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Can Gaddafi Save Libya? If the rats can let Libya alone, YES. Welcome to Niger.

We are proud of Africa those days.

Shortly after our flash of the World over the latest news in Frenchafrican hidden relationship known in French as « Françafrique » – FrenchAfrica Traveling – read the french summary below. The summary is saying that African recolonisation still have legs to march.

Qu’est-ce qui se passe en Françafrique ? (18 min., musique incluse)

Que devient la Françafrique ? La recolonisation de l’Afrique est en Marche. Avec cette différence qu’elle mute. De la canne à sucre, elle est passée à l’Occupation financière. Le code Noir n’a vraiment jamais disparu.
L’actualité de la CEDEAO (Communauté Economique des Etats de l’Afrique de l’Ouest) nous enseigne bien des choses. Le Maroc veut être membre, après sa désertion de l’UA pendant des années. Deux lectures instructives pour en savoir plus:
Sommet Cedeao 2017 : Faure Gnassingbé, nouveau Président en exercice.
Le code noir.

That is why we welcome analysis such as the Ron Paul Institute, far from the black lives Diasparos 221 equivalent, paid by the very people and the gang of the so-called « free press » to parrot the word « rat », in describing the Senegalese race for paliamentaries.

You don’t need to be a soothsayer to draw the perfect line between some mean black people, standing as free, while being totally infiltrated or enslaved to the very people the Black ruling (le Code  Noir) is denouncing.

Senegalese was called in rescue to liberate France from the Jewish-nazism tyranny. This is it : the jewish people, once associated with rats, due to their deplorable mentality, conduct and behavior, were siding and funding Hitler to subjugate … Jewish people, black people, and disabled.

Soros bought black lives matter silence with 2 million dollars.

I don’t know how much ‘Diasporas 221″, black people in the West side, were paid for to parrot the word « rat », so as to wash it, like money laundering, a business designed and performed by rats = thieves.

Are Senegalese runners for the parliamentaries thieves ?

If they would like to talk about folk conduct or about the plethoric number of candidates, like the multiplication of breads by JC – the « rat’s » picture is totally abusive, wrong and deplorable.

It speaks much more for the gangsta free press machine tactics to be given the smallest form of consideraton.

The strategy consisting in trying to spread one’s dirtiness or shameful identity and character to others is pure insanity and the ultimate stage of parasitism.

Free Western Press ? Let me laugh at it. Those are gangsters and fleas.

There is nothing in the  Western side as a free press. The press overthere is none of that : it is just another trick to hide the Devil.

Those people deserve zero consideration. Don’t be a fool. Don’t even pay a dime to those worms.

So, what is new inside Frenchafrican connection ?

Recolonisation has started anew.

But, there is a major difference : the morphing.

Sugar plantations have left the stage to The Financial Occupation.

The Black Code (known as « le Code Noir ») implemented by Napoleon in the 16s century is still enforced. Proof of it, ECOWAS actuality.

The Togolose president is the new president of the ECOWAS. He is a key French card inside Africa.

Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé est l’un des fils du président Gnassingbé Eyadéma.

The president is the son of his father, the « father founder » of Togo, since the nation became independent from the French colonisation. He has been in power since 2005.

He is taking the presidency from the hands of Sirleaf, the LIberian president, backed by the US, as a former World Bank officer.

Kadhafi was a giant obstacle in the returning back of French in the Wester African sub region.

When you say France, understand that through the Financial Occupation, you are talking about French banksters. And when you are talking about French Banksters, you are talking about Eurozone banksters.

When you are talking about eurozone banksters, you are talking about the EU banking system.

All in all, you are talking about financial places and markets, worldwide with their Temple : Wall Street. The Ogre.

French recolonisation is no longer Frenchy frenchy. Diplomatically, it looks like it is French a 100%. On the back-stage, it is a 100 % Banksters and the Wolves holding those criminal banks, too-big-to-fail. Scammers of all times.

They created a pharaonic financial crisis, leading big thieves. That was in 2008. They did it intentionally, knowing in advance, a corrupt sitting and coming president will handle them an amnesty in the form of a total wipe-out of the monstruous scam. This was done in total inhumanity for small businesses who went bankrupted, workers being fired overnight, people losing their homes and discovering at the same time how disgusting, the ogre have spoliated them with vicious contracts…Many businessemen committed suicide in silence, leaving behind multiple wifes and children.. no ruler took them is charge as Military families losing their loved ones in rats-led wars for big thefts…

Why so many young Americans are dying since Normandy in 1944 ? Nobody knows exactly why. They said it was for freedom and civilisation. In the end, we are finding ourselves today – 70 years later – at a worse place than in 1944.

Youtube has got the monopoly to post any video or audio. We got from one Tyranny to another. In-between, how many opponents, resistants were killed, tortured, harassed ? The gangsta free press is there as a permanent cloud.

If you can access who is behind the gang of banksters, then you have the whole story. If you can see who is behind Tech worming, then you have the whole piece playing on stage.

If you can draw who is being the so-called « free western press », you  have the whole scenario and the murky show.


After this master pollution, the same rats will organize big empty and lying events to alert over  climate change and environment disaster in the years to come.

Syrian migrations are their responsibility. But they are imposing and ordering president Trump to clean the mess they created in the first place.

⇒ Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Who Are Fighting ISIS?

The devil is a poison for the humanity, progress and clean air.

This is a tribute to Eric Garner, murdered in NY by a criminal gang, acting on behalf of the Rats.

Corruption is a crime. It turns knowledge into garbage.

Multinationals are the hidden forces of Occupation. The IMF is their Platform.


The Free press and Western diplomacy – Liars Lying About Nearly Everything

20.03 Paris Hour. A rat has just called me, as usual. The caller’s name is « UNKNOWN ». This is how you spot a rat. Rat are nuisances. Errant dogs. Always walking around other’s people belonging, lands and properties, violating them and spoiling them with their stinkness. A rat stinks.

Nothing to do with Senegalese or African people. We don’t call other people’s home and cowardly hang up the phone.

Rats are parasites. When they are  not occupied in sending me provocative emails of all sorts via their brotherhood criminal tech and alliance, they take on the phones calls, recording the streets cams to follow every movement…

Look, I’ve tried to post an audio file from my smartphone, namely Samsung, powered by Android (Google). This was on Saturday or Sunday. And guess why, everything has been spoiled, from the smartphone to the computer to this website to turn the audio mute, while transfering it from the smartphone to the website.

I did it sometimes ago and everything was perfect. Until they realised that I may be tempted to post something, a song and then the Majors « lol » and the Youtube and others rush in for a sabotaging mission. Here is how you know you are dealing with a Jewish-post nazi gang of impostors.



Setting themselves as « the elected people » – a fake of historical proportions due to the falsification of the Bible or its misinterpretation HAVE RESULTED IN A CRIMINAL DIPLOMACY AND GOVERNANCE. For a while, we were manipulated with an argument : the « security of Israel » to protect, at the expense of the destruction of the humanity and anything human or divine.

Lie is the ultimate sin. The Human DESTINY  was twarthed by a snake using A LIE, to fail Eve in the Eden garden. With her the entire Humanity descended into Hell.

May be we are condemned to go from Hell to Hell. From Jewish nazism to another one and so on. From lies to lies. From saving the World from Nazis, in fact from the Jewish Banks and criminal instinct in the name of money’s endless love to revolting from the New Fake World Order, on behalf of protecting Israel from Israeli terrorism, whereas those Unkown banksters are in fact the Fat Terrorists hiding behind the fake press and people calling me here at home.

Hold this on : UNKNOWN. PURE JEWRY.

Name of the Code : UNKNOWN. I like that. The wandering people have found their own names.

The jewish is a pathetic creature. In order to keep telling you lies, and making that dirty money, they need to set tyranic regimes worldwide and to terrorise anyone exposing their methods.





Ok forget about those small and ugly people… good for the dustbin of History. En Marche is not the one to blame. Not at all. Blame the previous french govs, following Valery Giscard d’Estaing – who lost the election, after the jewish branded press assaults accusing him of « diamond connection » with central africa, during Bokassa 1er regime. Late after, they got Bokassa down through a coup. The same gang operated behind chasing Valery Giscard d’Estaing and toppling Bokassa with a coup, as they did in Ukraine recently. The same gang knocked General De Gaulle down, with a so-called Youth demonstration  in the 68s. Many of those 68’s marchers are behind « En Marche Macron » presidency, captured like they did in the 68’s, using another hidden method.

Neverthless, it is not En Marche fault. Their success was enabled by fake leaders and traitors. High profile running from Sarkozy on the right side (former french president, the man behind Gaddafi murder – president Sarkozy gave the kiss of death to his friend Gaddafi – Interesting) – to J.P. Raffarin, a former PM, and Juppe (another former PM, during Jacques Chirac tenure and Foreign Minister during the farcical and criminal no-fly-zone) – HISTORY WILL JUDGE THOSE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE OR WERE (a strange association)–  to Hollande and Valls On the Left side.

The post Gaddafi era have sent two nations into the hands of France : Mali and Central africa are under French guardianship.

UAE violates Libya arms embargo, supplies Haftar’s LNA


The En MArche scenario style started in 1981, with the manhunt of president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The moment the Gang upgraded its gangsterism without opposition by the french leaders, all of them, either terrorised, threatened, silenced, discriminated against as unknown characters, disabled, harassed, tortured, killed… Corruption or Prostitution of the entire establishment was launched and a fake free press was settled out there to suck the People.

