The Western-backed Puppet’s Opposition. Dirty EU-US Business In Ukrainia.

For at least two days now and even before, Ukrainian President has been calling Members of the Opposition and the Civil society to sit around the table for a dialogue. Three days after, nobody  showed up : they are busy fueling  fire at barricades with oil.

Asked today by CNN, how is it they didn’t show up at the negociation’s table with the President, the  leader of the Opposition, Yatzenyuk, who is instead busy speaking with the EU-US representants, treacherously answered « they were not trusting the President« . He added to the President’s intention that such a meeting is preconditionned to three non negociable points :

Number one. An agreement to join the EU.

Number two. No turning back to the Soviet Union style like.

Number three. Ukrainia should deal with the IMF, the EU and other Financial institutions ready to help its economy.

« Yes Sir » shall we say. If this is a negociation, then I’m Queen Elisabeth. Either the leader of the Ukrainian Opposition is a bandit, either he is a total opportunist in politics. In both cases, he is backed by the shameful move of the US and the EU.

Why is the West meddling in Ukrainian businesses, the French paper le Point is judiciously asking in a well argumented and documented article. Read here. The subtitle is even more precise : American and European leaders are out there in strenght with many appearances alongside demonstrators staging at the Independence Square. Is this Solidarity or Intrusion ? 

Fatal Intrusion of course.

I can not help recalling the yesterday Obama’s speech in South Africa calling for Human Rights respect. Even more so, we have heard all this week long, the idea that Mandela’s lesson – one of the many – was you can’t build anything with vengeance. Democracy is the way for peace.

The day after, Secretary Kerry and his deputy along with the EU Foreign Minister, Baronness Ashton are stepping in Ukrainian business to lecture the President Yanukovych how to deal with demonstrators, threatening the Nation with sanctions.

Imperialism is back fiercefully and agressively. The EU in shambles, doesn’t want a strong Russia next door. Losing ground and attractiveness and competitivity to Asian nations, the US and the EU are  trying to kill the Big Russia back on the World Stage. Those are nations lecturing the World about respect of freedoms, self-determination, free trade, fair competition, respect of democratic elections’ outcome – caught in plain violation of all what they are talking about but never respect otherwise.

Since 2009, Ukrainia is looking for money to straighten its economy. The financial institutions the leader of Ukrainian opposition is talking about were not available or listening. They turned a blind eye. Now that Ukrainia is considering close ties with Russia, the IMF, the bankrupt EU are putting a huge amount of money on the table. All of the sudden.

Opposition is playing the Western puppet’s game with perfection.

First. Exploiting the window of opportunity the nastiest way possible to prompt devilish responses from « the international community ».

Second. In doing so, create a huge instability advocating Human Rights.

Third. Ask for the resignation of the government.

Four. Force their way through illegally counting on the US-EU support.

The leader of the Opposition called it being Independent. Only blind and deafs can cope with this. The Opposition mean game is cyrstal clear : they have sold their souls to the Devil : named it International Corruption. Corrupt before even coming into power.

This is not the first time Ukrainian is caught in the middle of terrorist geopolitics poor strategies. In 2004, the Orange Revolution of Julia Tymoschenko went successful thanks to the US backed farce staging in plain sight. Years later on, Tymoschenko was found guilty of corruption. She has got no chance : once you enter the role of pawn in politics, betraying your country for foreign interests, you are signing up with Faust. Damned you’ll finish.

Tymoschenko is jailed right now. Perhaps, the Opposition is going to call for her liberation to set another fire in flames.

Meddling into Ukrainian business is an attempt for America to take revenge on Russia for the Snowden Case and for the Syrian aborted military campaign where again and again the US and its European allies have mounted the rebellion, from the very beginning, to topple Assad, setting the country in fire and in a catastrophic humanitarian situation. The damages are huge. The same method was used  in Africa with corrupt so-called Opposition and armed to instigate and conduct civil wars or coups : Lybia being the latest monstruosity on the range.

No revenge ? What is America doing right now in Ukrainia if not a revenge ?

By the way, Russia is righteously asking Iran be part of the Geneva II negociations concerning Syria and is proposing to take on the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal, some of which has been sold to Syria by…UK, an US’s allies.

We have long crossed the sickening state of mind. Especially when some commentators in Pretoria, were South Africans are lining up to see the corpse of their Liberator, are praising « diversity » in South Africa as a Mandela’s heroic achievement. What a discovery !

Chavez did  1000% more in Venezuela and the praisers were mute.  I’ve told you the sickening state is far over behind us. Time is to listening dangerously and open our eyes furiously – to paraphrase Aimé Césaire – to dismantle Dirty businesses wherever, whenever. 

Good luck to Ukrainia. Really. Joining the EU is an emprisonment. No independency is to be expected from that doomed Union not « Big enough not to Fail ».

But Imperialism is back. Fast and Furious.

Previously, we wrote this :

When Chavez died, all those leaders were mute and indifferent. The distortion between those two Statesmen global appreciation, when it comes to outpouring of praise or of disdain, speaks for itself. It tells one thing : either you are a perfect corrupt puppet sacrifying your people for the benefit of Western and Financial powers and you are one of theirs to applaude ; either you are a pure defender of the interests of your people first,  and your reputation is done.

In a sense, Ukrainian president is facing this kind of situation. Realism is for Ukraine to stay closer to Russia, whatever the past had been. Russian economic forecastings are far better than the EU. Even the social environment and the situation of employment best the EU.  Ukrainians are looking to the EU throught the lens of mediatic propaganda and those of the past. The reality of Romanians for instance is not that secured.

Before jumping into the EU, Ukrainians should think twice. They have started toppling Lenine’s statue. It reminds me of Irak toppling Saddam’s statue. What is the reality today in Iraq ? The country was better off under Saddam and prospering. The same for Lybia :the nation was united, strong, rich and stable. Look what is Lybia today ? A desolation. Look Egypt, Tunisia struggling to regain peace and stability. Ukrainians is not facing any war. I’m afraid people over there are under the Opposition’s influence playing politics first.

The World has changed. What was true yesterday for Russia is no longer operating. Russia is moving on the right direction and it is moving strong and on sustainable grounds and pace. Realism and prospective for a leader foreseing Ukrainian future commands to chose Russia over the EU. Now, it is up to the people to decide their fate. I’m really afraid Ukrainians are misleading themselves. Culturally and historically, their ties to Russia are closer than with the EU. Unfortunately, they also are victims of some propaganda announcing the promise land. The touchdown could be really deceptive. Ask people of the EU what they think about the euro. The currency has deepened poverty and widened it along with unemployment : this was not the promise sold through a huge campaign of propaganda.

Ukrainians are able to change their minds turning themselves as actors of Human Rights progress in Russia, for their mutual interest. Instead of luring at some deadlock place already framed out, where they could end up finding themselves in a jail, unable to unlock the heavy iron gate to come back, they can roll on their sleeves and hit the road of change from Ukrainia to Russia. A challenging choice indeed. Something worthy to try in the first place. They are to ones to decide.

We even suggested to sort this eventually by a referendum.

>>> We recommend « Why is the West meddling in Ukrainian businesses » in the French paper le Point.