UK Veil’s controversy. ‘Face-to-face’ or ‘hand-to-hand’ are parts of the Hospital caring Protocol.

During gay marriage showdown in France, huge demonstrations were held to oppose the move upon which the Pope is sending mix messages since then, either to retract the position of the Church or to move Secular. Probably both. I will not judge the Pope neither the Church. To paraphrase the secularian Pope, « who am I to judge » ?

The trouble with the Church today is its ambivalency and ambiguity. One way out is to advocate Tolerance.

Hence you have got the question : to which extent ? To the relativism ?

Relativism leads to Nihilism, a word of a leading figure demonstrating during the gay marriage episode in France. His name is Escada. Some commentators consider the man as an extremist christian. Ah han.

Pope Francis said religion has the right to express its opinions but not to « interfere spiritually » in the lives of gays and lesbians, expanding on explosive comments he made in July about not judging homosexuals.

In a wide-ranging interview published today by Jesuit magazines, the pope also said that women must play a key role in church decisions and brushed off critics who say he should advocate more vocally against abortion and gay marriage.

If Catholic leaders fail to find a « new balance » between their spiritual and political missions, the pope warned, the church’s moral foundation will « fall like a house of cards. » (CNN)


Today is not a day for gay or lesbian actuality. And really, it is not even an actuality. Gay marriage belongs to the past. We have to move forward and consider crucial matters and developments.

First. The fine of Morgan and Chase bank by UK ans Americans regulators.

« JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay about $920M in penalties in « London Whale » trading case, U.S. officials say » (CNN).

Second. Soccer matches were fixed. An inquiry is underway over the World Cup, UEFA and The European Championsleague.

Third. A Nigerian Girl has been chosen as Muslim Miss last night at Jakarta (Indonesia). She was one of the 50 finalists of the competition. (Report of BBC). This is a big step echoing the position we were expressing yesterday as an answer to « Western racism » in electing models. Of course, she will have to go to the World Miss election.  But, really, this matters less.

Four. A BRICS’ cable is announced as an alternative to the US-UK centric-Internet. Read at Global Research. Marvelous !

Five. To destroy Syrian chemical weapons,  1 Billion is required. Is the Israeli-backed US ready to pay for that ? What about the environmental costs of that destruction ? We need to think twice before obeying to Israeli’s ambition to control the region. Israel is the guy who is always looking at the neighbor’s belongings, alerting on them while hiding Jaleously his.

As President Putin put it, chemical weapons were part of dissuasion in front of a Nuclear Israel. The common sense is to reflect on the problem globally or regionaly along with the reduction of chemical weapons stockpiles and nuclear arsenal.  All this with environnementalist precautions. How do you get rid of chemical weapons ? Do we have a safety protocol to handle this ?

Eliminating or destroying Chemical weapons is not a Syrian issue. It requires a global pact and framework.

The Veil’s controversy is taking place amidst those news. Related to Miss Muslim’s World, it is tempting to carry the debate on cultural grounds opposing the UK’s culture superiority to the Muslim’s. This is a distraction.

The other risky task is to talk about Muslim’s women rights and freedoms in the face of their ability to chose their clothing?

For once, I will ask immigrants to consider first, that coming into a society needs compromises. It also needs to give the culture you have chosen to embrace kind of priority. Adopting some norms and codes of dressing are part of them. Especially in the Hospital and public space, despite disappointments and uneases.

No doubt that a veil sets a distance between the patient and the nurse, where proximity and empathy are needed. Sometimes, some patients needs even more, something like a physical contact through hands touching for instance.  An « eyes-to-eyes » contact is essential as a channel for energy and confidence  transmission: those psychological parts of the cure are parts of the duties as well as wearing a uniform.

Regarding to gender, it may be possible to allow women willing so not to take care of male patients.

Veil in the hospital is kind of a problem. Like any Mask, it is contrary to the specifications. Relativism leads to nihilism. At the time, we will be allowed to do whatever we want, reclaiming freedoms and liberties, our Social Contract will be in jeopardy. Living together starts with the neigbor, not with me. It means, I’m free until I’m hurting my neighbor(hood).

If the starting point is the Other not Me, then gay couples might have been told a child to adopt and to put inside this particular configuration of a marriage between people of the same sex – something marginal – is that Other as a last  frontier. It is not about morality or religion, or spirituality, but about Social Contract, the ground of secularism.

Gay’s marriage debate was truncated by the fake fractured line between religion (anti) or secular (pro) ; between believers and non believers. From that wrong positionning, the debate become a discussion of deafs.

The veil’s one could dangerously derivate to these shorelines.

BRICS’ Cable. Image Global Research.