Turkish coup and Brexit imbroglios decryptage. + The paparazist press.

IMG_20160615_130046Ron Paul Institute is publishing something worth reading, as a testimony of how a « bastard » deculturation is an open venue to the evil :

The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup – Written by Eric Margolis.

Excerpt. Last weekend’s coup was a joint effort by the secular old guard and the Gulenists to reverse history. Unable to defeat the wildly popular Erdogan at the polls, they keep resorting to violence.

Last weekend’s military coup in Turkey was the fifth coup since the 1960’s. Many had believed the mighty, 610,000-man Turkish armed forces, backed by 379,000 trained reserves, NATO’s second largest forces after the US, had finally been driven back to its barracks by the popular democratic AK party government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


September 1961. Geneva, Switzerland. A Turkish classmate of mine named Turgut burst into my room, crying, “those bastards just hanged my father!”

The “bastards” in question were Turkey’s generals. They had overthrown the civilian government of Adnan Menderes and hanged my friend’s father. Since, then, the mighty Turkish armed forces has tried to overthrow the government about every ten years.

Two previous plots to overthrow Erdogan, known as Ergonikon and then Sledgehammer, nearly succeeded. Turkey’s judiciary, academia, media were riddled with Gulenists and rightist secularists. Generals involved in these plots were exonerated by courts. The government ended up in a 40-year ongoing civil war within its own ranks. That’s why nearly 60,000 anti-government officers and civilians are being purged. A third of all generals are being fired or retired.

The west’s response to the crisis was disgraceful.

Instead of immediately supporting Turkey’s besieged democratic government, Washington, London, Paris and Ottawa all issued only lukewarm, half-hearted support. President Erdogan is not liked, particularly by the US. He is a Muslim, too independent-minded, insufficiently response to American demands in spite of his support for the anti-ISIS war in Syria and Iraq. Perhaps worst of all, Erdogan is sometimes critical of Israel over its repression of the Palestinians.

As a result, leading US neocon papers, like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NY Times drip with venom over Erdogan. CNN’s coverage of the coup was astoundingly biased and nasty, worthy of the old Pravda. The anti-Erdogan neocons began spreading the ludicrous canard that the coup was a false-flag operation staged by the Turkish leader himself. It was the real thing. Even Turkey’s opposition parties sided with Erdogan’s AK.

Switch to Ron Paul Institute. The Real Story Behind The Turkish Coup – Written by Eric Margolis.


For the Brexit question, UK Conservative Party chairman says Brexit must be binding.

« I’m quite clear that the referendum result is binding on parliament, » he said.

The next parliamentary vote is due in 2020. (Reuters)


Today, after the Fall of Ms. Schultz, the friend of the crooked and paparazist press, here is a brief review of their reaction, as selected by the Californian Enchilada :

  1. A starlet is sharing her pregnancy test on Twitter. Twitter can be manipulated by bastard people, respecting nothing and nobody, as a dustbin.
  2. Pregnancy? You already know the story. When someone stranger into your life, is pretending knowing your life more than you know, grounded in their paparazist businesses of rats, let them do. He or she is a worm, at best, a snake, at worst…
  3. Did you know that the press is the Eden’s garden snake ? I guess, you didn’t. They are the perfect metaphore. Look who is owning those dustbins and you’ll see the evidence. Ethnicity of more of the same rats. They will come with an « apple » to gain your sympathy, before sneaking away for others wrongdoings, evil trackings and wormings, leaving you alone and miserably. Those are traitors and Juda’s people. Remember Michael Jackson and other celibs tragic end, handled by the snakes including commercials. They will sell you out for peanuts. What can you expect from a snake if not a deadly bite, in the end? They bear a destructive project and only that. The bastard culture is a toxic culture.
  4. Mc Donald is advertising throughout the tiny city or village-like I’m living it, precisely on the path I’m using for a walk. The poster is asking whether I’m pregnant. But, as the snaked-race is a dual-face monster, and a shadow vampire, they are using the french world « enceinte » which has two meanings : one for pregnancy and another for the sounding.
  5. Did you know Dualism is the symbol of evil? Know that.
  6. The Washington Post is out with a wolvine racist symbol image to respond to wolfy Murdoch practices previously mentionned in our previous post. RAM, WP. Ram to save your CNN snake brother. Remember what I told you about hypocrit’s left-wingers behind who you know and her accomplice resigning – at last – yesterday, because of huge faults and misdoings.
  7. No vote in Florida for the expert on elections cheatings and public lying including the bastardisation of a Democracy, by the gang of hidden snakes. In French, we call those people « Morpions ».
  8. Then you also have the picture of all the « metis » of those starlets, looking for black penis, either in despair, or for money. Those people don’t know what love is. Their favorite business is morbid sexuality, all of them are regular drugs and cocaine consumers – it is an obligation in their world of racists-hate motivated – and corpses eating.
  9. Air conditioning is on the air. Air conditioning is part of my life.
  10. Oh my God, I can not enlist the entirety of those void articles. Know that the panel represents about the half of Yahoo (french and usa) and others so-called selection, each day, since I blew the sky up, joining this public stage guarded by their sentinels. In their world and organisation, my presence was never conceived, as something possible. But, those paparazis can’t get that, they can’t control the Heavens and the Skies. They just are men, drugs consumers and void tankers.
  11. The time is now to end their grisps on the electoral process, which is the heart of Change.
  12. You’ll see more and more racist’s pictures, more and more Shoah metis babies or children, more and more pregnant starlets out of their bedrooms, more and more insignificant things to destabilize me…
  13. Don’t worry, they can’t, because they have no intelligence. In the face of intelligence, what they are collectively up to is nonsense. It is a sign of weakness. This is how you value a competitor. You weigh him and you know he or she is a lightweight. Then you know you don’t belong to the same category. They are negative people. As such, their negativeness is of no help to the society.
  14. We need constructive and intelligent leaders and platforms to invigorate and reenergize the society. We need great people thinking high. When you elect such people, the fluid of vertue will change the atmosphere. For the Better.

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