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« Disanchantment and anger towards politics is now at all time high » : Nick Clegg.

Yesterday, deputy PM, Nick Clegg, spoke at the Lib Dems conference in Glasgow and, the speech worth a comment,as it was about SHINING AND OPPORTUNITY. May I say Shining opportunity for all ?

The conference was placed under the double label of a stronger economy and a fairer society. Usually, when you hear this, you’ll just react by « this is common sense. How is it we are not still there ? «  Nick Glegg brought some ideas in the basket. Even more than ideas, he drew something like a code of procedures and even more so a philosophy for political action.

Let’s say as the economists used to, anything being equal elsewhere, the code of procedures can be left to the Technocrats especially to those of Bruxels, the EU commission nominated yesterday inside a tactical scheme consisting in exchanging the liabilities : I vote for your candidate, in return, you vote mine.

EU’s Auditions are false pretenses, as long as political combinaciones will always prevail behind-the-scenes. 

Because the code of procedures can be crooked, for instance the Eurozone and the UK are going all quantitative easings bailing themselves out, while criticising China of currency manipulation, I will just pick the philosophical part of the speech.


Nick Clegg is insisting « We, (the Lib Dems)still believe ». He is telling loud and clear « We, (the Lib Dems), show by doing ». 

Is this « Union Jack flag waving », as he will later in the speech characterized Tories and labour’s announcements –  enough to trust the Lib Dems ? Where are the guarantees ?

Here is it. The Lib dems are not going to replay the phase of exaggerated promises politicians have played times and again in order to win elections, just to find out that thoses promises are untenable. Overtime, people have lost credit to politicians. « Disanchantment and anger towards politics is now at all time high », he said.

So what is the Lib dem bringing in the political pot to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society ?



A fairer society is one that provides opportunity to everyone. Education is the main driver to fullfil that.


Nick Clegg is considering that the wealthiest are not paying their fair share. Instead, the Tories’ approach is pressuring the middle-class. Overall, the system is unfair to them.


Watch The speech for details not listed here, as they will be subject to debates to come.

At this starting point of the campaign, it was interesting to see how the Lib Dems are positioning themselves inside the political landscape and what is their promise, after a 5 year coalition showing some signs of fatigue if not exasperation from both parts.

The Tories are not presenting the 5 years’ coalition record as a common delivrance. This has been a recurrent pattern, for years, in which the budget always was a George Osborne accomplishment notwithstanding the lib dem Secretary  efficiency as ideas bringers.

This translates into this stand of Nick Glegg to the Tories « you can  say what you want, you can copy our ideas (and take them for yours), but you can not imitate our values ». Yet, Nick Clegg has recognized the probably of future hung parliaments. It may even be that other phase of political spectrum.

As for the Labour, Nick Clegg said that « Ed Miliband has forgotten to say anything of value on the economy », thanking him at the beginning of the speech, he and George Osborne, for giving him a helpful hand he was not expecting, neither  didn’t asked for, before his own speech.

The Labour was just nirvanesque meaning sounding unrealistic with their promised land’s offer.


As the deputy PM in charge of democracy, he has to emphasize on civil liberties. People must live their life in full. People are adults. We have to move from a compassionate society to Opportunity. Only then, hope for a better future can take root, he said.

He had promised he will keep on hammering on this with the assurance that « Bit by bit the system will break to let the people in. The Lib Dems will go on with their heads, hearts, compassion and resolve to Help YOU SHINE ».


The speech was refreshing. If the promise is the HELP YOU SHINE, I am delighted to hear that from him and, I confess, it was a long standing due.

Watch The speech at the Lib Dem website.



Patrick Modiano Wins Nobel Prize in Literature. Read at the NYT. 

Also, the Fight against Ebola is getting Global. After Secretary Kerry and his British counterpart yesterday press conference calling to step up the fight against the outbreak, the  UN has staged a platform to keep the momentum up. The US patient is dead and pressures are mounting at the airports around planes coming from the infected areas. The US, the World Bank and the IMF, the UK and the UN have stepped in fiercefully.

Ban Ki Moon is asking other nations to get involved. Treated at its earlier stage, the disease is curable.

President Kenyatta of Kenya is at the ICC for hearings over the latest disputed presidential elections and the deadly confrontations each camp blamed to the other. What is disturbing is only black presidents are summoned there at the ICC for hearings or condemnations. What about the others ? What about OTAN commanders ?

