Turkey’s coup aftermath and French Ostrich-like approach, after Nice.

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Turkey’s coup in numbers

21,000 private teachers have licences removed
15,000 suspended from education ministry
8,000 police officers detained or suspended
6,000 soldiers detained
1,500 staff at Ministry of Finance dismissed
2745 judges dismissed
1,577 deans – Education board demands resignation
492 sacked from Religious Affairs Directorate
399 from Ministry of Family and Social Policies stripped of responsibilities
257 fired from the prime minister’s office
100 intelligence officials sacked
47 district governors dismissed
30 provincial governors dismissed
20 news websites blocked

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Erdogan Announces Three-Month State of Emergency


From Turkey to France. Nice’s aftermath.

Retaliation For Nice? France Bombs 120 Civilians In Syria – OpEd

We may be left asking the obvious couple of questions. Why do 120 innocent Syrian civilians deserve to die because 84 innocent French civilians were killed in a terrorist attack? And how does France expect to avoid further blowback for its aggressive Middle East policy if it continues to provide endless recruiting narratives? (Ron Paul Institute).

Best of it, French is not telling the whole story to its people. Instead, politicians are debating over « building centers of deradicalisation » to jail young French Muslims praising or promoting the Jihad. So far, nobody has put the blame on the very reason why Nice? The « aggressive Middle East Policy » is a taboo inside French debate. Ostrich-like approach or something more embarrassing unable to avow?