« The US Government has a long and shameful history of censoring speech »: Ron Paul Institute.

Finally, we are coming to the point : censorship and gagging. Isn’t it this Louis Armstrong Wonderful World or Tocqueville admiration for the US democracy ? What a decay !

« Efforts to silence government critics may have increased in recent years; however, the sad fact is the US Government has a long and shameful history of censoring speech. It is not surprising that war and national security have served as convenient excuses to limit political speech. So-called liberal presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt both supported wartime crackdowns on free speech.

Today, many neoconservatives are using the war on terror to justify crackdowns on free speech, increased surveillance of unpopular religious groups like Muslims, and increased government control of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Some critics of US foreign policy have even been forbidden to enter the country » (Ron Paul Institute).

Ron Paul: Loretta Lynch And US Government’s War On Free Speech – OpEd

Echoing this is the following analysis over the unifying role of religion as a cement of a healthy and wealthy society.

Religion is necessary to a healthy political community

« In forgetting religion’s role as a public institution, we also have lost contact with an old and venerable tradition of political philosophy. Even the great non-theological thinkers in the history of Western political thought—those who considered religion not from the standpoint of the religious teacher concerned with the salvation of souls but from the perspective of the statesman concerned with protecting the common good—tell us that religion is necessary to a healthy political community. This is the teaching of the classical founders of that tradition, such as Plato and Aristotle. It is also the teaching of modern figures such as Edmund Burke and John Locke, who emphasized that free government could not be maintained in the absence of religion ».

Tocqueville On Christianity And American Democracy – Analysis

« Individualism and the Danger of Democratic Despotism

Democracy in America warns of another grave threat to freedom that arises in democratic times: the danger of democratic despotism. Here the peril is not that the majority will abuse its power in order to violate the rights of the minority. It is rather that the people as a whole will surrender their right to govern themselves, handing themselves over to the rule—perhaps benevolent, but perhaps not—of an all-powerful government directed by one man or perhaps a small elite. »

Here is the bottom line. « Political philosophy » is not for every so-called journalist to comprehend. It is even out of reach for the dustbin people mag such as Hello giggle, pretending to portray holy thighs – really tasteless and unatractive for big uglyness and flabby, and you are told « people are loosing their minds for this skeleton » ? Yes, it is either voyeurism and basic instincts every child can afford or something higher, civilised, « political philosophy ». Easy and stinking money have turned the society upside down. The mediocres are  now something as « journalists », « sociopathes » ; porn is now the ultimate stage of glory and celebrity. Nakedness is the moon and the press is a bunch of presstitudes – women and men alike. Thanks to gay marriage celebration upgraded to civil rights and freedoms, above free speech and above religion beliefs.

You’ll never find something approaching a slave or a pisspot as our so-called elites today ; the financial, political and mediatic alike roaming like stray dogs.

Let me explain this to you plain. Watch the legs of the girl on the picture bellow – « long » for small balls looking for a fragile teen to rape or to dominate sexually ; rapists are  small balls and mediocres I told you –

Capture Shit gigglesCapture Hello giggles

Those legs are reflecting the position of those of my father, shot by my brother, just after he passed away. This was a consequence of his illness. A heart-attack. You don’t know the system of the voyeurists and morbids. I know you do. First of all, by doing so, their objective is to oblige me to show the corpse of my father. So that I will be doing the job for them, now that they are not authorize to publish others families corpses lying in the mortuary. This is first. Rats are rats and it was vital for them – the so-called journalists and press people – to rush in Yaoundé (Cameroun) or to pay someone inside the hospital to do the job or, simple, to hack my brother phone and sisters equally to get to the corpse of my father. I told you about this collective morbidity of those  « 1% bastards » running free, with the Silicon Valley of Death benediction.

First, I’m proud to see that rats can not breathe without tracking me and my family and without searching who my father was. Those are my pisspot, my  slaves, my obligees. Dogs of mine. Rats and their outlets are spittoons. Period.

Rats are cowards. And for that reason, they have and need to act either collectively with masks and masquerades or to corrupt poor-minded people to take on their vampirisim the worldwide. Alternatively, they have organised into clandestines – their tool is global plagiarism and plagiarists wandering here and there to take stuff from the authors and poets so as to raise themselves to the statute ; just by spoliation an sniffing. A real misery.

After blocking the road to Palestine for the Foreign South African Minister, Indian Minister was bared yesterday to visit the Palestinians. Rats are gatekeepers of Hell in the World.

Hello giggle, could only be the place to publish this picture. « Hello », you remember the story? Check here.

