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Another day of vote. Focus on Foreign Affairs and on home security with a more balanced approach.

Bernie Sanders Outlines Middle East Policy – Prepared Remarks.

Ron Paul Sees Trump Winning Nomination Despite Convention Tricks – OpEd

« But, even a Republican National Convention victory may not put an end to Trumps’ troubles from the Republican establishment. Paul says in the interview that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Trump would then face in the general election a third-party candidate who is “supported by the establishment-type Republicans and those who can’t control Trump.”

Watch Paul’s complete interview. »


Brussels airport has been hit. As always innocents people are paying a huge cost for the big fishes misdemeanors – Namely Piranhas: those whose businesses consist in exchanging, trading and tracking our privacy and personal lifes impunely and with full arrogance and wildness. Their ultimate arm is web global surveillance.

Those cams were supposed to be there for our security. Now, they serve a predatory order looking for wealth and supremacy,  regardless to the respect either for the people or the law. Lawlessness is the New Normal.

The vicious circle of lawlessness (read an interesting link in our previous post), despotism and terrorism is a matter of serious concern. How can we reverse course?

Tech’s radicals are a treat to our freedoms. That is to say, there is much more behind radicality than religion. This is hypothesis number one.

But, it can also be an act of retaliation against Brussels, the nation, for tracking and  favoring the arrestation of Salam, alas, Salah Abdeslam, THE BRAIN of the Bataclan dreadful attacks in Paris. Al-Qaeda ((Daesch is a branch, or ISIS)) may well be the flag. Tit-for-tat.  Were where those who voted laws to prevent terrorism, by phone hearings ? Those laws were never meant to protect us from terrorism, but to control the citizens. Otherwise, why don’t they capture this before happening ?

Blind and deaf when it comes to terrorism, but eyes wide open for peaceful citizens. There is a missing link or a trick somewhere.

Bottom line. While they are fighting to break up Encryption, terrorists have already moved to something else. In the running between lawmakers and the police, on one side, and terrorists, on the other, it seems as if the later are leading the race. They are imprevisible, fast, mobile and innovative, whereas the formers are framed to think like automats or robots. No way, they can envision, foresee or forecast the next hit.

This is what happens when you get too much institutionalized : installed into a routine, you loose your human instinct, intuition and flair. Ask Israel for Teachings on the matter. They are experts of infiltration and invisibility – Ask them their invisible mantles or robes : how to sew one or place an order on them.

Bruxells and Paris’ attacks are the outcome of chaos in Lybia. The assassination of Gaddafi is still demanding answers and accountability. Who did it and who ordered this squalid act ? The blood of Gaddafi is still crying in the desert and asking for Justice.



Mr. Trump surprising job offer. Trump to questioner: You’re hired.

Indeed, Black Lives Matter.

So does the Economy.


Bernie Sanders for President – The latest on the campaign trail – An important victory.

Bernie Sanders for President

This is a big deal,

Yesterday afternoon, we received the final results from another Democratic primary contest:

Democrats Abroad Results – March 21, 2016
Sanders: 69% (nine delegates)
Clinton: 31% (four delegates)

Here’s why this result is important: we netted more delegates from the Democrats Abroad voting than Hillary Clinton netted with her narrow victories in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Missouri combined.

This is the result we needed. Now we wait to hear from Arizona, Idaho, and Utah later tonight, where we should do well. But we also have to focus on what’s next, and that is the CRITICAL caucus in Washington on Saturday.

Your $3 contribution today will ensure we have what we need to win Washington State’s caucus this Saturday. We need a good margin there, and your contribution could make the difference.

We’ve said all along that March 15th would be the high-water mark for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now the map shifts in our favor, and we’re going to begin clawing back delegates in state after state until we capture the lead on June 7th. But that will only happen if we continue to stand together.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016