The grip and the perversion of Big money on Justice and democracy in America.

Freddie Gray’s death aftermath debate.

By distancing himself with big billionaires money pouring in the presidential race, Bernie Sanders is overturning the political table and changing the hardcore in politics. It is never too late, isn’t it? Let me be clear here, for it is important to underline that :

I’m not against billionaires. I have no hate or contempt for money, gold or diamonds. I love rich men and respect them. The problem is not money itself, but the uses of it. The problem is not big money as such, but the nocivity and intoxication of the society stemming from the misuses of it. As long as money in politics will be invested on candidates as a capital or horses, a return on investment will be awaited by the investors running a global sytem of preemptive corruption in politics.

The desastrous consequences are there for everybody to see in full.

Sanders doesn’t want billionaires’ backing. Excerpts.

Washington (CNN). Bernie Sanders says he won’t launch a Super PAC and doesn’t want billionaires to bankroll his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Vermont senator who entered the 2016 race for the White House on Thursday told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in his first interview as a candidate that he’ll instead look to small-dollar individual donors.

And he lambasted the growing influence that major donors like Charles and David Koch on the right and Tom Steyer on the left now have on the political process.

« Frankly, it is vulgar to me that we’re having a war of billionaires, » Sanders said.

Asked whether he would bless a wealthy donor’s support for a pro-Sanders Super PAC, he said: « No. »


« The real question is, can any candidate in this country who represents working families, who is not a billionaire, who is not beholden to big corporations — in this day and age, can that candidate win an election? » Sanders said.

Sanders also called for « community policing, where police are perceived as part of the community, the good guys, rather than as interlopers. »

Community policing is key for social peace.

Security comes with Justice and not otherwise. During Gray’s turmoil, we witnessed something essential  : a generational gap in approaching racism in America. Black men stood between young people and the police, as a peacekeeping force. Some of them blaming the burning down of the neighborhood crying out their anger and desperation to see those young men burning their own city.

If only things were that simple ! Jesse Jackson’s generation knows it is not black or white, neither black or black, but black and white. Yin and Yang, the two of them are inseparable. When you lack one, you miss the other.

Politically, putting fire is an act of resistance and discontent, because you don’t burn infrastructures, but the spirit lying in them. In fact, you burn down the system. Usually this occured when other ways have been explored in vain.

From Rev. Jesse Jackson’s generation to the 14-15-16 young men protesting in Baltimore, a generation or may be two have somehow been trailing back the events. Some because of too much « needful selfish interest » ; other enrolled in the « white fly » instead of leading their community and territory into the path of excellency. Sure, some are generous enough to handle scholarships like they poured « peanuts » to the poor people. Saying this is not diminishing the labor of some communities servants or demonising philanthropists.

In fact, a lot can be said about black men adults irresponsibility and retreat. This is not the time for that.

It is time to praise the women in charge of that dossier: Baltimore Mayor and the Prosecutor alike. They acted promptly and with the right proportion of authority. It is marvelous. Calm is restored.

As for the police, apparently, they did a good job showing restraint in front of the youth. But their reputation of brutality had undermined their authority feeding community mistrust. How to rebuild this trust ?

Multiple positive signs, out of this fire, are indicating there will be a before Freddie Gray and an after. For the better.

The first sign is the acceleration of time impacting the presidential race.

1. (CNN) « Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced her candidacy for president today, becoming the first declared female candidate to seek the Republican Party’s nomination for 2016.

« Yes, I am running, » Fiorina told ABC’s « Good Morning America, » and followed quickly with posts to her social media accounts ».

2. « An appointee of Gov. Chris Christie has pleaded guilty to two counts in federal court in New Jersey’s Bridgegate scandal.

The former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey official, David Wildstein, admitted that he conspired to close lanes of the George Washington Bridge as political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee for not endorsing the governor’s re-election » (CNN).

Yet, the road for a better security  remains tricky.

« Two people were shot by police outside of an event billed as the « Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest » in Garland, Texas, on Sunday evening, according to Garland Mayor Douglas Athas, who added, « I believe they are dead. » A security guard was also wounded, according to Athas.

CNN producer Chris Lett, who was covering the event, said there were about 40 people gathered when police announced there had been a shooting. The event, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, claimed to have received « over 350 submissions of Mohammed cartoons from all over the world. » (CNN)

FBI searching Phoenix apartment of gunmen in Mohammed cartoon event.