I don’t even know who those stray dogs are. First. And I don’t want to know about their personal lives. Their professional life is empty and, as such, not interesting, except for Yahoo’s smugglars. What is going to happen, should the US Justice stand still watching criminals keeping silent before members of Congress, with contempt for them – this is what happens when a lawmaker panel is corrupt ; the entire system worth zero and people like Hillary and her aides, well-informed of this Congress members corruption, will just show up to spit on this masquerade. How can they respect this Institution and the Justice System also corrupt by the rats ? No way.

You are a rat or a bunch of them when your entire life is devoted to violating personal lives for robberies, cheatings, threats, souls huntings and destructions. You are a rat when your activities are caused to anxiety, stress, anger, harassment with a clear intention to harm, destroy, soul-eating and in the end discouraging opponents voices and action by exhaustion. Soul-eating generates three factors : lost of energy, passion and creativity. It generates despair, skepticism and resignation. Call it immobility. Rats are the great forces of immobility.

All this without walking in plain light, with no face, but using pictures to attack by insinuations only the person attack can decode, by doing so from all fronts (cars, homes, murtuary, friends, families, every step on the ways, you post a sentinel to spy on) … You are a rat and a nothingness when to debate, you need to search into personal lives to weaken a contender you can’t overcome in a regular debate or confrontation. May I say Speech ?

Rats are incult and uncivilised. Ugly, rapists and insane. They represent the ultimate stage of dirtiness on Earth. Easy to spot, even hiding in the mud. Dustbins are natural habitacles for the rats. Rats and their heavy odor are twins. You see one, you have seen the other. Just after posting this higly informative piece of education ; I walked to Casino, the mall at Villefontaine for not more than 30mn. Back home, on my bed, a part of an old riven check thrown in the dustbin was laying on my bed inside my bedroom. I told you about rapists but too weak to show up right away. In french, you’ll say, « ils rasent les murs ».

 Step by step, I will provide you with a collection of their methods, to threaten  and scare people of my standing, too high for them to copy, match up with or dominate, even with rats leaving around my flat and dying to live in it, may be some excellence is contagious or the thirst of rare blood is a curse for them, something they can’t resist. Miserable worms. I have very bad news for them : this is going to be a deadlock for them. The perfect crime doesn’t exist. Lesson from Hitchcock.

At a certain point, we the people, are going to ask for that Justice, by our own. Simple. From time to time, I’m going and I encourage YOU to do so – each time you hold an incontrovertible proof of this – to denunce the imposters or to spot them and track them – in their homes, offices, cars, families and corpses. You can ignore some desperate prostitutes and useless parrots, those dummies, manekins in the window, looking like woman or man made in cartoon paste to fit any dress. Let them eat something.

It is going to be tit for tat.

Hack their phones, emails, installed mics and cameras, everywhere inside their homes, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, inside their cars, track them outside, whereever, whenever, because this is what I’m enduring since I have been writing for you to catch up with the insanities of the World so as to vote on purpose. This is the only way to  track and extract the vermon roaming around our lives, while the corrupt Justice and Homeland security will maintain people and families exposure to the « 1% bastards » carbonic gaz.

Tracking and harrasment is the new normal. Thanks to Obama’s government of lazy and easy cooperative parades, leaving people to fend for their own security and private protection. Who is going to protect our privacy and private life exposed to the bandits and to the rats ? Look, since I went back from Cameroon, here in a lost village named « Villefontaine », the peasants of Villefontaine and secret agents are up. Now it is my car which is tracked. I first noticed it with the clock wrongly set in the car. This was done in purpose to tell me I received a visit from the rats. So far, their visits were limited inside my home, not in my car.

But, you know what, as Hillary is drowning, so have their presence become invasive. The thing is now they are going to follow my conversations inside my car, those inside my home are no longer sufficient. They need to make a compilation of my phone calls, emails, writings and friends conversations, whenever wherever. Those are the Hillary’s  system and methods of winning. I wish her to endure something approaching and the sooner, the better. She just needs to wait for the hitback. Anytime. It will not be from me. Hurting people for ill reasons can not go unpunished. A law by nature.

Now, how is it my car can be violated or vandalised on parkings car zones guarded by cities cameras ? If we can’t spot this evident vandalism, how can we pretend to fight gun violence, with such permissivity for the rats and voluntarly blindness of public cameras organized by the same gangs ?

Surprisingly, the cams in the malls never turn blind and are cooperating underground. Another violation of privacy and rules of competition. Malls can exchange  their cams record or sell them to journalists and the dust bin people shit of papers  and to commercials aired on TV and elsewhere. Amazing.

Where is order ? Experiencing their methods directly has opened my eyes to the hidden criminality and toxic effects of this on the creators, innovators silenced and threatened on a daily basis to stop what they are doing.

