To be or not to be. Obama’s Legacy to take on or not. 2016.


Obama had become both a master of military defeats and financial swindles.

When you go in the polls stations, it is essential for you to have the whole cards into your hands, not the hidden persuasion displayed with frantical laughs on the false mirrors staging here and there.

Vote like an adult. Here are the clues and the keys to move forward like a Man not a Pawn.

Here is the Obama’s Legacy Worldwide.

I will not comment it as for now, so as to let the whole room to your Freedom and Respect.

Evidences of the untold, unspoken, and forbidden debate. Without surprise.

It doesn’t mean something has not been done by this administration. But, compared to the promise, it looks like many things have moved forward but the whole picture has remained the same.

Was the President a Paint from, let’s say Malevitch ?

Love you Mr. President. You did my best days.

I was once lost, but now I see.

Closer, a french magazine, posing as a rat inside my bathroom and many many Obama’s miniatures catting my Home, day and night are on their business-as-usual. Without surprise. The moment you’ll hear that a black man or woman have come that low to enter a white rat’s home, it will be the end of the World, eventhough some black puppets, corrupt to the bones, can join the band of those worms. Some because of money, others looking for a so-called fame.

Capture Eva Longoria 2
The hidden message sent to me is Eva Longoria. I took a pot of hair dyer yesterday where Eva is pictured on. The pot is coming from Africa. I did it in my bathroom. This is not the first time a pot of cream is the content of an article selected by Yahoo ; whether it is Yahoo who is ordering it or the water closet paper – people  – the process of rats signaling their presence is more of the same. Come on, my friend, when you consider yourself supremacist and the most beautiful of the World, taking inspiration on me, the black woman, it is a sign of weakness and it tells « you are bowing down » in uglyness. There are two kinds of people in the World: those living horizontally and Real Men standing vertically.

Black people are beautiful and people of dignity. Not rats. Of course, from time to time, a rats magazine – a populace – will bring a black woman out to say she hates her skin she considers as definitely not beautiful.

Capture celebrity 1
When it is not Yahoo in France it is Watch the blonde color and my picture of the previous post. Paste and copy. At least try to pastiche it. Sisters and Brothers, where is the white female problem with skin bleaching of black women ? Are they thinking their opinion is of any value ? Lol. A pity. Black women don’t care about the cream or make up of white females. It is their own problem. But, I will tell you more of this, particularly how it evolves into a muddy business of rats. Please, while we are in, who are the adept of Plastic surgery ? Who can’t live without it ? Come on. The entire class of presstitutes are all fake and rebuilt upside down. Look, the only way they can debate is to try to dismiss you using two channels : one is a derivation to privacy and the body – you recognize atheism here and animality – White females consider themselves as prostitutes first of all. Sexual material. That is why every woman is a bitch. Porn and ladies are parked in the same ice-bucket. The second derivative way is « paste and copy ». I’ve called it « repeat after me to try to debate ». All in all those are zeros. Atheism is the contrary of faith. A beleiver knows that each body is the Temple of God, as we were all created at His Image. So there is a limit. But gay temples as the medias depravated tools can’t get it. Their spirituality is empty and without spirituality, you can’t go that far. You are limited to your primary and basic instincts : Eros and Thanatos. Sodome and Gomorhe or Freud analysis presiding on Mr Hyde’s fate.



Those pictures are from last year.

I suppose you are now able to do some semiology. Compare those pictures with the one above. This is what the medias have become today, a bunch of thieves, homes spoilers, …gangs of rapists suffering from a profound complex of inferiority. Once they have set the cams and stolen your passwords, the purpose is to enter your websites and try to copy your pictures first, then they send them back to you, hiding behind their Master of Gang, Yahoo and sometimes Google to threaten you. And they are walking free. I’ve some bad news for them, the game is for them to loose. When you can  not debate, walk away in defiance sending low blows or shift it to physical appearances where only one law applies : prostitution or flatitude as the norm. Indeed. Alternatively, jump on praising the family – while being and promoting homosexuality and gay marriage. Then backtrack to what you were despising times ago: traditional marriage and women the size of Jane Sanders or old the kind of Hillary – me alike. When I started getting heard, despite the huge hurdles laid all along my way, the entire press and its diluted form dubbed press people, came out like one man, criticising me as fat and old and poor and black and ugly. Oh oh. Thereafter, they started to  copy nearly everything I was writing just like thatn shamelessly; in fact they played cannibalism, but they couldn’t eat me ; I was too big an animal for their small equipments. And, today, I’m the Reference to compare one’s self onto. It can take the form of insults, vulgar language or photos, pastiches, etc.. The system of medias is poor. This will not be consequential if this horror wasn’t reflecting the Hidden system that has sucked out our liberties and freedoms of creativity. In fact the Hidden system is based on either slavery or mass murders.

That a thief can hide inside my home to spy on me and thereafter criticise me on whatsoever, claiming he is not jealous or not interested in me can make you hold your hands up into cheers. Why are you spying if you are not interested ? I’m a Queen by comparison. I’m Nefertiti. And what are they please ? A bunch of keyholes. This is it. Good for nothing except poisoning our oxygen and eating either our flesh or our souls : cannibals. The medias are cannibals and animals without balls. An unidentified specie. A monstruosity.

