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Reputation is not Influence. Confused old ranking and the Neger factor again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the most influential woman in the World and the most beautiful. Their names are Knowless and 12 Years of slaves’ female winner awards. Applause. Their ranking is the result of the solely mediatic world of celebrities based on their inner and internal system of awarding. A snake eating its tail. Applause.

Let’s be serious for once over those so called most influential persons in the World or beautiful women. First of all, influence refers to power and celebrity is about reputation. Second, influence is about politics and changing the World whereas reputation is about marketing and filling some carpets’ merchants pockets. Very few pockets indeed. Third, influence is about leadership and, reputation is about followship. Two opposite roads and ways.

The fact is and there lies the confusion, some Head of States, I may say, some mean leaders, career opportunists, politician mercenaries have found it so easy to marry or to live in couple or public association with some “celebrities” or woman of the artistic universe – music, cinema, theatre or porn – and of the mediatic world – journalism and fashion.

This transgression has given birth to a travesty, in line with the Frankenstein model : some lost politicians and crook, only looking either for an election, an reelection or an erection have brought prostitution inside political universe. In the end, that prostitution is leading them to Hell. Just consider how artists in the World today are giving themselves the kind of importance they don’t deserve at all. Are they models ? Models of what ?

Of prostitution and gay marriage for sure and first of all. I continue to believe gay marriage is a travesty. Second, celebrities are models of nake attitude. Third, models of replay and play back. Four, models of photoshop abuses. The latest Vogue Sophie Marceau shot is  surrealistic ; kind of loose ovni floating inside an imaginary Jardin of Eden. This procedure bears a name : fake publicity and should be questioned for that, if real politicians were still in charge of the nations.

Yes Beyonce is a celebrity but not a model with an influence over the World. Yes, she may be something like this for very young people and girls building their own identity of future woman. Yet, those little  girls’ audience are not that stupid to ignore the part of lazzy business offered today by the stars. Nake attitude is the least anyone can do. No art or performance is needed to perform here, on the exception of sniffing a big spoon of coke. You can find marijuana  everywhere now.

Then you have got that most beautiful woman in the World? An impossible task because beauty is a personal or a community design. What may look beautiful in Africa is not the same in India or elsewhere et vice versa.  Nevertheless, I will draw conclusions out of this.

The first one is the totalitarian ambition of some media aiming to impose their choice to the rest of the World with no objective criteria. It is not their fault : some mean politicians let them do, for the sake of their corrupt election.

Secondly, for some political reason, black people are given some useless recognition, only to please their personal ego or to lie to the rest of the World trying to cover the Awarder’s racism under those parody of prices and void awards. Question, if the winner of 12 years of slaves’ best female Oscar was leaving anonymously somewhere in Africa or Mexico, would she be that beautiful ? Absolutely not.

Third, black people in the World are so mean looking, waiting and even asking for White people recognition as slaves they still are. Some may die – look at Beyonce, a Diva making it starlet, somebody on top of the World music behaving as if she still has something to prove, just like a beginner : pity and mean – some black people are ready to dye themselves to show White people there are what the White System want them to be : puppets.

Time ago, a Russian journalist published a realistic picture of what the artistic and mediatic world is doing with black “artists” or something : sitting on their asses. The picture was condemned as racist. Of course, the reality of the picture was unbearable for the masters of that rubbish game and, as usual, hypocrisy won : “cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir” (Molière)

Hypocrisy at its highest point.

Look, as long as African people or black people are going to wait for the White tools ranking, they will fit the pattern those medias have design for them. Not only it is a selfish attitude from those poor black people playing the game, it is also the ultimate signature of those black men and women : attentism and assistance.

In 2007, President  Sarkozy, our rock star of the day and yesterday not knowing whether he would like to be an artist or a politician, staging and spreading confusion between the two universe that should never met, to avoid perverting the democratic system at its roots, (he) declared at Dakar’s Anta Diop University that the Neger, the Black Man is not taking his part in the History in the making. Right. For more precision on the issue, let’s convene those three examples.

Oprah. I was surprised to read at CNN the call of that journal in favor of a black African woman who had tried in vain to get in contact with the Black American Diva, Oprah. CNN took to the job, politically and cynically. How is it that Black people need the mediation of White people to meet, to connect and to do business or help each other, a century after the end of Slavery and half a century after African Independences ?

