The cult of Death. Republican dilemma: to shut or not to shutdown the government.

DSC_0349Of course, we should have been writting over the Oregon shooting today to bark one more time … barking on/in the air, through the wind, without any insane body, mind deep contaminated, hearing. The Devil is inside us, this has been an insolvable equation since the beginning of Humanity. In a sense, in the eyes of the World, America is a pure PARADOX : the nation is supposed to be the most accomplished democracy on earth. But, we are totally shocked to learn and see how corrupt its political and administrative institutions are gone viral with corruption. Call it the Judaïsation of America channeled through Wall Street outpouring dollars in the electoral process. In a sense, America’s cockpit is evil-contaminated, and when the cockpit has gone mad, think about Germanwings Andreas Lubitz, who have consulted with 41 doctors to heal his blindness…The World pilotage is sick.

Politicians are corrupt by Big donors.

Sport is corrupt. Look at the FIFA scandal.

Industries are corrupt. Look at VW etc.

The Economy is corrupt. Look at the 2008 crisis and at Tax Havens unexplainable protection through a silenced Justice – either International or domestic.

Diplomacy is corrupt and even criminal. Remember the French Foreign Minister, calling for Assad’s murder, publicly in Jordania. The message was addressed to the Then French supported terrorists squads – under french bombings today – those supposed to bring back democracy in Syria. Pinch me twice.

Once the World have allowed a permit to kill to Israel and an authorization to check Arabs Nations inside so as to order them what to do or not, they have introduced the worms into the can and a great deal of confusion in the minds. Then you get those Christians vs Muslims war anew that went viral with the « medieval intervention » of the no-fly-zone in Lybia.

It is not a coincidence if Yesterday, the crime coincided with Israeli PM theatralisation inside the UN’s yearly meeting. When you see the man, know that a crime is underway. Postures after dramas, the PM showcased a « deafening silence » as a sign of opposition to the US/Iranian deal. A pure moment of comedy. Then he went on warning « No force on Earth can threaten Israel ». And to end with, he is willing to recognize a Palestinian state, but the precondition is that Palestinian state should first of all bow down to Israel by recognizing them as a legal state deserving existence – this last mention is for drama purpose.

Where in History have you seen this ? Even during African decolonisation, the former colonizers have posed their recognition as a Nation to the african « independent » nations ? This claim of Israel is dismissed. Israeli existence is their own problem and the UN. It is not other nations problem. If they are not sure of their own legitimacy and legacy, they should deal with it on their own. This is not a Palestinian problem.

Israel can not and is not the one nation which is going to decide the faith of Iran, when it comes to possessing or not a nuclear weapon. The PM has threatened to bring war and Hell in Iran. I will urge him to do so quickly to see how strong Israel is. Israel is nothing without America holding its back. Nevertheless, read the Total Collapse alert (1) to see how Israel is on the verge to trigger a WWIII.

This Nation is Evil on Earth. But, its game consists into hiding this devilish mind behind an eternal claim of threats ? Who is threatening the existence of Israel ? Nobody. No nation. Instead, Israel is the threatener of peace on Earth and the instigator of global wars and corruption. Even the church and the Pope’s election are corrupt in the process.

That the catholic church was protecting nazis is no secret to any of us. That the « universal » church is protecting the post-nazis, meaning Israel, should not come as a surprise. Israel and former nazis lands are more of the same evil-inspired dominium. Pope John Paul the second as a Polish was a Jewish. Naturally, he has helped President Reagan to down the Soviet Union. Russians are Jewish enemy, for historical reasons – see Ukraine coup.

The new Pope, from Argentina is that other land which gave asylum to the nazis and many jewish people immigrated there.

Just watch how things math with the migrants crisis : who is oppose ? The european jewish space of Eastern europa. How can you then be surprised by the deportation or export of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis in America, the Jewish State protector ?


Let me tell you a word about gay marriage we’ll be talking about it again and again, because it is the latest  democratic and juridictional scam performed by politicians and supreme court justices under Judaïsm obedience. You know what ? Each time I’m writting something against gay marriage, there is a movie on them at the TV. They have replaced the Shoah eternal tears and misery movies we got sick of.

It is suspected that Pope Benedict 16 was forced to resign as a Pope, because he was fiercely opposing gay marriage in preparation, at the time, in the backyard, just like those aborptions staging behind Women health care protection.