Justice, the tightrope ahead. 

In my storytelling in Mauldin, where I embrassed Paul Johnson, through his outstanding « A History of the American people », cited in our previous post, I kept silence over the other part of the story. Effectively, I went to the bookshop to buy a book. But it wasn’t the Johnson I fall in love with, but the « New Jim Crow ». Had I found it on the shelves, may be I would’nt have spent that much time looking at the other books.

Why the New Jim Crow ? When I came in America, I had to inform three senators at least of my presence. The two senators of NJ, Cory Booker and Bob Menendez and the Senator of Minnesota, senator Al. I’ve been communicating with their teams for a while. Senator Cory Booker’s team sent me an email telling me « the senator is pleased to invite you at his book club where we will be speaking of the « New Jim Crow » in January ». This was after the Christmas vacancy. So, as all of you know, before you attend a book club, you’ve got to read the book, at least. That is how I went to the bookshop.

What is sure is, even without that invitation to join the book club, I had to go to a bookshop and into librairies, for this is my life. I need both of them to breathe and feel alive.

I’m grateful to the senator’s team for that excellent advise and acceleration of knowledge and time for me on the American society. Thank you so much.

From Atlanta to Washington, I embrassed Dr. King and President Kennedys memorials. Inside the Arlington cemetery, after visiting the presidential memorial, I went straight to the tomb of the unknown soldier. Lucky me, the ceremony of the changing of guards began under my watch. As I was looking the soldiers walking like ghosts just as if they were having no contact with the ground – all this taking place inside a complete silence – something hurt my feelings and my thoughts : this tomb of the unknow soldier is kind of a frontier between life and death…

When you reach that frontier, what do you do ?

Sanders: ‘We need a political revolution’ (The Hill) via Twitter (*).

(*) Twist again :

One of two gunmen in a Garland, Texas, attack on a cartoon contest featuring images of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed has been identified as Elton Simpson, a federal law enforcement source told CNN’s Susan Candiotti.

The source said Simpson, who along with another gunman was shot dead by police, is thought to have sent a tweet before the attack with the hashtag #texasattack. « May Allah accept us as mujahideen, » the tweet read in part.

Simpson was well known to the FBI, the source said. He was convicted in 2011 of making a false statement involving international and domestic terrorism and sentenced to three years of probation, court records show.

Simpson told FBI agents he had not discussed traveling to Somalia to engage in « violent jihad » when he had, according to an indictment reviewed by CNN.

The FBI says that its agents are at an apartment complex in Phoenix where the two gunmen lived.

— The second gunman in the Garland, Texas, attack has been identified as Nadir Soofi, two law enforcement officials told CNN’s Pamela Brown.

Soofi was the roommate of Elton Simpson, the other gunman.

Soofi is not well known to federal law enforcement and was not on the FBI radar like Simpson was, one of the officials said.

— CNN. « ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack outside a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, the official ISIS radio channel announced today.

The two gunmen, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, wounded a security guard before police shot and killed them ».


For a complete and honest reporting of the facts concerning « political revolution », exactitude recommends to give back to Ceasar what belongs to Him. The Revolution began in 2008 with president Obama, at a time when the 30-40 years in politics discovering the necessity of it today were doing business in politics as usual. We all deserve a second chance and any change should be welcome. Changing to the best is what makes us better and good.

This label of citizenship you are reading right now was launched in the wake of president Obama’s victory as President of the US. The label has been at the forefront of the political revolution worldwide. It was not a candidacy vehicle ; nor is it an hindrance for it. Chosing to bring some insight to president Obama worldwide leadership, from outside, has earned me all names. One of it is « Obama’s bootleakers » by an ex community servant  lecturing at Princeton (NJ). Understandably. The generation of those communities servants are historically empty and desauthentified. They are uprooted people.

« Bootleakers »? Black stupidity and void arrogance at its best. Thanks God, America had implemented « the affirmative action ». Thanks to Martin Luther King fight for civil rights leading to that unmatchable decision who really changed the face of America and the faith  and fate of black people, women and other minorities alike.  We owe those civil rights fighters a big deal. Always remember that. Again and again.

Here in France, the affirmative action has taken a strange shape: some nominations in the governement are motivated by the affirmative action. But, don’t tell, don’t ask, France is in total denial. The nation is also denying its control on freedoms. Late in the row, now, education has entered the control of the lenght of the skirts. The long are criticized as extra-long.