Today, we are hearing about a no-fly zone in Syria. What for ? Isis has got no airplanes. Is the operation against Isis a cover up for a coup against President Assad ? Remember, it all started this way in Lybia with a so-called « no-fly zone ». Remember also Ukraine, in shambles. The president Poroshenko is getting suicidal, acting disorderly under OTAN obedience and influence. As the perfect  boogeyman, he is repeating to itself, the mantra of  Ukrainian sovereign borders comprising the Eastern parts where nobody voted for him.  The situation is getting crazy overthere.

To add to those complications, Ebola is requiring the maximum attention. Ukraine is now a secondary issue. Isn’t it ironical ? The promised land is turning Luciferian.

Before this no-fly zone, we have heard of a « buffer-zone » between Syria and Turkey. Apparently for humanitarian reasons. Where will that buffer-zone settle? Isn’t it the departure of a land grab bearing the same consequence already seen in Palestine : confiscation of large portion of Syrian land ? That fight against Isis shoud avoid ending in cheating on the entire World.

The latest.

UK.  UK to start « enhanced screening » at main ports for people traveling from Ebola-affected regions, Downing Street says (CNN) –  Eurostar’s terminals are also on the list (Skynews). Thanks to Skynews who brought the Lib Dems’ speech yesterday for everybody to share live.

From CNN. « UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office investigating reports that death of British man in Macedonia may be due to Ebola ».

Hong-Kong. Is C.Y. Leung corrupt ?Hong Kong government calls off protest talks.

Hong Kong (CNN) — Hong Kong’s government has called off talks with pro-democracy protesters, as political rivals repeated calls for leader C.Y. Leung to resign — this time over claims that he accepted multi-million dollar private payments while in office.

Read the report at CNN.



Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai Are Awarded Nobel Peace Prize – Read at the NYT.

Saving the Children is the wonderful way to peace. As I mentionned concluding the previous article :  It is up to everybody to act inside or around his or her family to save the children. Because Family is the basic level of the society and of Humanity –  Working with children equates to saving the Humanity. Nice choice.

Watch the speech by the Nobel Committee at CNN. Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Is awarded jointly to Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai.

We started with education – read above – and we are closing this article by  this Nobel peace prize. This gives me a shining opportunity of recalling to your attention the study over African development in link with democracy. At the very beginning of the study, I emphasized  on this :  each democratic system requires educated citizens and this was an unwaivable and inavoidable issue. Eventually, education is the bottom line of a functioning democracy.

Peace, Humanity, democracy and even economic efficiency shine out from the same matrix : Education. Have a lovely week-end.

The seven keys of African Development.

+++ FORMER SOVIET LEADER GORBACHEV HOSPITALIZED. He is quoted saying « he is determined to fight for his life ».

Coincidentally, Ed Miliband who lost an MP for the UKIP is also ‘determined to fight to win’ the next general election, despite the loss of the day. He blames the desertion of the voters for main parties to the failure to deliver and to listen the people calling for help. Politicians and political parties are accused to be out of touch with the real people.

Echoing Nick Clegg’s disanchantment and anger towards politics – view the title  of this article -, he singled out Disillusionment and despair.

« We have seen the scale of disillusionment that led people to vote UKIP (Farage) ». Criticised  earlier for eluding immigration, welfare and deficit in his speech, during the Labour conference, he said « it is not prejudiced to fix our immigration » and promised the Labour will deliver on immigration, on the NHS, on the working people, and so forth. But what they won’t do, is false promises.

Futhermore, he warned « UKIP was more Tory than the Tories ». So make no mistake. Previously, David Cameroun, voiced the same warning « voting for UKIP is a vote for the Labour », he said.  Read our comments here in french of Cameron speech, during the Tory conference. This comment was written in French to help France in thinking its political system rebuilding along with its institutional building hurt by obsolescence.

Gorbatchev became the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985 and is remembered for instituting sweeping political and economic reforms that became known as « Glasnost »,  or openness, and « perestroika », or rebuilding. Quote by Eurasianews announcing Gorbatchef hospitalization.

People are in great need of those « sweeping political and economic reforms » today, in France, in UK and elsewhere ; needly to speak about Africa.

Whereever slums are everyday life of the people, rebuilding is a key factor.

Nigel Farage wants the UK to quit the EU and to rerout immigration. The EU is threatened by another recession. Was it wise to take this risk when they were inflicting non justified economic sanctions to Russia ? EU stupidity has no limits. This is irresponsibility at work, particularly when you think that the EU is the man behind Kiev’s coup. Ed Miliband pointed out cynism. Ukrainian coup is a perfect example of the amount of despair and destructions cynics in politics can inflict to the people and to a nation once leaving in peace. UKIP and threat of sanctions are boomerangs. Impact. Bang !

Hopefully you got the whole political offer’s picture in UK today. You can read the french political offer here. Book a translator.