In the 80’s, democrats arrival to power initiated the descent of the civilisation as inherited from De Gaulle. As a former Force of Occupation collaborator, the jewish press helped him to take on Valery Giscard d’Estaing accused, as they did with Mr. Fillon, of felony. The crooks performed the job in 1981 as they did it last month. A Jewish press coup covered by French Justice.

For the elected people to win something, they have to cheat it. What an elected people ! Rubbish.

During the last french election, former PM, François Fillon was hunt down by the gang of fake news, alledging misdoings years ago. All of the sudden, when he won the primaries against Sarkozy and Juppe, he became the man to down. The fake news have already chosen their president for the French, Sarkozy or Juppe were favorites.

« En Marche » refused to run the left primaries he would have failed.

It was either Sarkozy, Juppe or Macron and nobody else. The Well known and well-oiled jewish league have chosen their president and have decided to impose him on the French people. So it went. The bad news is the perplexity of the Silent Majority. Abstention is historic as the turnout.


To get Fillon, they spared no effort to demonise THE MAN and his family. That is why I told you Jewish people in business are pathetic. In fact those are pure evil. Insane people. Wicked and disgusting.

They represent the smallest level of humanity, if considered as human beings. Those are beasts = rats.

You witness none of these conducts in Senegal. Since 1981, Bokassa have confessed how France have extracted diamondS and uranium on the darkness. He recalled his surprise when he was offered a watch in diamond by one of the members of the french crew extracting diamonds in the darkness. The man told him, Mr. President, while we were extracting uranium, we came accross diamonds ; in fact we realised the two mineral stick one to another. That is how the President, who signed a contract of uranium extraction, was informed of the Big Robbery. Guess who the spoilers were ? The same rats running the free fake french press and the post-nazism leadership ruling France.

Oh my God…

En Marche is the Successor of Mitterand.

Listen at this beautiful song to avoid suffocation and vomitting. Take a deep breath.

MBALLE MBALLE Dieu m’a donné.

Tribute to Bokassa.







GET THE WORLD ECONOMIES OUT FROM FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND SET THE WTO (World Trade Organization) at the center of the Economy) as it used to be before the gang of Banksters hijacking.

In other  Word, give back THE power to Politics and to Real workers/citizens and creators/innovators instead of those unreal Banksters, thieves and birds of pray.


Never say Jewish. Never point your hands at Dynasties.

Interesting to know first of all that the last girl of the president’s wife is candidating for those parliamentaries. The Eyadéma Togolese model. You start with the father or the father-in-law talking of reform and in the end, you have exactly the opposite : a dynasty back on stage. Lies and impostures.

Togo, Mali, Central Africa, Maroc are French strongholds in Africa. Chad also. Ivory Coast and Senegal.

French people have been  called to reject François Fillon, because he was working with members of his family. Today, we have the mediatic choice of a president calling himself a new prototype, while behaving exactly as the old french generation of politics. Liars.

He is an oligarch like the others, his predecessors.

Now, tell me, how such a parliamentary can go again  his  father-in-law orders. Call it separation of powers. Dynasties violate the spirit of the Constitution.

If you talk about jewry gangsta, you’ll be seen as a dangerous person. If you are in a position to have some influence, the jewish people – press, businessmen pretending – will go on multiplying the provocations leaving you with a double-bind question. Either silence – in face of the coward attack – or answer. In that case, you’ll hit the wall of censorship over the interdiction to call them by their origin and identity.

If you do so, therefore, you are automatically recorded as antisemitic or holocaust praiser. Potentially a dangerous Shoah denial. Dilemma. It means that, when those dogs are after you, you can retaliate in the norms they have imposed as political correctness imposed on all of us – through their pittbuls pedophilia medias -. The media are out there to limit free speech, to censor it and to define it. They are a lowering force, when it comes to the rhetoric, to express new ideas and to expand excellent education.

The so-called free press is a negative strenght for citizenry. Collectively, people seem to be more informed, but individually, they are ill-informed.

Second. Defend antisemitism, order some fake documentary for it : it is an obligation and fiercely condemn « Arabic terrorism ». It is also an obligation to have a chance to be seen in the jewish TV including ARTE, the EU TV in France. Another hidden Jewish platform. What is non-jewish in France ? Hardly anything. France have been liberated in the 50s. The country is totally occupied anew.

Say loud, that Muslims are terrorists and don’t forget to engage into a fierce rhetoric to « fight it relentlessly ». Blah blah blah. In the meantime, don’t forget to ignore who the real terrorists are, precisely those you are trying to satisfy with false declarations such as « arabic terrorism » is responsible for everything.

Don’t forget to ignore that Qatar was used as a first class weapon to destroy Lybia.  The Gulf state is said to have funded the no-fly-zone gangsta operation. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates States were aligned for that mission of Gaddafi assassination. They did it hand by hand with Israel and the NATO’s organization. « Medieval crusade », a Russian president said to describe the savagery and the scale of monstruosity.

The same association was behind the so-called « Arab Spring ».

Today, to see the Saudi Arabia, engaged into a regional leadership against every strong Arabic leader, whenever Gaddafi, Assad, Mubarak, Ben Ali, accusing the Qatar of ill conduct is another fake. Saudi Arabia is more of the same as the Qatar.

Third. Chant the security of Israel and the unbreakable ties between Israel and the US. Could it be different ?

The security of Israel requires those rats to be informed of everything people are doing on Earth. In fact, it is a lying pretext for a massive surveillance and for maintaining their fake elected position on the others. If you have an innovative project that can rival theirs, they will either steal it and implement it as quickly as possible – with their fake money or banking system – or sabotage it. They can not tolerate anybody taking an edge on them.

Whenever you’ll find yourself in front of aporias, know that dilemmas are there to disturb you and to create moral torture. Desorientation is end of the road. This is the moment Big Brother will get its mask off and show you his real devilish face offering you a welcome hand to help you to find your way from where ?

The answer will come shortly as a form of homosexuality, prostitution, celibrity for a moment… such as being elected president or something…

Just Wait for the falldown of those shooting stars.

Here is the clue : jewish attacks are the best way for them to silence and terrorise citizens – those who do not or can not retaliate – or to point their dirty fingers to the responders, mainly those calling them by their unknown and hidden name. They are ashamed of their origin. Don’t ask why. They perfectly know why.

Once you have responded, then you face the heat of the hidden gang. In fact a multifacets clan.

The media are first. Particulary the people so-called press. In the Jewish World, everything is called press and prostitutes are journalists. A hole is a hole. In this universe, education accounts for zero. Your hidden origin comes first. But we are all equal, isn’t it ?

The Their tactics are diverse, from usurpation of identities (we’ll comment it below 1) to systematic surveillance in asssociation with the police, the malls, states officers, highways security – wherever you go, your image is spotted life and retransmitted to the gangsta planet. Add to this the possibility to watch you through your electronic devices, you have the murky society.

The advertisers. Another gang linked to the businesses, the fake press and the elected people organizations.  The posters you see on the street are harmful, but the coward gangsta machine behind can not assume it. It shows the extent of vampirism of those mean people.

Nobody can agree this is done to avoid Arabic Terrorism or to protect Israeli security responsible for terrorism and the New Big Brother Establishment lying to the people.

This story of Jewish –  once miserables, nake, jailed in the ghettos, freed by the blood of beautiful innocent Americans men and black alike coming from abroad to help France – becoming Nazis in their turn, is something absolutely unbelievable. Yet, it is the sad truth. America is denying it. The EU alike. Needly to talk about Jerusalem.

Cognitive dissonance has explained how people confronting unmanageable dilemmas, engage themselves to keep control of their conscience in order to avoid disturbancies and disruptions. Any living beings need stability. Mythologies are high pourveyors of stability. Lies also. Trying to escape the reality also.

Weak and stupid citizens are malleable stuff to mold as desired. 70 years after the massive Holocaust propaganda, their brain can no longer tolerate anything such as spelling the word J… They have been told that spelling this word amounts to a crime, an insult and antisemitism. Any people using this description is a hater and a divisive person. This one should be banned from all the jewish outlets.

Those citizens lectured such inepties are not even able to see that the entire platform of the medias, either the sucking press or the other pretending are all jewish. C’on how is it ? In a normal world, this can not be. It is a sign those people are not out there to share anything with YOU idiots. Their agenda is crystal clear. You are the only ones to blame for your stupidity, weakness and impardonnable ignorance, in this 21st century.

Collectively, the gang is out there to police the System. And believe me, they are merciless.

Now consider those Jews citizens. They are heir of a Tallion culture. An eye for an eye. Zero tolerance. This is first. Second, they have holocaust children or grand-children, meaning they are ideologically bred with this Shoah tragedy telling them to stay alive, never again to succumb under any Tyran and if willing, kill the entire humanity to protect Jewish community. That is why in their culture, killing a non-jewish is not considered a crime, but a fight for the survival. A legitime defense.

When generations of men have received this as lessons from the past, you understand something shivering: first of all, all of them are ready to kill, educated to kill the non-jewish if necessary. It is called the survival guide or the code of survival. It includes lies or rests on them.


There is more. In a sense,  treating a human being as a beast ends up in transforming him into a Beast. Once you have humiliated a people or a race to this point of deshumanisation, their souls are able to create a gene of what you wanted them to be: a gene of  beast. In this case, a gene of rat.

Is this the ultimate stage of resilience ? I doubt so.

The beast is unleashed. At the beginning, it was too weak. Miserable. Nake. Homeless. Bare foot.

Then it started its evolution, quietly but efficiently, asking for pity and mercy, before bursting into a cynical and shrilling laugh time after, in the darkness. Chronogically, Mr Hyde was born before Dr Jeckyll.

