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2016. Political Correctness: The Hypocrisy of the World and the People’s Right for Indignation.

Hello Oregon ! You got it right.

Kentucky also.

How to cheat again and again, manipulating the game : Kentucky.

Before the vote, here is what took place : the instrumentalisation of what happened into Nevada Convention consisting, in cleaning the worrisome delegates role along with the party’s premedited hijacking, while amplifying the anger of Bernie’s Supporters caught in the middle of this ambushed delegates repartition-style. Totally arbitrary.

All day long, the establishment –  political and mediatic self-declared Masters of the Public space – exploited the confrontation between the base and the apex of the triangle.

Confrontation is sane and necessary. Nothing new have been made in this World without confronting the style and the ideas or a breakthrough. A new creature always breaks into pieces the old worn ones : THAT IS WHAT THE REVOLUTION IS LEGITIMATE AND WELL-GROUNDED.

Proof of it : in this election, whenever Clinton wins something, the margin is feable – less than 1%. On the contrary, Sanders is always winning frankly, by a clear margin.

Oregon winning and Kentucky tie are the lattest confirmators.


On their corruptive way adding oil on fire inside a brotherhood fight, some Sanders’ staffers have left the campaign-boat, the very day Oregon and Kentucky were called to  vote, under the establishment hidden pressure.

What is for certain is those staffers were not suit for the political revolution or they understood  nothing from it. A political revolution is a mission implying personal convictions and no turning back to the past order. If you are still looking at your personal future first or on how to capitalize on your participation out of the revolution, you were not fit for the job.

The political revolution claims breathe, determination and moving forward having the finishing line in mind, in sight, as a canvas and the horizon. You  can not be diverted or derailed from the track. You keep on track and on board till the last vote is cast.

Nevertheless, make no mistake, this is the same old desperate political maneuver consisting in sabotaging. The weakest or wicked side, jealous of the success of the opponent will resort to low blows such as debauching a staff. Whenever you see this malpractice occurring, know that corruption is behind the job. Clinton’s boys and money have debauched Sanders staffers.

The pretexte is « heated rhetoric » and « inflammatory comments » or « supporters violence » or « incorrectness » or something approaching in similarity, not the meaning of the words, but the corruptive mind of the other side’s storytelling.

Yes, a campaign is a warzone-like. Words and Ideas are blank balls.

In this civilised war, words mean something.

Now think about this sequence :

  • First, the false victims of what they called « inflammatory comments » are bandits, homes’ intruders, privacy rapists, bathroom voyeurists. If you named them by their acts as rats, they’d staged the Shoah history lamentations pretending being attacked by the word « rats ». How many of you are ready to accept the violation of your home by the craps coming afterwards to cry wolves outside ? Those people are sons and girls of bitches. Yes, I’m and You are entitled to call them by their names : bitches. And, since our Justice System is broken or turning their eyes on the other side, letting people to fend by themselves, those worms must be stopped one way or another.
  • If Clinton is among those who set this order of public rape, then not only this order must be down, but the people responsible of tracking others including inside their houses must not run away with it so easily. No way. The political revolution is going to sweep this dirty order of dust.
  • In Nevada’s convention, we heard this :

« Hey bitch, loved how you broke the system, we know where you live, where you work, where you eat, where your kids go to school … You made a bad choice, prepare for hell, calls won’t stop. » Another one said, « You’re fired bitch, #FeelTheBern, speak or else, corrupt bitch, answer the phone you pussy. »

It is only Justice. You harvest what you sow. Eventhough innocents people can also fall into the hands of public harassers. And nobody cares. I was expecting Black leaders to voice their indignation, concerns and set some retaliation ; but don’t dream. Don’t dream about black political power and  conscience. They are followers and abiders. They lack the essential tool : solidarity, courage, dignity, strenght of mind and love among them. White gangs don’t miss with chinese or arabic people. They know why. But they do with the slaves forever black men. In America, it is absolutely undeniable.

A chance, the new generation is different. Another chance, the white young generation is on alert. I praise them.

Sanders’Technology staffer fly away is a treason at this shifting point. It aims as weakening Sanders web platform and relationship with his supporters along with the Bernie Sanders 2016 website disturbed by this sudden betrayal. Coming ahead of a pivotal vote in California, the intention is to stop Bernie’s momentum. In vain.

