The Hawkish western press and the regression of freedoms on the Westside.

While reading comments on Ukraine, you reach a conflictual stage of feelings. It is either you think « what a misery to get that low and pitiful reporting » or you say to yourself : « disgusting and lost forever with nullity ». Today, the press is oscillating between extreme assumed shameless bad faith (unfaithful press and distrustful) and panurgisme repeating after Obama or the EU like :

– western supremacists’ militants,

– racists experts

– larbins of a Global Hawking truncated system

A real despair to witness. Each times the World is facing new challenges, the same timeless and senseless reflexes are up and here we go again for another round of cliches, lies, partial analysis, distortions to accomodate self-fulling brainwashing standards.

The consequences of this are : vanishing information, regression of thinking, a confused press not knowing whether to do politics or informing the people ; in the end, this press is playing a second zone card in politics.

It is the role of president Obama to stand by the coup monsters such as the Ukrainian PM or his frontman, President Poroshenko, which is the shadow cast of that Ukrainian mercenaire PM. Ask the Western press if a coup was ever conducted in Lybia, in Iraq, everywhere in South America – Nicaragua, Chili – in Congo – Lumumba murdered by the CIA – in Ukraine and attempts of a coup in Venezuela, in Cuba, in  Sudan, in Syria. Ask them and they will answer « No » without a blink.

Do you call this a press ? Or a diluted one. Discolored, tasteless and unconvincing politically and journalistically. A total dismay.

Look. President Obama is coming forth with a terrific argumentation : America, the EU and Ukrainian then opposition today in power through a coup, comprising members of the current government, conspired to eliminate a president elected, Ianoukovitch. They wanted him to sign an exclusive deal with the EU for partnering only God knows what –  since we are still out of knowledge over what the EU was bringing to Ukraine that bested the Russian  historical support and partnership ?

Let me guess it… gay marriage. That is all. Because of anal sex,

– a president was ousted,

– democracy was trampled down,

– and all the values  and principles « The People of the West side » are believing in alike – on the exception of gays housed in the press skycrapers, you understand the parti pris and the approximative comments –

Because of gay marriage.,

– Look how many people are dying since then in Ukraine.

– See how the seeds of division and hate have demultiplied.

– Watch death operating on the ground and in the air in Ukraine.

All this because of Gay marriage nobody should contradict safely.

Gay marriage and the storytelling of the Holocaust are of the same vein : poisonned and venimous. If you stand on their luciferian way, take care. If you wanted to get rid of democracy as a system or intimidated the people and the world alike using a sole tool : military power, economic sanctions and a mediatic propaganda machine, the three of them walking together as a braid of three snakes, you couldn’t operate otherwise.

Don’t talk about freedoms anymore. You are taken into hostage by your press and politicians alike embarking into roads to nowhere or for Hell. You are on board.

So, president Obama is telling the World, « we created the mess in Ukraine, Putin should and must clean it or face more harshed sanctions ». Ultimatum.  Why Putin ? He is standing besides pro-russians fighting against a EU guardianship they didn’t opt for. Without this Russian help to his brothers and sisters, these are people who will be enslaved by the EU-US-Kiev coalition. That something named Press is not helping people to fight for their liberty and freedoms  and for the rule of the People by the people – not by a gang of corrupt leaders- is voiceless.

The bad news is this is an ongoing reality in the Westside. Less and less freedoms due to multiple invisible chains. An Hawkish press being one of them. Not to mention vampire politicians and a new phenomenon : people thinking solely with their penis or vagina. The World upside down. Now, your brain is located in your ass or in your account(s) hidden on total impunity in some tax havens.

Toppling a president was more urgent than fighting those superb illegal tax havens. The squads of Big Thefts of money, power grab and diversions are our New Masters.

You have noticed the standing of telereality’s so-called stars. What they share in common with their mediatic sponsorings are precisely an ass and promoting it is a TV press business, fashionable enough to walk the Cannes tapis rouge. That is how the movie universe is getting contaminated by the dustbin of the telereality show. If you oppose those kinds of sex dolls promotions and ugly connections, you’ll face sanctions or exclusions.

What a Wonderful World ! Isn’t it My Father Louis Armstrong ?

Now is it a NATO’s incident conducting some training in the nearby ?

To move further, we recommend :

 MH17 versus Iran Air 655: Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Downed over Ukraine. Kiev Regime Accuses Putin of Sponsoring “Terrorists”

Global Research, July 17, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border. MH17 had 295 people on board — 280 passengers and 15 crew members. Western media has gone into overdrive mode in reporting that the plane was deliberately shot down. Salivating over the story, self-acclaimed pundits are putting the blame on anti-coup Ukrainians and even pointing the finger at Russia even as the crash has not been investigated yet.