Meanwhile the organization was growing underground, in the basement until the entire world rulers found themselves under the grisps of the Beast – an adult –  in the form of Garguantua, the slakeless Ogre.

Not surprising, Nazism have given birth to Nazism. Former prisoners and victims are now in control of the new camps of concentration. Unemployement, mean jobs, black and arabic people massive jailing in America and in France, Palestinians, Africa under recolonisation by the IMF platform of Jewish multinationals and banksters, people being dispossessed of their elections, Tech intrusive devices, social medias, the web machine, … everything points to the rebirth of Nazism.

A global state of control powered by the West ? Don’t be mistaken. The West in under occupation.

Writing all this is sending many french voters to « En Marche » parti : the jewish, gays, pedophilia, establishment prostitutes, journalists pretending, weak and ignorants first. We don’t care. History will tell and judge our writings.



Cowardly, many presstitutes are no longer signing their names on their shits. Hiding behind the fake institutions…

 Is this really happening in America?


If you told me this would happen in America, I wouldn’t believe you…

  • The losing political party is using a conspiracy theory — without having a single shred of evidence — to DERAIL a constitutionally-elected president
  • Our former FBI director cowardly used a friend to leak a government memo to the media as a political weapon, joining countless other unelected bureaucrats who leak
  • The Obama administration called for the UNMASKING of members of my campaign during the transition of power
  • The fake news media peddle conspiracy theories and lies about our administration

So when I say there is an effort to SABOTAGE us, I mean it. This is a threat to our republic — and we can’t let them win.

We MUST keep fighting. We MUST be 100 precent prepared for the vicious attacks that will NEVER end. WITCH-HUNT!

Thank you and God bless you,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States



Blacks’ Retreat. American stained blood and the bathroom’s parody. Oraculous Speech.


Black people unilaterally surrendered their history of fighting for justice since Barack Obama won Iowa caucuses in 2008.

From the moment it became clear that he could become president there was no amount of contempt or indifference from him that would dissuade millions of people from giving him unquestioned support.

The federal agency which is so useless in getting justice for black people directed public schools to allow use of restrooms which match students’ gender identity. Meanwhile black people are still killed with impunity if vigilantes like Zimmerman want them dead. There is no attempt to break new ground or even to use precedent in prosecuting killers of black people while other issues are pushed to the forefront of presidential action and media attention.

Zimmerman woul be in jail if Barack Obama wanted him to be.

Black people, so easily hoowinked if they fear any risk to Obama’s political fortunes, demanded nothing when Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Martin. It was enough for the gullible to hear Obama say that if he has a son he would look like Trayvon. Neither Zimmerman nor the murderers of Michael Brown, or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice had anything to fear from federal prosecution. The excuse that the bar for prosecution must be high is just that, an excuse.

There is nothing new about people being transgender or using the restrooms they choose. They have been doing so for years. In contrast, black peple risk death constantly just because they exist in this society. Driving, walking, riding a bicycle, being in a public space at the wrong moment, or even calling the police for assistance can get them killed. Yet Obama’s FBI doesn’t even maintain a record of killings committed by the police.

While other groups can count on media attention and public policy to address their needs and rights, black people languish at the bottom of American society, victimized physically, politically and economically and without any redress.

White supremacy is the constant in the United States. Groups ranging from LGBT community to the obese to the disabled can count on sympathy and official action to address their needs. Black people find themselves in the opposite position. There is no amount of injustice which triggers official action on their behalf.

Anyone who ever used a public bathroom has done so with transgendered people. Let others fight over foolishness. The demand for justice and the battle for self-determination must continue. No one else would do so on our behalf.

Excerpts of Transgender Rights But No Rights For Black People – OpEd – Margaret Kimberley.

This text is essential to understand why black people are still voting for Hillary. They have abdicated the fight and their rights.


Black is so beautiful. Every flatitude would like to buy a butt. Desperates nakedness is spoiling and tarnishing Cannes red carpet right now. Art and Cinema are being captured by sons of bitches and desperates bitches.

Black is beautiful. Bare foot have been popularized by Cesaria Evoria and Yannick Noah. Then you got the pasticher broom in Cannes. Ah ah ah. White supremacy is about taking black morphology and way of living on their account. When you don’t have rats behind you to copy the color of the outfits you are buying in the market place or insider cameras to spy and steal the color of your robes to pastiche, you have laughable butts pushed behind as if the « model » was about to go to the WC. Uglyness is beautiful. Lol.  Ridiculous and Pathetic to see small balls and suckers obsession. Cannes is the big prostitute which is going to kill this festival, once noble and respected. Sequence of laugh.

Degradation, vandalism, drugs, prostitution and tax evasions are big money drivers.


IMF Mission Reaches Staff-Level Agreement on Financial Assistance under Three-Year Stand-By Arrangement with Iraq

Press Release No. 16/231
May 19, 2016

End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, staff will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, will be presented to the IMF’s Executive Board for discussion and decision.

The Iraqi authorities and the staff of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have reached a staff-level agreement on a request for a 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). Under the arrangement, and subject to the approval of the IMF executive board, Iraq could have access to IMF credit amounting to SDR 3.894 billion (about US$5.4 billion) subject to the finalization of the macroeconomic framework and financing assurances. Iraq’s previous US$3.7 billion (200 percent of quota) SBA approved in February 2010 expired on February 23, 2013. Iraq received a $1.2 billion disbursement under the Rapid Financing Instrument in July 2015.

Mr. Christian Josz, Mission Chief for Iraq, issued the following statement today in Amman:

“Iraq has been hit hard by the conflict with ISIS and the precipitous fall in oil prices. The ongoing armed conflict with ISIS continues to strain the country’s resources and is resulting in new waves of internally displaced people, now reaching over 4 million. The steep fall in oil prices is causing a large external shock to the balance of payments and budget revenue, which depend predominantly on oil export receipts.

“To address the urgent balance of payments need, the Iraqi authorities and IMF staff have agreed on a three-year program of economic and financial policies that will bring spending in line with the lower level of oil prices and ensure debt sustainability. The program also includes measures to protect the poor, strengthen public financial management, enhance financial sector stability, and curb corruption. The Iraqi authorities deserve the support of the international community in the implementation of these policies.

“The IMF Board could consider the three-year SBA once agreed prior actions have been implemented, in June or July.

“During the mission the team met with the Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari, Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Ali Allaq, the Financial Adviser to the Prime Minister Mudher Saleh, and officials from the ministries of finance, oil, planning, electricity, the CBI, and representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government, Board of Supreme Audit, and pension commission. The team would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”


Press Release: IMF Staff Completes 2016 Article IV Mission to Barbados

Plus –  Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil (there is a new gov, following Temer Putsch to destitute Dilma R.), Spain, Ukraine, Greece, London, Suriname, Eurogroup meeting, G7 Finance Minister to come in Japan.

Transcript of a Press Briefing with Gerry Rice, Director, Communications Department

Washington, D.C.
Thursday, May 19, 2016


EGYPTIAN CRASH –  EgyptAir Confirms Wreckage Found in Mediterranean Is from Missing Flight MS804 – 

« The reason for the crash which occurred in perfect weather conditions and soon after the plane entered Egyptian airspace, remained unclear as of Thursday night ».


The White Black House response to the Black presidence illusion

First, the president is dancing – as usual – with a grandma – that is me dying to meet with Him, the Lord I saved from a planned burial in 2012. Romney and the helpless medias know about this story they are repeating in chorus this time in 2016.

The too-big-to-fail Clinton is going to fail. New times require new leadership :people assuming what they are in private.

After Kim text – read above – I

Mountains, stereotypes, cliches, icons, small balls – our new illusions – mirages like… and game changers.

When you watch a man considering a woman is a woman, by pregnancy and rolling around like pigs in the mud, it signifies the man has small ones, because this is his only way to imagine he is a man. Otherwise, it will be impossible. So, pregnant women of the world, send your pictures to the small balls and I can assure you of an immediate publication and retribution. Is there any sense to do so ? Don’t matter, just send your picture, especially if you need to make ends meet or if you are frustrated with your job or something else missing. I’m telling you, you can earn big easy money to appease small balls and presstitutes as a whole. A prodigious advice.

It works whether you are pregnant, on the verge to give birth, have given birth to a baby with handicaps, are a surrogate mum, all your asses are good for the so-called journalist of today. Journalism of asses – baby journalism for a failing press. Nullity. Asses followers are potential rapists. An advice for Mr. Trump. The rapists are not who you think they are.

I suppose you’ve noticed the echo of whole in hole. And, naturally wolf, the new trend along with elite. You can’t expect rats and small balls alike to avoid listening behind doors, and arrogantly, they thought – in fact with cowardice – retranscripting your conversations. 

That is why if Clinton wins, rats are going to multiply horrendously. America is going to declare war to the Iranian Republic. Slavery, threats, crimes, big thefts, plagiarism, the whole spectrum of horrors will come at display. It will be Apocalyptic. More racism – meaning more inequalities – and more wars, meaning end of the prospect of peace in the Middle East, including the 2 states Israelo/Palestinian question.

Signs of these are quite simple : dare say something against  the « predator-in-chief » and the entire collection of hidden racists and public copists and plagiarists are out there to conduct low businesses.

For instance, look how hilarious Christie’s contradictors are. Those newspapers are the most racists institutions ever, and they dare criticize Trump and Christie for accepting the KKK endorsement. That Speaker Paul Ryan is doing so is one thing, not the medias ; those corporatists white supremacists hiding behind the generic appellation « journalists », so-called.