Probably that the Pope was blackmail by some pedophilia compromissions, while a priest in his Germany paroisse. Is this Pope hiding something the Jews knew and know and being under threats of a denounciation, if he dares oppose gay marriage the Bible does not cover up or permit ? The ambiguous message of « who I am to judge » ? Our Pope is the Master of ambiguity. No clarity in his Message. Which is a great desperation, in those times of churches desertion by the worshippers.

That is how those Jews and their grooms are proceeding : when they can’t oppose you publicly, they search into your life, spy your home, track your wereabouts the ex « News of the World » sickening and rat style ; they will go after the members of your family, your friends, your bank accounts, your medical file, everywhere they can, enter your bedroom, see the size of the penis of your man, consider your nudity, explore your bathroom and your ass, your wardrobe, everything to find something to come up with as a nuisance or a tool for blackmail. You can’t and will not start to imagine the potential of Israeli fundings toxicity and poison (Wall Street big ugly business can give you a glimpse), along with their sentinels scattered everywhere like worms or rats proliferation.



When you know the root of the Evil, you can start thinking at the remedy.

The Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (2) is a good start, because it provides an alternative banking system for Growth and World Economy’s Health.


How can this be ? How can we accept this to be a routine ? Meaning this is A big shame for America, on top of the World. The president insisted, as he did after the Emmanuel Church killings – our prayers are not enough. He dismissed this routine consisting in sending condolences to go back to our business-as-usual, meaning accepting the unacceptable unchallenged status-quo, he unfolded into three parts.

Part one was devoted to ask those people who use guns for hunting, sport or to protect their family (at home) if those speaking on their behalf are really representing their values. Do they agree with the idea that the answer to gun violence is more guns ? Is it the appropriate anwer ?

The president then call the Citizens to step in by electing  lawmakers ready to tackle the issue in practical, not in theory, hiding behind the second amendment – by the way overstretched  to the point of becoming wrongly interpretated.

Which brings us to the conveninent shelter of the Constitution and to the Republican dilemma.

As a matter of fact, the Constitution is a sanctuary.

Nevertheless, one should not forget that this masterpiece was written in 1789 and enforced since then. In the case of America, the Constitution was written 10 years ago and enforced only in 1789, coinciding with the French Revolution.

The 1789 World is not today’s World.

Let’s consider those three cases : Ben Carson’s remarks. Fiorina stance against Planned Parenthood funded with tax payers money lied in the process (read Disentangling Data On Planned Parenthood Affiliates’ Abortion Services – OpEd (Eurasianews) (3)- and the second amendment invoked by the Republicans.



I first reacted against it, because I was stuck to racism and discrimination. Call it stuck at the bottom. Then I reconsidered and try to get a better comprenhension of the message he was intending to convey. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are bringing something new in this campaign and to the entire thinking. It is their NEW APPROACH of problems. To cut it short, I would say, if you allow me too, I will say, that, for the first time – president Obama apart and may be this explain the confrontation between president Obama and the Republicans – they do not speak from the same place. To bring a clear picture in the motion here, it is as if, looking as a glass of water, Dems will consider it half-full whereas Reps will say half-empty. This is the first layer.

Then you have this second layer in the NEW APPROACH where you look at the framework before looking at the occurrencies. Not surprising, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson’s profiles are more conceptually soaked. Professional politicians have been too long in the business of politicizing everything and nothing. Somehow, they have got their nose stuck into occurrencies and they have lost the intellectual compass. If we planned to put Education at the center of Politics and of the society and Citizenship again, then we ought to go back to things like the Hegelien Dialectics, critical thinking and Cartesianism. The credo is then : I think, then I’m. Not I’m rich, then I’m (**).

Now, let’s try to reflect a little bit.

In 1789, Islamism and Muslims were very far away from America. The fathers founders were writting this constitution for America dealing with British colonialisation. The nation was at its ground zero. They got to lay the foundations out, and the possibility of a Muslim becoming president in America was something inconceivable. Today, it is different.

So, when you think about the precaution set by Ben Carson, it is about previsibility and preventive politics. Not the size of preemptive G.B. Wars sequence, no. It is about provisioning the thinking with this evidence : if a muslim is elected now in America as a president, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will come into America first (*), and second, the character of the Nation – a Christian nation – could be in jeopardy. Are we ready to talk about this before we are in ? This is something Big. I buy it.