So-called experts, among them Richard Quest dubbed as an aviation expert, is hard at work convincing CNN viewers that it would be “extremely unusual” for an airliner at 32,000 feet to be shot down. From the ground, one could simply look up and tell whether a plane was a commercial aircraft.

“It looks like a commercial aircraft, it squawks a commercial aircraft. So something is absolutely appalling that’s gone on here,.

A Ukrainian official, Anton Gerashchenko even knew what kind of missile had brought down the plane. He wrote on his Facebook page that a Buk missile system was used to shoot down the plane, not an on-the-shoulder missile launcher, and it’s unlikely pro-Russian rebels have access to that type of sophisticated weaponry. He accused Putin of sponsoring terrorism.

Whatever (or whomever) was behind the crash, investigations have just started. But as far as the court of public opinion is concerned, CNN, Fox , et al, this is a deliberate act of terrorism, pointing to “Pro-Russian Separatists.” Well, it would have to be if a passenger plane is so readily recognizable even from the ground, and missiles fired at it, right?

Well, that depends.

On July 3, 1988, in an unprovoked move, US carrier USS Vincennes fired two missiles at an Iranian passenger plane, Iran Air flight 655 that was on route to Dubai.

All 290 innocent civilians perished. The passenger airliner, so recognizable even from the ground was mistaken for a jet fighter (jetfighter is two-thirds smaller than a passenger plane). The United States called its own act of terrorism “a regrettable accident.

In short, the Malaysian airliner is easily recognizable from the ground, according to reports, but the Iran Air plane was mistaken for a much smaller jetfighter.

Listening to the media news surrounding the ML 17 incident, one cannot help but conclude that the USS Vincennes captain, Will Rogers III was too dumb and blind not to see the easily recognizable passenger plane, or else, he was/is a terrorist.

In spite of this stark reality, in 1990, President Bush Sr. awarded Capt. Rogers the Legion of Merit decoration “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service as commanding officer … from April 1987 to May 1989.” Copyright © 2014 Global Research


And the blog of Ryan Grim : Excerpts.

  • U.S. Fuels Civil Wars
    Argentinian forensic archeologist Claudia Visso works to exhume the remains of a victim of a 1991 massacre in Cerro Pando, El Salvador, Oct. 29, 2003.
    Along with the decades-long war against leftists in Guatemala, the U.S. organized and funded El Salvador’s protracted war with the FMLN, a left-wing guerrilla movement. The U.S. also funded counterinsurgency efforts in Honduras, which became a staging ground for the Contras. Death squads flourished, more than75,000 people died and civil society collapsed. 

    If today’s crisis were simply a result of Central American confusion about the president’s policy regarding immigrant children, as is widely alleged, one might expect children to be coming in equal numbers from every Central American country. But notably, Nicaragua — a country that borders Honduras, and one in which the U.S. failed to keep a far-left government from coming to power — is today relatively stable and not a source of rampant migration. It is led by President Daniel Ortega, whose Sandinista movement took power in 1979 and held off the U.S.-backed Contras until an opposition government was elected in 1990. 

    « You see the direct effects of these Cold War policies, » Greg Grandin, a professor of Latin American history at New York University, told The Huffington Post. « Nicaragua doesn’t really have a gang problem, and researchers have traced this back to the 1980s and U.S. Cold War policy. » 

  • 3
    Refugees Flee Central America For The U.S.
    Guatemalan women warm tortillas over an open fire inside a warehouse where the first group of 46,000 Guatemalan refugees await more permanent housing in a camp in the jungle of the state of Campeche, Mexico, July 7, 1984. (AP)
    With wars come refugees. The young people who streamed into the United States from Central America in the late ’70s and ’80s had deep experience with violence. When Alex Sanchez, the executive director of Homies Unidos in Los Angeles, made his first journey from El Salvador to the United States in 1979, he was only 7 years old. Like many of the 57,000 children stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2014 — most of them from Central America — Sanchez came to the U.S. searching for his parents, who had immigrated to Los Angeles five years before. When the adults he was traveling with handed him and his 5-year-old brother to their parents in L.A., Sanchez no longer recognized them. 

    “All I had was a black-and-white picture of my mother from when she was 16,” Sanchez told The Huffington Post. “These two people were complete strangers to us now. We didn’t know them anymore. We thought initially that we had been sold, given to strangers — we didn’t know what to make of it.”