Dustin Hoffman (AP) just nailed it for the Oscars : « it has always been racism ». What is going on for the Oscars has been and is the small one size-fits-all pattern going on everywhere else. Period. Corporations are racists and supremacists. They may insult the KKK’s leaders. Nevertheless, they are no model of diversity and, so far, they didn’t put the KKK’s practices and existence into question. So, end that hypocrisy.

Those are the same people willing to take the place of the people to fail Trump. Frankly, of the corporates or the people, I prefer the people’s judgment. We all know the value of corporates opinions. Close to zero.

Elisabeth Warren is noticeably absent…No balls ? I acknowledged Hillary gets some, compared to Elisabeth Warren zero risks taken.

In politics, it is hard not to make a choice. Even your silence is a choice. Of course we are talking about the World of Life not the valley of death which is home for the presstitude, including rushing into mortuary like wolves, to look at  other families corpses. Blood sucking never stop at any macabre dance. Just imagine catching such a beast  in act. May be you’ll ask for a sabre or bring one with you.

Hillary gets some balls when it comes to criminality and to bullying a young black girl, the age of her grandchildren, inviting her to « run for something ». Indeed. is Hillary running or cheating via DNC ? Had the DNC platform been honest and clean, Hillary’s faith will be like Jeb Bush. Those two families are hawks. Hillary has the courage to run, because she knows everything is arranged before hand and organised in the darkness – with her approval – for her to win.


Why The West Is Keen On Dividing The Arabs – OpEd

Excerpt. To ensure that Arabs are never to unite, the west invested in their further disunity. In 2006/07, former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, made it clear that the US would cease its support of the Palestinian Authority shall Fatah and Hamas unite. Earlier, when, resistance in Iraq reached a point that the American occupiers found unbearable, they invested in dividing the ranks of the Iraqis based on sectarian lines. Their intellectuals pondered the possibility of dividing Iraq into three autonomous states: Shia, Sunni and Kurdish.

Libya was too broken up after NATO’s intervention turned a regional uprising into a bloody war. Since then, France, Britain, the US and others have backed some parties against others. Whatever sense of nationhood that existed after the end of Italian colonization of that country has been decimated as Libyans reverted to their regions and tribes to survive the upheaval.

A rumored ‘Plan B’ to divide Libya to three separate protectorates of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan was recently rejected by the Libyan Ambassador to Rome. However, Libyans presently seem to be the least relevant party in determining the future of their own country.

No comment. Who is responsible for the ultimate disaster ?

The hidden emails and transcripts of some conferences with zero susbtance other that revealing state’s secrets to the banksters to capitalize on fraudulently will bring clear proofs of that. Hillary has to run to escape Justice for criminality and to pose as a victim, when the moment of Justice will knock at her door. But, whatever it takes, this moment will come sooner than she may think.

Justice is for all. And nobody is above the rule or should take presidential election as a shelter to escape accountability.

There is zero balls for a grand ma to bully her grand children whose parents are and have idiotly voted for – the grand ma into question. When you consider the « racist factor », it is even vomitting. 

But the medias applauded that lowness. As soon as I’m back to Villefontaine, intrusions have lost not time to begin. Those are Hillary’s bands of small balls, thieves and dogs. They are my slaves and domestics. If they were men enough, they should be entering my home, while I’m in, not when I’m out. They are dying to touch me, my belongings or my writings. Impossible : I don’t cope with snakes or small balls. I like men not shits and dogs. Never would I partner with thieves and dust. I’m a princess, not something. Arabic people have a tradition of hands cutting for the thieves. That is to say what those shits are. I really feel high today ; high and happy. Something small balls and slaves will never know. Cursed are them. I’m telling you, Clinton’s camp worldwide is panicking. We are going to win the nomination.

Those slaves have tracked my suitcases in Bruxels airlines and broke up the locker of one of the suitcase to look into my personal belongings. I’m telling you those are shits and rapists. They unlock your suitcase for what reason ? Easy to imagine.

Talking about shits, after going out, for the second time, I went back home and this time, some rats has displayed shits of dogs they are inside my balcony and, next to those shits, he laid a clean kitchen towel he took from the kitchen garden. Yesterday, it was my bag of teabags who got stolen (*).

Previously, before travelling to Yaoundé, there were stealing my dresses, sunglasses, and many stuff. Those ar rich and successful people right. Helpless people in need. Shits I’m telling you. Rats. Where are them ? Zero balls, I’m repeating. I owe them nothing. Absolutely nothing. instead, they owe me everything, including my money they stole. But, they will pay it back, one way or another, here or in Africa or elsewhere.

(*) Those few pounds lost in Cameroon  so quickly are not due to the tea. It is my internal clock memorized in my body. The excellent quality of life with stress close to zero and lots of laughing and relaxations, deep breathing coming with this, a lot of walking, cold water, heat and the bio food and excellent fruits are the magic lasting formula of good weigh and zero belly. No need for abs. In France, I’ll retake this weight very quickly, due to the defectuous quality of living.

Now, tell me how an employed person, financially secured, with plenty of money can specialize in reading what is written by an unemployed person, poor and black as me ? Tell me how the employed man or woman can stay out there waiting for me to go out to come to visit my home ? Tell me why and how such important people are following my shopping and pictures. Post something in white and everybody will be dressed in white. Go shopping at Meaux, try and buy a white shirt, and there it is the entire presstitude is white.

Change, and the same scenario goes on : copying the style, the color of dress, the attitude, everything sometimes men will dressed with the same design for their shirts or cravats. One night I took a scarf out of my dressing and the morning after, a personnality was pictured with a cravats of the same design. The purpose of this is absolute perversion of superposing one image over another one to claim prevalence.

And you wander how I know they have violated my home with their cameras of thieves. Rats. Small balls. Shits. Animals. Snakes. Vampires. Wolf. Nullity. Good for nothing. If I told you the number of articles coming out each day through those mean methods, you will not believe. Now, guess, how many people like  me can be tracked and you could see what is journalism and tech labs.

Solely, they are less than nothing. That is why they need to organize in bands of bandits. I’m not a clone,  neither a clown. I’m not an adept of silencing people and censorship. Neither can I sue people to see what they are doing. This is none of my business. Recently I went to Jeanne d’Arc coffee (Meaux). Today, Yahoo french is taking a pretext in French-English history to recall Jeanne d’Arc. Ah Ah Ah. Followers will remain followers. And leaders lead.

I’m going to tell you everything as it unfold. Right. So that you’ll get to know who you are about to elect, should you get lost. A bunch of shits. I guess my balcony will be full of shits. Try to visualize the poor thing – animal  like carrying those shits to bring them to my place,  hiding behing the carpet and darkness. Unless you got zero balls, you can’t come that low.

By the way, you can’t buy balls, even with Viagra. You got them or not.

Friends, those are the same harmers – behind the scenes – expressing sorrow or criticizing franck speech portraying them as « animals » they are in fact, behind angelic masks of correctness. Remember how the devil dressed. As Dr Jeckyll or in Prada.

Right now, I’m back home. I went out for 1 hour an I have found one key of my door on the table. Set there on purpose to show me the thieft has visited my house. The guy is living in my neighborhood. My lodger, Opac 38, is covering the guys. Securitas home surveillance is watching nothing and signaling nothing. I’m going to resiliate the contract today for blattant complicity.

This morning, I found one of my wristband on my balcony, ostensibly lying down. Guess the color of my wristband : orange, as the article I previously wrote about. Slaves of mine are hiding themselves cowardly. I challenge them to show themselves in lights. Bands or rats. Boot those rats and plagiarists out of businesses.

Journalists my ass ? Repeat after me, parrots, rapists and secret services agents. Good for nothing. Justice is now trapped by a crooked scheme from Hillary and her bands of professional cheaters and thieves unfolding their rats’ cover up agenda.Namely mainstream medias.

If each time I’m going to publish, the dogs are going to enter my home in clandestinity to steal something – in order to threaten me or silence me – it is a sign of their incapacity to debate first, to act openly second and of panick  third. It is too late for the impostors and mediocrity ruling the world in secrecy.

To enter my home, they have set cameras to be sure nobody is inside the house. It tells you a lot about their criminality. Cameras are also there to see where you can hide something from their eyes. So, you are under surveillance at distance day and  night. Tell me why those something are not sleeping just to watch your life ?

I praise, the Speaker and GOP’s contender alike for their common-sense and high standing fair-play. Don’t fall into doggy Clintonesque or rats – which is not a Jewish feature, as you are now aware of – dirty conduits. Where and when those rats can’t  respond professionnaly, resort to personal attacks. Rats attitude. Just walk on them. Superbly.

It will be either Sanders or Mr. Trump, should Trump won the nomination. Something at reach. Trump is not worse than Clinton. It is even the opposite : he is better.

Now, is Mr. Trump stoppable ? Question for Mitt Romney, Sen. Rubio and Ted Cruz who shall blame one person for his shortcomings :his own conduct in Iowa. 

⇔ Ben Carson criticizes Romney for anti-Trump speech, calls for GOP unity

On the democrats side, read. Why The Critics Of Bernienomics Are Wrong – OpEd By Robert Reich.

This is a perfect opportunity to put the « Bill of Goods » into question. See our previous post.

« Sanders is careful to call his program « Democratic Socialism, » and doesn’t mention Cuba or North Korea, where the average person makes less than $2,000 per year — or Venezuela, where socialism has resulted in food shortages, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, where Sanders went on his honeymoon ».

Those are poor comparisons. Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and the SSR differ in nature and in degree with the USA. You can only compare things inside the same category : you don’t make comparisons between lightweight and heavyweight. It is total nonsense.

