Ukraine at a crossroads : Civil war or Russian intervention. The third way is Kiev’s dialog and only that. Last chance.

“Either a sea of blood and corpses, or a referendum,” he said. “There is no third way.” The quote is the conclusion of a reportage by the NYT titled “Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many faces of Rebellion”.

As a restitution of what the reporter has seen on the ground, things look in conformity with the reality. This is the privilege of a First Hand witness. A lot of confirmations of what we was forecasting for Ukraine adds credit to this non-biaised reporting and I’m at ease with it ; much more, I praise it. Among many facts and sayings what stroke my eyes was this one “This is not a job”, said one fighter, Dmitry. “It is a service”. The reaction concluded this excerpt :

All spoke of disgust with the interim authorities in Kiev, who came to power after chasing President Viktor F. Yanukovych from office in February.

They bristled at any suggestion that their seizure of government buildings was wrong. Pro-Western protesters in Kiev have held government buildings and the city’s main square since last fall, they said.

“Why did America support those acts, but is in opposition to ours?” said Maksim, the young former paratrooper who organized Yuri’s snipers by the bridge. “These are the contradictions of the West.”

Maksim, like many others, speaks of what he sees as unbreakable cultural, economic and religious ties to Russia and his ideal of a greater Slavic world, which he says is threatened from outside.

The threats, the fighters said, were made clear by a parliamentary proposal in February by the interim authorities in Kiev that would have stripped Russian of its status as an official language in eastern Ukraine. The proposal was vetoed by the interim president, but in the fighters’ view the episode signaled an official cultural assault.

“That was a turning point,” said Maksim, adjusting a knife tucked against his chest in a black vest.

Several fighters shook their heads at the idea that they had been paid by Russia, by oligarchs or by anybody else.

“This is not a job,” said one fighter, Dmitry. “It is a service.”

 This is not a job, but a service. A powerful answer which brought me to a point previously made in my book over “Immigration” – Amazon – At a certain point of the book, I had to reflect upon two notions : Identity and Citizenship. Actually, your identity is based on your citizenship or not. Thus the ID. One of the reason immigration is felt as an intrusion is the alignment of those two notions. A derivation and a simplification of things, a trophy of laicity, had mixed  them up dubbing any revendication or affirmation of identies as nationalists, meaning integrist, racist or/and  fascist. The confusion is at the heart of the debate inside the far right wings and political revendications and is also undermining the talks between Israel and Palestinians. The latter are opposing their veto to any recognition of Israel as a jew State. Why not ?  This is symptomatic of what the laicity has turned into : wiping off racial, religious and whatsoever ethnicity on public stage and matters.

The creed of laicity goes like this : A state can not be defined by race, religious or ethnicity. No religious state like a Muslim republic or a Jewish state. Whether you agree with this or not, the fact is, prior to laicity, people are from somewhere : they have got an origin, a father, a mother, a territory and a history*. Citizenship alone can not get there and will never replace Identities. Repressing Identity is useless : sooner or later, it flushes up and there is also where Eastern Ukrainian stands today. (*) I forgot to mention the importance of a language(s). Very important.

« Maksim, like many others, speaks of what he sees as unbreakable cultural, economic and religious ties to Russia and his ideal of a greater Slavic world, which he says is threatened from outside » (NyT).

What is America doing with this ? We are very far from desperate sanctions upon Russia.

No, Russia is not intervening in Eastern Ukrainian. No evidence of that nowhere. Just speculations and geopolitical calculations.

Now, may be, it is time for Russia to stop the Mess at its frontiers.  The quicker, the better to avoid a bloodshed and a humanitarian crisis Russia will be forced into. Willingly or not.

During the first round of the crisis we wrote this : Putin and Russia on the offensive to prevent and contain a humanitarian crisis in the region.

Meanwhile,  Lybia where the same Ukrainian chaotic scheme were applied during the « no-Kadhafi Obamafly zone » war has fallen under the hands of Warlords. Read in El Watan « Lybia taken in hostage by warlords, two months after the destitution of Ali Zeidan from the presidency of Lybian government.

Lybia and the scandal of Benghazi is now under the scrutiny of the House. Read Obama Watergate at Global research.

Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many faces of Rebellion”. Rebellion not Invasion so far.

Polls show President Putin supported by 80% of Russians.

Naturally, a presidential election on May, the 25 is over. Impossible to take place into a chaotic situation. Democracy goes hand by hand with peace and political stability. DIALOG CONSISTS IN OFFERING A REFERENDUM TO EASTERN PEOPLE.

 Ukraine : the scenarios out.


Update. Time for accountability – Clashes in Ukraine’s Odessa, Death Toll Reaches 46 -EU Calls for Independent Investigation into Odessa Deaths(

Firesetters are turning firefighters. It is never too late to do good.