Look at the Jews, the other people who had suffered from History. Suffer links them beyond frontiers, nationalities and territories. A Jew knows he is a Jew first before being French, American, Britain, Germany or something else. This basic conscience is unshakable and has crossed years of wanderings  culminating with Germany ghettos and Shoah camps’ horror, intact.

What a greatness ! What a model !F rom this pool of lamentations, blood, slavery and death, Jewish people have come across strong and forward with a conviction : solidarity and love are power. Second, freedom is Intelligence. Taking the lead and anticipating the orientations of the world are keys Tracking the lines of those orientations is Strategic and far-sighting. Jewish people are constantly making history, because they are not waiters, spectators, viewers, puppets but initiators walking together. Always.

>>>>>Facebook founder may fund election of Ukraine’s Radical Party Leader.

What are black people doing instead ? Selfishness. Running after White recognition, unable to initiate or set something different. Placed in a situation to chose between a black or a white collaborators, you already know who they will be chosing either by complex of inferiority – genetical – or by corruption. Once you have accused the White men of enslavering people or the Jewish, you must add immediately how poor-minded Black people are. They are 200 years behind History. To say it loud and clear, they are still leaving in Prehistory stands mentally and psychically. Physically, they are with us, but those are zoombies who have crossed the World  with amnesia.

A Jewish would never have given the amount of his Nobel Price to an association not led by a Jewish like some Winner did in the past. It is not about racism, or sectarianism. It is about being real and recognizing where you come from, where your origin lies first and empowering there and people coming from there as well.

What  and where is Black Identity today ? A powerful middle class has emerged in America and yet some  are still dying for the affirmative action to last. The case in Michigan. If race discrimination is still operating today, it is not the White man fault, it is the resignation of Black men and women from their duties’ which is to blame.

Duties, the key word ignored by Black people asking for Rights and stepping back  from their Duties.

Black diaspora are persona non grata in Africa. Find out why ?

I am back from Africa and I was confronted there with a stupidity : people questioned my double nationality being African and  French. They even denied me the African nationality. Cameroon, where I am from and was born and lived in during my first 25 years before I immigrated in France – may be  in America some days now – Cameroonian “lawmakers”  have ruled out what they called double nationality. So, we, the black people of the diaspora living outside Africa so far are persona non grata in Africa, our native land. How could you explain that hostility towards us when you see how those same black leaders are ruling the country to Hell, with the complicity of their White foreigners partnerships ? Tell me how ? Noone can deny a person born somewhere the right of citizenship there. This is a key point.

Our families are there. My father, 77 old is still alive. So are my 11 sisters and brothers and many nephews, nieces, uncles and cousins. In my village, nobody is considering me as a stranger.

How could you understand this in regard to Black Identity in general ?

Any Jewish in the World can come back to Israel and is welcome. Many Jewish have done the trip back to Israel : their homeland. How do you explain the hate of blacks in Africa towards other black people belonging to the diaspora.

I do recognize Zimbabwe had asked Zimbabweens living in London, to come back home. Meanwhile, Cameroon, the most corrupt nation on earth, a nation where politicians illustrated themselves in stealing public money by billions – some are jailed but not all of them ; not even the majority – a nation divided into two parts, like it was the case in apartheid time and during colonialism : the rich on one side and the poor on the other part ; a nation inside which UN international representations are siding with the wealthy and with the administration, pretending to conceptualize development while doing politics and cautioning the blinding social injustices along with the ultimate underdevelopment ; Cameroon a nation that is selling its soil to China without the permission, the consultation either of the Parliament (corrupt), the Senate (more of the same corrupt or even more), the government that has got no saying ; the people are not consulted : their voice counts for zero ;  Cameroon, the land open for big businesses mainly for the foreigners (Saudi Arabia, France, Chinese, Turkey…) … and shut for their natives and their children.

Here is it, the MCC (Millenium Challenges Corporation – US)  and international bodies are helping the leaders of some African nations to steal the wealth of the country : roads are funded but never built, no one is looking if things financed by international aid are effectively done. Electricity is distributed haphazardly. From Boum Yebel to Bot Makak, some villages are enjoying electricity and other are stuck in the dark.  All of them are meeting the conditions put in place by the so called local development of villages’ communities through a special tax collected by the government. Big lottery along with broad and wild corruption. With the Brazilian World Cup looming, some villages would be watching the event on the TV and the others wouldn’t adding frustration to poor quality of life. Pathetic. Who cares ? Not Cameroonians rulers and lawmakers. They will be looking the cup comfortably laying on their cosy villas built on the backbone of those peasants workforce they are keeping away from the Light. More, the road from Boum Yebel to Bokito was supposed to be paved in its entirety. The pavement stops 7 kms after Boum Yebel distanced from Bokito by hundred of miles. Nevertheless, that parody of aid continues its stalemate road repeatedly.