He talks instead about European social democracies. It’s true that European nations have a long history with socialism, and some of it isn’t pretty.

Focus on France

A really bad idea and ground field to focus on.

France is the land where some joke that communism succeeded. The French have the kind of welfare state Sanders wants and the French government is trying to escape from. It simply costs too much, and it’s killing economic growth.

Quick conclusions. 

France society has gotten a systemic problem of racism first. Proof if it : Me. Everything I’ve tried to settle in the past in France was cut down by the local gov in accordance with the national authorities. It is either they cut it down or steal the idea of your businesses and put it into practice with State fundings and the members of their families and friends as workers. Racism is counterproductive economically, politically and brings no social cohesion. Meanwhile, France is sucking diamonds, uranuim, oil, etc.. buying African states properties and making the essential of profitable businesses overthere. France is occupying central africa anew.

(Cameroon, Gabon, The two congos, Benin, central Africa, Mali and Ivory Coast ; not to forget Chad and Niger) are trapped into french predatory businesses in Africa. Africa is the French engine. Without Africa, french is a Third World nation. So, don’t talk about France, when you know nothing about french dependancy to Africa and their ingratitude towards africans immigrants.

Second, holy cows known as irremovable  public servants, hired for life and, as such, overprotected and covered. Besides them, you got the State subsidies leftist unions. On top of the sacred cows, you have the order of Privileges – namely the crew of elected people – Mayors, lawmakers, etc…- and the superstructure of French schools epitomizes by the National School of Administration, the matrix of the political elite in France. They also form the upper staff of the French government and administration.

French growth and welfare are suffering, not because of « socialism » itself, but from this systemic fracture Jacques Chirac campaigned on in 2002 – that is long time ago -. The holy cows combined are sucking more than half to three-quarter of the national wealth, regardless to their unquantifiable productivity which, by the force of abusive law, is built against the implementation of a culture of accountability. No results are asked or awaited from the holy cows and their cronies or member of families, also beneficiaries of the statute.

To complicate the matters, the tax program is not clear. It is even cause for many bankruptcies.

The causes of big costs are privileges of past times and ill-governance. Not socialism itself, but mismanagement.

When you miss this point, the rest is only hypothesis, as best, speculations, at worst.

All the more so, crony capitalism is underway. The actual Minister of Culture is the daughter of a special adviser of the King of Morocco. Those combinazziones are also observable in America. This is nothing new then.

Mrs Lagarde, the former french economy minister knows this precisely. Why not asking her  comments here ? It will be delicious to hear.

While Sanders has said he would like Americans to work less, France’s socialist President Francois Hollande is trying to get the French to work more by ending the 35-hour work week.

Not that exact. This attributed French president attempt is from Mr. Valls, the rightist lost in the leftist camp, french people used to tell. Furthermore, this last minute sortie is there as a first move for Hollande’s reelection wishful thinking. 

But the French don’t take kindly to having their welfare yanked by the government. They tend to protest and set things on fire.

On purpose, considering the systemic fracture  set above.

French leaders feel trapped. Having built a welfare state France can no longer afford, the government has to keep raising taxes, killing the businesses that it needs to fund the welfare state.

Overstaffed public offices and overpaid elected people are paid with businessses taxes. The poor also. But don’t forget the EU is helping to ease poverty with subsidiaries.

Do you know that ailing french mainstream newspapers – looking more of the same laziness to attract readers – are subsidied by the gov – may I say sponsored, or corrupt with this financial assistance, as too-big-to-fail institutions ? The likes of Wall Street ?

Rising taxes are a particularity of France. This is a permanent trend. Naturally, french socialists lazy governance tend to aggravate that basic trend.

French free market economist Emmanuel Martin says socialism has damaged the French work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, making people psychologically dependent on the state.

True. But again it is about morality in politics, equity and lack of exemplarity first. This vicious cycle is the reason why.

« Individuals cannot be responsible. They need daddy, the state, to do things for them. It’s terrible, » Martin said. « Because we’re not able to be grown-ups in a way. When you see those people demonstrating in the street they’re just asking for Santa Claus. »

By comparison, no cateory is fed like privileges groups. From birth to death.

While polls show most Democrats in the U.S now believe socialism has a ‘positive impact on society,’ half of all French young adults said in a poll they would flee France if they could because the future looks so bleak.

It is only Hollande’s fault and noboby else. French people consider Hollande’s term the « worst ever ».

Policy analyst Jacob Arfwedsen says the talented are « voting with their feet. The entrepreneurial young people, they’re going to London, they’re going to Asia, they’re going to the United States. »

May be. French is standing still and the president doesn’t want to engage the structural reforms so much needed to turn France around. There is no cape and no captain on board, Sarkozy noticed recently.

Capitalism causes growth ? Which capitalism ?

May I go on ? It is not even necessary. You nailed it. Many articles are superficial and  full of approximations. How to sort things out systematically ? 

Get the right information here for instance. Come back again and again and please spread the word. This is a winning strategy. Totally different from the cheating expertise of some couple to steal an election by a margin of 1%. 

⇒ Massachussets and whereever. Why nearly 100,000 people are calling for Bill Clinton’s arrest. Some people know no shame. And this is forever.

Massachussets again. Demographic Change and Economic Well-being: The Role of Fiscal Policy

Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, March 4, 2016

As prepared for delivery – Jump to the chapter over Game changers proposals, if you could  read only one chapter.

⇒ Voters want a  revolution. Here’s what that would take.(WP). There is more in Bernie Sanders shared revolution than institutional upside down necessary reforms. Bernie Sanders goes much more bottom up. Nevertheless, I do agree both are interdependent.

Bernie Sanders for President

« The great challenge that we face is whether the United States will become a vibrant democracy with a strong middle class or whether we slide into an oligarchy in which the economic and political life of the country is controlled by a handful of billionaire families. » – Bernie Sanders

Elise, we are extraordinarily proud of the way we’ve funded this campaign: more than 4.8 million individual contributions from working people giving small amounts of money. But we have 12 important primaries and caucuses in the next two weeks, and we’ve set an important goal that I have to ask you to help us meet:

Contribute $2.70 and help us reach 5 million individual contributions by Sunday night’s important debate in Michigan. If we get there, Bernie will tell the national audience from the debate stage.

In this country we have a political system in which a handful of very wealthy people use their obscene wealth to buy politicians and elections.

Many politicians in both parties are happy to take grotesque sums of money from billionaires who bankrupted the economy and who profit from the destruction of our environment, the outsourcing of jobs, and the high price of drugs that are killing Americans.

Not Bernie. He doesn’t go around asking millionaires and billionaires for money. Our campaign doesn’t have a super PAC. This campaign is powered by millions of people coming together to transform a nation.

Help us reach 5 million individual contributions by Sunday night’s debate. You can do that here:

Bernie doesn’t represent large corporations and he doesn’t want their money. Throughout American history, nothing significant happens in terms of social change unless a strong grassroots movement takes place. That’s what we’re building through our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Under the flashs.

Ben Carson is ending his bid, not his involvement– Ben Carson announces he is ‘leaving the campaign trail. A sequence of emotion worth watching. More importantly his is message of heavily involvement into faith communities which don’t consider their votes – each vote – count(s). The idea that God is in control is true if we – as sons and daugters of God – are aware of our active role in the God’s plan. We got this debate during the Charleston dramatic shootings. Evangelicals consider prayers as first action ; and sometimes alpha and omega. Right.

But, God also said he has given us the power to walk on snakes, scorpio and devils head. How do you reconcile the two words ? 25 millions belonging to faith communities didn’t vote recently. This is Huge and worth a fight. In the name of Jesus. Oh Dr Ben !! Woo woo. Nice to hear from you.

(CNN) Ben Carson has told the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he is ending his presidential bid.

« But even though I might be leaving the campaign trail, you know there’s a lot of people who love me, » He told the CPAC crowd. « They just won’t vote for me, but it’s OK. It’s not a problem. I will still continue to be heavily involved in trying to save our nation. » 

Earlier Friday, My Faith Votes announced that Carson would be its new national chairman. The group is focused on getting out the Christian vote in November.

Morgan Freeman is announcing London has fallen. It reminds me, the shooting I did over London 11 mn before landing at Heathrow, back from Atlanta. I managed to post it in Youtube just to find it totally corrupt and turn upside down. Two weeks later, somewhere in Asia, a female « journalist » tried to do the same thing – copist like me you know – aired by an international TV. At the end of their copy of my film, you could hear the good-bye message from the hotess on board. Exactly as I did in the London’s sky, 11 mn before landing. May be they new about the London has fallen project and the overrighting process – strange overrighting became everrighting, may be small balls were here – so the overrighting desperate hidden agents, I told you about  were quick to react with the same pattern : sabotaging and prevalence. Because of money and fake institutional standing.

Oh, Senator Rubio, you nailed it and just like a dog, the color of my Italian stylish jacket I landed at Charles de Gaulle with – that was the 24 February, looking like a formula one pilot, became the color of the dress of your famous uninspired, copyist like me, with zero originality anchor officing in the TV which took my London landing picture as a model to copy. Fast and furious with a con’s smile. Shamelessly. This is the number one International news TV. Right. Impostor first. This color of my Italian Jacket was Burgundy. Red as Granada. You couldn’t missed it, unless you are not a dog, watching behind glasses trying to find some inspirations to go on with the tale of « elected people », made up of a bunch of experts on robberies. Gangs are not where you think they are. Institutions are mired with gangs.

