Thorns of the rose. Neither Trump Nor Clinton. White House Dead-end.

2016 Derailment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m delighted that, after the post « 2016. TRIUMPH’ OF GOOGLE/HILLARY CONNECTION. FOR HOW LONG ?« , to read this post « Neither Trump Nor Clinton – Libertarians offer a third choice » at the

In Arafat's memory. A man bigger than Himself. A fighter.
In Arafat’s memory. A man bigger than Himself. A fighter. World Class Pictures.

I also feel relieved to know that the Green Party has a nominee, Jill Ellen Stein, whose statement concerning nations committing crimes against humanity is a symbol of high morality. « The Stein campaign called for “ending military and economic support for the Israeli government while it is committing war crimes and defying international law.”Jill Ellen Stein, the Green Party’s Nominee BDS statement.

Times ago, I wrote here that « if not Sanders, then Mr. Trump ». I meant what I said. But Mr. Trump has failed the test of courage and forthcoming, any leadership requires, when he brushed off the debate with Sanders. Debating is the core of our democracy and progress. Debate is a fight of ideas and values. We still don’t know precisely the values of Mr. Trump, when it comes to sociality.

Trump reminds me the ‘chi-ar-scuro’ art of painting.

As for Mr. Sanders, I’m a supporter from  day one and I will stand by him as long as he is standing ; meaning forever. We don’t belong to the shark’s species or Judas’ descendance. But, I don’t want to be a cause of any stress or harm to him, inside the democratic party, or a case of any embarassment. That is why I warned you not to put the blame of my writings on him, but on me, if you consider my writing something to blame.

Now, if you are or agree with me, then, for sure, you are a truly Sandersist.

I’m one. I’ll remain one. I always keep my words until being betrayed. Sanders didn’t betrayed me. So do I not making a junction with the third zone, the third choice, in the word of the

There is no fatality for us to be constrained by the two-party system. This is another important issue, if we want change. We must open the political field. A political revolution is a personal, collective and institutional emancipation. Think about it.

America is Home for me, just like France and Africa. But, when you speak for or of America, you speak for something bigger than America, you are dealing with the World and when you are worldwide, the entire humanity is concerned.

I’m telling this to you, because, from times to times, we need to know where each of us stands inside and outside.

If not Sanders, who then ? This perverted 2016 primary session counts for zero.

The hawkish inevitable candidate called you and me ‘thin-skinned’, while trickering on our backyards. Ah ah ah. She is Hard-skinned, kind of a Ninja tortoise, invincible due to past, present and future high criminality. You know what « He who kills by sword will perish by sword ». Time will tell.

This is a gracious woman, for sure. Grace of malice. Teeth of blood.

That you win an election is not the issue, or lose it. The issue is art and manner.


But, there are thorns of the rose wandering.

….. I’ve promised a story to you, the title is ‘White House Dead End’. It is a personal and internationally institutionalized scenario over littleness in politics, from the WH to two dead-ends places in France at Villefontaine and Boussieu (Bourgoin city’s ends). You’ll laugh at it. In french, Boue = mud. You pronounce it as Boo contains in Boussieu.  A special animal was floating on la Seine floodings inside Paris. The same animal who brought the Plague. History always repeats itself.


Dear Bernie, Don’t Give Up, Run As A Green! – CONNECT WITH JILL ELLEN STEIN OpEd – EurasiaReview


Dave Lindorff
Dave Lindorff is a Philadelphia-based journalist and columnist. He is a founding member of ThisCantBeHappening!, an online newspaper collective. Lindorff is a contributor to « Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion » (AK Press) and the author of “The Case for Impeachment” (St. Martin’s Press). He can be reached at
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12 juin – Flash sur le monde, par Elise: Ni Trump, ni Hillary, mais y a-t-il un 3ème choix? (13 min.)
Les primaires américaines se terminent en casse-tête ou en tête à queue. Trump n’a pas le soutien des Républicains, et arithmétiquement qualifiée, Hillary n’a pas d’autorité morale. Amateurisme et va-t-en-guerre, deux dangers potentiels. Que fera Sanders, au lendemain de la convention de Philadelphie où les 716 Superdélégués non élus et tant contestés pèseront de tout leur poids sur le choix du candidat de l’establishment? Plus que la victoire programmée et organisée de Hillary, ce qui se passe autour et en périphérie de cette élection sera au centre des prochains mois. Mais y-a-t-il un troisième choix ? Les libéraux ? Les Verts emmenés par Mme Jill Ellen Stein ?
I am adding : A moins que Sanders et les Verts forment une coalition innovante et intelligente ? La Révolution Politique doit s’incarner DANS une figure : LE REVOLUTIONNAIRE. Sanders est FACE à son Destin Personnel. Soit, il la joue de manière conventionnelle ; soit il porte son message à son point culminant par la TRANSFIGURATION POLITIQUE DE SA PROPRE PERSONNE.
Bernie Sanders’ answer : la conventionnelle. Lire en fin d’article.

What to say about this enormous oped from Dave Lindorff, a Philadelphia based energizer, calling for Bernie to run as Green?

Our future is GREEN or won’t be.

A political revolution is a personal, collective and institutional emancipation. Think about it.


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

In just three days, we will be competing in the Washington, D.C. primary. This is the last primary of the Democratic nominating process and we are fighting hard for every last vote until the polls close on Tuesday night.

From there, we will take our issues to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia next month.

But no matter what happens, the truth is that no president, not Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, not the greatest president you can possibly imagine can address the enormous problems facing the working families of our country by him or herself. That is the truth, and that is why we need a grassroots political movement in this country: a political revolution.

And that political revolution must work to elect candidates up and down the ballot, including members of Congress who are willing to stand up to corporate America and Wall Street. That’s why I am endorsing two progressives who have done that work throughout their careers: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Congressman Rick Nolan.

Split a $2.70 contribution between our campaign and these two great progressive members of Congress and we will have the resources to continue our political revolution while providing critical support to the kind of leaders we need in Congress.

Congressman Rick Nolan (Minnesota) represents one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country. Normally when that happens, the elected official moves to the “right” to protect their seat. Not Rick. His election is a great opportunity to prove one can serve as a progressive and still win a difficult race.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (Ohio) is a leading voice to adopt fair trade policies which not only raise wages in this country, but lift living standards throughout the world. She has been fighting for a fair trade policy from the day she came to Congress.

I know that if you stand with them, as we have stood together throughout this campaign, we are almost certainly going to transform the Democratic Party, and we are going to transform this country.

Split a $2.70 contribution between our campaign and these two great progressive members of Congress and we will have the resources to continue our political revolution while providing critical support to the kind of leaders we need in Congress.

From the very beginning, our campaign has been about building a movement which brings working people and young people together to create a government that represents all of us, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors.

Supporting Rick Nolan and Marcy Kaptur is an important extension of that work.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders