The tax reform has passed. Here is why it WAS and IS so important. Reform the EU with the same pattern. +The Supreme Court is giving a green light to travel restrictions for country compromised by terrorism.


It’s crunch time for tax reform. Now that the House and Senate both passed their versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we are closer than ever to the largest tax cut in American history. This legislation by both chambers will fulfill President Trump’s commitment to the American people by ensuring that…

· The job creator’s tax rate is lowered
· The Middle Class gets the tax break they deserve
· And our country repatriates billions of dollars back onto our shores

President Trump continued to demonstrate his full commitment to tax reform when he traveled to St. Charles, Missouri this week to deliver a speech and promote the passage of his tax plan. Now that the fate of the middle class miracle is in the home stretch with votes on the final package pending, please keep the pressure on your Representative and Senators by calling them today!

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Apparently, some people are regretting the Brexit and would like another vote to take place as soon as possible to correct their vote.

While organizing the referendum and the highly appreciated debate staged at the time, something rare today, it was specified black in white that the next referendum upon the subject would be 10 years later. Be or not be, by the way, for nobody knows what the UK will be 10 years from now.

The lack of clarity on the EU project, coupled with the fate of the eurozone, speeding as a damned train to nobody knows where, have frightened the european people and derailed the EU project.

The eurozone is ill. This illness is behind the downfall of the EU as a place for the future.

In one word the eurozone have failed the EU project, making a mockery of this Great idea.

Naturally, some people are regretting the time when they could travel without a visa. Now, they need one.

The 2008 financial crisis and the war in Lybia are the principal causes of the Brexit. The flow of immigrants or refugees at a time when people were struggling to get their heads out of the waters was too much to handle and to carry on.

Who are the responsible for the 2008 financial crisis and for the war in Lybia ? The UK is one of the pack’s members responsible for the double disaster. The Brexit is a Boomerang. A deservedly fire back.

Don’t regret. Move forward confidently, this is the best thing that could have happened to the Kingdom.

Take a look at those two latest events

Number one. Venezuela is experimenting an electronic form of money. The eurozone is all about immaterial – non facial – money. So why not have a try ?

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Number two.  Bright future…

Good News: Young Americans Want a New Political Party

Political partis are the craddle of our Establishment. Their mismanagement and deep negligences would have cost them Big, during the 1789 Revolution. Two centuries after those revolutions in America, in England and in France, we desperatly find our destinies shaped like they were during pre-revolutionnary ages. The World have fought two World wars, only to discover we have made a dramatic U-turn to the Future.

Those are crazy times. But we have those youths on the air, and those are times, at last, may be, the establishment is starting really listening at them, instead of manipulating them with fake promises and full time entertainment, including social medias.

The establishment is discovering Young people’s aspirations. But this can also be a FRAUDULENT maneuver – another youth instrumentalisation –  to disqualify the Republicans and President Trump excellent Job – sending them into the darkness alongside with the democrats.

So it may well be a good fake news or a good news out of fake intentions, meaning a self-fulfilling prophecy. This third parti is needed as a second leg for the democrats. Here in France, en Marche was that third party the Young were dying for, calling for, dreaming at and their dream came true.

En Marche was the democratic parti dying substitute. No more no less. A double.

The democratic party staff joined hands with En Marche. So did the fake medias. The youth is a captive audience, running for Democrats.

There is a lot of confusion going on there. As the democrats have settled themselves Progressives, they have pre-empted the future, discursively. Democrats look  and are describing themselves as so futurist, so fashionable and so diverse, while painting the Republicans as conservatives. Lazy conservatives, racist bigots and so on.  Naturally the painting is groundless.

May be a third party is a MUST DO. I can’t tell. Who knows ?

What is sure and due HERE and NOW is:





GO !


The Supreme Court is giving a green light to travel restrictions.

Trump Pence Make America Great Again

President Trump just had a major victory over the globalist Left.

The Supreme Court is ALLOWING the President’s executive order restricting travel from countries compromised by terrorism to go into full effecthanding our sovereignty back to the United States of America.

This huge victory for the American people is all thanks to YOU — the supporters who ELECTED President Trump and ensured Justice Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

We’re on a winning streak, Elise, and we need you to help us keep winning. Contribute now to help us keep fighting the Left as we MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!

This massive victory for American security comes just after President Trump boldly withdrew our country from the U.N.’s dangerous, irresponsible Global Compact on Migration – undoing yet another one of Obama’s decisions to surrender our borders to globalist powerbrokers.

But with President Trump at the helm, America is taking back control of our own borders. We are putting America FIRST.

Contribute now to help us keep obliterating the destructive liberal agenda.

Thank you and MAGA,

Team TRUMP –