Oh, note that yesterday, the color of my dressing was grey and burnt orange, in case some experts have gotten no idea of how to dress. You may ask how do I know ? Simple. Yahoo or Google and the others who send me emails can not help selecting articles with compromises or provocative or arrogant pictures, to retaliate cowardly. If you denounce their process, they shy away complaining as hypocrits, or they keep silence. On due purpose, they can not assume publicly in daylight what they are, what their intentions are and what is their purposes, organisation and masters. You know acting in bands is so comfortable and self-reassuring. Even corruption in band ends up sane. Yahoo, Google and mainstream medias are acolytes. Thing about it and think about mainstream false analysis coming on top of your web quest. The institutional label value is suspect.

A chance, the overrighting process can not cover me. Too low. Too small. Ah han and this wasn’t expected. The entire profession can organise in bands to perform the gross cheatings they have been leaving on with, this time the overrighting game is over.  More to come on this overrighting process which is key to understand the uglyness and misery of the World, since WWI, the moment this toxicity became the New Normal order of mediocrity. A second skin. Read below,  the EU VAT fraudulent schemes organised on the Institutional scale.

But, here is my favorite from Morgan Freeman. Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and donations from the rich, while promising to protect each from the other. London has fallen. 

It tells us about the strenght of promises in politics and (dis)honesty to keep them.

It also tells us about the uglyness of the World actually where the majority of rich people are cheaters and predators of the entire society. In fact they are wolves. It comes down to this, Social Darwinism, Ethics and Max Weber. Economy and Politics are not only Maths, they are a Philosophy and a way of Life. (Read. Nicolas Sarkozy. Echec de l’éthique et Darwinisme social). Sorry for President Sarkozy who have amended himself in a lot of things since, and in his latest book and new positions. If french were to vote a president today, I’ll certainly vote for Him, in particular, because, the medias stole the election for Mr. Hollande in 2012. The dices of this election were rigged. And this is not acceptable. Not surprising, Mr. Hollande could’nt succeed or survive the cursing going with that High Treason of this Noble Ideal and Institution named Democracy.

Et si la crise économique était une préfiguration de la crise politique ? That was the question I asked the 7 May 2009. What if the economic crisis was a prefiguration of the political crisis to come ? was that question. Here we are, brothers and sisters.

That is why Obama was wellcomed to handle this complex renewal in thinking. And, frankly, Bernie Sanders is best equipped intellectually to take the « Obama’s doors and windows opening » to a New Level. May I say to the Mountain Top?

Michigan. Spike Lee feels the Bern. Bernie is on stage at 8 p.m. Sunday night for the Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan. UNMISSABLE !

God bless you ! America.


As we have been talking about France, we recommend this file for Social Darwinism in France.

When an independent audit shows the hidden face of institutional gangsta rime, you got this for instance :

EU Auditors Slam Inaction On VAT Fraud

Now question : are Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders coming back strongly or catching up step by step ? Ah han. Can the overrighting process hit back ? Come on. Put it in order like this : writing over.

Apparently, if you write against the gov or the administration, you are building a career on it. Oh Yes. What about real writers who shaped the World ? What about thinkers ? Come on. Some speech writers in the gov are mere illetrates. Are you surprised how they got there ?

Look, todays Eurasianews selection I praise sometimes ago, looking much more as the corrupt Yahoo and Google. Laughable. Easy to spot the underdogs.

Eurasia Review

Link to Eurasia Review Newsletter

Cambadélis, opportuniste, usurpateur et faussaire. Et le vote Ecossais.

Dans un pays  Normal, Cambadélis devrait démissionner, au lieu de faire le coup d’une transparence qui dit tout sauf l’essentiel : pourquoi obtient-il une dérogation pour le second cycle nécessaire à l’accès au troisième ?

C’est légal nous dit-il, comme ces législateurs (députés et sénateurs) qui embauchent leurs épouses en tant qu’Attachés parlementaires voire Assistantes diverses. C’est légal, vous diront-ils, sauf qu’il s’agit d’une interprétation dilatoire de la loi. Et très personnelle.

Dès lors que l’accès est vicié, le reste est annulé. C’était également le cas de Dati qui avait falsifié un diplôme lui ouvrant l’accès à l’école de la Magistrature. Probablement a-t-elle reçu le coup de pouce de Jacques Attali, à l’époque, l’un de ses multiples mentors. Comme Hollande, Sarkozy le savait.

Il faut appliquer la loi et si on l’appliquait, les diplômes de Cambadélis, comme tous ceux des autres usurpateurs, devraient être frappés d’annulation immédiate. Quant au cas du sieur Cambadélis, le président de cette Université devrait être sanctionné d’une manière ou d’une autre. C’est une honte, cette délivrance des diplômes de complaisance.

Où est l’Egalité républicaine ? Cette souillure de l’Ecole, lieu sacré de la République est un crime Républicain. C’est encore pire que Thévenoud. Quoi qu’il en soit, jamais, au grand dam jamais, ce personnage ne devrait concourir à une présidentielle.

Diplômes : opération « transparence » de Cambadélis. L’Obs.


Le No est une victoire quantitative et le Yes est une victoire qualitative. En fait, personne n’a perdu et, curieusement, le No-Vote ne gagne rien, alors qu’ils sont déclarés arithmétiquement victorieux – selon les clous du suffrage universel –

C’est le Yes-Vote qui gagne, alors qu’il est déclaré perdant. C’est ce Yes-Vote qui contraint le PM Cameron à annoncer des changements constitutionnels et institutionnels rapides, dès Janvier, et la réorganisation de l’Union sur cette nouvelle base. Sous la menace d’une dynamique du Yes-Vote, le PM a fait des concessions dans ce sens, avant même le vote. Il s’engage à poursuivre et fait le serment de respecter cette promesse qui est désormais, un Devoir. C’est la principale information de ce vote pour le CHANGEMENT.

C’est un hasard heureux de voir que Londres et l’Afrique se trouvent confrontés au même démon du défi Institutionnel.

Le Yes-Vote obtient l’indépendance de l’Ecosse, alors même qu’ils sont déclarés perdants. 

La leçon est civilisationnelle et va au-delà de la démocratie : le vote n’est pas uniquement une affaire de chiffrages voire de décompte des voix. Les résultats d’une élection ne se lisent pas uniquement à la lettre, mais d’abord dans l’esprit. Le perdant quantitativement peut finalement être le gagnant, dès lors qu’il permet de faire un SAUT QUALITATIF VERS LE PROGRES.

C’est ce que Hollande avait raté ici en 2012. Le saut qualitatif. Mais il ne semble pas prendre le virage adéquat. C’est toute la différence entre la France et le Royaume-Uni où le pragmatisme et un minimum d’honnêteté prévalent sur tout le reste. Pensez-donc que le labour et les tories sont allés faire campagne main dans la main et ont prêté serment ensemble, c’est au Royaume-Uni qu’on peut voir une telle chose.

On aime ce Royaume-Uni. On l’a aimé toujours. Mais, il est devenu un ramassis de suivistes dépravés, de liquidateurs de l’esprit des lois et des prédateurs de ce nouveau capitalisme pillard, esclavagiste à souhait, allant jusqu’à faire des sujets de sa Majesté, des esclaves dans le Royaume. Au nom de la City et de la Finance-Roi. Comme le disait l’article venu du Canada publié hier, ce sont des socio-psychopathes de l’espace public.

En fait, derrière cette campagne, se jouait une autre : celle d’un langage politique codé entre les Observateurs/experts internationaux et le gouvernement de Londres. Oui, on aime le Royaume-Uni. Il est le pays à la pointe de la fin de l’esclavage faisant la police des mers. Jamais un Homme libre ne l’oubliera. Surtout pas un Africain ou un Black.

Malgré ses défauts et qui n’en a pas, le Royaume-Uni était à la pointe de la Morale en politique, du moins de ce qui en restait. Ayant abdiqué cette position, depuis la création de l’Etat d’Israel par lui, il n’a de cesse de protéger Israel et toutes les atrocités commises par ce régime de Tel-Aviv sont cautionnées avec le même aplomb à Londres.

Les US, pays belliqueux, nés dans la guerre ont trouvé en cet allié ayant perdu le Nord, un associé fiable dans la dollarisation du Monde. Depuis lors, le Monde va de mal en pis et les guerres n’ont plus cessé. Le Royaume-Uni, le gendarme du Monde a cédé sa place au nouveau gendarme, l’Amérique et nous y sommes. Nous nous trouvons avec une Amérique qui a voté hier l’armement des rebelles Syriens et leur entraînement dans les camps Saoudiens soi-disant pour s’en servir comme armes de combat contre Isis. Dans le même temps, il est établi que ces rebelles se sont déjà alliés à ISIS. Le double jeu du terrain va encore compliquer les choses au profit d’un objectif plus diabolique encore : réussir à retourner les forces coalisées de Isis et des rebelles Syriens contre le régime d’Assad pour le démolir.

Du reste, ils viennent du même moule d’Opposants à Assad. Probablement que le Califat finira en Syrie, à cette allure.  Les vidéos des scènes de décapitation semblent fabriquées pour justifier la guerre. Vidéos de propagande ?

Et Londres, et Paris soutiennent le plan diabolique. Seul le Législateur Américain Rand Paul alerte sur ce choix lamentable de son pays. Le lobby des armes lui se frotte les mains : la guerre est bonne pour le business et les dollars. Toutes les guerres, quel que soit le motif. Au même moment, hier, le président Putschiste, Poroshenko était reçu à la Maison Blanche et s’est exprimé devant le Congrès Américain pour lui demander de l’aide, en vue d’une confrontation contre Moscou en Ukraine.

Ce même président promet un statut spécial aux Ukrainiens de l’Est. On lui souhaite bonne chance.