They can go out and take Sanders on. After the horrifying campaign against Mr. Sanders, this will be a pinprick.

Going further with the analysis of the so-called perfect body, it is all about drugs unavowed business – see the fashion universe – plastic surgery promotion – miss universe, presstitudes and so forth – diets and sports businesses.

Genetically – but the food can reverse the tide such as in America ; food and culture – genetically, whites and blacks are different. Black people have muscles. So are their women. White women have less muscles, that is why they may look tiny compared to black powerful girls.

Talking about weight and pounds, it makes no sense blacks people can be medically aligned to whites on the weighing machine. The weight of the bones and the muscles is a huge difference.


I remember a londonien « expert » describing black women as closer to the prehistoric woman. Meaning that the white woman is the upper stage, compared to that primitive stage. OK. How do you describe those inflated lips, butts and bobs. To look like who please ? Come on. As we are naming things, white women need sports to compensate the lack of muscles that make them flat and wet. To hide this, the shooting  is there to portray a sublime creature or make-up indeed. But the sublimation doesn’t cross the real test of love. You have to touch the body – isn’t it Mariah Carey – And when you touch the flat as or the extreme tiny but, there is a problem for real men.

Let’s be Kasich here, gay people are not all born like this ; white racist men are missing something in their bed to stay in. Women on auction and promotion in the medias or in other supremacist tools are less tasty than men with muscles to enjoy and touch without feeling or hiting the bones.

Black is not beautiful ? Ask Muhammed Ali, the Greatest I watched two days before. Thus the other rats sortie in America trying to denigrate black skin. And Yahoo,  the racist is living in South Africa ? Come on. Reveal what your are there ? A tax evader recycled into the humanitarian business and cannibalism worldwide.


Some White women need intensive sport and plastic surgery to gain some muscles and fill the extreme flatness. This is firt. They need plastic surgery to fight the consequences of this lack of firmness – thus fitness to repair the damages of those genetical gaps. The tinier you are, the worst it becomes. In order word, white females have tried to turn their personal needs into every woman need, they have turned their genetical defaults into a dictatorial business (fitness,…).

Have you noticed the combination of those three factors below?

White women are the only ones coming out again and again to lecture other women on beauty ? Which one ? The cover of their magazines praising themselves? TV lights ? The make-up style ? The plastic surgery ? The screening ? The promotion ?

It is either you follow the order or face dismissal and criticism for being outsize? Lol.

Amazingly, when those white women are with black  men, they set it as a victory over blak women. Come on. How many black women are wed or having an affair with white men, without trumpetting it everywhere ? Complex of inferiority…

Then you have some white men confusing the shape of their abs with their sexual performance. Another Myth.

The ultimate trick is this equation:  a perfect body stands as high intelligence and worth electability. You remember the tale of the  elected people, because of their greater intelligence, beauty, purity inherited directly from a God they have rejected long long time ago. They have rejected the God who crowned them, not the crown. Lol.

…… If you get this, you are getting the whole process including Politics and the Obamas Malevitch moment. Now I’m waiting for the dogs to come out with pictures : you know the language of Mr. Hyde.

This is essential to comprehend the anthropological ground of the economy. White supremacy is a key. The hidden race competition is another key. To keep the Myth alive, business is an invisible gun and tool of slavery and crimes. Do this, watch this, adopt this, speak like this, wear this, look like this, etc…. Fashion universe, sports, the press are more dangerous than the KKK.

When you see that the Obama’s have given way to  this, you say Hello ! How do you do ? Mr. Louis. Black slaves and men of color will never grow up. A black president at the White House was a Myth. The system recycled into  black, for a moment. It is a chameleon order. A Sphynx order, permanently recycling.

Kiss my wardrobe. Prince.


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

Here’s the truth: for the past several days, the entirety of the Democratic political establishment has been hoping our political revolution would dissolve, that we would just go away. But one thing is clear, we are only getting stronger:

YouGov National Poll – April 27, 2016
Clinton: 47%
Sanders: 43%

Those numbers represent a four point gain for our campaign, and it comes entirely after our tough loss in New York. Numbers like that can’t be ignored because it proves our movement is resilient and will never stop fighting for the values we share.

And there’s one more set of numbers everyone is waiting to see: what we report when our April fundraising deadline comes to a close in just a few hours. That’s why we have to ask, one last time:

Can Bernie count on you to add a $2.70 contribution to our campaign before our critical FEC fundraising deadline comes to a close at midnight as a way of saying we are still in this fight together?

This fundraising deadline isn’t just about how much money we raise, but how many individual contributions we receive to power this campaign through the remaining primaries and the Democratic convention. That’s why your donation is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



German democrats have demonstrated yesterday about the nation soul disappearance behind something unknown. (Reuters)

The Iraki Youth have stepped in the Green House to protest the same derivation of their nation (AP) ; a derivation towards dispossession. The response of this transgression was a suicide bombing among them. Remember 2003, Iraqi invasion debut. Crowned and screened like a movie on the TV shows. Meanwhile a mass massacre of babies, infants, mothers and fathers ; an entire population indeed, was crunching under the Supremacist Order.

Isis, the Iraqi war and Lybian heritage is overtaking the criminal game. Who cares about this ?