The top untold and non-assumed affirmative-action model, wearing a mini-jupe, walking on the stairs of the Elysee Palace, is the model selected by the media to teach french women how to dress like a prostitute (*). In between, they are exercing minds and spirits control and preempting french female citizens’ future.

Whereas, covered affirmative action goes with more hidden coercition on freedoms, in France ; in America the affirmative action has multiplied ways for freedoms and fulfillments. France’s affirmative action is based on favoritism, arbitrary and cronyism. Nevertheless, in America, the affirmative action can not be eternal. With a strong middle class and a considerable class of upper rich among them, black people may not be suffering misery, racism and all sort of woes the way they are burdened. Undeniably, there is much more in their sufferance that need to be identified. We ought to reflect on it. Seriously.


Capture russian sitting on a black woman
This Russian magazine picture is indemodable. It tells everything.

(*) Guess what, the next day I wrote this, some « famous models »  – according to the box office – said to be influential of I’m searching what, were inspired with my pick and performed a walk on the stairs somewhere, to show up, and to say what ? I forgot. So, tell me my friends, who is the most influential if not the followers  trailing behind and trying to catch up with the real society on the move ? Who is the most influential, the genuine or the Pavlov parodiers who could have only be black and black ? Some micmics are burlesque and so laughable. After nakedness, what else ? Vacuum and vacuity. How do you influence people with superficiality ? It is important to mention that the word « followers » does not make reference to Twitter’s users who are engaged into a friendly and co-productive relationship. For instance, I’m intending to be a Washington Online follower and I’m at ease and please to do so.

I told you, some black people are despicable. It is not always the White man fault. Sometimes, they deserve it. Unfortunately, the whole community is paying the cost of that burden. White men know perfectly how to turn some black people monkeys and larbins and even how to oppose them. It is not difficult. Just look around and pick a stooge to perform in joy. The Puppet industry can envision a bright future with  those soulless people ready to do anything possible to protect their beefteack. 

How is it black people are still so contemptible ? Not only by white people but also by black people ? This is the untold story, the forbidden question. Let it be, as for  now.

Have you seen how the Femen  have turned the far-right 1st May gathering ridiculous ? If you haven’t seen this, you ought to. Those young women were genuine enough to rent a room in a hotel, just in front of the place of the rally. Marine le Pen was the speakerine. The Femen just kicked their butts, using two weapons : nake breasts and blonde wigs coupled with Hitlerian red flags and a terrific well-inspired Heil Marine salute! Marvelous.

Later on, they were invited on TV studios to explain their gesture. The first reason was the neo-nazi hidden profile and ideology of that political party. Along with this, the rage to see that the representant of such a right-winger extreme party can be invited or ranked by the Times as one of the hundred most influential persons in the planet at… a NEW YORK grandiose ceremony. Shamelessly. NEW YORK… NEW YORK.

Shame on those retrograds and fake so-called rankings. Obsolete and good for the dustbin of the 20th century, due to their fucking lies and imposture. Void and nullissime.

Femen, I love You.

Earlier, I wrote « No passaran » and those young girls got exactly the message. The so-called prestigious press of world combinaciones got zero. Business as usual was ongoing with strange and fairy guests. In French there is a saying : ridicule does not kill a man.

We are living wonderful changing moments. Old icons are dying by themselves. The hardcore is rotten.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, according to a statement from Kensington Palace.

Welcome to Elizabeth. « Charlotte, Elisabeth, Diana ». It sounds so juicy. It’s a girl.



Another candidacy on the Republican side. How many of them would they be in the end ? 

From CNN.

—« Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson announced today he will run for the Republican presidential nomination, officially launching his widely expected campaign from a rally in Detroit.

He’s one of three GOP 2016 contenders to announce officially this week. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina announced earlier today, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is expected to jump into the race Tuesday ».

He has confirmed he is in.

—- « Add Mike Huckabee to the list of candidates seeking the Republican presidential nomination.

The former Arkansas governor, who ran for president in 2008, launched his campaign today at rally in Hope, Arkansas.

He is the third Republican candidate to announce in two days. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson both announced on Monday.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile ».

—- « Democrats will announce today six presidential primary debates, giving long shots a potential opportunity to share the debate stage with front-runner Hillary Clinton, CNN has learned.

The Democratic National Committee has plans for debates to occur in the early-contest states of Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The two other locations will be decided at a later date ».