Some have voiced the Constitution has already responded to the case. Not only, it didn’t adressed the problem, the fact is the Constitution is void on the issue and, may be ultimately, the revision/or the precision of  all the Constitution is at stake.

The only exigence is to put those revisions/corrections on votation through a popular referendum, after a well instructed and widespread debate, so as not to cheat, as we have seen with the gay marriage episod. Do you know that South Africa is the first nation on Earth to adopt this gay marriage ? Under Mandela’s presidency, certainly one of the condition of his exit from the Prison ? Track the long way of this scam, starting from the most vulnerable link. As usual, it is Africa and its legendary corrupt leaders. Not everybody can be a Fidel Castro who has earned his credentials for the US-Cuban’s new start, on his own, contrary to some legends going by. 50 years of resistance, standing alone have paid back.

Note that, the Congolese president, Sassou Nguesso, is willing to revise the Constitution on the point concerning the numbers of presidential mandates. At first glance, you can oppose it, but, he is right to do this, considering African Challenges which require a permanent leadership. On condition to be fairly elected and to jump into development strongly.

The new approach by Ben Carson is ANTICIPATION – VISION – This is where a leader stands. Formidable.


So is Ms Fiorina. She is not looking only at the justification of aborptions today when we got pills, conjones and knowledge over the period of ovulation. She is sending a message of alert on all the evils going around there : from cells illegal cultivation through foetus commercial uses for organs picks and trafficking.

To cut it short, America gov can’t fund illegal activities or turn a blind eye to the abuses and illegal activities surrounding aborption clinics. A gov can not fund unethical, unlawful business. They ought to discuss the whole matter at the Hill, before granting finances.

The reason is with the Republicans here. No funding, untill further notice.

Nevertheless,  shuting down the gov is not an option, for one concern  can not end sanctionning everybody else such as people depending on social bonds and security, and the working-classes. We should avoid all form of hostages taking. For that reason, Speaker Boehner is right to put a stop at this attempt.

Let’s say, keep the gov working while debatting on this and bringing up solutions for the next tenure. Of course, I recognize this is a dilemma. But Reps are learning the hard ways :

The first is, You can be doing bad policies with good intentions.

And the second is you can be humane and end up insane and heartless.


Again, to the Reps opposing any move forward to restrict or forbid guns, you can be doing bad policies with good intentions.

Second, the status quo on gun violence is unsustainable. As president Obama concluded yesterday « may be this will not change until the end of his tenure and he can’t change this – with a stubborn ans hostile Congress– and this is TERRIBLE ». But, what he does know is « this has got to change ». The ball is in Republicans hands.

We are surprise to hear that Oregon’s scene of crime was a gun-free site. A gun free zone where the police has seized four guns ? It tells a lot about some insider aides for the operation. Which means, the operation was planned long time ago to coincide with PM Netanyahu intervention at the U.N. Some people always fluck with DEATH in their vicinity.


(1) BREAKING NEWS: Russia Begins September War, Issues Dire Warning To Britain – Total Collapse.

(2) Disentangling Data On Planned Parenthood Affiliates’ Abortion Services – OpEd (Eurasianews)

(3)The Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. UN’s General Assembly. New York.  THE INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY FOR CITIZENSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT.

>> The NRA’s chokehold of Congress.Tell pro-NRA members of Congress: Your “thoughts and prayers” are not enough when your hearts and votes are with the NRA.

(**)Hillary Clinton using family foundation for presidential campaign: Journalist.

The story behind that email thing points to Haitian earthquake.

“It’s widely assumed by many people that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a cash cow to propel Hillary Clinton into the presidency and has very little to do with rebuilding homes for Haitians left homeless by the Haitian earthquake or [helping] people in Africa and other poverty stricken countries around the world,” Madsen said.

Hein ?


(*) (CNN) The Umpqua gunman targeted Christians specifically, according to the father of a wounded student.

After shooting a professor, the gunman asked students one-by-one to stand up, and asked each of them, « Are you a Christian? »

This, according to Anastasia Boylan, 18, who relayed the account to her father and brother before she was taken into surgery.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.(CNN)

PLUS – U.S. employers added only 142,000 jobs in September, while unemployment remained at 5.1%, the government said (CNN).


The morning after,

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