UK. Pedophilia, homosexuality and institutional bankruptcy. Scandalous !

After Mehdi’s revelations over the unthinkable cover-up of British parliamentaries, ministers, State officers and mediatic celebrities’ pedophilia assaults over children, here is a recap of the investigation in UK.

« According to the investigation, 1,400 children have been sexually abused between 1997 and 2013 at Rotherham, Yorkshire… ».

And David Cameron and his government were very busy, during that time , ruling and campaigning for gay marriage legalisation.

The culture of impunity and the Omerta kept those monstruosities under the bed.

By the way, was Mehdi fired, during the Israeli/Hamas conflict, after his editorial criticising Israel behavior as non-civilised, inside a 100% Jewish tribune ?

The UK has lost lucre and palatability. Gay marriage vote was their swan song. A nightmare, a pity, a disaster. Poor British people, ruled by a mafia style government serving as a shelter for a gang of sexual haywire.

Read the whole unbeliavable story inside a democratic society, supposedly to be ruled by law. Instead, they were covering criminals and giving them impunity to kill, hit and burn. Sickening.

UK’s morality is in deep crisis and has failed morally to the point of bankruptcy. This goes beyond shame. It is a pity.

Read « England confronting its VIP’s pedophilia » hiding inside Westminster Palace, the heart of Power. Capture Westminster

at Le Nouvel Observateur. Call this the museum of Horrors. TIME FOR A CLEANSING.


1. « Chum-ocracy » – « The Westminster elite ‘protected their own’ on child sex abuse for years ».

2. UK. « A person who is told about child abuse and « does nothing about it » should face prosecution ».

3. UK. « There is evidence that at least 20 prominent paedophiles – including former MPs and ministers – abused children for decades, a former child protection manager told BBC, Newsnight last night. »

Have you seen the latest monstruosity during the US Open : Navratilova throwing dirtiness in the place with a lesbian demand to mary her girlfriend, on high hills. The picture is the summum of ridicule. Grotesque. Poor girls, prostitutes ready to go lesbian just to be sure to have something in the plate to eat everyday, no matter the sacrifice.

Homosexuality should never be promoted. This is definitely an underground affair for sexual madmen and madwomen. Children should be protected from those sexual deviants, once for all.

Don’t listen those presidents, they  are part of the problem, not of the solution.

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