In the meantime, solar energy is free and abundant and not transformed into a big and renewal Green energy and Industry for the welfare of the people. What is lacking ? Is it the fault of double nationalities ?

Yes nations don’t develop themselves through aid alone which is marginal. Having said that, Aid should be a positive incitement not a toxic element looking like a mockery and adding to the government discredit and the people disparagement.  Eventually, aid brings more dysfunctions and dissatisfactions than comfort.

African diasporas and  black Cameroonians are not wanted inside the nation to change this and to give Africa a chance for change. Who is responsible for that situation ? First, Black people themselves. Second, the International community. Third, the lack of a Black identity conscience and solidarity.

Conclusion : the culture of assistance and aid is not helping the emancipation of black people. Instead, it is another enslavement.

President Obama, International Community, European Union and France, black diasporas is drawing your attention here and is asking your intervention to weigh in. If we are willing to talk seriously and confront issues like development and immigration, therefore it is important to consider all the parameters of the problems including African diasporas getting back to Africa, freely. Not under blackmail. Dual citizenship is a plus not a less. By the way many ministers and other rich personalities in Cameroon are in that case. They are not impacted by the law they are supporting carelessly. Surprisingly and may we be in a State where Justice and Police rank as the most corrupt institutions of the country ? Official.

Now, how Beyonce, the most influential woman in the World can help solve this ? Development, good governance, freedom of circulation, accountability, Neger solidarity and emancipation, better cooperation,  African empowerment, Boko Haram, etc….

If African leaders and some insider African people are still ignoring that double culture and nationality is a chance and a powerful tool for the continent, then consider that African damnation is still operating. What a desolation and a despair for African people left on their own and for the continent as a whole. We are eager to see how African Union is going to handle this, before the whole thing becomes another Worldwide Big Shame of narrowmindedness and decay of mind. Poor Africa. poor Africans. The continent doesn’t deserve those actual prehistoric leaders with their politics of folly.

Bridges instead of Walls. This subtitle of a study by Global Research, talking about the New Socialism of Portugal, sums up better than I could have done, the core of the issue. 

On the topic, read also A Return to Nigeria – By ENUMA OKORO. A counter experience of mine. The NYT.

And Africa’s Path to Prosperity.

The day after, on Sunday, Cameroonian president was among the World personalities attending the Mass of Canonisation of Pope John XXIII and John Paul the Second. Before I went back from Cameroon to France, on April, the 18th, that is one week today, and until this Sunday, people were asking humoristically « where is the president again » ? Nearly one month outside the country, that is how the country has been governed for a long time now : frequent and long absences of the president, staying in the West in some of his Châteaux bought with Cameroonian money. Sometimes he and his Royal Court would stay in some luxurious hôtels in Swiss or other places such as Spain.
For this latest long absence, starting with an invitation to an international conference devoted to the situation in Centrafrica, the cost of entertainment of the Royal Court, comprising Ministers and courtisans (women and males) is estimated around €1 billion, at least. The president and the crook « lawmakers » can travel to enjoy the West. And, in the meantime, their urgency is to block other native Africans – or not – to come back home in Africa. They enjoy Africa and the West freely, endlessly and at will. This is African psychology at work : all for me and nothing for the others.
When will the IC and the ICC conduct an investigation over the origin of funds and when will those illegal money be frozen?
Keep in mind, that this is a president who had studied in France, was brought in Cameroon and installed in the government at the highest level, by his French Masters, immediately after the end of his studies in France, to seconded Ahidjo he will succeed later one, after a macabre scenario – a coup indeed, led by a French President, F. Mitterand  who moved president Ahidjo from power. The same President was leading France during the Rwanda genocide, due to bad sectarian ruling and dictatorial leadership organising the stealing of Rwanda’s money together with the late Rwandan Juvenal  president, Habyarimana.
This is the man : a 100% pure product of the wild France – the president of Cameroon – who is lecturing African diasporas about being African.
The man never compete and never faced competition. For those reasons, no Opposition is tolerated or permitted without ruthless hardships ; some leading to death penalty, the mafia style. Late on the row of suspicions : the death of a Denunciator, known as Ateba EYENE. His corpse was celebrated with the call for « President » from a massive crowd of little people who identified themselves toHim. Hopelessly and not knowing the man was an Imposteur…. This mafia style ruling (= anti democratic, opaque lead and organised by a clan)  has opened wide the door for corruption along with bad governance and decision making. How is it no social security is available for the people to face the expensive costs of health and their money is waisted in mondanities on the Westside and inside, on useless institutions such as the creation of a Senate composed of old corrupt politicians who are back to continue what they have been doing for half a century now : stealing the people and the wealth of the nation. This Senate is useless and must be closed.
In fact there is a lot  more to be said and this is next.
Take also a look at the post-electoral reactions of Algerian monkey presidential race with an impotent Bouteflika as the winning candidate without campagning in person, but by procuration. As in Cameroon, the legitimate question there is : Who is in power today in Algeria, behind the comedy ? Civil society is organising for a citizen’s insurrection. Read at El Watan. Another mafia style power : civil society is going neck-on-neck with the power.

