The Trans-Pacific Partnership. He who fails Democracy or try to sword it will in turn be sworded by Democracy.

Previously we mentionned this :

He who fails Democracy or try to sword it will in turn be sworded by Democracy.

Will the TPP survive the yesterday Republicans vote and Democrats turn around ?

CNN : « In a stunning defeat for the White House, the House of Representatives voted down a measure that would create an assistance program for workers displaced by free trade agreements.

This measure’s passage was required before lawmakers could vote on trade promotion authority, and the move throws President Obama’s proposed trade deal with Asia into jeopardy.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said she would vote against key elements of the President’s trade agenda, issuing a fatal blow just moments before voting began ».

Sometimes ago, I mentionned that a try is always worthy. Why not try ?

Afterwards, I signed the petition asking to – at least – issue the TPP 300 pages (correct me if I’m not correct here), to the citizens.  The petition was calling « the people ought the right to know ». I signed it for time of debate is never lost.

Again, a small win of time can end up into a big loss. 

It is never too late to amend and to respect either the timing and democratic principles.

The EU has been doing what was rejected yesterday by the House, trying to escape both public debate and opinion concerning the institutional building of the european body. Flawed-designed, the european union is now rejected by the majority of europeans people accross membership members and borders for misruling and fooled guidances.

He who fails Democracy or try to sword it will in turn be sworded by Democracy.

Politics is Economy. Politics are maths. You need to respect some theorems meaning some principles working like equations to resolve. The secret of this art resides in the handling and the introduction of news variables complicating the resolution of the Equation revisited by the times.

For instance, previously, I underlined the radicalisation of people unwilling to go slaves, particularly in those times of record wealth in the History of Humanity. It is not a Manichaen view categorising people into the « revolutionnaries » versus « the cowards or the neo-cons. » – those neo-cons ranging from larbins, corrupts, ignorants to rats: the super cynicals and criminals part of them.


What is it then, if not Manichaeism ? Anybody going incorrect or trying to criticise or oppose the cloning institutions holding all the decisional power and processes into their hands is invariably stamped « radical ». The System does not tolerate any divergence viewed like utterly insolence. Unbearable crime of lèse-majesté, because our institutions have turned out Royalistic than Queens, Kings and Their Kingdoms united.

Now, for the TPP yesterday vote, who is « radical » and who is « the neo-cons. » ? You may be surprise in  trying to categorise the Houses Representatives. The categorisation runs over the partisan lines. This can be helpful to Bernie Sanders dealing with the interrogation of the medias over the « radicalisation of a branch of his potential electorate ». The equation is more sophisticated. After all, neo-cons can volte-face.

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