Là où Londres parle aux Ecossais à mains nues, Poroshenko lui parle avec les armes.

Le débat démocratique était absolument passionnant à suivre en Ecosse. On a parlé de tout sans tabou. Bien sûr Londres a soufflé le chaud et le froid, a menacé parfois de couper les vivres aux Ecossais, s’ils votaient l’indépendance. Certains ont paniqué pour leur situation personnelle et ont voté Non. C’est la règle du jeu qui inclue tous les bluffs possibles. Bluffs et mauvaise foi comme celle dont a fait preuve l’Union Européenne menaçant de fermer la porte à l’Ecosse et du même coup à l’euro. La même Union Européenne est prête à accueillir Kiev en son sein, après lui avoir accordé un statut spécial. Mais dites-moi entre l’Ukraine et l’Ecosse, qui est la plus européenne ?

Et puis le coup du petit pays isolé, à la merci des requins qui rôdent était un peu gros. Mais, suffisant pour effrayer certains.

Enfin, il y a eu la menace d’une suppression des subventions aux agriculteurs et éleveurs qui ont paniqué et voté No. C’est une conséquence du chantage de l’Union européenne qui tient désormais certaines catégories par le fric. Mais enfin, qui ne voit que les subventions agricoles et d’élevage en Europe et en Amérique déséquilibrent fondamentalement le commerce international et désavantagent les agriculteurs et éleveurs des pays pauvres ? Et ce sont les leaders de ces mêmes pays européens et d’Amérique, à l’origine de ce déséquilibre qui vont plaider pour une réforme de l’OMC. Au fait où est -on de cette réforme de l’OMC? J’en étais restée au round de Doha. L’hypocrisie consistant à prôner une chose – l’équilibre du commerce – en pratiquant une autre – le dumping agricole et laitier – tout en jurant qu’on est prêt à faire de l’aide au développement est représentatif du Capitalisme castrateur (traité dans les 7 clés du développement en Afrique, voir plus haut) qui sévit actuellement. Les  éleveurs, les agriculteurs en Occident en sont réduits à penser ventre et porte-monnaie uniquement. Ce sont des choses qui dépassent l’Ecossais moyen. Après tout, chacun voit désormais midi à sa porte. C’est cela la véritable vulnérabilité et faiblesse. Les hommes ont perdu le Sens Commun et avec lui une vision de longue portée. Dans les zones rurales on a voté No. La peur du lendemain.

Le Monde (la communauté) avait choisi l’Union pour son côté suranné, mais unique au monde. S’il avait été autrement, la campagne aurait pris une autre tournure depuis longtemps. Mais, en cas d’indépendance, la communauté monde n’aurait pas boudé son plaisir pour une grande aventure. Pourtant, cette dernière semaine, il fallait faire payer le PM Cameron pour ses errements et son insondable mépris pour les Gazouis enfermés comme des bêtes dans un vaste parc animalier. Il fallait qu’il ressente dans toutes les fibres de son corps comment une famille Gazouie peut respirer, lorsqu’elle entend l’appel d’Israel lui annonçant que dans 5 mn, un raid va bombarder leur maison ou quartier et qu’ils ont 5 mn pour déguerpir vite fait avant le largage des bombes. Il fallait qu’il entende le son de cette sirène annoncer aux habitants de Gaza d’aller aux abris, car le tsunami Israélite est en route.

Quand on est dirigeant d’un Pays-Monde, alors Votre responsabilité est à la même échelle, car le monde est désormais un Global Village (Mc Luhan l’avait annoncé en 1967). Sa prophétie s’accomplit depuis les années 85-90.

Si David Cameron et d’autres leaders  néo cons ont passé des nuits blanches cette semaine et on pense que oui et rien que d’avoir entendu la plaidoirie heartbreaking de Cameron disant « Please, Please, stay together », je suis ravie tout comme il est soulagé aujourd’hui. Le plus grand ravissement c’est le CHANGEMENT CONSTITUTIONNEL QUI ANNONCE UNE GRANDE REFORME INSTITUTIONNELLE A VENIR POUR L’ENSEMBLE DU ROYAUME – BIEN AU-DELA DE L’ECOSSE.

Cameron avait promis le changement, lorsqu’il est arrivé au Pouvoir et on était content. Et puis, plus rien, jusqu’à ces derniers jours… A son actif, l’initiative de ce référendum. Alex Salmond gagne aussi : il a réussi à générer un engouement pour le débat politique sans pareil. Le taux de participation est extraordinaire 80 % à l’exception de Glasgow qui est à 75 %. Alex Salmond, le leader du Yes remporte une autre victoire en brisant le mur de glace des pouvoirs centralisés à Westminster dont plusieurs seront transférés au Parlement Ecossais renforcé. Serment du Trio : (Ed Miliband (Labour) ; Nick Glegg (Libéraux Démocrates) et David Cameron (Conservateurs) à l’appui.

Il fut un temps où le Royaume-Uni était à la pointe de la lutte pour la liberté. Où est passé ce Royaume-Uni ? Glasgow, le centre de l’Ecosse a voté OUI.



Le Premier Ministre Ecossais, Alex Salmond, porteur du Yes vote démissionne. Les Yes voters sont orphelins aujourd’hui. Mais demain est un autre jour. Il faut dire qu’une chose est de perdre le vote, l’autre est d’assister impuissant aux basses manoeuvres dont ont fait preuve et Westminster et l’Union Européenne qui se sont surpassés dans les menaces de mort du peuple Ecossais, s’il lui prenait l’envie de poursuivre leur chemin seul. L‘UE et Westminster ont fait de l’anti-jeu. Pendant 2 ans, l’UE et Londres ont presque ignoré ce référendum, regardant les choses de loin. Puis est venue l’alerte de l’incertitude du scrutin. Londres a vite fait de céder les pouvoirs exceptionnels que l’Ecosse (Alex Salmond) demandait depuis longtemps sans succès. Ils ont coupé l’herbe sous le pied d’Alex Salmond. Dans la foulée, Londres a menacé avertissant qu’il n’y aurait aucun partage de la livre, des affaires étrangères, des passports, bref… L’Ecosse devait se préparer au pire, s’il lui venait des envies d’indépendance. Quelque part, les électeurs ont été manipulés et le vote corrompu : Alex Salmond l’a donc mauvaise. Les électeurs ont été dupés. Terrorisés presque et soumis à une forme de stérilisation élective.

Le Yes est tombé sur le piège de l’Economie et du Business as usual qui ont fait monter les enchères sur les risques en cascades que comportait le vote Yes pour l’économie Ecossaise.

On a créé l’économie pour l’homme. Voici finalement que l’économie est devenue son Enfer. Sa limite. Sa finitude. Très instructif.

L’Union Européenne ne s’est pas gênée pour ajouter au trouble et accentuer l’angoisse des Ecossais : au moment où Cameron promettait l’Enfer sur terre aux Ecossais, Barosso et ses lieutenants ont dit qu’ils fermeraient la porte à toute demande d’adhésion de l’Ecosse à l’Union. La stratégie de l’encerclement a aidé au No vote. Ce qui fait déjà dire que, contrairement à ce qu’on peut penser, il se peut bien, qu’une fois les pouvoirs transférés à l’Ecosse, autonomisé ; un nouveau référendum soit à l’ordre du jour pour cette fois-ci voter sans influences toxiques extérieures. Doit-on craindre un boomerang au lendemain d’une élection tronquée et d’une Victoire à la Pyrrhus ?

C’est l’éternelle question : la fin justifie-t-elle les moyens ?




Ukraine. One week to decide your future : returning to the rule of law or face dislocation.

Returning to the rule of law means asking the illegal crew self-proclaimed government, without neither the people of Ukraine -as a whole – authorization nor in conformity with the terms of your Constitution, trampled down by a bunch of opportunistic politicians who have turned Politics into a ring of boxing where some crook smugglers can take on the bid over the hypothetic winner or a behind-the-scenes’ corrupt match in advance.

Ask this usurpated transitional gov, installed by Western powers as puppets and national traitors, to step down. Within one week. After this, it will be too late to return back to your integrity and sovereignty enrolled like a Third World nation by the EU.

Look, Van Rompuy, has announced the signature of a deal of association with Ukraine before the 25 May, date of general elections – French journal, les Echos is reporting. This is happening on your backs. Have you – YOU UKRAINIANS PEOPLE NOT THE ONLY ONE OF KIEV REPRESENTED IN MAIDAN – Have you been given a chance to express your will ? Have you been consulted ? Not at all and this is a bunh of men who promised you Democracy. Which one ? A fucking one? The ilk of what Shoah has become : an emotional chant to sustain ugly businesses and trade conducted in the name of Shoah. Fucking Shoah, that 20th gangrene sustained by dictatorial claims, decrees and outcry of “anti-Semitism” accusations. Look, Ukrainians, once again what is going on about the void accusations of Anelka in London. Inquisition is looming. People of the World, stay on alert.

Ukrainians, in one week, it will be too late. You will be sold to hidden powers and detained like rats.

The problem here is not whether you should chose EU or Russian partnership. No. It is about a real choice first, an independent choice, second and above all, a choice which doesn’t eat your sovereign powers and ability to rule your nation democratically, if this word still means something.

Today, you don’t have to be biaised to see that this kind of choice is offered by Russia.

But forget about Russia, right now. Think about Ukraine and what a State of Law means.

Russia is threatening nobody. The EU and the US are always on it. Their justifications : lies and muscles flexing – as always. This time, they are not confronting a second-zone military nation. This time, forces are equal and they are just frightening flies and your transitional government on the brink to fall down. You just have to ask them to  step down and to respect the law.

