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The ICC is OUTDATE. Jacob Zuma has saved Africa from dishonor and disgrace.

Praise The Lord, Sudanese president, Al-Bahir is back home. It will have been a catastrophic outcome if President Bashir were to be handled over to the ICC.

Zuma has done the right thing. It wasn’t either legal or fair for the ICC to behave this terroristic way. Justice is something Great to disguise using hijacking methods.

HR groups are comics here. Ask yourself who is paying their actions and you’ll agree they are disqualified for siding with their funders and pretending to be referee at the same time.

Nevertheless, it was up to president Jacob Zuma to decide, at last resort, not the HRs. defending their meat and meal. We all know the game of the NGO’s looking for a job above all. So don’t tell us about HR’s NGOs. Those are either larbins, negros or spies, much of the time. Exit.

Now, the ICC is the baby of the Security Council, late president Gaddafi told us in his legacy sounding since as a last will : the security council was a terror council. Naturally, its baby, the ICC, is leading a terroristic Justice.

There are two mains problems here :

The biggest one is America, the Head of the World, is not even a member of the ICC. In the meantime, this is the nation leading the World and the UN.

Second, of the people chosing their leaders nationally or the ICC, who decided the ICC can crush down the people choice and vote inside a sovereign nation ? A sitting president is automatically immune from any warrant arrest, by his own people’s election. By the way, if Mr. Bashir was that criminal, Sudaneses would have elected somebody else.

Look how lybian people, lied upon on Gaddafi criminality, are now crying calling his name.

When it comes to criminality, each president has some blood in his hands. And there is no exception. That is why Benghazi and Lybia will be an important issue during the US presidential race. The World needs to know the truth, only the truth, but the whole truth to move forward.

In other words, Gaddafi is going to come back in 2016 to ask for Justice. His blood is still flooding on Lybian soil waiting for that 2016 open field Justice to coagulate.

We are entering a New Age. Bodies like the ICC are behind us. They came too late in the process. In fact, they reflect the Ancien post WWII Infamous Order. So are the UN in great need of transformation to meet the 21st century new – some unknown today – challenges.

For instance,

Global Research is issuing this news :

Why the Bear is Back: Russian Military Presence in Vietnam

Russia-Vietnam ties that seemed to be cooling after the end of the Cold War are warming up all over again. More than 20 years after Moscow abandoned its largest foreign base, Russian military aircraft are once again welcome visitors at Cam Ranh Bay.

Of those post WWII bodies, the IMF is the most prepared to face the New Age of Humanity.

China is showing the way through. The country has agreed Chinese workers can travel to Israel only if they don’t participate in building colonialist settlements. All the more so, China is on top of the fight against corruption inside the party and for big businesses. Big Boss are charged and jailed. That is to say, international Justice is no longer necessary, as long as leaders – the case of China – are performing well and keeping high moral standards.

Justice is a national duty not an international affair. Diplomacy is there for international cooperation, assistance and help. By the way, we wish Secretary Kerry a quick recovery.

Poor ICC obliged to touch down, for full post-colonialist ruling.



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