Imposters need to protect themselves from them. Where do you go from there ?


Silencing creative people and truly inspired people by copy cats formula is a benchmark of the rats. See this one : after writing « I agree  a hundred per cent plus » with the message stating 1% bastards can not go on leading the 99% of the World (read our previous post), then you got the HP inspired by my formula and trying to pretend to reach the stage of poet – by plagiarism – writing this : « there is more than a 99% chance for … to ». Etc…

« There is more than » and the « 99% », just after my post. Yes, you can retaliate into a debate, but not by using others texts and words and manipulating them to your rat’s advantage. Those are bastard methods and mediocrity at his best. May I say pollution ? You get it right.

What you should know is the underground world where the financial, political and mediatic elite are meeting, beneath the surface to piss on you, cover themselves to organise criminality. Those are the men and women who are going to write some so-called news for you, resorting to the depravated Murdoch-school of high piracy and immoral methods. The presstitude, tax havens, drugs, devotions, destructions are a system of death.

See what had happened to Trump’s rallyes recently. Organised disturbancies for Hillary to capitalize on. Mr. Trump, Bernie Sanders supporters are not in this. Hillary’s friends –  namely the medias have organized this to bring you down, as it is clear, you have overcomed the morbid and coward’s prostitute system. It is like an elephant about to fall down :many branches will fall, but in the end, the beast is going to die. Those crooks and elections hijackers know no limits.

Entire careers of so-called successful women and men were built on the back of so many poverty, ill-people unable to have medical care, people dying in mass, hunger around the World, this is the Sin of the World, its Plague. And you, the American people, can not let this be anymore.

Enough is enough and bring that beach down. Hello Ferguson ! Remember Michael Brown and take action. Not only Ferguson, but America. It is now or never.

Vote for real lawmakers and for an Effective President, not the stooges and the lackeys. Bernie Sanders or Mr. Trump are the best choices. The fierce opposition from the establishment is a sign those are Great presidents to be.

It comes down to this simple choice : the deadly status quo we are all in, worldwide or a New Beginning.

Silicon Valley Myth : from the promise land to Hell. Where is the original Freedom promise ?


« As you go, we go » : Jeff Weaver, Bernie 2016.


Oregon’s mass shootings bear the signature of the hidden persuaders factories.


Sisters and Brothers –

When we started our campaign, the political establishment and corporate media in this country wrote us off in large part because we declined to start a super PAC. They said we would never have a chance because I wasn’t going to go around the country begging millionaires and billionaires for money.

But what we have proved is that a campaign that relies on millions of working Americans volunteering and giving small amounts of money can win, even against an « inevitable candidate. »

As far as we’ve come, tomorrow night is probably the single most important day of the campaign so far. That’s why we’ve set a goal of reaching 150,000 individual contributions from yesterday morning to midnight tonight. If we can reach it, we’ll have what we need to win. That’s why I have to ask directly:

Can I count on you to make a $3 contribution before our midnight deadline? Reaching our goal could be the difference between victory and defeat in the Democratic primary.

We are at a moment of truth on this campaign, and as a nation. We need to face up to the reality that the same old establishment ideas will no longer be enough. I believe America is ready for a new path to the future. And tomorrow night’s results will go a long way toward determining if we’ll get that chance.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


The peril is not that the majority will abuse its power in order to violate the rights of the minority. It is rather that the people as a whole will surrender their right to govern themselves, handing themselves over to the rule—perhaps benevolent, but perhaps not—of an all-powerful government directed by one man or perhaps a small elite. Tocqueville On Christianity And American Democracy – Analysis


Sisters and Brothers –

Let me tell you, Bernie is going after every. last. vote. today. Before midnight, he’ll hold five rallies in four of the states with a primary tomorrow: Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois.

He’s working so hard because we are so damn close. This morning, a fresh wave of polls came out showing Bernie leading or within the margin of error in three of those states. And in the fourth, we’re well within the margin of some of Michigan’s polling in the final days.

Bernie’s doing everything he can today, and that’s why he’s asking you to do the same. He doesn’t go around asking millionaires for money – our campaign is funded by emails like this. So we have to ask:

Can Bernie count on you to make a $3 contribution before midnight tonight? We’re almost at our goal of 150,000 contributions before our midnight deadline. Put us over the top.

After tomorrow night, the map shifts dramatically in our favor. And I mean dramatically. If we can do well tomorrow night, we’re going to win. Those are the stakes. And that’s why hitting our goal is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


I believe America is ready for a new path to the future. And tomorrow night’s results will go a long way toward determining if we’ll get that chance. (Bernie Sanders).