The coup of Angels is underway. Clinton is going to lose, one way or another. And it will be Justice. Times have changed. The World is living its last 20th century events and monstruosities.

Watch the  hypocrisy and the manipulation from South African parties signing a pact of non-aggression during the campaign to come – read the pact in EurasiaReview. It was intentional, another hidden way to support the american establishment talk against the Nevadas’ convention.

Old black men  generations are mentally enslaved. First of all they need a white autorisation to exist. By themselves, they have brought nothing decisive in the March of History. You  need courage to do this.  Buhari and Museveni are men enough to draw a new line and to disrupt this stiffling business-as-usual.

In South Africa, the black leadership is betraying an entire black people, in the name of reconciliation.

Come on. What is Reconciliation when you let the colonialists heading stealing lands and soil wealth, the De Boers diamant style ? No way, SA could stand as a model advocating « tolerance » among the runners for presidency. Tolerance is a religious concept or a racial code of cohabitation. It has got nothing to do in politics. Before the presidential race is launched, corruption is underway. African demons and cooperation are holding Africa back, dangerously. SA pact of non-aggression came as a backing of Nevada’s critics talkers. A subaltern role, as usual.

Another chance, some african leaderships are different. President Buhari telling he has nothing to do with Cameron’s excuses, what he needs is Nigeria money back – the money fraudulently invested in the UK by stolen Nigerian high profile leaders, flying Nigeria to hide their money in the Democratic West side. This is heart-warming.

Reconciliation was right in Rwanda in its form and procedures.

In SA, reconciliation would and should have taken the Zimbabween land and property design or the Egyptian Suez channel style or Hong-Kong restitution. The only way you can reconciliate a thief with his victim is to give back to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar. Otherwise, it is a trickery and lazy political correctness.

Political correctness is the last point where domination, imperialism, slavery and endoctrinement are still fully operative in the back-doors or backyards, if you prefer.

Political correctness is the upper stage of hypocrisy in politics and the place for mass manipulation.

Political correctness is lies, impostures and photographic poses of emptiness.

Political correctness is censorship and gangsterism.

Political correctness is a cover up, a funk hole.

Political correctness is there to keep the mediocres heads out of drowning. To save their skin, they just have to cry « help, I’m being attacked by a herd of inflammatory comments ». Weakness indeed. Political correctness is the recycling of weakness in politics.

When you cut the passion inside a man, what you get at the end of the day is fatigue, boredoom and end of dreams. The contrary of American soul.

A world without passion is Death. Passion is Heat. Passion is Fire. Passion is flame. Passion is Life.

So let continue to be fired up ! Go Bernie Sanders. Keep on feeling the Bern. You are born to be alive not to be tepid or under bandits’ influence.

No turning back to the 20th century political system. Invent something new. Express your indignation and keep speaking loud and clear. 

The Word is what makes you Human. Protect your humanity. Celebrate it. Chant it. Glorify it. Magnify it. Hold it as your precious tresor : our GOLD or DIAMOND FOR EVER.

Don’t let the crows intimidate you. Birds of prey are naught.



Democratically Yours.

Bernie Sanders for President

Brothers and Sisters — We had some amazing election results last night. We won the Oregon primary and came to yet another virtual tie, this time in Kentucky. That’s 21 victories for us so far, plus three more virtual ties where the margin was less than one percent of the vote.

Now some people say that we have a steep hill to climb, and that is absolutely true. But together we have been climbing that steep hill from day one of our campaign. And let me be clear as I can be: we are in until the last ballot is cast.

This is the beginning of the final push to win California. But we are going to fight for every last vote, because every delegate we win is a statement of public support for the values we share.

Make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today to help us win California and ensure we have the resources to continue our fight all the way to the Democratic Convention.

I come from the working class of this country, and I will be damned if we allow the Republican Party, who represent the rich and powerful, to win the votes of working class Americans.

It is my belief that the candidate best prepared to stop Donald Trump from winning the White House is the candidate who supports a $15 federal minimum wage, who stands on picket lines with striking workers, and who will fight to take our democracy back from the billionaire class.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


« I will be damned if we let the Republican Party win the working class » (Bernie Sanders)


Touring with the IMF.

Press Release: IMF Staff Completes 2016 Article IV Mission to the Republic of Marshall Islands