The Grand jury is a Big Show inside a written scenario in advance.

Yesterday, in a CNN debate over the role of the Grand Jury and its systematic siding with the institutions, a lawyer came forth strong and articulate to speak about the Grand Jury’s role inside a scenario, written in advance.

The Grand Jury rarely contradicts the orientation of the Prosecutor who, in turn, as a member of the Justice system, in bed with the Police – relying on the police for the judicional process – is a friend of the police officers. This biaised relationship is a preexisting condition systematically failing Justice and the Grand Jury caught in between.

The Grand Jury is the caution of a system which can not be fair or just to the victims of police brutality and agressivity. Worldwide, America is selling its Justice system as the best in the World whereas it can’t be.

By the way, the lawyer raised the question of the great silence of either Amnesty or HRW in this American crisis, underlining should this movie actually playing out in China or elsewhere, they would have jumped into it, long time ago.

How can you criticize who is subsidizing you ? No way.

Another law investigator retaliated, advocating, at least we can have a free debate. Which will not have been the case in China, for instance. Yes, of course, we can debate, as long as we don’t change any significant change or disturb institutional dysfuntionings and failures. Yes we can.

There is something more annoying with the Grand Jury : its composition which does not reflect the landscape of the environment. Everywhere, even in Ferguson where black people are majority, the number of Whites grand jure surpasses the blacks. And this is a problem of fair representation.

Equally concerned is racial representation inside the bodies in charge of law enforcement. When, in the end, black people are no longer – and not only them – apparently too many people are distancing themselves from this unfair Justice and racist police, the institutionals will react by putting the blame on those ingrats’ people, not on their flaws.

I’ve called it, « institutionnal clonage ». Institutions are concerned first in protecting each other and in exercising their authority. They are concerned with power and less with services and accountability going with this. It comes down to this fatality : the justice system can’t condemn Police officers or the policing system : they need each other as a co-guarantee for no-indictment.

May we recall those evidences that we hold for true.

Physical integrity is due and holy.

Life is Saint.

Freedom of movement too.

Barbarism starts in America before spreading into the World. Look how the police officer who is pushing with all his strenght the head of Eric Garner on the pavement contributed to kill him immediately, by compressing his blood on in his face. Consider that nobody, even the woman officer supposedly a medical aides gave no breathing assistance and nobody felt like making some cardio massages on Eric Garner’s chest. They did nothing at all to rescue it. This absence of assistance to a person in danger is enough to send them in jail, knowing that they are the authors of this.

To end with, as for today, let me tell you a story of Black betrayal. It goes like this : if a black man asks a white man to kill another white man, and pays money for this execution, this man will not kill that other. Instead, he will reach out to the police and denounces the deal and the commanditor and keeps the money. Ha ha.

Now, listen carefully, if a white man asks a black man to do the same, meaning to kill another black man, not only will he hurry up to do it, but he will do it for free.

If you want to understand what other commentator brought forward related to « the police culture » black recruits adopt and embrace quickly, think about this story.

Former Speaker Gringrich is asking to seize the opportunity to reform the jail system, that other face of the racist Justice System.

Here are the global two trends of the police and Justice systems in the World : in the non-westerner world, those bodies tend to be corrupt and agents of corruption. In western nations, they are racists. And guess what ? All of those UN nations are democracies. Perfectly.


 Sex Crimes in the US Military: The Safety and Protection of Women in the Armed Forces

Global Research, December 04, 2014

March 2014 was a bad month for women in the armed forces. The bill sponsored by female Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill went down in defeat by five votes that would have transferred jurisdiction of all military assault cases away from the good ol boys club of the male commander to civilian court. On the same day the Senate was voting to leave sexual assault under military control, across the Potomac River the Pentagon was forced to make public the Armys top officer in charge of reducing the sexual epidemic in its ranks himself being investigated for sexual misconduct. Then in that same month of March the highest profile rape case in Naval Academy history resulted in acquittal of a former Navy football player. That same day the highest profile case of rape in US Army history against a general also resulted in a mere slap of the hand.

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