Immigration GOP’s standard. Using blackmail : A doomed strategy – too weak and stupid to succeed.

As the look of things, a once again dephase GOP is  using blackmail to impress Obama : « Halt Deportations, And We Might Halt Immigration Reform » (Huffpost).

Should this be the new horse GOP’s congressmen would straddle for the elections to come, I wish them good luck with the people.

Anyone considering with a cold head the situation, from a juridical perspective including humanism and Justice, will come to this elementary principle and order : first come up with a workable law ; second, review and check up each request prior to deportations. It is a reasonable way to avoid legalisations looking like another National Lottery.

The fact that supporters of reform on the Republican side warn against halting deportations shows the tough spot the White House is in. If the president does nothing, thousands of people will be deported who could have received legal status if Congress passed a bill. If the president acts, it could increase political tensions and doom a potential bill entirely.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who supports reform, told The Washington Post last week that in his estimation, Obama could strengthen his hand by halting deportations.

« If I were president, I would have said the following: ‘It’s a broken system. Except for violent criminals, no more deportations until you help me fix a broken system,' » Trumka said.

Pure common sense.

In France, many illegals bet over time.

Twice in the recent history, illegals were given a chance throught a general amnesty for all the immigrants present in the French soil, at this very moment. They just had to prove it.  President Mitterand did it in 1981 and, under a PM socialist coalition with president Chirac, Mr Chevenement, the then  Interior Minister did it also. People were given a 10 years residential card, unconditionally, under Mitterand and the second time, on condition of ressources guarantee by a job and of social integration meaning a place to live in or some familial attaches in France – for instance assuming a parenthood living,  helping as a volunteer associative’s activities devoting to helping some other people in need, being part of family regrouping circle between sisters and brothers or mothers for instance.

There were a mix of multiple parameters considered from differents aspects of human life. Humanity as ground for Justice first.

The thing is and still is, from those two general amnisties, socialists have mounted kind of an electoral unpriced political value which tends to give them victory on elections undeservely. In France, residential papers are the path for citizenship. And, it may well show up that the more immigrants you give papers to, the more voters you add to your party. May be this is ultimately why GOP’s congressmen are so afraid at and not telling loudly.

If so, then their blackmailed equation conditioning deportations’ pursuits to their agreement is twice dead. The more deportations the more anger for the voters in America who will disregard this for their relatives and friends. Eventually, when, after those deportations, GOP’s congressmen would come to stick to their promise – which is another question –  and passed the law, they will draw zero benefit out of it.

All in all GOP’s congressmen opposition to immigration reform is working against them. May be twice than Once. Time to implement some kind of Political Intelligence is  now for the GOP’s congressmen. Tomorrow, it may be too late. Their savage dealing with social matters may hurt them with the same savagery. In the end, Obama wins. Fatal Boomerang.

Read also. The GOP’s Suicide Pact on Immigration.

Concerning government efficiency, here is how job’s market is recovering and how the deficit is lowering faster than forecasted.


Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

« The deficit is down more than 50% since president Obama took Office.

After years of over thrillion dollar deficit, we have cut the deficit in half by cutting spending, winding down two wars, and beginning to ask the wealthy to pay their share ».

Source. Go to the White for more over the State of the Union.

From the NYTimes. « Detroit’s Immigration Solution ».

The governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, wants to fix Detroit with smart immigrants.

He proposes to attract 50,000 of them over five years using a visa program for people with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in the sciences, arts or business. Get more at the NYT.

Last stand. 

CNN Breaking News.


Read the long interview by Mehdi and Dame Tessa Jowell at the Huffpost.  Highly informative.