Excluding Putin from G8 ?  Are we afraid of ? Don’t be afraid. Those are agitations and desperate moves.

Boycotting the Sochi Paralympics games, so what ? They did it, in the first place. But Sochi was a success.

Look, a previous boxing star is now your defense minister. We are swimming in plain confusion : ex stars in sport can stand up and pretend to be ministers of all sort. On the exception of the Ministry of Sports or Youth, no former sportman or woman should be a Minister. What a mixture and confusion. And now, the man is running for presidential election. To do what ? Turned Ukraine into a ring of Box or a swimming pool for athletism competition. You judge the seriousness of a crew by the background of his members. Easy to detect opportunistic nidification. Zero credibility.

On the front of the Law – consider the law, only the law, but the law.

The Kiev transitional government is a Big Lie comprising Petty Liars. They have signed an agreement(*) on the 21st February with the Ukrainian elected president.

They didn’t wait the implementation of the deal to start complaining for some obstacles. Instead, they immediately called manipulated demonstrators of Maidan to “stand their ground”.

The night after, they overthrew president Yanoukovich through a coup. This is how this operation is called in the political field. We now know that this coup was masterminded from the US and Europe, helped inside by infiltrated Israeli’s spies, those vampires descendants of Shoah. You understand now why that Shoah businesses are fucking dustbin’s.

The Coup was conceived from abroad and outside Ukraine and executed by this transitional gov. This is how Slavery started.

To succeed completely, Members of the Opposition  threatened president Yanoukovich and parliament members.

Those are persons defining themselves and even talking about Democracy. What a blasphema. In front of those terrorists – members of the  post-coup gov – President Yanoukovich was obliged to fly to Russia to save his life endangered by the people seating in the transitional government right now.

With president Yanoukovich chased from Ukraine, without any Judgement by Justice or sanctions from the Parliament or by YOU, Ukrainian people, on one hand, and some parliamentaries summoned to obedience, on the other, a Minority Opposition became the Majority – overnight – and ruled themselves as the national parliament and government. Zero Legitimaty.

This will tarnish the rest of Obama’s  presidence.


Clinton, McCain are full bloody hands. Benghazi scam being their last blunt and shameful failure. Like Senator Rubio, those are  “del locos of the locos”* which translates idiots of idiots – Info from Mehdi Huffpost (* hold on, I’m going to check the exactitude of the formula) – – reporting on the characterization of Rubio by president Maduro over the uprising in Venezuela senator Rubio was blaming president Maduro for.

Senator Rubio, lost in the Republican party :  he, the sun of immigrant has come to be a US Republican senator. Wouah. A Cendrillon story. Thanks to America. Politics is the land of too many locos del locos and opportunists.

Wifes of ex presidents becoming in their turn president, or looking for, this is a scam. The spirit of law and democracy is betrayed and confiscated beyond reason. But, in a world with corrupt elites, nobody is raising eyebrowns to this kind of abuse of power and positions. Democracy is not Oligarchy, nor Nepotism. Clinton H. is a product of Nepotism. Period. She is trying to capitalize on her husband’s presidency, hawkishly. We all deserve the right to debate, but when you have failed in your mission, you should  show some restrains. Zero credibility.

If a Nurenberg trial were to stage today, Hillary and McCain would be the first to judge, for their extreme and brutal criminality that have fooled America and cut down the thin remaining credit. Putin is a strong man with a thin skin, she said. What is she ? a big Woman with a crocodile skin ? Big mouthed comes with exemplarity.

NYT. Clinton Ratchets Up Criticism of Putin and Backs Obama.

Haphazardly, Niger is handling Saif to Lybia. Just now. The Neger factor combined to high scale corruption are underway. Saadi El Gueddafi, El Watan’s precision.

Gaddafi has been murdered by Obama-Clinton-McCain-Sarkozy’s attellage and suffisance. Sarkozy, the author of this criminal ceremony is out. Obama is ended. Clinton wants to come back ? Endlessly. Again and again. Rubbish.

John McCain Now ‘The Least Popular Senator In The Country,’ According To Poll. Read The Huffpost. 

Actually, le Monde (french paper) is making some revelations about Sarkozy in Lybia. Criminals must no longer  run away with this.

Those killers parading with proud today will pay the price of their crimes, one way or another.

Ukrainians, don’t fool yourselves. There is one way to solve the crisis :

–          Follow the law and the constitution

–          Ask this transitional body – totally illegal and illegitimate – to step down.

–          Open the door for the safety returning in Ukraine of ousted president Yanoukovich. It may look difficult, but it is possible, with the transitional self-proclaimed stepping back. This is the ultimate test for this Opposition. If they like Ukraine and put the interests of the Nation first and above theirs, this is time to prove it to YOU. Time to put off the masks and to end that parody of power.

–          In any cases, ask a national referendum to decide whether Yanoukovich should go or continue his mandate.

–          The result of that referendum would clear the way out. Naturally and Constitutionally and, best of all, National Unity will be reestablished. Every Ukrainian wins. 

– Russia has promised to back Order in Ukraine. « Russia can not afford Ukraine turning into another Iraq », former advisor of Putin, Nekrassov told at CNN.


That the media are commenting only  on the consequences of the coup- boosting the chants of the day – admitting a coup inside civilized and democratic societies is legal and permitted ; heros of coup treated as  representing a nation, is a terrigying sign of Western decadence.

If journalism schools are unable to teach future journalists that you can not deal with consequences without recalling the roots and causes of the derailment – the causality and the chain of events – therefore, I’m asking why are they  teaching to journalists over there ?

Some feigned mediatic amnesia shows them leading the devilish forces of the World.

The last edition of Fareed Zakaria, GPS, last sunday, was that pitiful example. A case study to comment another time. Inside this GPS emotional plate, a light beam shone : an Emerit Professor from Princeton explained how distorted Putin is wrongly portrayed by the West. He said Putin is not interested in any confrontation with the West. He has seen the Soviet Union collapsing in the 90’s and this was a shock for him. His ambition is to rebuild the Big Russia glorious past. Nothing to do with some competition or Imperialism out there, but the Conscious of A State Man. Are we going to throw away politicians of this stature to replace them by Israeli’s puppets pretending to be Presidents ?

We need Boldness, Grandeur and Transcendance. This implies a lot and America should well be inspired to follow Putin’s example of leadership, which is not perfect, are we ? But, Putin is on the right path of History on the making. For the moment, it is the best formula. Better than the American. I love A Bold, Big and Transcendent America, not the killing Imperialistic machine the nation has turned into.

The World still needs America, probably more than the nation and his leaders think. Poverty for instance should be the new American War. Etc…

To sum it all, McCain can not get it with his conjugaison of the World in the past tense. His double snaked speak is Premium class. Fulll of venon.


(*)Concerning the 21st agreement :

By this agreement, or actually capitulation act, the Ukrainian President agreed to all the demands of the Brown rebels, including speedy elections for the Parliament and President. However, the agreement did not help: the rebels tried to kill Yanukovych that same night as he travelled to Kharkov. Follow the link to see how snipers were shooting Police forces and protesters indifferently. The goal was to increase the state of terror and help people turned mad.

Frozen assets ? 

Where are the $500 billion invested by Kadhafi in the Western societies throught a Lybian found ?

Read also our letter to Kiev and Ukrainians.



Get more at Global Research about The New Terrorist Alliance between Neo-Nazis and the transitioning Gov in Kiev. See Clinton moving.


The Anti-Defamation League should not only firmly condemn the presence of all the fascist and neo-Nazi groups in the post-coup Ukrainian government, but also denounce the countries which support them morally and/or financially, like the U.S., Canada, and member countries of the European Union.

nuland in ukraine

In sharp contrast with today, Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized by Jewish groups in 2012 for “indirectly legitimizing (the) Ukrainian opposition party that entered into a parliamentary alliance with (a) neo-Nazi party”:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has criticized the Ukrainian Opposition Party of Yulia Tymoshenko for having signed a parliamentary alliance that gave legitimacy to a far-right extremist party well known for its anti-Semitic views.

ADL National Director, Abraham Foxman issued a statement in which he expressed “alarm” at the strong electoral support for the neo-Nazi Svoboda (Freedom) party of Ukraine at last Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

“Anti-Semitic rhetoric has been a mainstay of Svoboda’s leaders and campaign slogans,” Foxman said…

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has also come under fire from Jewish groups for having penned an op-ed published in The New York Times last week for praising Tymoshenko, leader of the opposition Batkivshchina (Fatherland) party…

Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, also denounced the agreement, alluding to the deaths of millions of Jews on Ukrainian soil during the Holocaust. (Rachel Hirshfeld, <p> »>Clinton Indirectly Legitimizing Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Party?, Arutz Sheva, June 11, 2012.)

Read the WHOLE appalling story here.“Democratization” and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine: When Neo-Nazi Symbols become “The New Normal” : walking and dansing proudly with terrorists groups. Shameless.

Follow up with this : The Ukrainian Pendulum. Two Invasions and a Putsch. American Special Forces in Ukraine under Cover.

The stakes are high in the Ukraine: after the coup, as Crimea and Donbas asserted their right to self determination, American and Russian troops entered Ukrainian territory, both under cover.

The American soldiers are “military advisors”, ostensibly members of Blackwater private army (renamed Academi); a few hundred of them patrol Kiev while others try to suppress the revolt in Donetsk. Officially, they were invited by the new West-installed regime. They are the spearhead of the US invasion attempting to prop up the regime and break down all resistance. They have already bloodied their hands in Donetsk.

Call it State’s terrorism. Follow the link.