometimes, you’ll tell with Nietzche that « God is Dead ». Another time, you’ll get to see His Holly Justice.  For instance, as people are faced with the unsurpassable reality about their forgotten History and Identity, Germany is going to introduce Mein Kampf into the Education System as a political or literary work. Knowledgeable people are less enclined to harm. In theory.

In practical, this is another story. The paranoide global order is still holding the hammer in its hands and can inflict a lot of damages to many brains. When leaderships are roasted, then Insecurity for all stands as King. Left alone to fend by themselves and to confront buglars, what is the necessity to vote for a lawmaker who is selling you out ?

End Institutional Impunity and cover up !

Fifa is leading the move with his 8 years of suspension inflicted to His Head. El Watan has the story. Is it the end of impunity for the FIFA ?